Dragon Nest SEA – Level 50 Tempest Skill Build Guide Feat. Falala & Qebe~!

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I know this has been abit late but I was trying to provide a wide spectrum of opportunities and getting the best people to provide their insights.

Knowing Your Skills Episode 3 will be coming up right after this to showcase to you exactly how you can chain your Hurricane Dance in PVP for tempests.

I know most Tempest actually went for this class because it seems to be more PVP inclined but do note that both windwalkers and tempests are deadly in PVP
Windwalkers have their rising storm and if used wisely, is hard to avoid and packs a huge punch as well.

 This guide will have 2 players skill build guides, one from Qebe (Westwood;Kaiser Guild) and Falala (Springwood;OuraSlayers).

Their servers are mentioned in case you need to ask them further questions.

I’ll provide a suggested Pure PVE Skill build myself at the end.

Scroll all the way down if you’re interested in the PVE Skill Build.

I’ll first show  Qebe (Westwood Kaiser) Skill Build.

He has provided his explanation as well so do make sure you read them.

if it’s too small to see you can just click on the image, it will bring you straight to the enlarged image, in the past it will require you to click through a bunch of links but I’ve fixed that recently.

Make sure you read what Qebe has explained below on his skill build choice.

Archer Tree
Max all evasions (tumble & urgency trick), I got magic arrow for extra flinch(optional), also got Lvl1 wise of the owl for extra crit if you do group pvp; it is also effective in nest (optional).

For Twin shot or multi shot, Qebe got Level 6 Twin Shot and Level 11 Multi-shot

This is basically on your preference. It depends on what you spam always. If u kite often times u can max twin shot up to lv17 i guess and leave mshot to lv1.

I suggest at least lvl6 twinshot.

Lvl1 twinshot is like 200-400 dmg noncrit and lvl6 is 600-800dmg noncrit.

I put multi-shot to lvl11 because the damage is simply beautiful.

Total 49sp spent on archer tree. 

Tempest Tree
Max kick shot since it is one of ur best dps as a tempest and u gotta love the ex.

Max chain trampoline and tiptops-these are ur extra evasions.

Lv11 eagle dive is the best. 4k-6kdmg noncrit, crit up to 8k and if with dmg plate can up to 10k. In terms of pve dmg, eagle dive is also superb.

Lv1 for both ring shot and counter ring shot.

Although in pve ring shot has pretty dmg at lv1.

Blooming kick and and double somersault both on Lvl6 since we all know all skill have high dmg jumps from lv1 to lvls 6,11,16.

Max all lvl 32 skills.

Both skills at max just gives very very good damage output.

I got two ulti since I also do nest. Divine rage gives better dmg output at single targets like boss.

For the buffs you can have lvl3 both if u only get 1 ulti, but I guess spiral edge is just so pretty in group pvp.

91 SP Spent on Acrobat Tree

For tempest tree, just learn everything. 7sp spent.
About the crest, I’m using cd for ulti(spiral edge)and chain tramp. Damage crest for hurricane dance and action speed for spiral vortex. :D You can take out ulti crest for dmg eagle dive crest.


Falala’s Skill Build Guide for PVP Tempest (5 Skill Builds in Total)

Note: Falala’s Skill Builds are meant for PURE PvPers and are NOT TO BE USED FOR PVE IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY. You have been warned~!

This also means that these skill builds will most probably not be viable for level 60 because they use up EVERY skill point available. You can also call them tournament PVP Builds used for both group and 1v1 competitive PVP. (Non-ladder)

1v1 Version 1

The first thing you will note is that Spiritual Excel is Level 0

This because in Compensation ON PVP, you have no base AGI which makes this buff entirely useless.

Simply head to Colosseum and make a Compensation ON mode room and try out any of your skills that are AGI based with and without spiritual excel and you will realize there’s no difference in damage at all.

Wise of the Owls is also at level 4. For both group and 1v1 pvp, having this buff really increases your critical rate significantly (proven and tested in tournaments as well), coupled with rage of the owl, it is extremely useful in group PVP as they are both party buffs.

The next thing will be the fact that this is duo-ultimate build.

This is needed as tempest requires divine rage to unlock it’s tempest skills which you can then use to learn Spiral Edge as well.

Spiral Edge is definitely a more useful skill in both 1v1 and Group PVP compared to divine rage.

Try comparing getting infinity edge to hit as a gladiator with great wave for moonlords and you will get the idea, this is also why some PVP gladiators go duo-ultimate for great wave as well to have a more useful PVP ultimate skill that can be used in both ladder & group pvp.

You can see that Twinshot and Multi-shot are at absurdly high levels, 17 and 16 respectively, which is why we mention this is a Pure PVP Build. Twin-shot kiting is definitely a required skill for all Tempests or acrobats out there which is why this is actually raised to Level 17. Multi-shot’s damage as mentioned by Qebe is simply fantastic, this skill can also be used to flinch opponents, mastering it is definitely a must as a PVP Tempest.

All available evasion type skills, aerial evasion, tumble, urgency trick, chain-trampoline, tip-tops are all maxed as they are your tools for mobility as well as survivability.

You will notice that cyclone kick is only at Level 1 because for Falala, he uses the skill usually as an iframe (invincibility frame) rather than as a DPS skill to chain various skills like Hurricane dance, watch Knowing your skills Episode 3 featuring hurricane dance to find out more. (Episode should be up tomorrow)

Double-somersault kick is also at level 1, which meant that if you went this build, you don’t like your lift your opponents up to the air due to aerial evasion skills.

For example, a simple high DPS combo for acrobats was spiral kick in and spiral vortex, you don’t want your opponents to even have a chance to aerial evade

As mentioned by Qebe as well, Eagle Dive’s damage in both PVP and PVE is fantastic which is why in this build it is Level 11 a s well.

No magic arrow in this build because I believe it’s not Falala’s preference to use it most probably due to it’s long casting time (or maybe he just doesn’t need it because he’s too pro XD)

Let’s look at 1v1 Version 2

Here’s the second build which seems very similar the first but I’ll point out the changes.

Twin-shot and Multi-shot levels are the same.

You can see that double-somersault kick has been raised from level 1 to 6, and cyclone kick has been raised from 1 to 7.

This meant that this build is for those who are able to exhaust the aerial evasions of their opponent easily, and thus get them into a combo-lock where you can utilize both of the mentioned skills to their fullest.

The rest are pretty standard and similar to the above skill build.Let’s move on to the 3rd

1v1 Version 3

Similarly I’ll point out the differences between the first or second build and suggest to you the reasons why.

This 3rd version is similar to Version 1.

Eagle Dive is at Level 11, Cyclone kick is at level 1.

What’s the highlight here is kick shot being level 11

This meant that you are an expert in catching your opponents with kick-shot EX and more importantly, get those double arrow shots on them before you continue your combos.

Twin-shot is also brought down to Level 16 here, down from 17 and wise of the owl is at level 3 instead of level 4. (24 seconds vs 20 seconds buff duration)

The rest is pretty much the same.

I’ll say that this build is for those tempest who are able to utilize both kick-shot, eagle dive and spiral vortex into your combo rotations once you have nailed it down on your opponents Aerial evasions.

Level 1 Twin-shot Build

As you can see it’s named  Level 1 Twin-shot Build, so there’s a reason behind doing that.

With Twin-shot at level 1 you can now use all the available extra SP and spend it entirely on the Acrobat Tree.

You will be able to get Eagle Dive Level 11, Cyclone Kick and Spiral Vortex Level 7 and EVEN double-somersault kick to Level 9.

Kick-shot is Level 12 as well.

I believe this is for maximum DPS unleashed on your opponent once you have him on a lock and you have a wide variety of options to do so.

Meaning to say you can use some skills as feint to bait tumbles/dodge/blink then catch your opponent with another skill to deal your damage you need. Since all your skills are at the maximum possible level, which skill you use to feint will not matter since most acrobat skills deal high damage once the opponent is caught.

I believe this is also very useful for group pvp since you will be able to deal the best possible damage an acrobat can do with this set-up.

Last but not least I believe Falala has prepared a single-ultimate skill build

Single Ultimate Skill Build

This is very very similar to the Level 1 twin-shot skill build since this has Level 1 twin shot as well

The 3 SP Lifted from not getting the duo-ultimate is thus spent on Multi-shot (getting it from level 14 to 16) and he will have 1 unused SP.

That’s about the only difference.

The purpose of this skill build is probably for soft-ban PVP since ultimate is not allowed so there’s no point learning another one.

He still has to learn divine rage to unlock tempest skill though.


I know some might want a PVE Tempest Build so I’ve made one myself with all the given suggestions above.

Do let me know your comments regarding it and it will be for Pure PVE since we have enough PVP Skill build options here.

Pure PVE Tempest Skill Build

Firstly, no duo-ultimate and 4 Leftover SP left. I’ll personally save it for Level 60

Only the minimum 45SP Spent on the Archer tree to unlock learning of Ultimate skill.

Key Highlights

  • Level 11 Eagle Dive
  • Level 11 Kick Shot Ex (Only level 6 is needed to unlock EX)
  • Level 6 Binding Shot (In view of Binding Shot EX at level 60)
  • Level 9 Double Somersault Kick
  • Level 7 Spiral Vortex and Cyclone Kick (Maxed Level 32 DPS Skills)
  • All Evasion Skills Maxed (From both Archer and Acrobat Tree)
  • Spiritual Excel and Spirit Boost Level 3 (Maxed)

This is a Pure PVE Build capitalizing on main DPS Skills of Acrobat side of the tree.

As mentioned by Qebe Eagle Dive has very good damage output for both PVP and PVE which is why the level 11 is justified.

The rest of the reasons are mentioned above.

In DNSEA we do not have the extra 3SP for our Acrobat Tree (We have 91/91 but the skill simulator has 94/94)

Hope this provides a guide for all tempest out there :)

Special thanks to  Qebe and Falala once again, they have provided very good skill build variations for everyone to consider and I hope everyone has benefited from it.

Feel free to PM any one of them if you have any questions on their skill build guides.

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