Dragon Nest SEA – Level 50 Moonlord Skill Build Analysis [T4]

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So I know everyone have been asking what skill build am I using for Level 50.

I have built my level 50 skill build in view of my level 60 build as well.

To build your level 60 build refer to this link: http://dn.duowan.com/t4/

the skill simulator is in chinese I’ll try to do a translation soon for everyone when I’m a little more free.

Here’s my Level 50 Skill build

Points to note:

Warrior 45/91 SP (Recommended to only spend 45SP in this tree so that you can learn your Ultimate)

Swordmaster 91/91 SP

Moonlord 10/91 SP

This is a Pure Magical Moonlord Swordmaster build with Parrying as well as Flash Stance.

The reason why I took both of them is because I do PVP, and with ladder offering Level 50 Epic Accessories Pouches as rewards, definitely can’t miss that one out.

In the future, there will also be corrupt set from gigantes nest which will definitely be needed if you want to acquire decent Final Damage.

Let’s say you don’t PVP, flash stance is not needed because honestly speaking the DPS is not decent and you are vulnerable while using it.

Similarly for parrying stance, there’s no need to learn if you don’t see yourself using it.

When I was doing 4-man Archbishop Nest, I don’t find any instances where I MUST use it in order to survive ; Maybe if you’re planning in Solo-ing Nests, then get it at Level 1.

Do not blindly follow this skill build as this is the playstyle I prefer and might not be the one you want to have.

Parrying stance is at level 3 because I can’t find any other skill to spend the SP on and it will not affect my Level 60 Skill Build as well.

Here is my unconfirmed Level 60 skill build but most probably will build up from my Level 50 one.

This is just to show you that my level 50 skill build was made in mind of 60 cap in the future as well.

Note the Swordmaster Tree is at 104/107 SP because currently DN SEA don’t give us the free 3 SP with dual ultimate.

With this, let me introduce to the generic Pure Magical PVE Moonlord Skill Build

Note this is really a pure PVE Magicial Moonlord Build.

Once again you can leave out parrying stance but I believe getting it at level 1 is useful for phases in Sea Dragon Nest as well as other nests in the future.

There’s 6 Spare SP  to be used so add what you feel is right for your play style.

You can add sweeping kick in the warrior side of the tree.

You might ask why triple slash and front shove is still added.

I feel that aside from Front Shove’s Invincibility Frames which can be used to dodge boss attacks, they are very flowing filler skills you can use in dungeons as well as nests.

If you choose to ignore these 2 skills then it’s fine as well, can add SP into counter wave as well as parrying stance for longer duration.


The next skill build I’ll be introducing will be the Generic PVP/Hybrid Moonlord build.

Why the word “PVP” is added in because, hybrid skill builds refer to the adding of skills in the physical tree up to line drive

This skill build does exactly just that and having Line Drive in your moonlord build is extremely useful for PVP.

I’ll provide the Generic Set up here, and advise where and why you should add certain skills.

Basically there’s no need to get Impact Wave level 9

You can leave it at 6 for the increased range and get2  points in “Mental Mastery”, and 1 in “Sweeping Kick” to hit the 45SP in order to learn your Ultimate Skill.

So basically you get line drive to level 7 and even up to level 9 in 60 cap.

Personally I’ve tried Level 7 Line Drive when I hit 50, and I’m not impressed.

During PVE Dungeon and Nests so far I can’t find much opportunity to use it. The only time when you probably use it is when you  Solo dungeon/nests as well as fighting strong bosses like Sea Dragon or the last boss of Archbishop Nest. The damage is only decent at best and it’s not easy to get all 4 hits to hit the monster aside from using it on large monsters.

In my Manticore Nest Hell Solo, I feel that giving up the 9SP (3SP + 6SP) on Level 7 line drive and using those SP to max out my crescent cleave and Cyclone slash is much more useful.

It’s like not getting one skill but amplifying 2 skills to become stronger, line drive DPS is definitely not worth 2 magic type skills.

For Pure PVPers, you can build on getting parrying stance and Counter wave. Cyclone slash is left at one because in compensation ON PVP, the cyclone slash damage is extremely low and whether you get the large cyclone or the small one doesn’t matter because in order for you to get cyclone slash to hit on an opponent you need stagger him with skills like cyclone slash or use it in a combo chain. In other words, unless you know how to get your cyclone slash in your combo or to hit your opponent, leave it at level 1.

Similarly, no need to get crescent cleave level 6 for 5 sword waves if you’re a pure PVPer. It is used mostly as a screen to shield your opponent from your actual movements (running alongside a swordwave) in PVP.

Generally I don’t recommend Hybrid builds unless you’re very very sure of what you’re doing :)


Check out this video below which showcases my skill build being used in Manticore Nest (Hell) Solo.

I hope this guide has been useful to many many Moonlords out there who are confused on how to spend your SP.

I actually bought a Unlimited Oblivion  Contract  just to reset my skill points for a day worth to show you guys the various screen shots of other builds.

I didn’t want to use the duowan skill simulator as the swordmaster tree has an extra 3 SP (94SP instead of 91 in DNSEA).

Also not all players in DNSEA can read chinese >_<

If you have any questions or need to ask my opinion regarding your build, send me your build at [email protected]

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  1. francis says:

    do ML still need FD??

  2. Dani says:

    I’m going Genetic PURE MAGIC PVE ML 😉 have beenwaiting for this like ages? haha

  3. Aulrick says:

    you said something like sacrificing the line drive to have cyclone and creascent to be stronger so i did a little tweak and made impact wave to lvl 17 for 438% +10k mgc dmg and same cd with cyclone slash. is it a good decision or not?in ur current build will you build full fd or stack mgc dmg? well i think everyone is excited about this fd or mgc dmg pick so itll be usefull to everyone :>

  4. hieroz says:

    kazu, what did u mean by : Generally I don’t recommend Hybrid builds unless you’re very very sure of what you’re doing….??? is it not worth it to go hybrid ???

  5. OffeNDerDN says:

    Thanks Kazu, for this build i was not sure what should i do so i just up anything and it is good but i use 2 ulti which is waste of SP

    so i am now planning to buy skill reset.

    however, i want to ask you about Totem items what should i craft them ?
    all INT but the weapon and second weapon Magic power
    or mix them INT, TenT, iron wall, magic power.

    i wish you answer me about the items because they are very important for me i need to know what is the best craft for Full magic MoonLord

    Looking for your answer,



  6. Xonora says:

    Hey kazu thanks for the great guide! Was wondering since hacking stance is supposedly buffed is it worth it to max for a hybrid ml build? I sacrificed parry tree though. And also is it worth to get dual ulti? I’m more pve inclined but I do want to pvp for the reasons you mentioned too. Thanks! :)

    • AikawaKazu says:

      no i dont think u shld get hacking stance, not good to use as it leaves you vulnerable while you’re in the stance and honestly i don’t think you have chance to use it much because ur other skills will already be off cooldown by then

  7. SS Awesome says:

    aww generic Pure Magical PVE Moonlord Skill Build
    have to get Lv45 to have enough 40 SP based on warrior to get HMS and no ulti and MBD till Lv50 @.@ sigh only Impact Wave to spam Lv with for pure magic ~.~

  8. Aaron says:

    Totem set is better or gigantes set is better for Moonlord??

  9. Brozze says:

    hey kazu, what if it’s still 40 cap and u got T4 system..
    if i want to take pure magical build ML..
    it’s neccesary to maximize line drive? or just take skill like u in 40 cap?
    i just afraid that skill in 40 cap isn’t good enough to have good DPS because the level of the skill..>,<
    please reply..thx kazu 😀

  10. TJ Dy Tan says:

    no counter wave and counter slash? why?

  11. TJ Dy Tan says:

    no counter wave and counter slash? why? I’m wondering pretty much.

  12. AeroHandX says:

    Sir Kazu can you please answer, is FD build or critical build more recommended in lvl 50caption? Im going for FD but Im not really sure.

  13. iZenonXP says:

    Thanks Kazu .Your Skill build helps alot 😀

  14. uknowme says:

    kazu can shiw to me u arrangment hotkey..?

  15. LunarPieee says:

    Aikawakazu, that means when I level 50 only can get my ultimate?

  16. EvoSGX says:

    why don’t you learn the sweeping kick in the last picture of your skill build? I wonder ^^

  17. troyza789 says:

    Hi Aikawakazu , What your ML using Skill build… ?

    Pure Magical Moonlord Swordmaster build.

    generic Pure Magical PVE Moonlord Skill Build.

    or Generic PVP/Hybrid Moonlord build.

    thank a lot.

  18. Riz says:

    HD video pls..

  19. C0mPaSi0nLuV says:


    i found this skill build by cdn players recently. found it not bad. personally think that cyclone slash really useless. can take out the sp for other skill

  20. jamjamaica says:

    is wind + iron wall better than wind + destruction in nest/pve build ??


  21. ^^ says:

    wew bobo build for pvp plz =.= lvl 1 rising slash? what is that! are you misleading new players here? really! or is this an old post? cause this build sucks. you have no passive parry and no counter atks =.= if your really a gamer you’ll know how usefull counter atk’s are. sorry im not trying to insult you but this build really suck hard.

  22. brave says:

    do u get brave ?

  23. BoneChuser says:

    hi Kazu i used Sword Master in Dragonest Indonesia, in Indonesia DN still level 40 but i want my SM like you but in SM Indonesia there is a skill names is ‘Break’ its a detonates the energy around your opponent and increase magic attack what do you think .??? please replay me ^^

  24. BoneChuser says:

    hi Kazu i used Sword Master in Dragonest Indonesia, in Indonesia DN still level 40 but i want my SM like you but in SM Indonesia there is a skill names is ‘Break’ its a detonates the energy around your opponent and increase magic attack what do you think .??? please replay me ok

  25. dhani says:

    hi kazu. do you think dark atack usefull for ML now??

  26. MoonflashX says:

    sir is it ok to +14 the rising slash and +2 the releive,mindconquer and+3 only the Physical Mastery and Mental Mastery also Aerial Evasion???

  27. Moonlord says:

    kazu can you help me explain about skill accessories. I really dont get it how it works and when I try to craft my necklace its stats got nerfed can you explain this please ^^

  28. SkyBring says:

    Hi kazu, What will happen if my moonlord(for example) have Light or Dark attribute? not like manticore sword though more like potential stuff or suffix, I know Moonlord are element-less class but Caster have fire/ice to boost damage and so do cleric’s light element… I just wandering if my moonlord have light/dark attributes, will the damage boost increase or degrease???

  29. Desmond says:

    i would like to ask about the light suffix…many moonlord nowadays are using light suffix on their swords…so i would like to study a bit about the details about it…thanks very much…

  30. Desmond says:

    i would like to ask about the light suffix…many moonlord nowadays are using light suffix on their swords…so i would like to study the details about it…thanks very much…

  31. roy1996 says:

    Hey Kazu,
    I was wondering how you used Counter Exile at 4:07 in the video. I can only use it if I am tumbled by a mobs hit in mid-air.

  32. Tinyurl.com says:

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    to this article, “Dragon Nest SEA – Level 50 Moonlord Skill Build Analysis | Till Eternity Gaming”.
    Do you mind if I personallyincorporate several of your own ideas?
    I appreciate it -Flor

  33. there is nothing here that can speak Indonesian if anyone can help because I have a lot of questions and information about Dragonest. difficulty of the English language until I was dizzy hold dictionary english @

  34. When we can se your last skill build for lvl 60 ?

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