Dragon Nest SEA: Level 50 Guardian Skill Build for PVE/PVP [T4]

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First and foremost, I hope you guys like the thumbnail :D

That’s the ending/last moments of justice crash, awesome skill (I really love it if you don’t already know :P)

So after many people have been seeing my Guardian get like 2350+ ratings in Ladder in like 80+ wins (85% win rate), they are all asking for my guardian skill build as well as equipment.

So here’s just a general view of my stats.

“LeTanks” is a Guardian TEGaming guild geared up solely for tanking for Sea Dragon Nest, and probably for future Green Dragon Nest as well.

So if you’re looking for a badass solo-dungeon Guardian with awesome stats, you need look elsewhere XD

Basically Sea Dragon Nest, Using Full HP set on Apocalypse gears with Manticore Flail. (Yes HP suffix is nerf-ed crafted this before T4 patch).

For PVP Ladder its just switching out the manticore flail and shield for Sea Dragon Nest Mace and Shield.

Anyway let’s get to the skill build.

I’ll provide the following:

  • Generic PVE Skill Build (With all the skills I believe must be added for a Tanking Role Guardian)
  • Generic PVP Skill Build (With all the skills I believe must be added for a effective PVP Guardian)
  • My PVP Skill Build for Ladder If I get to reset my skill points.
Credits to dn.mmosite for their T4 Skill Build Simulator

Generic PVE Tanking Skill Build


Will provide reasons behind why some skills are leveled up to their respective “high” levels.

Cleric Tree (Highlights)

  • Heal Level8  Maxed for 50 cap, additional heal for party is awesome aside from priests. With my current HP I can heal around 11-15k which is definitely significant
  • Block Level  6 – You can stop at 4, but I got it to 6 to make up for the 45 SP you need to learn your ultimate.

No need to get sliding knee kick, dive kick, stomping kick as they are PVP inclined skills. The new revamped T4 requires Sliding Knee Kick to be level 6 for it to have that additional kick so it’s not worth while to add points to them at all.

The rest of the passives are pretty standard for max-ing. toughness, hp mastery, aerial evasion, sliding step etc.

Paladin Tree (Highlights)

  • Electric Smite Level 7 (Mainly for your only DPS skill for you to have some fun while tanking XD)
  • Armor Break Level 6 (for the  debuff, useful for all party members with physical attacks)
  • AutoBlock Level 6 (Pre-requisite for AutoBlock EX)
  • Elemental Aura Level 3 (Get skill ring for Level 4, must have for SDN as well as good buff for fellow Elestra/Saleana)
  • Conviction Aura Level 2 (Got this to Level 2 for PVE dungeons solo or PVP Ladder if you still want to do any)
  • Iron Will Level 4 (Damage reduction increases per level, definitely must have for tanking)
  • Provoke Level 4 (if you can get the skill ring then you can forgo putting the duration skill plate for it, that’s what I did)

Electric Smite does really good damage at level 7 even with my crappy gears (you saw the stats above earlier), and I can still hit 30-50k critical hits on the last damage.

Provoke is maxed, be sure to use it with a skill ring or 20% Debuff Duration increase plate so that you have an extra 2 seconds before the provoke debuff runs out. This is extremely useful because sometimes Sea Dragon itself have some skills with invincibility frame (iframe) and your provoke debuff might wear off during that. Extra seconds give you less panic time for yourself and your party mates.

Elemental Aura equals more love from your Elemental Lord counter-parts, they really do benefit a lot from this buff. The main purpose though is the ice/fire defense % you will be receiving, though this is nerf-ed in T4, it is still a must have.

You still have 18 SP left so you can decide how you want to tweak your own guardian to suit your own playstyle.

For myself, if I’ll add points to stance of faith to level 3 for 15 seconds (So it lasts through the whole of purple bomb phase in SDN)

Rest of the points you can either max out your autoblock, or go for points in lightning zap depending on your play style.


Generic PVP Skill build


Similarly, I’ll provide the reasons behind the points added for the respective trees.

Cleric Tree (Highlights)

  • Heal Maxed (Definitely very useful for PVP)
  • Block Level 4 (At least get Level 4 for 5 blocks which is essential if you want to use guardian force)
  • Holy Bolt Level 6 (For larger explosion AOE and paralyze duration)
  • Sliding Knee Kick Level 6 (For additional Kick, no longer level 3)
  • Dive Kick (To dive into opponents to go into stomping kick for continuation of combos)
  • Stomping Kick (to re-lift your opponents who are on the floor, combo continuation again)

Whether you’re able to utilize sliding knee kick, dive kick and stomping kick is really up to personal skills

These 3 skills are honestly more useful in Compensation ON PVP, so if you’re a Ladder PVP Player, might want to put your points somewhere else.

Chances of you using sliding knee kick additional kick on a Elestra with Ice shield ON simply isn’t going to happen XD

Regarding block, refer to the PVP Build I’ll go for which will be right after this

Paladin Tree (Highlights)

Pretty similar to the PVE one above except for a few things:

  • Autoblock Maxed
  • Divine Ascension and Vengence is learnt for counter

Elemental Aura is maxed for fights against Elemental Lords (Either Elestra or Saleana), Conviction Aura is for you to do increased damage against classes not affected by Elemental Aura.

You have around 7 SPs left for you to add depending on your playstyle or what form of PVP you want to play (Ladder, Group, Compensation ON).

You can learn provoke and decrease the stun and critical chance of your opponent but personally I will not learn it if I’m pure PVP. This might be useful in Group PVP against teams with acrobats/archers because of the critical buff skills that they have. (Proven and tested in Compensation ON and tournaments that that buffs really increase overall critical chance on skills)

You can also add lightning zap, but I think this one is more for ladder PVP for it to deal significant damage other than it’s lighting paralytic debuff being pure annoyance in cancelling opponent skills.

Or you can focus on some skills in the cleric side of the tree like block which I did below.


Here’s my own PVP Build for my Guardian if I had the chance to skill reset it.

I’m not a fan of Stance of Faith because of it being a skill that requires me to be not moving so I left it at 1.

However, with Stance of Faith EX slated to be our new guardian EX skills, I think we might need it to be level 6 in the future for 60 cap, so the extra points might just be required to be saved for this.

Being able to move with stance of faith is definitely a huge huge bonus for guardians in the future.

This skill build is made for Ladder PVP which is what I’ve been doing for awhile.

I have block at level 9 because I believe the classes I’ve will face more difficulty in fighting will be Bowmasters (sniper/artillery), Elestras/Saleana (due to shields), Majesty/Smasher.

I currently only have Level 4 on LeTanks, and 5 block counters is really too low to defend myself against Tracking Arrows from BMs.

Against Elestra/Saleana/Majesty/Smasher, the problem is with Poison Spray which all of them probably have it diligently at Level 6 for 3 sprays.

Being caught in Poison  Spray reduced your block counters extremely fast, and the new T4 Poison Spray really makes it hard for one to get out once you’re caught.

If you’re a more offensive Guardian, you might want to go for Lightning Zap level 6 instead for it to deal significant damage.

That’s all for the Guardian Skill Build Guide.

If you still haven’t watched our video on the usage of Justice Crash for Guardians, do check it out below :)

I hope it is useful as always ^_^

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  1. SilenXce says:

    is that blockbudao

  2. SkY says:

    thanks for info….but is there any chance to build a PVP and PVE i mean mixed build or in other words Semi Tanker/Semi DPS…..?
    cuz i want to save reset scroll….

    Tnx muCh…!!! More Power!!!

  3. moonsamrai says:

    what accessories are LeTanks wearing? and what are the plus of his armors from head gear to foot … Hope to hear your reply soon sir, Thanks!

  4. Ride2Fame says:

    i might say that build is a big part of wining in pvp but u really need a talent to do that.

  5. Your Name... says:

    Ermm…kazu..is Lightning Zap Lv1 enough for it?

  6. KhayruReva says:

    Is it worth it to make a kicking guardian as a DPS?

    Yes, yes I know its main play is to tank and agro monsters. I just want to know how it would fare in leveling from level 40-50 with both premium heraldy. Also, can you make your version of tanking Guardian but still max DPS skill like E.Smite, Holy Kick, and AB? Thanks

  7. Ogami Rei says:

    what is your armor set u’are using O_O

  8. Raikai says:

    what type of costume are you using is that a full vit or full str?

  9. KripTOnyt says:

    tnx for the info bro…

  10. TTKOTO says:

    Hi LeTanks,

    I need to ask about the skill HOLY BOLT, does it really gave a skill growth? (as you mentioned: Holy Bolt Level 6 (For larger explosion AOE and paralyze duration))


  11. jhen nostrel says:

    why do you use lvl 40 epic items instead of lvl 50 epic? =/ i wan to know why…

  12. jhen nostrel says:

    hey why do you use lvl 40 epic instead of lvl 50? i wan to know why?

  13. jhen nostrel says:

    aww sorry for double post =/

  14. LeBlanc says:

    y paladin so noob in pvp… need saleana guide plz

  15. need a cleric/priest combo…inquisitor guide

  16. ronald says:

    wow mamaw dalahin ba sa mga nest yan??

  17. daryl says:

    noob pvp type build

  18. daryl says:

    weak pvp type build

  19. KHenneth says:

    Can you make a pvp & pve skill build for crusaders? Thanks in advance

  20. KHenneth says:

    Can you make a pvp & pve skill build for crusaders? Thanks in advance ASAP

  21. pmpy says:

    not really a good guide. it just tells you to spend your money on critical, and dps, like most of the SM and acro will tell you. it doesn’t teach you about how a guardian should be played.

  22. -BusTeD- says:

    That’s why you have to know your character…it’s not the build,it’s the way how you play it…

  23. God3FisT says:

    What suffix are using for PvP?
    reply would be a thankful

  24. majin says:

    sir can i ask for your skill combo as a tanker.. im the only guardian in my group and im following your build to be an effective tanker.. hope you could share that information I’ll really appreciate it sir..

  25. BrunoPH says:

    thanks a lot for this guide…

  26. Raijin says:

    hey kazu can i ask why you leave aerial block lvl1? as for pve i might understand it a bit but for pvp…i srsly cannot

  27. RZ says:

    Aikawa Kazu sir, how much did our gear affects the Ladder? Is there any calculation to it? I’m feeling weaker in ladder nowadays, its as if everyone else is getting a lot tankier despite me having very decent equipments. I can hardly kill a barbarian now and always end up having a draw with fellow clerics.

  28. LordGlare says:

    hey., can you give us an item build ang a row combo?

  29. Sam says:

    UR Mp is quite low… where did you focused?

  30. DefAngel says:

    I need help regarding the new lvl 60 skills such as stance of faith ex and divine ascension is it ok to leave them lvl 1?? i chose to follow your pvp skill build.

  31. For PVE Build .. SP Left 18 -_- .. Why ? You Don’t Use All SP For any Skill ..

    #sorry For my Bad English ..

  32. Weeee says:

    Sir Why not add any sp for holy kick?

  33. SorikHass says:

    wew, justice crash then E.smite?
    That’s good but I think [amor break + divine breaker +shield charge + justice crash + E.smite] is the best

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