Dragon Nest SEA – Gladiator Skill Build Analysis [T4]

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Hello everybody once again… hahaha this is… SecretSwrd~! :P

Well I managed to hit 50 on my Gladiator in around 2 days for you guys as I see that many players have been edging me to come up with a gladiator skill build guide.

With that I’m currently writing this guide at 6AM+,  so don’t mind if the initial read have any errors >_<

If you haven’t saw the previous Moonlord Skill build analysis click here

I’ll only be showing the points for the Pure Physical PVE Build as the only difference for gladiators who are “hybrid” is that they learn up to cyclone slash in the magic side of the tree.

Know that you only need level 1 cyclone slash because having level 6 (larger cyclone) only meant that your opponent have more difficulty in escaping the cyclone but the important thing will be whether you can even get the cyclone slash to hit your enemy in the first place. 

I don’t recommend any gladiator to go up till half-moon slash because there will be alot of SP wasted in getting there and the only except will be Gladiators that are used for Official Tournaments whereby the knock back effect of half moon slash will beneficial.


Pure Physical PVE Build

The skill build I used in my Manticore Nest Solo (Hell Mode) is this:

Points to note:

Unlike the Moonlord Skill Build which tells you to add only 45SP on the warrior side of the tree, Pure Physical Skill Build Gladiators can afford to add more.

Fret not there’s a level 60 build up skill build from this one.

This build is a spin off from “Trishula”s Pure PVE Gladiator Build in Cherry Credits Forum.

I went to read and search for some T4 Gladiator Pure PVE builds and I found his thread the most relevant

Link: http://forum.cherrycredits.com/topic/147513-guide-trishulas-pure-pve-gladiator-build/

He provides very good insights including on what enhancement/skill plates to use which I’ve also used after seeing confirmation from his guide.

The difference between our builds is that he added level 11 rising slash while I kept it at 6

I added those points instead to Hacking Stance (Level 9)

半糖 mentioned that after T4, hacking stance will definitely be one of the DPS skills for Gladiators and I agree especially if you are not geared.

While leveling from 40-50, without Finish Attack, Triple Slash EX and Evasion Slash, hacking stance proved to be a skill that can be used to dish out decent damage.

I believed Trishula didn’t go deep in this skill due to the way it works where by you’re stuck in a “stance” preventing you from tumbling or dashing.

However, if you used hacking stance well, you can still dodge as long as you know when to cut of your “Slicing” and move to dodge attacks, positioning while using is also the key.

Hacking Stance is definitely buffed from T3 and I believe it’s worthy of investing points into it rather than spending it on getting level 11 rising slash.

To each his own as we both have very different play styles, so both are good but decide based on what you prefer :)

Circle Break DPS is surprisingly good to my surprise so I believe it is

I picked up parrying stance and counter slash here because Gladiators have to go up close and personal when DPS-ing and you  might want to have some emergency defensive buffs in case of “oh shet” moments.

The rest of the Skill Points are pretty standard. Front Shove definitely provide for very good DPS as a physical build gladiator so it’s worth getting it to Level 11. If you decide not to level it to 11 you can get dash slash/combo up to higher levels but I’ll prefer front shove.


This build can also be built up for Level 60 Build see below.

Skill Simulator : http://dn.duowan.com/t4/

In T3, Gladiators were easily out-dpsed by Moonlords as many of the swordmaster physical based skills do not scale as well.

Skills like hacking stance, front shove didn’t do substantial damage to allow gladiators or physical swordmasters to be DPS competitive when compared to Moonlords.

However, with the T4 changes in place whereby the level of skill affects the damage output for skills, Physical Tree skills now scale much better and deal higher damage.

The change in mechanics for Finish Attack is extremely crucial as well

Let’s take a look at T3 Finish Attack values vs T4.

T3 - Increase 2% damage done for every 1% HP less than 40% of Total HP of Enemy (Both PVP and PVE)

T4 – Increase 3% damage done for every 1% HP less than 60% of Total HP of Enemy (PVE)

T4 - Increase 3% damage done for every 1%HP less than 40% of Total HP of Enemy (PVP)

As you can see, there’s a 1% increase damage done(from 2% to 3%) and this effect starts earlier at 60% HP (up from 40% of Total  HP of Enemy) for PVE

T3 maximum increase in damage is 39%  x 2% which was around 78% damage increased for Finish Attack.

T4 however, maximum increase in damage is 59% x 3%= 177% damage increase effect.

This is more than 2 times increase in maximum potential damage which helps put Gladiator Class back in the list for the DPS Role.

This does not mean that Gladiators are better than Moonlords, but instead, they are both now standing on equal footing

What about Pure PVP Build Gladiators?

For Pure PVP Build gladiators, you will need to ask yourself what kind of PVP you’re mostly doing.

Here are some guidelines

Softban PVP Build Gladiators

Focus on maximizing Passive Parry

Don’t learn any ultimate skills.

Learn only up to Cyclone slash for the magic side of the skill tree if you want to stay as Pure Physical Build as possible

Get up to half moon slash if you’re hybrid, if not maximizing rising slash and circle break to level 11 for both will be another alternative.

Ladder/Non-Softban PVP Build Gladiators

Focus on maximizing Passive Parry

Get Level 3 Parrying Stance (Useful in defending and dragging time to wait for cooldowns, avoid getting time-stopped, frozen though)

Getting half-moon slash (with 50% action speed plate) is recommended, so it will be a hybrid build gladiator.

Can avoid learning infinity edge and just learn Great Wave instead (Infinity Edge easily disrupted and hard to land all hits on opponent)

With this I leave you with my Manticore Nest Solo (Hell Mode) on SecretSwrd.

Here are my Stats (4300patk, 15000 Critical)

Only using +6 Cerberus 5 piece armors (All str/agi potentials) and 2 Fatal Sylvie Ana rings perfect potentials with critical.

Necklace/Earrings are Wind kara necklace and Wind Sylvie Earrings (definitely needs upgrading)


So which class do you prefer? Gladiator or Moonlord?

Honestly speaking, both classes are loads of fun and I really really enjoy playing both.

Moonblade dance mobility is definitely awesome.

How Evasion Slash for Gladiators makes physical attacking skills connect extremely well and flowing really increases the joy of playing the class as well.

I believe I’ll just be playing both as you can see that I’ve geared up my Gladiator to 4200 physical attack power and 15,000 critical

My Moonlord is still more geared, but I’ve entrusted my Ancient Totem Sword to my Gladiator since my Moonlord already have a +12 Level 50 Rare Weapon.

Ultimately, I believe in playing the class which playstyle suits you. I seem to be an all-rounder and like to try out everything which is why I’m practically fine with any class.

I’ve tried tanking using VanlienH in Sea Dragon Nest and have successfully cleared it in Level 40 cap, and I’ve leveled an acrobat and alchemist to level 40 aside from this 2 Swordmasters.

Remember it’s your choice, don’t let anyone take away that decision from you :)

I hope this guide is useful once again to everyone.

I’ve spent a decent amount of gold to gear up my gladiator >_<

If you have any questions or need to ask my opinion regarding your build, send me your build at [email protected]

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