Dragon Nest SEA – Level 50 Shooting Star Skill Build Guide by puffyxx [T4]

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Welcome back everyone for another guide.

Today we have the shooting star skill build guide by puffyxx~!

Note: This skill build guide is not your usual conventional skill build guide, so follow it with care and make sure to read carefully what puffyxx has written in his guide.

Personally for myself (AikawaKazu), I find this guide very very informative in how he justify why he uses this particular skill build so make sure you read his reasons why he allocated certain skill points

puffyxx’s Shooting Star Skill Build (NO DUCKS)

Note: He didn’t show it in this screenshot but he took demolition ultimate to unlock skyline, explanation below. So he did go duo-ultimate.

Before you go “Oh wtf no ducks?”, know that in the recent balancing patch news announcement in Korean Dragon Nest, ducks HP have been nerfed to the oblivion, so I think this is a good choice in view that they are extremely easily killed in future patch that you don’t spend points on them especially if you’re a shooting star.

Source: http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/217/20120829/DN_KR_30th_Aug_Update_PVP_Skill_Adjustment_for_Academic-503df3b4ce023dc13-1.html

Following this will be his explanation on why his skill build is like this…

WARNING: This build requires quite alot of Alfredo micro-managing so to speak.

The reason for not going for any points in the duck tree is because I used to have a friend who played hybrid shooting star and has his duck tree upped until mecha bomber and soon realized that he was neither there or here.

The main concept of shooting star class is to utilize alfredo as much as possible.

Hence I’ve decided to focus on other skills rather than ducks.

Obviously this would be a PVE build, because we all know how ducks are useful in any form of PVP (Mecha Siren for silence and for utter annoyance)

Triple shot – I simply maxed this skill to spam, you would be surprised at the dps this skill has at maxed level. Besides there is a requirement to reach before adding points into the engineer tree. Only add this skill to get the requirement at low levels. I only maxed this skill after capping.So I chose triple shot when others would like to go for Flash grenade if you PvP much.

Wax –  Maxed, self explanatory. Moving fast is always a plus and each level increases the slipping chance too.

Alfredo –  Maxed. You will need him around to do that insane damage at level 1 and 2 after casting damage transition is not going to cut it. Alfredo will die very quickly if all of your party members with the damage transition buff gets hit all at once.

Dispenser –  A must learn skill. To increase the level by using a skills ring would be entirely up to you. Will explain more on accessories later on.

Passive skills for HP, Mana and Dodge – Maxed for better survivalbility.

Alright on to Engineer skills,

Ping Pong Bomb –  This will be your bread and butter. MAX it at all costs.

The damage from this skill alone is able to clear massive amounts of mobs with just one skill and it cooldowns every 12 seconds.

The trick about this skill is that you will have to aim really well for the first hit.

After the first hit lands, watch the magic begin :D.

The right way use this skill effectively is that if you have a target like a mini boss or main boss that you want to maximize your damage on, you don’t aim your first shot of Ping Pong at it since the first shot is the least damage.

Every bounce increases your damage by 12% so theoretically you would want the last or later hits to be on the boss for maximum damage so cast the ping pong on smaller mobs and let it bounce to the boss later on.

Mine Thrower –  Only at pre-requisite for Biochem missile

Biochemical Missile –  Great debuff and especially useful for nest bosses which normally have very high critical resistance.

This skill will basically bring that resistance down and cause more of your attacks to crit. It also serves as a great superarmor breaking skill as it has a decent damage burs. I Decided to max this for the extra damage but you may choose to use the extra points on other skills more suited to your gameplay.

Rocket Jump – A great skill to get out of nasty positions. Only left at lvl 1.

Gravity Grenade – Only at lvl 1 to gather mobs to a certain position. Suction power is the same for higher levels of the skill.

Alfredo Stomp – This is left at level one since you will only be interested in the provoke that it has on mobs when casted. Dont worry at lvl 1 the damage is still quite decent.

Alfredo Berzerker – Maxed. Now this skill I maxed because at each level of increment, it also decreases the amount of damage alfredo receives and this is good since it can combo well with Damage Transition skill. I would recommend to max this if you are planning to max Damage transition which I did.

Damage Transition – Max for better survivalbility.

Alfredo Hurricane – Maxed. By maxing this skill you will get alot of damage output when Alfredo swings around but it would have been wasted points if you think that Alfredo will only swing at small mobs.

The key to using this skill rightly is to (when fighting a boss, or a location where u want to focus attack power on) use Alfredo Recall alot.

Since the cooldown for that skill is not long at all.

Always have the habit to recall Alfredo to where you are standing.

In the forums there has been rumors that when Alfredo casts this skill it lowers the chance of Alfredo Beam activating at lvl 50.

I totally disagree with this since Hurricane has a 30second cooldown and Alfredo Beam has 24 seconds cooldown, it would essentially mean if Hurricane was casted first, definitely, before it gets cooldowned again to be casted, Alfredo Beam will be activated next. If so happens Alfredo Beam is casted first, then it would mean Hurricane will be next and so on. The cooldown for each skill is relative to each other in a sense that no 2 skills will be ready to cast and stand a chance to take the place of the other activating. So don’t worry on this matter. Hurricane is a good skill to have while waiting for Beam to cooldown.

Towers- As you can see Gattiling tower is maxed as it will be where your DPS will come from. Ice tower is also maxed although the debuff of the slow doesn’t get stronger each level, but the damage output for this tower alone is imba considered it has been nerfed after the patch. Cannon tower is left at pre-requisite level as there is not much damage gained while levelling this skill. It is also important to note that gattling tower is the only tower (not sure about chainsaw tower) that does not have invincibility effect on it, hence it can draw agro of mobs and will be destroyed quite easily too I should say. But no worries since the cooldown of the towers are very low and in fact you can almost cast them right after they expire, you can just re-summon gattling tower once it get destroyed. The cooldown of Icetower is the longest hence it should be summoned first then followed by gattling tower.

Demolition, Skyline – It is very debatable whether to get Demolition at all since the damage is nerfed after the patch. The 7 second immobility while casting the skill is also a downside.

I got this skill so that I could get the Skyline ulti without investing a single point in the duck tree.

Now, Skyline is a more dependable ultimate if it lands where your target is.

To be honest I only use my ultis when I am really certain that alfredo or any of my party members have taken agro and I am safe to cast the ulti from a distance. If not, for example the boss may follow you and if he comes too near, the Skyline ulti may miss entirely. If you use Demolition, and so happens a certain boss uses his most damaging skill *wink wink APOC* you are done for.

Splash-  Maxed. Nothing special but very high damage if you cast it at near range and on very big bosses.

Ping Pong EX – Maxed. Why not?!. 20% increased damage and lets your ping pong bounce another 2 more times meaning another 24% gain at the final bounce = 44% extra damage overall !!

Alfredo Beam – You will only see the true potential of the skill when Alfredo is surrounded by mobs. Extremely damaging as 4 laser beams shoots out from Alfredo in 4 directions. You can also use this skill to your advantage on bosses. Remember to always move up to boss and recall Alfredo there. When he casts Beam, because the boss is very big, it will somehow take damage from more than 1 beam and Im quite sure it will take damage from 3 beams other than the last beam which is behind Alfredo. Once this happens, you will see a significant change in the boss’s hp bar, definitely ^^. I have once 1 hitted the boss in Riverwort Ruins at abyss level with this skill. The key to it is to always !! always!! Recall Alfredo and don’t let him wander around.


The Generic Skill Rotation (Combo) for Shooting Star

The skill which I normally use in succession would be in this order before every fight.

Ice Tower >> Gattling tower>> Cannon tower>> Gravity bomb where all the towers are>> Ping Pong Ex>> Recall Alfredo>> Damage transition and spam SPLASH whenever possible>> REPEAT steps.

Always move back or away from the location after Alfredo has casted damage transition.

Stay back and spam Ping Pong Ex from a distance.


If you cut down the amount of points spent on other skills and try to go Hybrid and depend on both alfredo and your ducks, you will realise you are neither here or there.

Your alfredo nor your ducks will be overpowered.

By following this build, with good recalling of Alfredo you can do insane amount of damage.

Shooting stars are meant to master and utilise the presence of Alfredo.

Another reason why I don’t like ducks is that they tend to wander and there is no way of me recalling them as Alfredo.

Personally I do not like to leave my gameplay to AI, it it may be, then at least alfredo can be controlled.

There will be circumstances when the ducks play a huge role in raids, with mecha bomber and siren.

To get to mecha bomber, you will need to waste 12 points down your engineer tree and Im not willing to do that instead I rather put that 12 points into strengthening and maxing out my other skills.

But if you so wish to get mecha bomber by all means go ahead but let me remind you that this build is purely PVE.

You will have no problem clearing dungeons and nests with this build.

Solo-ing dungeons will also not be a problem since I capped from 40-50 by solo-ing dungeons in 2 and a half days approximately 3 minutes tops in RR (master).


General – Health, Wind, Vitality, Destruction, Blessed, Fatal, Ultimate, Tent.

Skill – 12% cooldown on Ice tower, Gattling tower, 20% damage Ping Pong Bomb, 20% Damage Splash or 20% damage Skyline


That’s all folks for this wonderful Shooting Star skill build guide~!

Coming up next will be a Tempest Skill Build Guide~!

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Special thanks to puffyxx for his wondeful guide once again.


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  1. bunnystark says:

    If this build is pvp shooting star, then it is not encouraged to have duck. The nerf of engineer in korea is focusing in pvp duck.

    Therefore learning duck skill is encouraged for pve build.
    Somehow, your spotlight on a class build does not include pve or pvp :S
    thats confusing to figure it out
    For me, Shooting star with this build has became a close range combatant.

  2. Staz says:

    Im not sure about ping pong bomb’s damage increasing at 12% per bounce. Shouldn’t it be that if the round has no more enemy to hit, its last enemy hit will receive 12% x number of bounces left?

  3. XAcaciusX says:

    The website states that the changes only apply to PVP… so HP of duck/tower or invincibility of some skills is not affected in PVE what right? o.0

  4. jRhadd says:

    sir favor can ? skill build for guardian please :) thanks .

  5. Lalaitha says:

    I wanna ask is the FD build boost the atack of towers/alfredo on this build.

  6. Untiee says:

    why no airbomb.that skill second aerial evasion for acad job.

  7. Deli13 says:

    just asking, if this truly were a pve build…why max aerial evasion? (imo, aerial evasion’s cd reduction is only needed when you pvp…)

    nice build though!

  8. Mh1RajHaNE says:

    I agree of no ducks!its very useful when you use the other SP on you other skill to level up.specially on tower!and i like the the build on triple shot!its cool i tried!^_^

  9. Miraze says:

    sry but this build is ****

    its a rare build or fun build accept it but if u want to come with me to nest with that **** build perm ban for u…

  10. confused says:

    Hi I am going to hit level 50 and Im torn between getting a level 50 weapon with destruction II enhancement or wind II enhancement. which is better for an engineer shooting star?

  11. rivania says:

    any equip for shooting star ? please help me

  12. rivania says:

    any equipment build for shooting star ? please help me

  13. Jenawow says:

    I’m still a bit iffy with Alfredo Hurricane.. since it always activates prematurely and some hits dont land on the boss. If you are to summon Alfy everytime near the boss.. that would mean you would be in melee range with ze enemy, a bit dangerous imo. Ducks aren’t that nerfed in PVE.. i’d still get Mecha Shock level 6. Maxing Biochem is not advisable since its DPS is baaaaaad.. I get it for the debuff alone.

    I wanna try Max Berserk and Max DT. I wanna try to be supportive as well with my team. Thanks!

  14. xyfer says:

    i have a few questions..

    1)tri shot or napalm bomb is better?and why?

    2)why leave mine thrower at lv1?since we have an EX at 60 cap and mine thrower is efficient against the XXL SIZE NEST BOSSES.

    3)some people says alfredo hurricane is useless in raids..CMIIW,AFAIK,hurricane will cancel TD,although it is really a nice skill.

    thx ^_^

  15. AlphaReapr says:

    so basically, even if we plan to be shooting star, learn the Gatling skill tree with the DUCK?

  16. jofori89 says:

    The above build helped me a lot, but there are problem at 60, there is a EX skill for Mine Thrower, but not Missile ;/

  17. xBoneZ says:

    sir can i ask u some favor???? skill tree of crusader

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