Dragon Nest SEA – Gigantes Nest Hell Mode Guide ~!

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Let’s say this is officially my most hated nest of all time.

Partly due to just 1 particular stage in this nest but we will get to that later.

But yes we still managed to successfully clear it.

Here is a simple guide that is still in progress but I believe there isn’t any proper Gigantes Nest Hell mode guide out there after I’ve done my own google homework.

I’ll attempt to write about all the extra mechanics aside that is inherent in the hell mode of Gigantes Nest with what I’ve experienced so far.

This means that this assumes that you have knowledge of how to clear the normal mode of Gigantes Nest, watch the video of our guide for that below first if you haven’t to grasp the normal mode mechanics of gigantes nest first.

It will be in this order:

  • Dancing Ghoul Stage
  • Gas Chamber
  • Time Attack Cube
  • Fiery Doom Golem
  • Royal Chest Room
  • Gigantes Maha

Yes some of the names I made it up myself especially the golem one lmao.


Dancing Ghoul Stage

Basically instead of starting with a few numbers for your first sequence you will get 6 numbers straight up.

The above is the last sequence “3/3″ before the Stage boss spawns so what else is changed?

  • 1st Sequence displaying speed is the same as normal
  • 2nd/3rd Sequence + the “Dance Time” sequence displaying speed is around twice the speed
  • Dance Time Sequence has a total of  9 Numbers that will be displayed at fast speed.

Dance Time Number Sequence >_<

Aside from that the boss has an additional mechanic as well.

Kill Constan’s Coffin to remove “invulnerable” effect on boss

The boss can summon an actual coffin which has as “boss health bar” that you will need to kill to remove the invulnerability from him.

I believe all the other mechanics apply from normal Gigantes nest for you to get the hidden plate for this stage as well.

Aside from that, the boss hits harder and has higher overall HP as well.

Should be one of the easiest fights in Gigantes Nest Hell Mode.


Gas Chamber

Additional Mechanics

  • 2 Lanes Light up Instead of one
  • You need to activate BOTH statues in the 2 lighted up lanes for Safety Barrier to activate
  • Hidden Plate is received if you activate the statues successfully with the Stage Boss trapped within the safety zone that you are in.
  • Gas Chamber “Intrusion” Mechanics DOES NOT deactivate until stage boss is dead
  • Boss has additional skills, higher overall HP and hits alot harder.

2 Lanes Can Light up Instead of 1

Activate both Statues in the 2 lighted lanes to successfully bring up safety barrier

This is just one of the mechanic that you will deal with all the time until the boss is dead.

Trap Boss within Safety Lane with Statues successfully activated on both lanes to get the hidden plate

Hidden Plate :D See the Gas around :D

Also a very easy stage if you don’t get hit by any of the boss skills. They hit extremely hard.

If you’re aiming to get the Hidden Plate here’s the difficulty we faced.

The boss will not be in the chamber as he simply refuses to come in if you choose to enter a room after seeing that it’s lit.

So what we did after trying many times was simply to pull him to an actual room with a class that can move fast, preferably warrior/forceuser/acrobat.

Play cat and mouse with him in the chamber and hope that chamber is the one with the lane lit up.

This way it’s alot easier compared to trying to pull him to a lane from the centre of the room itself when you are waiting to see which lane is the safety lane.

Black Sphere that follows you, super high damage don’t get hit

Just one of the few new skills the boss can do. Best advice? Don’t get hit at all or when you want to burn it down, have defensive buffs like Miracle Relic used.


Time Attack Cube

Okay I didn’t record the part of the run for this but here’s what you need to know to get the hidden plate.

You need to kill the boss within THIRTY SECONDS to get the hidden plate.

Beyond time, Spirit boost, ultimates, make sure everything is up before you enter any stage in Gigantes Hell mode if you want to go for the royal chests.


Fiery Doom Golem

The name is sarcasm if you haven’t realized


I thought Normal mode was random enough  with its irregular mechanics with regards to getting the hidden plate but no, this is a lot a lot worse.

This makes me hate the whole gigantes nest even more especially when my team did successfully get 3 hidden plates because… nvm we will get to that at the end of the guide.

Here are a few things you need to note:

  • Don’t kill Shadow Assay Witches – Bad stuff happen when you do
  • Shadow Assay witches does their usual crazy + now summoning flinching poison AOE effects
  • Golem Charging skill with the RED AOE MARKINGS ON THE GROUND does 270,000+ damage = 1HitKO
  • The Golem Charging Skill can be deactivated by using the RIGHT CLICK FUNCTION of the Cannon but you need AT LEAST 2 TO HIT TO STUN IT preventing the charging skill from activating
  • Kill The Golem Minions, DON’T HESITATE
  • Boss Skill Damage increases, simply do not get hit by his skills, you will not end up well

1hitKO Charging Skill Notification

You must land at least 2 Right Click Cannon shots to stun the boss to deactivate this.

Failing to do so, NO MATTER HOW FAR YOU RUN (mean even if you’re out of the RED AOE Effect), you will die regardless.

Only I managed to do the right click cannon, we failed. death awaits

This is the most important mechanic of the fight.

Failing to deactivate this mechanic by stunning the boss, failing to get this right will only mean that your party will wipe all 3 deaths and resurrection without completing the nest.

You MUST get this done properly.

Parties with a paladin will be glad because he can simply provoke the boss to a corner where 2 CANNONS CAN HIT HIM

So in party when you have the aggro you MUST run to an area where 2 cannons can be targeted at the boss. Failing to do so, death will be the consequence.

Honestly speaking, I don’t even want to bother to find out how to get the hidden plate of this stage.


That is in my opinion of course. For challenge hungry players, feel free to find out the hidden plate requirement of this stage.

Here’s a Video that I’ve found online that maybe useful


Royal Chest Hell Mode

What has changed?

  • 30 Seconds to final the right chests
  • Number of Fake Royal Chests in the room increased

More Fake Royal Chests Now

30 Seconds to find the right one!

And you may think, was all that trouble for the royal chest worth while?







…. loots :( all that work for this?

Technically if you can clear Gigantes Nest Hell mode smoothly like you can clear Level 40 Apocalypse Nest Hell without any deaths, you can farm this Royal Chest at least 5 times per week.

But question is … IS IT WORTH IT?

I guess that answer is for you to decide :)

I don’t know what are the loots aside from level 50 epic accessories that could be earned from here as well, my guess?

Best of luck maybe plates? Even luckier maybe GN Accessories itself but I doubt it.

In my own opinion this is not worth it at all.


Gigantes Maha Hell Mode

You think you’re badass huh?

Surprisingly, this is actually an easy stage to fight.

Here are the additional mechanics:

  • Huge Missile summoned from his chest now explodes into smaller missiles in a frontal AOE cone version
  • A “Missle Lantern” can be summoned of 1 party member, missiles will “rain down” upon him - keep moving and stay away from team mates
  • 3 Time Bombs summoned instead of 1 which follows up with 3 Moving Laser Beams – Not an issue if at least 2 party members alive.
  • Other improvements to boss skills in normal gigantes like increased damage etc.

Missile Lantern over SleepNow’s Head

The missile lantern is a simple mechanic.

Keep moving, stay away from party members.

Basically a missile will keep dropping on the player marked with the lantern repeatedly.

He needs to keep moving to prevent the missiles from landing on him, and  staying away from party members meant that they do not run into the dropped missile from the lantern pod as well

Does around 15-30k damage per missile so avoid it at all times.

Notification for 3 Time Bomb

When you see this notification, do not panic yet.

Instead look out for these laser orbs shown in the screen shot below.

This will tell you where the laser beams are going to spawn

Observe laser orbs to know where Laser beam spawns

Don’t worry too much about the time bomb.

If your team has decent DPS which is good enough to survive the previous stages you should be set to kill all of them in time.

You will be fried to death should you get caught by the lasers, so avoiding them should be priority.

Once you know that you’re safe, then continue to dps the lasers.

The laser beams will move in anti-clockwise manner (as far as I know they don’t change directions, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

Deactivate all 3 time bombs :D

That’s actually most of the mechanics that you need to know in order to kill this boss.

The rest of the skill are similar to the normal gigantes nest.

Fist punch to the ground can be dodged with a well-timed blink/tumble/sliding step etc.

The last boss like I’ve mentioned is not difficult at all once you know what he can do.

That’s all from the guide, I’ll try to take a video footage of our run next time. (should be very soon since reset is just tomorrow)

Sadly, what I took so far is incomplete for this one (screenshots all came from the video).

Especially wasted since we managed to get the royal chest as I didn’t record the cube stage and I don’t want to upload half-hearted/incomplete videos.

I know many are requesting on tips and guides on this nest as it is indeed challenging, so I hope this will suffice for now.

I hope what is shared is useful as always ^_^

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  1. AivisSun says:

    For the poison room, you just need to get the boss go into the lit up lane even if you didn’t close the door up for the safe zone(it will be risky but since the poison doesn’t hurt much so make sure everyone is fully heal before doing so…)

  2. Hachimata says:

    sir thank you for making this guide i learned alot from you sir….

    Sir. Can you post your current weapon and armor please :)

  3. Hachimata says:

    sir thank you for making this guide i learned alot from you sir….
    Sir. Can you post your current weapon and armor please so i can follow your equips… Thanks again sir kazu you rock dude :))

  4. KRipTOnYT says:

    thanks for the useful tips sir…

  5. u need to kill the boss Golem in the middle (light area) for hidden plate.

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