Dragon Nest SEA – Full PVE Adept/Physician Guide ~! [T4]

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Hello Guys,

I’m Sakasen and I’m going to present you an pure PvE-Build for the Alchemist(Adept/Physician) Class.

This Guide is going to include how to:

  • Create your own Skill build Step by Step
  • Why certain Skill Points (SP) are spent (thinking process behind the decisions for the SP Spent)
  • Suffix and Potential Choice.

Note that this Build is for optimized for Cap 50 and 60 and is not recommend for Usage under these Caps.


I recommend to use the Skillsimulator on dn.duowan.com/t4 for creating your Skillbuild. There are a few Things you need to notice about T4 before we can start:

  • T4 is the Skill system we are currently using
  • The Damage growth is not equally distributed, Level 6, 11, 16, 21… are the ones you want to look for
  • You need 45 SP in the 1st Tree to grab your Ultimate
  • You need 65 SP in the 2nd Tree to grab anything in the 3rd Tree

Please note that for both simulators, for the 2nd job tree, in DNSEA we can only get 91/91SP unlike the skill simulators which allows up to 94/94SP.

So now you know the Characteristics of T4-Skill system, we can start creating our own PvE-Skillbuild. But first of all, what defines an PvE-Build? What defines an PvP-Build?

PvE-Builds focus to get the most DPS out of one Class.

In Order to achieve that you need to neglect your Utility and Survivability.

PvE has fixed Evasion patterns  if you cannot deal with that, you have to give up Damage for additional Utility/Survivability.

Icebeam and Ethanol is the Reason why Adept > Physician in Terms of Damage.

However the Healing Shower and Injector EX is the Reason why they are popular in Nest Parties, making them viable as Support Class.

PvP-Builds focus on maxed Survivability with the focus on Key-Skills, that you can reliable hit.

In Comparison to PvE, you have maxed Evasion and maxed Utility, included Alfredo, Eureka and Hypnosis in order to increase your Win possibility.

In Addition in PvP Compensation Off or Ladder Elemental Damage is not nerfed, meaning stacking Elemental attack will efficiently increase your Damage.

Physician has an slight Advantage in Utility, that’s why Physician > Adept in Terms of PvP.

Creating your Skillbuild

Starting with the Academic Tree we max out the Essentials, this includes:

  • Maxed Blink
  • Wake Up Attack
  • Maxed Aerial Evasion
  • Maxed HP
  • Max MP Lv.1
  • Max Mana regen
  • Max Wax

With 27 SP we still need 2 more Skills in order to achieve 45 SP Cap for your Ultimate.

I recommend to grab Quick Shot and Bubble Bubble. Quick Shots Damage is quite high due the quick CD, while Bubble Bubble grants Survivability to your Teammates(10k at Lv.6!).

  • Maxed Bubble Bubble
  • Quickshot Lv.21

With 50 SP in the Academic Tree we can proceed to the Alchemist Tree, where you want to grab all your Essential Skills.

  • All Skills till Icicle Expression
  • Additional Point in Icicle Expression(2SP into Ultimate!)
  • All Skills till Chemical Bubble Charging( for Physcians + Poison Pool)

Now we got 39/42 SP, but still need to hit the 65 SP-Cap to grab Skill in the Adept/Physician Tree. You going to focus on your most damaging Skills:

  • Max out your EX-Skill(Magma Punch/Injector)
  • Max out Magma Wave and Poison Break
  • Get Lvl. 6/11 2nd+3rd EX-Skill
  • Maxed Cocktail
  • Summon Slime Lv.1

With 102/93 SP spent you can now grab all Adept/Physician Skills

  • Max Ethanol/Love Virus
  • Maxed Ice Beam/Healing Shower
  • Magma Punch/Injector EX
  • All other EX Skills(No SP needed)

Physicians should have 11 SP left. You have plenty Choices left, I chose to get Poison Pool Lv.2 and Magma Punch Lv.11, but its up to your where you spent your SP.

Repeat the same Procedure for Cap50.In the End your Skillbuild should look like this:





Remember this is not the ultimate best ever Build that can be created, it is an Suggestion, you can/need to modify it to your Preferences.

For Example if you don’t like Magma Punch just grab another Skill!


Choice of Suffix and Potentials

For Adept/Physician I recommend to grab for Weapons:

  • Main Weapon: Intellect
  • Secondary Weapon: Intellect

The Reason why you want to go with Double Intellect is, because Intellect stacks, meaning you will have higher Elemental Resistance Reduction, resulting in higher Damage. Since most of the Skills are elemental its the best option to grab.

Do know that players who use non-double suffix on weapons like intellect/tent or intellect/magic power, basically 2 different weapon suffix where one of the suffix is similar to your own will actually over-write your double intellect suffix effect which actually stacks. So if you’re doing nest/raids with players you know, try to get them to get another suffix that is different from yours. 

For more information regarding suffix for weapons refer to this thread(Click on me!)

For Armor:

  • Lack of Crit: Wind
  • Otherwise Intellect

You may want to ask why not to take the Suffix HP – The Reason is the passive Stats gained by Crafting.

If you grab HP, you will simply have more HP, however if you grab Wind you gain Crit and for Intellect you gain Damage! That’s why I recommend to grab Wind if you haven’t met the Critical cap yet.

Choice of Gear

Currently your Choices to increase your Damage are following:

  • Matk
  • Crit
  • Final Damage
  • (Elemental Damage)

Depending on your Budget you want to focus on one or more Aspects. The Elemental Damage is additional achievable if you use Unique or Legendary Gear with the right Potential.

Know that if you’re going for Matk + Critical, unless you have Legendary Grade Weapons that allows more Critical and Elemental Potentials to co-exist, you will not be able to get Matk + Crit + FD in an effective way.

If you want to go for Elemental Damage, then try to go Elemental + FD (2 pairs of apoc accessories for 244FD , 5 immortal 2 victor for 510FD, Level 50 Ultimate Plate for 170FD for a total of 850FD)

Low Budget:

Try to reach your Critcap with AGI Necklace/Earrings and Fatal Rings – if you got enough Money you can choose to craft Skill rings, but getting the right Stat can be frustrating.

You can increase your Matk too by upgrading your Weapons or using specific Set items (eg. 5 Totem, 2 Immortal)

Mid Budget – High Budget:

You can go for a mix/full FD and Crit. Currently the best Choice to reach this is 244 FD with Apoc Accessories, for Armors/Weapons 2 Victor Set items and 5 Immortal Set items.

2 Victor Weapons can be frustrating to upgrade, for a cheaper Variation you may want to choose 4 Totem and 3 Immortal Set items.

The Rest of your Money goes for Crit/FD-Plates, this is the Step where this can become very expensive.

High Budget/Top Gear:

The currently best Way to max out your Damage is to grab 2 Sea Dragon L Grade Weapons for Matk+Crit+Elemental Damage-Build, since they(Matk+Ele) can coexist in L Grade.

To fill the Gap for the missing Crit&FD is the Reason why this is the most expensive Way to boost your Damage, but gives the best results due the high Raw Matk of L Grade.


Thanks for reading this Guide. I hope you carefully read through this and understood the Way I have chosen and not simply read the results without understanding anything. I hope you can appreciate this Work and now can walk you Way to become an great Adept or Physician.


That’s from Sakasen and I’ll share some of my own (AikawaKazu) inputs and insights based off this guide.

Firstly, a big thank you to Sakasen for the writing and sharing of this guide!

I’ll just add on regarding the potentials and item build choices.

The affordable Moonlord item build actually works if you’re going for Matk + Crit build.

For armor potentials go for AGI/INT/HP. This is similar for your ring and earring potentials.

For weapon potentials, it depends on your item build. Go Matk/agiORint/Crit if you’re crit build got INT/element8%/element8% if you’re going Elemental + FD build.

You can only got Matk/Crit + Elemental if you have access to Legendary Grade weapons unless you want to spend loads of gold on 3rd stat crit plates to hit the critical cap while having 32% elemental damage and more from potentials.

Don’t forget about titles that give elemental damage as well if you’re going this route. (There’s no brilliant rose ring by the way if you’re searching)
EDIT: there is actually brilliant rose ring but just extremely rare at the moment which is why I couldn’t find it on the trading house @_@

However if you’re going for skill rings here are the recommended options/base stats that you should go for.


The class recommendations are optional not mandatory


The one with 1300 base critical while having elemental attack increase is definitely very decent.

Getting 2 of these helps keep your base critical up while giving you 7.08% Elemental Attack increase  and in additional to your 32% that you’re getting from elemental 8% potentials, you can get up to 39% Elemental Attack increase!

If you’re going Elemental + Final Damage build with (850FD), you’re actually getting around over 70% dmg (elemental + FD bonus) increase overall despite no gold spent on 3rd stat Final Damage plates yet, and imagine if you had the gold to spend on those to further increase the damage boost for skills in that particular element

The one with MATK and Dark Attack is recommended for Physicians since there’s only dark attack there and having the additional 184MATK increase is definitely good to keep your base MATK up while getting elemental potentials on your weapons and rings.

A big thank you to Sakasen once again who will also bring you his Smasher PVE Guide coming up very soon.

I hope what is shared is useful as always ^_^

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  1. randomname says:

    noob guide what pure pve?Are you kidding me that guide is just a piece of shyt noob guide i recommend u rewrite/rebuild your skill build

    • AikawaKazu says:

      why don’t you provide a better one then :)
      He’s just helping and sharing his knowledge, even my own skill build guides have their own flaws.
      In the end guides are supposed to help you understand and make your own decisions and not dictate what you want to do yourself
      You’re the one playing the game in the end, don’t let people make the decisions for you.
      last but not least if your comment is not constructive or helping at all, you might want to point out what’s wrong with the guide instead of just bashing it

  2. B-Man says:

    yeah, i agree this is not pure pve

  3. Xero says:

    There’s no pot in Lgrade weapons that both have element atk and crit , only maatk/patk and elem atk can both exist in one pot

    • BunnyStark says:

      That’s right. There is only a possibility of Matk and Elemental% OR Matk and Elemental that suits in this case.

      It is absolutely impossible to have Matk, Elemental, and Crit in same Legend.

      • AikawaKazu says:

        yeap we have realized the mistake will edit the phrase, what sakasen mean was that since you can only get matk + Elemental, you will need to fill in the missing crit/fd with alot of 3rd stat plates making it the most expensive build to go for.

  4. Zero says:

    Xero is so wrong , the magic attack and elemental can be achieve in L grade equips . The TEGaming is just trying to help . Don’t go to this site if you have your own perceptions . cheers

    LongLive AikawaKazu \m/

  5. pydba says:

    Hey kazu. What if I change the apoc accessories to manticore to get higher dark atk. Do you think this is a good idea?

  6. Endlessd says:

    Seriously guys, stop reading, posting, or even linking anything written by Sakasen.


    He don’t know a damn thing about force user, and went to make a stupid misleading guide, now for alchemist? For the sake of god…

    I ain’t gonna introduce myself but I got something to tell you guys who’re interest in building his/her alchemist.

    Magma wall is one of the best DPS skill for alchemist as 1 wall = board damage

    Ice palm is also one great DPS skill as it skill coefficient is 7 as it does hit 7 times and work well with your ice bomb

    Poison charging looks good but it totally suck, I reset my skill because of this.

    Eureka is a great skill.


    Dear Kazu,

    I had enough with this guy, I totally respect you and I don’t want your site to have this kind of crap posted.

    I’m a curtain guild master from a certain server in DN SEA, I’m sure I can make good guides for both Smasher and Alchemist. If you want me to make it, just e-mail me but, under one condition, if you find my guide to be great, please delete all of Sakasen’s stupid guide for the sake of all DN players.

    • Endlessd says:

      “you might want to point out what’s wrong with the guide instead of just bashing it”

      To reply this;

      As all of his guide sucks, I rather write it myself rather than always be the one correcting him. He needs to seriously learn how to choose skill by learning the core basics, DPS, SA Break, Frequency of skill usage, Cast Time, DPS Increase per Lv, etc.

      To Sakasen,

      Go learn from other people guides, go buy a god damn unlimited 1 day reset scroll and try out the actual build. If you never experience Lv60 cap, don’t try to make the build from your own imagination.


      • Endlessd says:

        Since I’m currently free I’ll give you a free analysis on why his build sucks really really really bad

        “PvE-Builds focus to get the most DPS out of one Class.”

        Yep, most PVE build wanted to ditch out the most DPS (not your though)

        I’ll just look at the physician build now as many people do not exactly know how to build a great build for physician and there’s not a lot of guides for physicians around the internet.

        Lets look at the 1st class tree;

        Quick Shot – NO, GO DIE PLZ
        Reason – Long cast time, cant evade upon casted, physical attack based, low dmg growth per lv, low AOE

        My personal choice for the points here goes to

        Napalm bomb – At lv 16 you got 272% +13k, WOOT?! Yes it is around 13k and 14.5k at lv17
        Reason – IMBA DPS Skill even though it’s physical based, the +13k and 14.5k itself is already great, 9 sec cd, fast cast time, some AOE, would get all hits on big mobs like boss which is the thing you really care about, small mobs? = magma wave and gg

        Stun Grenade – Not that good for DPS wise but good for as an support skill, this is actually my personal choice and I found it to be quite nice when I was soloing gigantes nest.

        Alfredo – This guy will help you in PVE in most situation.
        Reason – 3 SP wasted for a robot that would go hit mobs freely without the need of you to actually control it. Can be use as a shield, real pain for enemy in PVP.

        Air bomb – Are you seriously not getting this? This skill can make you flew in air longer, it can save you life. It can be also use after AE to stop the mobs from hitting you. Basically, an extra aerial step with the potential to save you life with the cost of 1 SP.

        Bubble bubble – Pretty useless for a DPS skill, not that great as a shield, hardly used (as seen from my far long experience in this game), pretty useless to lock up mobs as it is not an AOE skill like cleric’s holy bolt.

        Woot! This actually takes loads of time to write! ;A;

        I’m pretty sure that this enough would be able to convince many of you readers here that Sakasen build is just a bad build.

        PS. I better go announce to my guild now to beware of Sakasen’s build as I’m sure many do come and visit this site. This is due to all of my respect to Kazu, not wanting his site to be looked down.

        • ADeptly says:

          yes that’s true, air bomb can be your second aerial evasion for aerial evasion cooldown is 18 secs :)

        • Shouten says:

          may I correct one thing??
          quick shot is not just physical attack based…
          quick shot will be physical attack based if you use cannon and will be magical attack based if you used bubble gun…please read the skill explanation more carefully…

      • PapaBogs says:

        it is your choice if you will follow some skillbuilds in the net…
        but for me in physician(lvl 60):

        magma wave
        poison break

        mixed infection
        poison charging
        magma wall
        icing mass

        its up to you for the reamaining sp…
        then lvl 2 poison pool.

  7. BeyondTHEGreat says:

    that a stup!d guide aikazu has been proven that that he was a puppet of DN cherrycredits giving a blog this site is a waste of time
    Its means dn cherry “adison kang ” giving U a lot of CC or MONey to keep in touch say DN SEA is GOOD!! WTF all game rs are wasting there lot Of money! such a waste!! DN ETERNITY FUCCK GAMING!!!!! >_<

  8. Sakasen says:

    Learn math, then come again. In Fact the DPS(Damage per Second) is higher from Quickshot than from Napalm in most cases. Don’t believe? Read again and stop crying srly. Not everyone has the same preferences as you, and as nathan already said go write your own one.


  9. ZitronEx says:

    I’m not a strong physician but what i recommend is don’t follow others skill build. It happens to me before as i follow others skill build and i keep losing dps and support. then i came up with my own build which is purely poison. i know that some of you might say that damage from poison debuff is low but when you stack all poison together you will see the result. For me i only go to 1 ss. Adding sp into icicle expression is a waste because you can only use 1 ss. Using the 4 sp from icicle to add other skill is better. Trust me never follow online skill build just create your own because only you yourself knows which build is best for you.

  10. GayThunder says:

    A lot of hate… @_@ games are meant to be fun, it’s not work related, no one is forcing anybody to do anything and it’s not like what you decide in game is going to decide the faith of the world… Everybody needs a time out here, chill.

    • Rika senpai says:

      Wow..this is the hottest topic,have never seen before…,u know wat zitron ex say…dont follow other skilll build make yuor own choice for wat skilll is batter for….honestly this guide is suck a bit(soorry saseken)…but maxed bubble2 is important,just to know timing to use this skilll,and follow up wit ice beam!!!!!! then magma wall to stop groud evade… and ice explodexian”!!: K.O

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  19. lalalalala~ says:

    i dont like the way endless put up his review on this guide but ill agree with most of his reviews.

    Getting air bomb is a must, bubble bubble sucks, napalm bomb is indeed good for DPS, quick shot sucks for its long casting time which will give other classes opportunity to attack you especially warrior classes. ice palm is also a good DPS skill, swear, and it also attracts tracking arrows which is good for PVP. alfredo is also a good skill to get. and MAGMA WALL IS AN AWESOME SKILL. Can inflict greater damage compared to magma wave when used in large mobs / bosses like Typhoon Kim.

    Everything stated is based IMO, and in my experience playing as an alchemist :)

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