Dragon Nest SEA – Level Up Rewards From Level 2 to 50 (Completed) ~!

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I believe many players are concerned with the new Level up Rewards that you will received as there are many changes.

In the past (OLD SYSTEM), as you level-ed up, you will receive these rewards via the giftbox which meant that they will expire within 7 days if you don’t collect them

In the NEW Level Up Rewards system, you will now receive the initial box at the giftbox (which still expires within 7 days) and once it is in your inventory, the items you receive will not expire unless a specific duration is specified.

You will only receive this initial giftbox when you FIRST level up. (You will receive your first box at level 2 in the giftbox when you start a new character)

Example of Initial Level up Reward Box

For existing characters, meaning if your character IS NOT at level cap since the implementation of the new system, make sure to check your giftbox once you have level-ed up.

Not remembering to collect them within 7 days will mean no more level-up rewards for you, this is extremely important, don’t forget to collect it!

Here’s the Long List of Level-up Rewards that you can receive from Level 2 Level up Reward Chest onwards:

Notable Cash Item received are marked in Bold, items marked with (Event) meant that they are non-tradeable.

I’ve personally tested all these information myself, so they should be as accurate as when I’ve opened and wrote them down.

2: Premium HP Potion (Event) x5

3: Premium MP Potion (Event) x5, Discount Coupon for Adventurer’s Bag (3days)

4: Resurrection Scroll x1

5: Normal Grade Costume 7 Days (Head Gear), Discount Coupon for Storage Box (3days)

6: Normal Grade Costume 7 Days (Upper Body)

7: Normal Grade Costume 7 Days (Gloves)

8: Normal Grade Costume 7 Days (Lower Body)

9: Normal Grade Costume 7 Days (Shoes)

10: Adventurer Bag, Storage Expansion x1 (Both 10 Slots Ea.)

11: Ring Earring 7 Days, Premium HP Potion (Event) x5

12: Shining Amber Earring 7 Days, Premium MP Potion (Event) x5

13: Messenger Autumn Bird (Event) x2, Premium Magic Stamp (Event) x2

14: Resurrection Scroll x1

15:  Black Little Devil Wings (7days), Trading House Special Ticket (7days), Seal Stamp (Event) x3

16: Adventurer Bag, Storage Expansion x1 (Both 5 Slots Ea.)

17: Premium HP Potion (Event) x5

18: Premium MP Potion (Event) x5

19: Messenger Autumn Bird (Event) x2

20: Messenger Breezy Bird (Event) x2, Seal Stamp (Event) x3

21: Resurrection Scroll x1

22: Seal Stamp (Event) x3

23: Trading House Special Ticket (7days)

24: White Cupid Wings (7days), Discount Coupon for Adventurer’s Bag (3days), Goddess Teardrop x1

25: Goddess Teardrop x1, Messenger Autumn Bird (Event) x2

26: Goddess Teardrop x1, Trading House Special Ticket (7days)

27: Goddess Teardrop x1, Discount Coupon for Storage Box (3days)

28: Goddess Teardrop x1, Seal Stamp (Event) x3

29: Goddess Teardrop x1, Resurrection Scroll x1

30: Goddess Teardrop x1, Messenger Breezy Bird (Event) (2) x2, Skill Initialization Scroll (1+2+3) (1day)

31: Goddess Teardrop x1, Item Protection Magic Jelly (Event) x12

32: Goddess Teardrop x1, Level 30 Magic Grade costume (Headgear) (7days)

33: Goddess Teardrop x1, Level 30 Magic Grade costume (Upper Body) (7days)

34: Goddess Teardrop x1, Level 30 Magic Grade costume (Gloves) (7days)

35: Goddess Teardrop x1, Level 30 Magic Grade costume (Lower Body) (7days)

36: Goddess Teardrop x1, Level 30 Magic Grade costume (Shoes) (7days)

37: Goddess Teardrop x1, Seal Stamp (Event) x3

38: Goddess Teardrop x1, Twinkle Ruby Rings (7days)

39: Goddess Teardrop x1, Item Protection Magic Jelly (Event) x12

40: Goddess Teardrop x1, Seal Stamp (Event) x5

41: Goddess Teardrop x1, Resurrection Scroll x1

42: Goddess Teardrop x1, Trading House Special Ticket (7days)

43: Goddess Teardrop x1, Seal Stamp (Event) x5

44: Goddess Teardrop x1, Premium Magic Stamp (Event) x1

45: Goddess Teardrop x1, Resurrection Scroll x1

46: Goddess Teardrop x2, Eye Color Pouch (3days) x1

47: Goddess Teardrop x2, Trading House Special Ticket (7days)

48: Goddess Teardrop x2, Seal Stamp (Event) x7

49: Goddess Teardrop x2, Item Protection Magic Jelly (Event) x15

50: Goddess Teardrop x2, Blue Little Devil Wings (7days)


If you’re wondering what the discount coupons are, they basically reduce the price of the said cash item by almost 90%

To use them, go to your cash shop menu by pressing  “F11″

Then look around the top right corner for a tab called “Sales List”

With the coupon in your inventory, you will be able to see what items are affected by the discount coupon that are available to you.

I would say it’s an extremely good deal to get those cash items at those low prices.

The discount coupons usually last only 3 days, so be sure to use them ASAP before they expire!


Summary of Key Cash Items from Level 2 to 50:

Total number of Seal Stamps (Event) : 32

Total number of Item Protection Magic Jelly: 39

Trading House Special Ticket (7days): Received at Level 15, 23, 26, 42, 47  (Total Duration 35 days if collected independently)

Wings: Black Little Devil Wings at 15, White Cupid Wings at 24 and Blue Little Devil Wings at 50

~~~~~*Skill Initialization (1+2+3) (1day) Scroll Received at Level 30*~~~~



Other Important Information

You will receive a Skill reset Scroll via the Level 30 Reward box, DON’T OPEN IT UNTIL YOU NEED TO USE IT BECAUSE IT ONLY LAST FOR 1 DAY

The other thing will be to make sure that you  utilize the Trading House Special Ticket (7days) provided 5 times from Level 2 to 50.

Don’t stack your Level-up rewards from 23-26 because they are 3 levels apart and I highly doubt you will take 7 days to level up those 3 levels.

With this information you can plan  how/when you want to open these level-up rewards.

I hope this post is useful once again :)

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  1. Shaun Tay says:

    For level 15 box, i got a Trading House Special Ticket (1 month). Is that a bug???

  2. BloodMark says:

    I needed this information for my other characters. Thanks so much!

  3. necrophill says:

    discount for lvl 50…plsssssss..and were’s the per for lvl 20?

  4. CheoLSy says:

    i really wished DN could move the skill reset to level50. its just too unfair for those who screwed up their skills.

    @Kazu. what happen to the petition thing? Eer. if DN cant give us a 1day unlimited reset scroll, then i hope they can give us a almost 50% discount for that scroll.

  5. Yami-kun says:

    those coupon discounts…jeez…kinda unfair to old characters >.< …to think they can get 30 storage/adventurer for only 700/1400 cc…wew…

  6. Allen says:

    can i ask about the [Discount Coupon for Adventurer’s Bag (3days)].. you can only buy (1) Adventurer’s Bag 30-slot with a given discount?? :) or you can buy 4 to max your storage?? :) and yeah..the discount really a good deal..

  7. Toffi says:

    the Skill Initialization (1+2+3) (1day) Scroll should be received when our characters turns level 45 or 46 or maybe even 50, imho (‘_’ ) its kinda hard to level and/or have fun when we dont meet sp requirements for 2-tier skills ‘cept when we mess up 1-tier skill’s sp

  8. Halconx says:

    So unfair, i wan to get the storage…

  9. Halconx says:

    For the [Discount Coupon for Adventurer’s Bag (3days)], can u gift to others or can u only use it for tat character?

  10. Anonymouz says:

    Can we use DNP pts to purchase the [Discount Coupon for Adventurer’s Bag (3days)] with discount?

  11. GrayBowBR says:


  12. corny boy says:

    This process doesn’t work automatically to my sorceress character. She’s at level 12 now but the reward chest hasn’t appeared in the Dragon vault yet. Could anyone let me know what I should do? if not, I have to create the new one. *sigh*

    • Shaun says:

      Either you forgot to collect the gift when she’s level 2 after 5 days or there’s a bug. If you really didn’t receive it and you really want it, then, since she’s still low level, you should delete her and create a new one. No other way.

    • Falze says:

      youre probably not from DN SEA your most likely to be in DN NA -_-

  13. AntonFabiola says:

    no more seal stamp with out EVENT??.. :'(

  14. NatSerrobX (hollywood) says:


    I have a question in mind if it’s possible or not. I’m planning to top up CC and buy 10x Altea Gotcha Box and sell it to TH individually. Because selling it individually is much more expensive than selling it in x10 stack. Could I possible sell it individually Kazu? From the time I bought it x10 on CC or should buy it in CC individually also?

    This is what I have in mind.

    x10 Altea Gotcha Box cost 5500k-6000k gold
    while x1 Altea Gotcha Box cost 700-800 gold.

    so in x10 individually sold box I can earn 7000k – 8000k gold. and I will buy x10 box again for 5500k-6000k gold and sell it again. that way I can earn about 1k-2k gold. is it possible to sell stack Altea Gotcha Box individually after purchase in CC or should I buy it individually in CC? Coz I’m planning to do this so I don’t need to farm combined with a 30day TH ticket.^_^ enlighten me.

  15. crappytutu says:

    wats the reason all the reward is “event” much better the old reward system than this… no magniglass also. and i thnk they promoting CC .I mean force us to buy CC. cnt even sell the seal stamp even the messge birds .and no magniglass. this game benefited only the CC player … it obvious they want us to buy CC..

  16. crappytutu says:

    wats the reason all the reward is “event” much better the old reward system than this… no magniglass also. and i thnk they promoting CC .I mean force us to buy CC. cnt even sell the seal stamp even the messge birds .and no magniglass. this game benefited only the CC player … it obvious they want us to buy CC.. ……… .

  17. Theo says:

    great help.. thanks for uploading this :)

  18. xKauro says:

    How come I did not have CC box? I am 41 SM now still no CC box… I am from Springwood

    • Shaun says:

      The Level Up Gift Box is given only at level 2 which can be gotten from the Cash Shop Gift Box and will expire within 5 days upon receiving it (in this case, leveling up to 2). If you are certain that you did not receive anything at that level, please send a report to CC through the Cherry Messenger.

  19. iamven says:

    why cant be bought using DNP?? T_T err..

  20. Aviel says:

    why did it is when I achieve level 24 to 29 i din not recieve gift from cc or to my email box?

  21. JPNapz says:

    I didn’t get a Skill reset scroll at lvl 30. What the? Is that normal?

  22. Aka says:

    lol why dont they put skill reset scroll in lv 45-50 ._. i messed up my skill point lol

  23. Mark says:

    Petition for “Discount Coupon for Adventurer’s Bag” too unfair for old characters XD

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    Many thanks for sharing!

  28. Some guy says:

    I got permernant brown arch angel wings and amethysts ring ……… I think there’s a bug going on…… But I like it

  29. Jay says:

    Wat will hapen If I wont open the reward box on the 50th level of my char from 2-50?? I didn’t open it til I got 50.. Now I open it and I stop on 22lvl .. I’m planing not to open it until nxt wek.. Will the box get expire or not?? Because I have still 23-50remaining reward….help pls.

  30. Arlie says:

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  31. Noctora says:

    Hi, I notice that the new characters will receive an extra of 15 adventure bag & storage bank while the old ones only receive 10 extra slot. Is there any way for the old characters to receive 5 more slot other than buying it?

  32. CrossSnipe says:

    i’ve been wonderin why i never received that gift box
    my windwalker is lvl 48 now and i still dont have it fffff

  33. blingee.com says:

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  34. kevin says:

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  37. Anon says:

    Question, for the lv 10: Adventurer Bag, Storage Expansion x1 (Both 10 Slots Ea.) can I send it to my old character? Coz it bugs me every time I have to delete things to collect some reward.

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  48. nightskyland says:

    Can anyone affirm this statement:

    “The Level XX Achievement Reward Box will expire in 7 days after you reach that XX level”

    Does the Level Reward Box really have expiration? (I don’s see any date in my box)

    I want to open my level 30 reward box later after I reach further level (let’s say level 50)… can I do that?

    Thank you for anyone’s response :D

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  50. Ryan says:

    nope it will not expire forever if you’re not opening it.

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  58. Tora says:

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