Dragon Nest SEA- Level 50 Elestra Skill Build Analysis [T4]

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Welcome back for another Skill Build Analysis by TEGaming :)

This time it will be the Elestra Skill Build that Lyzbeth will be using.

For those wondering whether to choose Saleana or Elestra, the decision can be made simple by deciding if you’re a party/supportive player versus liking raw damage.

Elestra’s are sliding towards the end of providing very good support for your party while still doing decent DPS.

To have an idea of what  i’m talking about watch this video where we showcase how Elestra can help support a party’s DPS in a 2-man Archbishop Nest run

The build that Lyzbeth is going for is thus known as “Salestra” meaning being an Elestra for ice spear (skill that allows for repeatable freezing of monsters) while still getting fire skills like flame road.

With that idea in mind let’s check out her Level 50 Skill Build below

Points to note:

Inferno has been nerfed in terms of DPS for PVE so she got it to level 6 because of the increased range and she PVPs quite abit.

She has both Fireball Level 11 and Level 6 flame road to make up the “Sal” part of the “Salestra” :P

For those who mentioned that “Salestra” don’t go for ice shield or chilling mist, Lyzbeth went for Ice shield as I’ve mentioned earlier that she PVPs quite a bit, so the extra change to freeze your opponent with Ice shield is what she wanted as compared to fire shield.

So you can entirely miss the who ice side of the tree (aside from Freezing Sword) and go down the fire tree to unlock fiery vortex and blizzard altogether which also another alternative.

Though Cooldown for Shatter has been greatly lowered for PVE, she left it at 1 because for simple nests even for archbishop, there isn’t much opportunity to cast it and increasing the level for shatter does not increase how much your target is slowed.

For the sorceress tree, she has level 16 glacial spike and level 6 poison.

Level 6 poison spray is for the 3 puddles of poison instead of 2. The casting animation for poison has been shortened, hence if you’re a pvper, this is definitely a must to get.

The rest is pretty standard.

I believe this build is a competitive build to have if you want to provide some DPS for your party while still able to support :)

You also do not need 17.8k critical because with hellfire as most of your DPS comes from your Fire skills.

You will simply need a base crit of around 10000 and you will be fine with level 50 monsters.

With that, Let’s take a look at the possible Level 60 build that is built up from here.

Glacial Spike at Level 20 provides 25% freezing chance which is definitely very very good.

Main DPS skill Flame Road is at level 9 (know that skills scale at lvl6,9,11 and 16 for T4 which is why it’s not Level 10)

Similarly chilling mist is at level 9 for the same effect.

Glacial Wave at Level 9  and Ice shield is maxed.

I wouldn’t recommend going Pure Ice even if you’re going PVP.

Ice skills don’t generally scale well in terms of damage when compared to fire skills, and without hellfire, being a pure Ice Elestra meant that you will need to hit that 17.8k critical for critical cap.

Skills like Firewall and inferno are definitely useful for PVP even if you don’t do it full time.

You can alter your skill build by bringing inferno down to 1 if you find no need for the increased range and can place those SP in other skills deemed fit.

“Salestra” build is definitely recommended for PVE Elestra so if you’re going for Pure Ice Elestra build make sure you’re mentally prepared to get perfect potential with crit 17% on your rings and weapons.

Skill Scaling for you to decide your own build and make your own decisions :)

I hope this guide is useful once again to everyone.

If you have any questions or need to ask my opinion regarding your build, send them to Lyzbeth at [email protected]

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AikawaKazu & Lyzbeth


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  1. PoorElestra says:

    Hi! thanks for the guide and for your effort. I understand your point. But still eletra is ICE property (water) your build has so much fire skill. Elestra uses Ice property on there weapons, and on my opinion you should still upgrade your ice skill rather than spending 11 to fireball which is useless because by default your an ice property. sorry for my bad grammar :)

  2. Rahvin says:


    I hope you have read in the first few lines that this is mainly a guide for Elestra’s that likes to PVP much. If it was emphasized that she likes PVE more, the build might be different.

    This is just a guide. It is more or less you did not understand really the point of the guide. :-)

  3. Guest says:

    No speed reduction data for frostwind?

  4. TheKing says:

    we almost have the same build .. i didnt went all the way with the ice tree .. all i want with the ice tree was the sword .. having the fire tree with the ice tree was the best build and much easier to handle in dungeons .. the only thing im having troubles is in PVP .. having is a YES in adventage but looking at the dmg .. eghr xD .. but a good way to open a chain combo ..

  5. Chucho says:

    hi kazu :). I like your site and the guides you do. saleana you think of? any video or guide the saleana? im saleana

  6. Cauterize says:

    I see a mistake in your Freezing Field data at Lv10. The general trend for Ice skills is to increase Enemy Movement Speed Reduction Duration at Levels 6 and 11 (and not just Ice skills, Summon Comet, Inferno, the list goes on!)

    Also, would you recommend maxing out Frozen Spikes? Saurus, from Freedom, recommended maxing it out in another build. I have serious doubts on the damage that it does even when maxed.

  7. Jianglai says:

    hello~ y inferno lv6 instead phoneix storm
    mana surge very important?

  8. Sunade001 says:

    my icy shards is lvl 13 and chilling mist is lvl 8 and ice barrier is lvl 2 is this ok !

  9. nhey03 says:

    hey LIZBETH can you tell me your equipment set and other items ?? please :D

    i wanna be the strongest sorceress like you :D

  10. Elestrana says:

    hey this guide is awesome but I will not follow the build ’cause I’ll go pure elestra, but thanks for tip!! It’s really useful! thanks a lot and more power! :)

  11. SmugHub says:

    hey hey! your guide pretty helpful..

  12. Your Name... says:

    can you make for elestra pvp/pve

  13. DemoN KinG says:

    nice build but i dont luke fireball at lvl 11 .Is it ok if i put it to pheonix storm instead?

  14. soony says:

    hey, i just happened to see the build above. IMHO, i would suggest changing the inferno to firewall instead, or phoenix. Both have by far better damage than inferno.

  15. Claudia says:

    well, Salestra may be good because fire skills has higher damage scale than ice ones but in comparison to its bluntness Ice skills should not be underestimated too, Freezing Field, when maxed out can caused as much as 20k damage( without crit with my Elestra). Fireball, thing with this skill is with proper execution it causes a lot of damage even not in EX form, so this guide is kinda good( albeit to not getting phoenix storm w/c is so good in pvp and pve) anyway a nice guide :)

  16. ray says:

    how do i even go on the game

  17. Anonymous says:

    kazu, i wanna ask you something, which one do you think got more dps, elestra or dark summoner ? thx :D

  18. Puddingcess~ says:

    Since I was trying to make a Salestra, is it okay for me to level up fireball, inferno, and phoenix to lvl 6? I go for both PVE and PVP

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