Dragon Nest SEA – AikawaKazu Latest Gears, 5800 MATK 18700CRIT, 679 FINAL DAMAGE~!

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Those who have watched my recent Archbishop Nest Hell Mode run with my nest party (Lyzbeth, Lawyered & SleepyNow) would have realized that I’ve changed my current gears since my Archbishop Nest Solo.

Check it out if you haven’t XD

If you haven’t checked out the gears which I termed “Moonlord Affordable Item Build” and have used it to solo Archbishop Nest Normal Solo without any deaths do go check it out first!

Link: http://www.dneternity.com/2012/11/24/dnseamoonlorditembuild/

That item build only requires you to have Level 50 Rare Main and Secondary weapons to do so take a read if you haven’t read that first as this post is a build up from that.

In that item build guide I’ve also provided what I’ll improve from there and here are the results.

They are not my ideal ones as of now but have granted similar stats written in the guide that I was aiming for.

Before that … so what are my gears capable now :D?

With Attack Elixir of Course but… 3Million DMG *_*

Check out this Sea Dragon Nest Hardcore Run with my Moonlord where I did a short compilation of the damage that I did (with the help of attack elixir) achieving around 16900 MATK with all the other stats that I have.

The attack elixir is used not to show off but to let you know the potential of Moonlord DPS when we ever reach that state hopefully in Level 50/60 cap with the new L-grade  Green Dragon Nest Gears or Desert Dragon Nest Gears in the future >_<

Anyway here are my updated gears.

Victor Sword Prepared, gauntlet in waiting

Still going for 5Immortal2Victor in the end.

Got all my Skill Rings Completed

Got Cash Heraldry slot Extender

The slots opened via the cash slot extender is for me to hit my desired stats that I wanted if I went 5immortal2Victors so that I can show you guys the potential of such an item build.

This means that without this slot extender you can still hit 680 Final Damage (using the 5immortal2victorweapons combination).

I got the slot extender mainly for utility, no need to spend gold replacing my side kick plate for great wave plate when changing between PVP/PVE.

It also cost only 12800CC for 90 Days.

To put it simply, you just need to save less that 0.50cents (SGD) a day just to afford this for a year. (Around 52SGD for a year).

Definitely worth it for me given how useful it is.

The next question you will have for me is probably what now? What do you do after you already have these gears … what’s next?

In preparation for Green Dragon Nest I’ll suggest getting all your Armor pieces to at least +10 and above (I’ll just save gold and buy jellies and slowly work my way up)

Moonlords don’t really benefit from L-Grade gears except for the crazy amount of HP you get when you +12 it, so unless you can afford all the jellies, mixed luck and other 3rd stat plates to make up for the stats loss when using L-grade gears don’t go for it, especially when L-grade Gears for Swordmasters when enhanced give crazy amount of STR stat which is not useful for a moonlord DPS wise.

Gladiators on the other hand should totally go for L-grade SDN gears, the amount of STR you gain from 7 Piece of +12 L-grade SDN is just *_*

+12 L-Grade SDN Weapons however is well worth it if you can balance out your stats to maintain your critical cap at least.

I’ll try to get my Victor’s Weapon to +11 maybe 12 if I’m feeling lucky but most probably these gears will be what I’ll have for a long long time, at least until Green Dragon Nest L-grade is available >_<

The other thing will be to work on getting your Final Damage to a higher value, maybe close to 800-900 to further increase the damage increase you get from Final Damage.

This will definitely be better than changing out to 3rd stat MATK plates because 1% damage increase at 5.8k MATK is 58MATK and current 3rd stat MATK plates will give you 85MATK and a 3rd stat FD level 40 plate will definitely give you more than 2% increase with 42FD which is worth more than 58MATK. This is only the case if you’re above 680 FD so do take note.

I’ll probably give you guys another update when I’ve successfully coded my Victor’s Gauntlet, was extremely lucky with the sword, getting the perfect potential within 20+ Reverts and codes >_<

I know of players who used over 300,000 cassius palace points worth of codes and not getting the perfect potential, questioning if the perfect potential even exist >_<

I hope what is shared is useful as always ^_^

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  1. Syakir says:

    Hi AikwaKazu,did u get any tips to make +10 Victor set.I already lost 400jelly,but still no luck to make +10 Weapon.

  2. yuzutaru says:

    20 codes for that??? ure so lucky sir..
    i’ve coded with 30 codes, yet i still see attack and crit -_-

  3. Tori Black says:

    the heraldry expansion slot will only have a allotted of 30days per heraldry.? couz i also purchased one and i notice i haved only 30days per hera. That means 90 days/ 3 = 3days per heraldry.? thank you for your soon reply. :D

  4. lMordecai says:

    and you call this affordable?

    • AikawaKazu says:

      the affordable one is in the previous article not this. this isn’t labelled affordable at all it’s what you work to when you have already achieved the affordable item build

  5. Caellus says:

    Hi, kazu, can u tell me, whre good place to farm gift for cassius palace? im lv50, so cnt depend on master dfficulty gift anymore, and the weap im goin to pot is victor, cant traded, so well, i would like you to please tell me, fastest place, whre the bunny will most likely drop cassius gift only, pls =3
    or u can tell me whre u farm cassius gift (if u do it thou)


  6. Eugeneski says:

    you can watch my video about having perfect potential :D that proves that with luck and right amount of code, you can gain perfect pot weapon :D

  7. Hello says:

    can ask? why ur moon blade dance skill so fast CD

  8. K. LittlerBlue wedding shoes

  9. KuroiSeigi says:

    I’d like to ask why you opted for Wind and Tent suffix for your main and secondary weapons respectively; the explanation would be much appreciated.
    Awesome guide as always, and thanks being a great example and an inspiration for all Moonlords out there~
    More power to you and TEG~

  10. ZLyng says:

    Sir which should I craft Victor’s sword n gauntlet?

    Wind or Magic Power?

    Pls reply ASAP >.<

  11. Karl says:

    what do u mean by L-grades?i dont understand it…^^

  12. ichirhaku says:

    sir… may i ask you?? ahmm are you going to hit the fd cap or no??? or just stay with the 679

  13. awit says:

    hi AikwaKazu….if i use victor set how much FD i gain it?

  14. KiritoKun7 says:

    Hi AikawaKazu, Just asking what is the reason why you choose “Tent” suffix for your gauntlet?
    — and by the way.. if your going for Victor sword and gauntlet, What is your Moon Lord set? is it 3 Immortal, 2 Ancient Totem and 2 victor??

  15. Nicho says:

    hey kazu ! your video 975,000 Damage Moonblade Dance use crit build or FD build ? thx before !

  16. Phen says:

    Sir kazu can i ask question? what is the maximum magc attack for ML? in the lvl 50 Cap and which is better pure int with crit or go for int with FD?? :)) Thnx in advance hope you reply

  17. alex says:

    hei guys, i’m new in dragon nest.
    so, can you tell me how to get victor’s set?

  18. ShouOota says:

    hi AikawaKazu, can i ask ur advice? what’s suffix for victor sword and gauntlet. thanks hehe

  19. I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s
    both educative and interesting, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is something that too few people are speaking intelligently about. I’m
    very happy that I came across this in my hunt for something regarding this.

  20. willtryDN says:

    sir I was thinking of using full hero’s set im quite newbie i have +7 immortal armors and some gold and planning to change hero’s set.is that good?or your item is better?Only played few weeks ago :)

  21. Chun yee says:

    Hi !
    Doest int affect the Magic Atk value?

  22. mulltikill says:

    sir aikawakazu im just asking if your an greenwood ^_^

  23. JoenelxD says:

    Hi Sir aikawakazu can you help me the build items for moonlord if my set is Totem set??

  24. Jerico says:

    Why are you so strong

  25. Utomo says:

    very poor build in HP. practically : very low chance survive in SDN hardcore. yes, you can do it sir Kazu, but with amazing team. oops, sorry, with VERY VERY amazing team, which is most people don’t get.

  26. Heresy says:

    Heya kazu , mind showing us ur latest gear in 60 CAP? both gladiator and moonlord :D ..PLEASE PLEASE

  27. StressAce says:

    hey kazu.need to ask u something.can u email me.

  28. These are actually fantastic ideas iin regarding blogging.
    You have touched some good thibgs here. Any way keep up wrinting.

    My site – pheasant hunting tips

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