Dragon Nest SEA – Lyzbeth’s Elestra PVP Skill Build for Ladder ~!

By Lyzbeth On 29 Oct, 2012 At 07:15 PM | Categorized As Guides, Highlights, PVP | With 44 Comments

Please note that this build is not recommended for PVE at all.

This skill build was changed and tweaked from CryoMagic’s very own skill build that he shared with Lyzbeth.

If you wish to know CryoMagic’s skill build feel free to seek him out at Springwood and ask him for it.

I believe he is okay with sharing if you ask him personally, but I’m not sure if he wanted us to share it with everyone.

You also try to guess it from the damage done in his showmatch videos against Falala and Belfry shown below.

Since Lyzbeth is a variation from his own skill build, you can probably make a educated guess what his skill build is in the end!

Note: Freezing Field has Skill ring +1, so it is actually level 11 not 12, because level 12 is only possible to be learn at level 56. The rest of the skills are as it is without the skill ring as I’ve tested the skill points allocation in the T4 simulator on mmosite and it is exactly the same except for freezing field.

This skill build focuses chaining skills like Glacial Wave with Phoenix Storm.

And knowing how to use freezing field in your skill rotation aside from the usual shockwave -> Freezing field.

One of the rotations you can try is to trap your opponent in the poison spray pool and then try to land a freezing field on him/her.

Here’s a screenshot of how much freezing field does in Compensation ON with this skill build. (note this is with the +1 skill ring)

14,500 damage from a single skill is why there is some debate on whether shield should continue to be soft banned, this debate continues in the videos CryoMagic and ViiViii were featured.

Personally, in CryoMagic’s match against Belfry, he has proven that Elestras can definitely hold their own without shields, and he definitely put up a very good fight against Falala when he didn’t have his shields on as well.

The amount of damage that a Elestra can do when it manages to bait aerial evasions, reactive tumble/dodge/blink in T4 is definitely promising, especially when you’re using a build such as this.

So if you think that using freezing field to deal your damage in a combo is not your style due to it’s semi-slow casting animation or the fact that you need to be a distance away from your opponent for it to hit, this skill build is definitely not for you.

Most importantly, a skill build can only carry you so far. It is up to the player’s person skill in the end to be able to land the skills that he has chose to level up greatly, in which this case is freezing field and phoenix storm.

Lyzbeth has  gotten flame road to have mobility when facing glasses such as gear masters as you will need a skill to enter the “Fortress” of tower set up by them in ladder.

Flame road used on a target flinching in poison pool also deals massive damage which is why Lyzbeth has decided to go for it as well.

With this change in skill build as advised by CryoMagic, now Lyzbeth’s new Elestra Idol…

She didn’t let her “sensei” down by going into a 20 win streak to finally enter 2400 Ratings in Ladder.

Note: Lyzbeth does not use Knight/restraint suffix weapons in ladder.

So you can definitely tweak around yourself this skill build that she has shared and  find your own that fits your play style.

I hope what we shared is useful as always ^_^

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  1. Lex says:

    Hi Lyz! Why is flame spark level 3?

  2. Ahky says:

    I guess you’re limit on EL tree that’s why you can’t put 4 points from poison to flame spark?

  3. jianglai says:

    y poison lv10 ~

  4. Lex says:

    Btw Lyz, do you already have a damage skill heraldry when the freezing field damage was recorded? Because I once saw Freezing field dealing around 20k damage.

  5. Ezra says:


    Could you please update your gear in the Latest Gear section? I would like to know what suffixes and potentials you got on your gear. Thanks in advance!

  6. Ryan says:

    Something is wrong in the EL tree
    I tried to copy it via this simulator http://dn.mmosite.com/tool/skilltree4.shtml and it shows that you have spent 93 skill points altogether (not counting +1 from freezing field).

  7. Mark says:

    Post some heraldry skills build please :(

  8. Carly says:

    uhm miss Lyz are you using this build now ?
    did you use this build when you SDNHC ?

  9. tina says:

    How about your items??

  10. tina says:

    How about your items??
    uhm… its ice pots??
    how about armor sets??

    and ring ice too??

  11. ELESTRA FAN says:

    Lyz, may i watch your current equips please? just wanted to see the suffix and best potentials for Elestra

  12. Ice says:

    Does Water suffix increases the damage of Ice skills?
    If yes, Which is better suffix for ladder? Knight/Restraint or Water?

  13. AbiMaria says:

    hi lyz…can u show us your item build?and what is your HP?

  14. Joash says:

    Why Poison level 10?

  15. Simonee says:

    lyzbeth..caN I know if maxing frozen spikes is useful too? because currently i used almost pure ice build …

  16. Jerome says:

    Hi Lyz, im just looking forward with 450 mark update and to all elestra, do u think it is needed to max freezing field ? and frozen spikes? please guide with my elestra, i think my elestra is weak now.

  17. Jerome Rafael says:

    Hi lyz, please help me with my elestra, 450 mark changes a lot, my first question, do i need to max freezing field and frozen spikes although it decreased it’s damage? secondly, i max all my ice skills, is it good? please help me. thanks.

  18. irul says:

    poison missile why lev 10 ? not lev 6

  19. Mariavelle says:

    I love the intro in the videos :D

  20. Aishi says:

    I play on DN NA and so am not familiar what Springwood is, but I presume it’s a server? Is there any way that I may be able to request either from you or him on what his current build, crest, and gear set up is? Post-450 update.

    Also, would Lyzabeth/Nicole be able to share her skill crests and gear?

    I created a Pure PvP elestra since I know that they are one of the top tier classes and since I’m inexperienced, I would like to be able to compare and try expert’s builds until I am able to get a feel of what my own playstyle is like.

    I would greatly appreciate the help and keep up the great videos!

  21. Lester says:

    Hi there lyz, could u give me a link of ur pvp videos, thx.. i really need to know how to be a good EL., thx :)

  22. Somaschisal says:

    Why there’s no shatter skill?

  23. MaeMhie says:

    What skill heraldry did u use and also suffix on primary weapon and secondary weapon.
    Please Reply Ate Lyz im ur number 1 fan xD

  24. can I hav the point of Glacial Wava point on Fire Wall to increase the damage output of my Elestra ? Y dear Lyz up it until level 6 xD , I am still a Newbie =3=

    I like Lyz vry much xD

  25. can I hav the point of Glacial Wava point on Fire Wall to increase the damage output of my Elestra ? why Lyz up it until level 6 xD , I am still a Newbie =3=

    I like Lyz vry much xD

  26. Add me in Dragon Nest Sea ^_^ Lyzbeth ^_^
    My Nickname : LuphXminyu
    Add me and PM me too ^_^
    Me Want to Change Character Elemental Lord to the Elestra =D
    You Is My Future Lyzbeth =)

  27. sunny says:

    y u no get shatter??

  28. the dutch says:

    hy lyz
    may i know your helardry skills for ladder ?

  29. AikawaKazu says:

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobbbbb only ML is Top One. im the strongest

  30. yawa ko says:

    lol..this skill build was not applicable for elestra so so so!! wrong type of skill build lol :D

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  33. Francine says:

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    each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same
    comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

    Appreciate it!

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