Dragon Nest SEA – Suffix II Guide, FAQ & Information/Walkthrough [All 5 NEW Dungeon Runs Included]

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Welcome back to another guide by TEGaming :D!

Today we bring you the Suffix II Guide, FAQ, Information and all the walkthrough for the 5 new dungeons that will be released along with Suffix II.

In this guide we will provide these:

  • General Information on Suffix II
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Video Walkthrough for all 5 Dungeons where you need to run for the Suffix II Powders


General Information

So what’s all the hype with Suffix II? What can Suffix II do for your Dragon Nest Characters?

Suffix II is basically an enhanced version of your current suffixes for your Armors and Weapons.

2 Things are enhanced when upgrading from Suffix I (the one you probably have now):

  1. General Increase in Base Stat Bonuses (Close to 2 Times more)
  2. Suffix Effect Buff (bonus damage, Debuff effect/duration increased etc.)

You will need the Suffix I version of the particular equipment to be able to craft it into suffix II version, this is excluding the suffix II powders as well as item crafting materials like noble lady ring, dragon follower emerald etc.

For example, Ancient Sword (Wind I) is one of the materials needed for crafting into Ancient Sword (Wind II)

Here’s an example of a screenshot showing you the difference between an item previous in Suffix I status compared to when Suffix II is applied


Note the change between Suffix I to Suffix II for the various different crafts may differ from the above shown. Not all Suffix effects are the same as the Wind type, so bear that in mind.

Wow seems awesome right?

Indeed it is awesome with the release of Green Dragon Nest Normal.

With Suffix II we can finally reach even greater heights for our base stats and damage for our Dragon Nest Characters!

But it seems like THE picture too rosy at the moment… so how and where are we able to upgrade our current equipment from Suffix I to Suffix II? Surely not at Berlin right… I don’t trust that guy :(

Rest assured a new NPC has been created to handle this job of upgrading your Gears from the Current Suffix I to II!

NEW NPC In front Of Wonderful Theme Park in Saint Haven

NEW NPC In front Of Wonderful Theme Park in Saint Haven


2 Options when Talking to the NPC!

2 Options when Talking to the NPC!

As you can see above there are 2 options when speaking to this NPC.

I’m sure what you’re more interested in now is the Goddess Shop Tab!

What exactly is available in this shop?

Well here’s a short summary:

  • Level 50 Nest Crafting Materials (Both ABN/GN ; Magic and Rare Grade) – 1st  Tab
  • Level 50 Item Crafting Materials for Suffix I & II (Magic & Rare Grade Crafting Material, Epic Powders for Suffix I & Suffix II) – 2nd Tab
  • Level 50 Unique Grade Suffix I Powders (Suffix II not available yet for Level 50 Unique) – 2nd Tab 2nd Bag
  • Intermediate Epic/Unique/Legendary Codes ; High Grade Epic/Unique Codes – 3rd Tab
  • Unique Intermediate Suffix Removal Code (For SDN Unique EquipmentHigh Grade Suffix Removal Code) – 3rd Tab 2nd Bag
  • High Grade Suffix Removal Code (Rare, Epic & Unique) – 3rd Tab 2nd Bag
  • Level 50 General Epic Non-Set Equipment

Screenshots provided below as usual of the abovementioned

DN 2012-12-17 13-10-57 Mon

Lvl50 Nest Item Crafting Material

DN 2012-12-17 13-10-59 Mon

Lvl50 Suffix Item Crafting Materials

DN 2012-12-17 13-11-12 Mon

Unique Essence for Level 50 Unique Suffix

DN 2012-12-17 13-11-21 Mon

Series of Codes you can Exchange

DN 2012-12-17 13-11-49 Mon

Suffix Removal Code! Second chance for equipment~!

DN 2012-12-17 13-12-13 Mon

Don’t mind the Noobish Manticore Sword >_<


As you can see from the screenshots, the item needed to exchange for the items from the NPC is this thing called the Goddess’s Sympathy.

Note it is a different item from Goddess Teardrops

So how does one acquire this item? 

You can acquire this item via the completion of Daily Quests for a New NPC in Riverwort Whart

There’s a total of 5 Daily Quests you can do per day (thus the word daily), each completion of quests gives you 3 Goddess’s  Sympathy.

This means that you can get a total of 15 Goddess’s Sympathy Per day, and a total of 75 Goddess Sympathy per week.

An High Grade Epic Grade Suffix Removal Cube will cost you 45 Goddess Sympathy which means 3 dailies worth of effort which I believe is reasonable considering that it is free.

On retrospect, a Intermediate Revert Cube (Legendary) will cost you 150 Goddess Sympathy which is 10 days worth of Dailies. Considering that these cubes cost 4000-5000 gold now, and the ones traded from the NPC can be re-sealed and sold, I will say that it is definitely worth it.

Note: I don’t know if the rates will change because this is based off the Test Server which I had access to and it may be subject to changes, fingers crossed that it doesn’t.

Here are 2 screenshots of the 5 Daily Quests and a screenshot showing the rewards that you can earn.

Note: When speaking to this NPC, there’s 2 tabs – Quests & Daily Quest Tab, only Quests in the Daily Quests Tab gives Goddess’s Sympathy as a reward.

DN 2012-12-17 13-16-39 Mon

5 Daily Quests

DN 2012-12-18 13-56-05 Tue

Extra 15 FTG Back~!

As you can see, you will actually receive 15 FTG back upon completion of the dungeon.

In other words a total of 75 FTG can be regained after completing all 5 Dailies.

So here’s a little trick. From my testing of the dungeons so far, the drop rate of Suffix II Powders are pretty low, there’s a way to maximize your FTG which I’ll elaborate further later on.

But before I get to that, how many Suffix II powders do you need to be able craft equipments into Suffix II?

DN 2012-12-17 13-08-17 Mon

3 for Armors

DN 2012-12-17 13-09-17 Mon

3 for Weapons (Both Secondary and Main)

In general,  you will need a total of 3 Suffix II powders which can be a combination of different types of powders but in total, 3 powders will be needed.

The usual item crafting materials for Suffix crafting is also required but a smaller amount compared to suffix I crafts.

Here’s an example of what a Suffix II powder look like :D! -This one is for the potencia essence, the other powders have their usual representing colour.


So how can you acquire these Suffix II powders other than exchanging for it using Goddess’s Sympathy?

Suffix II powders drop in the 5 new Dungeons which are released along with the daily quests.

Usually they are dropped from the Mini-bosses (Purple named Mobs) and the last boss of the dungeon.

The drop rate is pretty low even with FTG so here’s the little trick that I will recommend all players to do.

I’m sure most experienced Dragon Nest Players will know that 700 FTG basically meant 3 SOLO Abyss Dungeons a day in which your drop rates are good.

Despite having 100FTG left for your 3rd run, your entire 3rd  Run still has increased drop rates from start to end.

However you know that the 5 daily quests gives 15 FTG each everytime when you hand in.

Regardless of whether you have 1FTG left or 299FTG left, as long as you have a single drop of FTG before you enter a dungeon, that particular dungeon will run with increased drop rates from beginning to end.

So basically what you do is you use up all your FTG first before doing handing in your daily quests. (Complete 3 of them first while doing so).

Complete the next 2 Daily Quests by running the 2 dungeons required to complete them (Don’t hand the quest in after completing)

Now with 5 Quests completed when you ran the 5 respective dungeons, you can now hand in them 1 by 1 followed by running a dungeon with that 15FTG that you acquired.

Rinse and repeat 5 times with the 5 Daily Quests which gives you 15 FTG Each time and …. you can actually have 5 EXTRA Runs with FTG Boosted Drop rates if you use this method.

This adds up to a total of 8 FTG Boosted Runs a day via this method which will definitely help if you’re farming items to sell for gold, particularly the Polished Alteums.

This brings us to the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Suffix II !


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Will my Hidden Potential and Enhancement Rate Remain after crafting into Suffix II?
  • Does the 5 NEW Dungeons Each drop a Specific Suffix II Essence Powder?
  • Does Suffix II exist for Rare Equipment? Is it Available for Level 40 equipment and below?
  • Does the Suffix Removal Code remove my Suffix II entirely or is a downgrade from Suffix II to I?
  • I didn’t see the Suffix II Essence Powders for the PVP Suffix like Knight/Restraint, where can I get them?
  • Is Unique Suffix II for either Level40/50 available yet?
  • What’s the difficulty level of the New 5 Dungeons? What’s the Recommended Number of Players?
  • What else do these dungeons drop?

Will my Hidden Potential and Enhancement Rate Remain after crafting into Suffix II?

All Hidden Potential and Enhancement Rate will remain when crafting into Suffix II from Suffix I.

However do note that in the case of converting from Sea Dragon Nest Unique to Green Dragon Nest Unique (available from Berlin) which you will require a scale acquired in Green Dragon Nest itself, all previous enhancement and hidden potentials will be erased.

Does the 5 NEW Dungeons Each drop a Specific Suffix II Essence Powder?

As Epic powders only drop in Abyss Mode dungeons, the suffix II essences powder drops are random.

There’s no particular dungeon that drops only a specific suffix II essence.

This is the same for all current abyss dungeons now that are available.

Does Suffix II exist for Rare Equipment, is it available or Level 40 equipment and below?

Unfortunately, Suffix II does not exist for Rare Equipment.

Running master mode of the 5 new dungeons will only drop rare suffix I powders and I do not know whether the dungeons do drop a specific rare essence powder as of now.

Suffix II is also only available for Level 50 Epic Equipment.

Does the Suffix Removal Code remove my Suffix II entirely or is a downgrade from Suffix II to I?

Suffix Removal Code removes your suffix entirely.

This meant that regardless if your equipment is at Suffix I or Suffix II status, it will be stripped of its Suffix to become a clean equipment.

Here’s a couple of screen shots to show you the before and end result.


Item Before Suffix Removal


Item During Suffix Removal

DN 2012-12-17 13-58-50 Mon

End result after Suffix Removal


I didn’t see the Suffix II Essence Powders for the PVP Suffix like Knight/Restraint, where can I get them?

You can get Level 50 Epic Suffix II Essences for PVP Suffix at the Colosseum Shop Keeper Michael

They can be exchanged using Goddess’s Medal instead of Goddess  Mercy since they don’t drop in the 5 New Dungeons (Makes Sense)

You can also use Ladder Points to exchange for a Level 50 Essence Pouch which can give you both suffix I and suffix II powders (not worthwhile but good to know)

DN 2012-12-17 13-44-20 Mon

PVP Suffix Essence

DN 2012-12-17 13-43-18 Mon

Note: I mouseover the wrong pouch (level40), but the Level 50 one is available


Is Unique Suffix II for either Level40/50 available yet?

As far as I know in the test server, it was not available.

It is also not mentioned in the game patch changelog provided by Dragon Nest SEA itself.

I guess this is to ensure that Green Dragon Nest is not too easy for us since there’s 10,000 SGD at stake here xD!

However the Level 50 Brave Unique PVP Ladder set is available to exchange using Ladder Points.

For those who PVP it is definitely great news since now they can actually acquire unique grade gears without having to join a raid.

However I do know that you need to hit a certain rating to buy a certain piece of the armour/weapon piece.

Each equipment have a different rating with armors having the player to have at least 1700 Rating I believe.

So a pure PVE player who don’t know how to PVP will most probably not be able to land themselves in a Level 50 Unique Brave PVP Ladder set so in that way it is fair I guess xD!

What’s the difficulty level of the New 5 Dungeons? What’s the Recommended Number of Players?

The 5 New Dungeons is actually extremely hard.

In my video guide which you will see below of all 5 dungeons put into one interactive video.

Here are the general stats of the Gladiator I used to Test these dungeons.

HP: 207,000

Attack Power: Over 10,000

Critical: Critical Cap

Final Damage: 0

You can see that I’m definitely above average in terms of gear.

For reference to gears that you can acquire in game now, this is  actually equivalent to a Gladiator with around 7000 PATK, Critical Cap and 950FD (50% dmg Increase).

Nevertheless it’s my first time in running these dungeons and I think I do well enough not to die even once but I do have 207,000 HP @_@

In other words, it is recommended that you go in a party of 4 (make sure you decide who gets which suffix II Essence beforehand) if you’re not geared.

If you’re geared like my current moonlord, I think you should be fine in pairs.

These dungeons were definitely developed with the idea that players will eventually farm the daily quests for Goddess’s Sympathy to exchange for the useful items from the NPC which is probably why they are tough.

To gauge using current Abyss mode Level 50 dungeons, I’ll say that they are at least 2 times harder to do using West Ancient Armory Abyss Mode Last boss as a gauge.

What else do these dungeons drop?

These New Dungeon Bosses also drop item crafting materials both rare and magic grade like noble lady ring, MK-47 Circuit etc.

Be sure to watch my interactive video guide to decide which dungeon is the best for grinding for Suffix II powders if you’re running it repeatedly with a party.

A big thank you to Cherry Credits for allowing me access to their test server at their Headquarters so that I can bring you guys this guide as soon as possible with the release of it in the latest content patch.

I hope what is shared is useful as always ^_^

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Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is based off the  dragon nest build in the test server. Information may differ and vary in the actual Dragon Nest SEA server upon the completion of patch and maintenance. TEGaming will not be responsible for any loss sustained by players due to this  guide and article.

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    • AikawaKazu says:

      Erm from my experience yes you will see a reduction of FTG As you change maps but that particular zone until the end of the dungeon will still enjoy FTG Boost drops rates.
      Usually you run 3 dungeons with FTG right? 700->400->100.
      When you run the 3rd dungeon with 100 FTG it usually drops to zero in between zones. But you will realize that the end boss still gives you decent drops when the FTG says 0.
      Which is why I personally believe that as long as you start a dungeon with at least 1 FTG, the ENTIRE run is FTG boost drop rates.

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    700FTG –> 400FTG –> 100FTG –> 15FTG –> 15FTG –> 15FTG –> 15FTG –> 15FTG

    • AikawaKazu says:

      u can don’t hand in the quests first, the key word is complete the quest by running the remaining 2 dungeons with 0 FTG. Completing the dungeon does not mean handling the quest. So wait until you finish all daily quest before handing in the quest 1by1 to use that 15 FTG

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