Dragon Nest SEA – Level 50 Saint Skill/Item Build Guide by Akuales (A-ku-ales) ~! [T4]

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Alright before I present this guide to you, this guide is split into 2 different parts:

  • Skill Build Guide
  • Equipment/Item Build Guide

Also be prepared for a wall of text as Akuales brings you an extremely in-depth guide based off his personal experience.

But seeing that players who actually choose to play Saint definitely have conviction and dedication, I’m sure you will find this both an enlightening and interesting read :)

I’ll present the skill build guide first as I believe most players will be interested in that first before the equipment/item build guide!


<Skill Guide>
S1.0: Introduction and Clarification
S2.0: Cleric Skill Tree
S2.1: Cleric Skill Explanation (My build)
S2.2: Possible Decision Making (Cleric)
S3.0: Priest Skill Tree
S3.1: Priest Skill Explanation (My build)
S3.2: Possible Decision Making (Priest)
S3.3: “Avenging Wave VS Detonate”
S3.4: “Grand Cross and Holy Burst”
S4.0: Saint Skill Tree
S4.1: Saint Skill Explanation (My build)
S5.0: Closing

<S1.0: Introduction and Clarification>
Before you start reading my guide I’m Akuales (A-ku-ales) a normal Saint wandering around in Westwood. I do understand there are many outstanding guides out there for Saint.

But for my guide, I’m more force on letting you make a decision then following ‘best build’ because guides are meant to guide you and not follow.

As for skill build, I believe it’s more on player’s play style thus it unable letting you to use fullest of your own ability if you follow they build 100%. I will come out with many skill build and of course, you will be choosing.

Feel free to ask me any question, even the simplest question if it is confusing you.

NOTE: Clarification!
This guide is based on my views and usage. All possible builds is based on its usefulness and conditions of usage. There are no perfect builds because there are different types of player as I had said before. So don’t follow 100% of what I say, make your own choice. I’m here to guide you, not ask you to follow.

<S2.0: Cleric Skill Tree>

General Cleric Skill Tree


And this is my current build:


<S2.1: Cleric Skill Explanation (My build)>

Let’s start from my build why is my build this way:

Sliding Step is self-explain why you should have this Max. Same goes to Aerial Evasion.

Counter Blow is for quick get up in case of things get out of hand.

Heal is a must Max (Currently at Level 8 for Level 50 Cap) Reason is I’m a Support and Players are looking forward at my Heals.

Physical Mastery, Max because of the Bonus HP

Mental Mastery Level 1 because to unlock Mind Conquer and Level it to 3 for high MP Regen.

Aura Restoration, Max level, it’s because firstly it’s a great skill for life saving and it’s free. Why not?

Toughness is not much of a use now. So leave it at level 0

I choose Block with Holy Bolt reason is to map control well and Block for highest survivability.

Thus, having Charge Bolt standing at Level 0.

Noob! No Charge Bolt! Suck guide!

What have I said on my 1.0: Clarification? Anyway, I’m not saying Charge Bolt is a useless skill.

I have to say it’s a great ‘mini’ Nuking skill which Cleric have. If 4 hits all land on huge monster (Like Manticore?)

Let us get to the next section and I will list my possible builds.

<S2.2: Possible Decision Making (Cleric)>

Alright there are a few possible ways to build up on Cleric. Here are some examples:

Note: Remember on the Cleric Skill Tree on the first Image? Charge Bolt, Holy Bolt and Block have a Black Box on their Skill level? I’m only using their points to shift around. The rest remains the same except the 3 skill that are blacked out.

Each list I will give them a Name I come out myself
- Offensive Support
16 Charge Bolt
0 Holy Bolt
0 Block

- Disable Support
0 Charge Bolt
11 Holy Bolt
3 Block

- Defensive Support
0/6 Charge Bolt*
0/6 Holy Bolt*
8 Block
*(For Charge Bolt and Holy Bolt, Only 1 of them can be Level 6)

What do you mean by disable support?

Well, it’s more of using Holy Bolt is stop all monster in their track before they start to overrun your Nest Team/Raid Team other than Bind Relic.

You also can disable monster around the Team Member that is in danger of getting killed but you have to be notice early and bind enemy down and rush towards him to support him or Heal him.

Is it possible to have Block if I go ‘Offensive Support’?

Yes it’s possible but 3 Blocks is all you got. How do I get the points?

Remember on the Equipment Section on Weapons and Shield’s Hidden Potential?

You do remember that I suggest that MP Regen is a good option? If you do, you know what I’m thinking. But if you don’t, not to worry I will show it to you.
– Offensive Support with Block
16 Charge Bolt
0 Holy Bolt
2 Block
0 Mental Mastery
0 Mind Conquer

You sacrifice off Metal Mastery and Mind Conquer since you have MP Regen Hidden Potential which is good enough.

But I don’t have MP Regen on my Wand or Shield, can I also go for this?

Yes, why not? But all you need to be careful is your amount of MP Draining nothing else to worry.

Conclusion: It’s all about Charge Bolt VS Holy Bolt VS Block. So pick wisely. Nothing much to worry.

<S3.0: Priest Skill Tree>

General Priest Skill Tree


My Current Build


<S3.1: Priest Skill Explanation (My build)>

As pre normal, let’s start from my build why is my build this way:

Lightning Relic Max for fully usage of Lighting Relic for its damage

Healing Relic Max for fully usage of Healing Power.

Cure Relic left as Level 1 for its cure abnormal stats usage.

Bind Relic is Max for its Map Control and Wall of Relic

Miracle Relic Max Level for Unlocking Saint’s Skills Tree and hello, it’s our best skill we can have as a Support!

Wand Mastery for its additional Magic Attack Bonus for Healing

Striking, Blessing of Light and Protection Shell must be Max for Attack and Defend buff. Blessing of Light is for my fellow Brothers and myself for some addition damage and incase of facing Light Attack Enemy.

Grand Cross Level 1 to unlock Holy Burst. This is one of my DPS too

Holy Burst level 4 for Map Control (Waiting for the SP cap to be increase so I can put my Holy Burst to Level 6)

Avenging Wave Level 1 for breaking enemy’s combo

First Aid Level 1 is for addition Heal. 11k heals anyone?

Lightning Bolt Level 1 to unlock Mind Breaker and also one of my DPS skills

Mind Breaker Level 1 to unlock Chain Lightning. My special Dodge Attack combo.

Chain Lightning Level 11 because of the High output for DPS. This is my main DPS.

Detonate I will put it as Zero as I don’t see much of a use to me.


*Facepalm* I wonder when will you learn. Reread <1.0: Introduction and Clarification>

Anyway, where am I? Oh, now that you look at Priest’s Skill Tree, you will see 3 different colours right?

Black, Light Blue/Blue and Red. I will make it simpler for you guys to understand.

Just a word of warning, there are a lot of possible builds in Priest Skill. It is more on depending on your style of playing. Remember that I uploaded my Manticore run (+8 Rares) and the newest one (+8 Epics)?

It took me 2 months to get the Skill Build I want and choose one of them. (Well, enough time for me to get +8 Epic Sets J)

<S3.2: Possible Decision Making (Priest)>

Alright, let’s start with the some question first before entering to the big one. (3.3 and 3.4)

May I ask a question? Why do you add First Aid?

Many fellow players do ask this question. I don’t find it surprise that you ask. I will say it is luxury to get it. If you have extra skill points then ya, you can go for it. But if you’re lack of skill points, First Aid is the first SP you should remove. But useless, it’s not.

What should be my Cure Relic Level be?

Cure Relic on the other hand is a good question, Level 1 or Max?

Make a point to see, you’re look at Cure Relic as a Cure for abnormal Stats or boost for Light Attack %?

If it’s Cure for abnormal Stats only, leave it as Level 1. But if it’s for boost for Light Attack%, then Max it (Level 3)

If I follow your build, how can I max Cure Relic?

Look at my build. Down 1 First Aid and 1 Lightning Relic, add both points to Cure Relic

What about Bind Relic and what’s the use for Bind Relic?

As for Bind Relic, you have two choices, Level 1 for Bind usage and Dragging Enemy or Max Level for Wall of Relic and Map Control.  Bind Relic works all the same just that is the time and Cool down’s differences only.

What’s the use? It’s more of the Map Control then offensive. Maybe in terms of Shock of Relic can be an offensive view.

So if I just want Bind Relic to be Level 1, where can I place the rest of the Skill Points?

Detonate or Cure Relic (1 Extra SP)

If you want both Detonate and Cure Relic to be Max, down 1 Lightning Relic and 1 First Aid. 2 Extra SP and with 3 from Bind Relic, now you can learn Detonate and Level Cure Relic by 2 times.

May I know why Chain Lightning is Level 11?

Chain Lightning is a very high damaging skill you can have as a Priest, dealing 10K-20K non-critical damage on Archbishop Golem with 6K-7K Magic Attack with 0%/9% Light Attack. Other than Holy Burst and Charge Bolt able to do those damage. Not to forget, 12 seconds cool down it is a super worth to invest skill I will say.

How do you use Avenging Wave?

Answer will be on the next section below.

<S3.3: “Avenging Wave VS Detonate”>

Avenging Wave for PvE?!

Yes I know it’s a shocking Skill Point I place. I found out this usefulness by chance because I’m doing Ladder at the same time. (To get Victor Weapon Set) – No longer true with the recent patch, you still need to farm colosseum medals to exchange them do.

Well, the use is just to break off combo like Archbishop Nest, those bit- I means problematic Dragon Follower Assassins keeps combo-ing you or West Armory and Gigantes Nest those ‘Hatsune Miku’ wannabe doing massive combo you. I believe most of you guys will be piss off very soon if you don’t get out soon.

Of course it’s best not to get combo in the first place but sometimes things get out of hand too.

Put it this way. If you get combo-ed by a bunch of monster and your teammate is dying on the other side, you can’t escape that’s one.

Secondly you teammate is in need for heal soon and bam, your teammate died.

So I won’t say it’s a waste of skill points.

What about Detonate? You say it doesn’t do much for you.

What really does well with Detonate is when the enemy is electrocuted, other than that, it’s useless. Because you want is the Super Armor Break (SAB) not the damage. I may be wrong because I have not personal use it before.

But in Green Dragon Nest Detonate is a MUST to break Karahan’s Chocking Slam isn’t it?

Yes I notice that point too. But what if I say Chocking Slam is on random and people expect you to Detonate. True, Detonate is the fastest Super Armor Break Skill but what if Karahan isn’t electrocuted? Other will have to take in place for Super Armor Break right? It’s a Dragon Raid, it’s impossible to have no other Class is able to do Super Armor Break. It’s also impossible to have game developer only let Priest Class to be the only one the Super Armor Break for Chocking Slam.

Don’t be so squared minded, Main Tank will always doing damage like *list a bunch of skills here that does electrocution*.

True, that’s an important hint need to be note is 3x HP onwards. What if Chocking Slam is on you?

*I will do a re-correction on this section again when I enter GDN and discuss with other fellow brothers of my. (Inquisitor and Saint Users)

But what if I want both Avenging Wave and Detonate?

Look at my build. Down Lightning Relic by 1, First Aid by 1 and Bind Relic by 1 (use Bind Relic Skill Accessory to cover the 1 SP lost). Add the 3 SP to Detonate.

Conclusion: So if you think Avenging Wave is useless, you can down Avenging Wave and put the 3 SP to Detonate. If you want both, answer is also given.

<S3.4: “Grand Cross and Holy Burst”>

Most will be answering ‘Of course Holy Burst wins. Grand Cross Hands down’. Well I do have to say both are strong in the same term.

I have wonder awhile, since I have Holy Bolt and Charge Bolt isn’t on my skill list. What can I replace? Grand Cross came to my mind.

So how are you going to use Grand Cross with such a slow casting time?

Have you forgotten I have Bind Relic and Holy Bolt? This means a drag from Bind Relic casting Holy Bolt and Grand Cross.

Long Combo…

Long but by Damage is long travel allowing me to cast additional Damage like Lightning Bolt or additional of Holy Burst. In some case to troll… I means knockdown enemy, Mind Breaker.

Not only that, it also serve as an opening to a bunch of monster together.

Compare Grand Cross to Holy Burst, I can cast two Grand Cross in one Holy Burst. So ya, it’s worth to consider this too.

However, there’re also disadvantages too. It takes 3 seconds to cast which means cancel rate is high and after you cast it doesn’t means you’re safe unlike Holy Burst, once you cast out. The first tick of damage till the end it’s a flinch for sure.

So what are your suggestions?

Just leave Grand Cross Level 1 or more if you have extra Skill Points. As for Holy Burst try get to Level 6 or Level 7

<S4.0: Saint Skill Tree>


And that above is also my build.

<S4.1: Saint Skill Explanation (My build)>

Well, finally we reach the end soon. Anyway, since there are only three skills and one is self-explain so I will just make it short.

Holy Shield – Holy Shield is a very useful skill in both PvE and PvP, I will go more on PvE in this case.

Let us make a point if you have 7K Magic Attack Average and an enemy hits you hard.

It’s a 40% healing on to whoever have the buffs and got hit.

Even if it hits hard, they still receive lesser damage due to healing on them. Best combo will be Holy Shield and everyone is getting damage in Miracle Relic (Called down)

But do be warn that Holy Shield Buff range is very small… really small.

Lightning Relic EX – Well this is a self-answered Skill. What it does is stable your Lightning Relic more and give them an Area of Effect about the range of the range you cast down Lightning Relic.

Like the old Lightning Relic just more additional Damage.

Shock of Relic – The amount of Relic on field and when Relic is nearby you (about Holy Burst range) will turn into deadly lightning conductors. Best use is to trap the boss in to 5 Relic and Shock of Relic Right away. Be warned that Shock of Relic is a non-Super Armor skill, this means you can be canceled easily, deadly but fragile.

<S5.0: Closing>

I know this is a long wall of text for you guys to look at. But it will be great to know each skill’s usage then just number. Remember understanding you class and use it’s advantage is the key to play for any Class not just Saint alone. Akuales, signing out.


Item/Equipment Build Guide


– E1.0 Introduction – Done in skill build guide
– E2.0 Suffix
– E3.0 Equipment Choice
– E4.0 Accessories decision
– E5.0 Hidden Potential
– E6.0 Closing

<E2.0 Suffix>

So which Suffix to pick for my Equipment?

Hat/Head – Intellect
Top – Intellect
Botton – Intellect
Gloves – Will/Tent
Boots – Intellect
Wand – Magic Powder/Intellect
Shield – Magic Power*/Intellect

Full Intellect Armor? Why? Don’t we need Vitality?

We want Full Intellect reason is to pull our Magic Attack up as much as possible for our Healing Relic to be at better healing rate.
We are supporter not Provoker like our Brother Crusader or Guardian.
> This means we can have little HP with us but the question is can you survive to support?
We have a high base Vitality as we grow from level after level but not INT growth.

Since you said that we need to survive to support, so how do I get my Health Points(HP) up?

There are a few ways some are cheap and some are expansive.
> Enchanting – Little but I will say it’s the backbone of boosting the HP up
> Set Bonus
> Plates
– Health
– Vitality
– 3rd Stats Health or Vitality are option but not recommended

> Potential
– 6.5% HP
– 3.25% VIT

Question! Why Gloves are given the option on Will or Tent?

Both seems to be have their Pro and Con to me. Lets take a look one by one.
> Will
– Have Higher INT Base Stats compare to Tent (36 INT)
– But greatly increase Super Armor Effect. WHich is good because lesser Skills get cancel!

> Tent
– Have lower INT Base stats compare to Will (18 INT)
– But 25% Magic Damage reduction upon on you since most boss attack are Magic Attack which a good deal for 3 seconds to survive the next attack.

By picking Will or Tent both have their aid to you. This means it’s your choice on which to pick.
But for me, I still perfer Tent because of survivability

Why Dual Magic Power for Wand and Shield as what some Player said, their suffix no longer stack isn’t it?

It’s true that both of them no longer stacks but what you are looking at is the stats like Armor which is Magic Attack, not the suffix

BUT! If you’re going DPS Saint, Dual Intellect or Intellect + Magic Power is good for the bonus damage because from the Suffix aid.

So again, it’s on your choice again on which you want to pick but here’s the layout:
– Support > Dual Magic Power - maximum increase in raw base matk for higher healing rate
– Semi DPS and Support > Dual Magic Power or Intellect/Magic Power
– DPS > Dual Intellect or Intellect/Magic Power

Remember that I highlighted a ‘*’ on Shield’s Magic Power? Reason is if you’re going for Intellect/Magic Power, give Shield the Magic Power Suffix.
– Reason is the gap between Magic Power and Intellect differents is very huge about 100+ Magic Attack while Wand is only a 60+ different.

<E3.0 Equipment Choice>

So I know which Suffix to make… so what Set should I get? Full Set Totem or Full Set Immortal?

Neither of the full set.
For Supporter, you’re going 5 Set Totem and 2 Set Immortal will be the best because of the Magic Attack Bonus from the set.
If you want to go for DPS Saint, I will say is 5 Set Immortal (Armors) and 2 Set Victor (Weapons) for pushing up your Final Attack. 5 Set Immortal is because of the Critical.
But if you’re poor, still working towards Victor or Support and wants to go for DPS I will say is 4 Set Totem 3 Set Immortal which is not recommended.

<E4.0 Accessories decision>

What about Accessories?

It will be best to get Skill Accessories because of the additional of few more Stats.


For skill Accessories ‘+1 Up Skill’ here are my suggestion


What about Accessories Set where Archbishop and Gigantes Nest (Hell Mode) Drops?

For that I will say it not need to get because of the amount of Magic Attack given is much worse then skill Accessories.
However, that is a point of view as a supporter. As for DPS is best for you to go Full set Accessories because of the Final Damage.

So which to pick?

I will recommend ‘Plague of Ancient Totem Set’ because of the highest Magic Attack and INT bonus at 3 set.
As for ‘Waves of Ancient Totem Set’, I will say it can be taken because of the AGI growth.
‘War of Ancient Totem Set’ is also alright but it will hurt alot on your Magic Attack Stats unless AGI (Critical) and Final Damage is able to cover the lost.

What about Immortal Accessories Set?

I will suggest not to get it because there is no ‘Light Attack’ on any of their set. So it’s a never to get.

<E5.0 Hidden Potential choice>

So which Hidden Potential should I get for my Equipment?

I will leave it for you to choose reason is because it’s more on your choice. Example if you’re lack of HP, HP 6.5% and VIT 3.25% is great for your Armor
Here are some I can suggest you should aim for:
– Each ‘>’ is in a set according to dnarmory.com

> INT 3.5%
VIT 3.25%
HP 6.5%

> INT 3.5%
AGI 4.5%
HP 6.5%

> INT 3.5%
AGI 4.5%
VIT 3.25%

Wand & Shield:

> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
INT 3.5%
AGI 4.5%

> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
INT 3.5%
AGI 4.5%
STR 4.5%

> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
Critical 17.0%
MP Regen 15.0%
INT 3.5%

> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
Physical Attack 5.75%-5.75%
MP Regen 15.0%
INT 1.75%
AGI 2.25%

> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
Physical Attack 5.75%-5.75%
Critical 17.0%
INT 3.5%

> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
Physical Attack 5.75%-5.75%
Critical 17.0%
INT 1.75%
AGI 2.25%

> Light 8%
AGI 4.5%
INT 3.5%


> INT 3.5%
VIT 3.25%
HP 6.5%

> INT 3.5%
VIT 3.25%
HP 6.5%
MP 6.5%

> INT 3.5%
AGI 4.5%
VIT 3.25
HP 6.5%


> INT 3.5%
VIT 3.25%
HP 6.5%

> INT 3.5%
VIT 3.25%
HP 6.5%
MP 6.5%

> INT 3.5%
AGI 4.5%
VIT 3.25
HP 6.5%


> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
Physical Attack 5.75%-5.75%
Critical 17%
INT 3.5%

> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
Physical Attack 5.75%-5.75%
MP Regen 15%
INT 3.5%

> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
Phycical Attack 5.75%-5.75%
Critical 17%
INT 1.75%
AGI 2.25%

> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
Critical 17%
MP Regen 15%
INT 3.5%

> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
INT 3.5%
AGI 4.5%

> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
INT 3.5%
AGI 4.5%
STR 4.5%

> Magic Attack 5.75%-5.75%
INT 3.5%
AGI 4.5%
VIT 3.25%

> Light Attack 8%
INT 3.5%
AGI 4.5%

<E6.0 Closing>

That’s all for now.
Any Errors or unanswer please contect me through my E-Mail, [email protected] or just ask Kazu to sent me a E-Mail(Don’t bother him already!)
I will do the answering and update again as time progress.

If you want to find me head to Westwood and via Mail to my IGN which will be stated below.

Akuales, proud to be a Soloist Supportive Saint.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this guide, very troll, he don’t even understand saint. yet dare to post a build to guide others. rubbish is what i can say

  2. zippy says:

    can this build solo dungeon well?

  3. Lex says:

    Wand Mastery does not add magic attack! Tried and tested in the very recent patch. Had to use Irine’s skill reset just because of that. It only adds some cool animation and of course some extra hits for your normal attack but other than that, it does not add a single matk.

  4. speezy says:

    I doubt anyone will believe about 11k healing power in first aid, cuz most ppl say its completely random and the rate is not very significant. You need to post a screenshot to prove its usefulness

  5. randonname says:

    Noob saint guide,detonate lv 0 wtf??So noob and the skill build i guess you nid to rebuild your current skill build.Your current skill build now all i can say is trash,useless,just a normal build.

  6. IrvineQue says:

    the question is how much your matk???and how much your Max HP???Cure relic lvl 1 for gDN?i think cure relic max lvl the best choice for gDN…

  7. Would like to point out:
    1) First aid is mostly useless. Unreliable, and the heal amount is insignificant.
    2) Detonate is a MUST have if you intend to PVE. It’s purpose is for SA break, as you have stated. The utility it gives in PVE is core to all priests. Also, considering how heavy your build goes into PVP skills, it’s strange to not add it.
    3) Avenging wave is not useful in PVE, especially since your build has Lv4 Aerial Evasion, which is more than enough unless you’re wasting it.
    4) Adding Holy Burst to Lv4 is extremely SP inefficient since the large boost is at Lv6. In general, regarding adding points into offensive skills, they should be in a multiple of 1/6/11, with only extra points if you really have too many to spare, which is unlikely.
    5) Block Lv8 is overkill. If you get hit 9 times in 20 seconds, you are clearly doing something wrong.
    6) Holy Bolt lv6 is super SP inefficient, and a matter of preference. Definitely not something you want to put in a general guide. The damage sucks anyway, not sure why you added it to 6.
    7) Not sure why you do a comparison of Grand Cross vs Holy Burst when charged bolt does more DPS/cd. If you intend to put Lv0 in a primary DPS skill, it doesn’t make sense to invest points in weaker ones. Maybe for AOE preferences?

    In general, your guide is an extremely niche one suited for your own personal playstyle. With high SP investment in skills like Holy Bolt, First Aid, Holy Burst(Lv4), and leaving out standard skills like Detonate and Charged Bolt, it’s just not for the average player.

    Definitely NOT a general guide for the average player. Probably should have used a more cookie-cutter SP build.

    • Akuales says:

      This reply is for you last sentence.

      NOTE: Clarification!
      This guide is based on my views and usage. All possible builds is based on its usefulness and conditions of usage. There are no perfect builds because there are different types of player as I had said before. So don’t follow 100% of what I say, make your own choice. I’m here to guide you, not ask you to follow.

      Please RE-READ the whole guide before commenting.

      • Yup! I never said anything about your guide being a perfect one-fits-all. I think I might have come off a little rude or condescending, so I’ll rephrase it a little.
        This build is a non-standard, well-tailored build. It fits the specific purpose of having high end defensive capabilities and crowd control, with decent AOE damage, through investing a few points into Holy Burst.

        This build boasts of having interesting PVP configurations, particularly Lv6 Holy Bolt as well as maxed Bind Relic, allowing for some unique combos, since the extra 0.5s bind on Holy Bolt will give you extra time to setup a pingpong relic knockback combo, which is useful for Burst of Relic combos in particular. In addition, it has Avenging Wave, making it extremely PVP oriented. It even has Lv8 Block, allowing him to buy time for cooldowns in GvG or non-softban PVP. It definitely is a powerful build for PVP.

        In terms of PVE, it possesses the standard skills that a Saint will *need*. Actually, all a Saint needs to be able to do is to heal and buff. In other words, everything else is preference. Stuff like not having SA break from Detonate can be compensated by simply bringing a Manticore Gravity Ball heraldry, for example. In this guide, Akuales focuses on mob control, with a well leveled Bind Relic. He opts for extra points in Holy Burst, while leaving out Detonate. This gives him better AOE clear in situations where it is not possible to electrify mobs. He also has Lv8 block, giving him the ability to soak up a lot of hits.

        However, there are a few weaknesses to his build. One is Lv0 Charged Bolt, causing him to lose a lot of single-target/small AOE PVE DPS. Another is the lack of SA break from detonation, which has to be made up for by either using skill heraldries, or relying on teammates. His build heavily relies on Chain Lightning, Lightning Relic, Holy Burst and Shock of Relic to deal damage. As Holy Burst and Shock of Relic both have relatively longer cooldowns, he may end up being gated by Chain Lightning’s cooldown in a longer fight.

        In PVP, not having Detonate is a big problem, especially since it’s a significant part of a Saint’s damage. Missing out on the Heavy Impact is a pretty big handicap too.

        That said, there is a lot of room for flexibility in his builds. While Akuales invests his spare SP into Bind Relic, Holy Burst, Block, Avenging Wave, First Aid, and Holy Bolt, these are all a matter of personal preference. It is easy to reallocate these points into Detonate, Cure Relic, Charged Bolt, or even Lightning Bolt.

        In particular for Detonate, I want to highlight when you should or should not add it. Do you hate relying on Electrocute to deal damage? Do you prefer your AOE skills to not rely on Lightning Relic’s extremely random electrocution chance/Chain Lightning’s cooldown? Do you already have a fixed nesting party with high SA break characters? Do you have high SA break special skills heraldries like Gravity Ball? If so, by all means forgo it. It won’t hurt your support that much, as long as you know for sure that the SA break will come from somewhere. And as a Saint, that’s all that matters.
        I hope that fixes my stance on your guide. Again, I’d like to apologise if I came off as rude or something. I just wanted to point out that your guide wasn’t really suitable for the majority of saints, since it took away quite a bit of their kit.

        Perhaps, as an additional section, you should analyse each individual skill of a Saint. Explain the uses of each skill in-depth, explain when you should or should not invest points into it. As of now, your guide is admittedly messy; it dedicates individual sections in explaining your choice of specific abilities. I think you should reorganise that section a little. Maybe something of this format:
        Bind Relic
        Effect: Periodically binds enemies surrounding it.
        Lv1: ____
        Lv4: ____

        Investing SP into this skill provides a shorter PVE cooldown, as well as increasing it’s duration.

        Tips: If you prefer easier Burst of Relic combos, I recommend maxing it, as its shorter cooldown and longer duration will allow better access to it than it’s Lv1 version. As Burst of Relic has a 30s CD, having it at Lv1 will indirectly gimp BoR’s damage. Maxing Bind Relic also provides powerful crowd control, especially in areas like Gigantes Nest Flower Room.

        Maxing this skill is also useful for PVP, as the increased duration allows for better group debuffing, as well as allowing more complex Relic combos.

        You can leave this skill at Lv1 if you feel that your damage is unlikely to come from your Burst of Relic, or if you do not need Bind Relic’s crowd control increase.

        Stuff like that for every skill would definitely help players to make better decisions in making their SP builds, by telling them how their SP investments can better cater to their preference, rather than simply showing them yours. If you really wanted to just show a build that people could refer to, then a cookie-cutter build would definitely be more efficient at that. But as you said, that isn’t the point of your guide. You want players to be able to customise their builds. So help them! Help them make informed decisions on how to do so.

        My two cents (and massive wall of text). Glad to see your effort in your guide really, especially since DNSEA doesn’t have the best of communities. Good luck!

        • Akuales says:

          I do thank you for your Wall of Text of feedback because if you’re detail on your feedback about my guide. I will improve it further and make it much more detail. On the coming V2.0 which I have to answer, edit and correct errors. (Spelling, Grammatical errors and faults information)

          But if you notice, there are two same Skill Tree – One is my build and the other is Possible build which have blacken out on Skill Point Allocation. There’s a reason why I make both Trees up and split my build and possible builds into different section.

          A long re-correcting my guide is going to take sometime as I myself have things to do. But since you give such a detail feedback on how to improve it further. I will work best of my time to update it as I’m also busy with many things.

          One last thing. I am very sure that a person point of view can NEVER make a perfect guide. This is why I ask for feedback from other Saints out there and even possible of Inquisitors.

          Once again, I thank you for your feedback.

          Akuales – A Soloist Supportive Build Saint in Westwood.

  8. uggh says:

    uggh! i dont like this build and i will definitely not going to recommend it to others.

    first, lvl 8 block? you just wasted SP for that. if you got hit 9 times over 20 seconds, there must be something wrong with you.

    you didnt get the nuke skill charge bolt and wasted SP leveling holy bolt high? wtf! -_-”

    first aid, i dont believe you can heal 11k with that unless you got way above the sky mattk and as others says, the heal from it is random.

    lv12 lightning relic? damage between lv6 lv12 lightning relic is not that big. waste of SP again. you should have put it on other skills.

    its highly agreeable that you leveled high the chain lightning since it deals good damage over short cooldown, but you didnt get detonate? really? you given up on SA break of that skill. -_-”

    holy burst lvl 4 :D are you kidding me? even if you are waiting for that sp limit cap increase, its not understandable that you didnt aim for lvl 6 for that. if you cant reach lvl 6. stay in lvl 1 and put it on other skill.

    okay, ive got enough of bashing this guy’s skill build PERSONAL PREFERENCES.

  9. JZSOMEBODY says:

    I like your build…my build is close to your defensive support…like Akuales said..its his build and not asking us to follow it as “the ultimate guide”

    Would like to create a point of taught for debate…

    westwoodsaint…you have some points but…
    1) In my experience in playing saint, first aid can save us saint from dying as it either reduce damage taken (damage minus heal rate) or if lesser mobs hit us restore a lil more hp. Level 1 as suggested is good… as its not a skill to be relied on but as a random life saver.
    2) Avenging wave is a good skill at level 1 for the purpose of pushing off enemy. I agree with what Akuales said. If you have been comboed for example back in lv 40 cap by troll at the colour island in SDN…that avenging wave can save you if your hp is low by pushing the troll back as they hug you. It can also save players who are being comboed in pvp.
    3) In my experience, block lv 8 is very good for defensive. Aside from our skill being interrupted (negative aspect of using block), we can block many attacks. I once had an experience in ladder where my lv 8 block totally block off the entire cyclone axe from my barbarian opponent…not convinced? Try pvp with a barbarian and use block then ask him yo ulti as u slowly move out of his cyclone axe. Good as pve and pvp for lv 8 as defensive build saint. (not to mention as a life saver in KoF).

    I like Akuales’s description about holy shield…I remember how many times my party member thank me for that life saver skill that I cast during critical times when my heal and heal relic is under cool down.

    I have toughness as most enemies tend to deal physical damage…just some damage reduction for me..

    Reply to Zippy…yes this build can solo dungeon if you toy mobs with relics…tho not all bosses will chase relic -> For example Apocalypse and Archbishop+golem.

    • zippy says:

      i want to find a pve build, will try this build later.

      • Akuales says:

        Greetings zippy,
        Yes my build is able to Solo Dungeon(Include the 5 new Dungeon) but you have to make use fully of your Relic (Lightning Relic for Damage and Bind Relic for Map Control etc.)
        Chain Lightning will be your main DPS output. Use it carefully.

        I also used this build to Solo ABN Normal under 40mins (34:08) with +8 Epic Set – 5 Totem 2 Immortal with Suffix 1 including accessories done up

        So to compress is up, Relic is ‘part of you’ If you want to solo boss that is moving around. You have to learn to use Relic to Lock Bosses down.

        Good luck and have fun.

  10. randomname says:

    This build is just waste of sp build dont follow it if you guy follow it you will regret and have to buy skill reset to reset it.You guy sure know the skill reset cost as well i recommend all of you guy dont follow it its just a waste of SP build.

    • Akuales says:

      NOTE: Clarification!
      This guide is based on my views and usage. All possible builds is based on its usefulness and conditions of usage. There are no perfect builds because there are different types of player as I had said before. So don’t follow 100% of what I say, make your own choice. I’m here to guide you, not ask you to follow.

      Please re-read

  11. XenoKun says:

    This guide btter for full support saint ??? bcoz i wan build full support priest.. =)

    • XenoKun says:

      * wan build F.support Saint * …sorry..my bad.. >.<

      • Akuales says:

        In terms of fully support I will not say it’s fully because you may need Detonate which players are expecting you to have for GDN.

        For my build, I’m still able to support that is what I can say but I also can solo dungeon and Nest alone without much problem.

        If you’re still confuse what I’m saying. Try to think what other player want from you? Buff, Heals and Cure are 100% needed, what are the others they need from you?

  12. Scarleted says:

    I am from Spring Wood and this is a pure support build.
    and yes wand mastery doesn’t help and first aid is not advisable.

    i am currently using a pvp build.

  13. Semangka says:

    I have been playing priest for 1 year. My current job is saint.

    1. Detonate is a must, both pvp and pve. With chain lighning, its damage could reach 80k-100k when maxed (pve)
    – Most bosses can be detonated except Archbishop’s head
    – DPS skill on pvp if you cast combo skill (Chain Lightning + Detonate)
    – DPS skill on pve, (cast 2 lightning relic + Chail lightning + Detonate)
    – Detonate is chain lightning best friend

    2. Leave Block on level 5 or less.
    – Blocking too long can interrupt dps skills and ulti, we sometimes not notice when Block dissapears.
    – Keeping Block on low level make us clever to knowing time when encounter skills on pvp

    3. Keep Holy Burst on level 1 or Maxed if:
    – you are intended to be a dps saint (solo player)
    – you are intended to pvp a lot

    4. First aid is good, must at level 1, because :
    – when doing abyss dungeon solo, you can do all run with no healing (time efficient)
    – its healing rate is random at 8k to 12k (with MATK about 7.4K)
    – makes you more durable in nest, so you dont have to heal yourself.

    5. Lightning Relic must at maxed level, why?
    – more damage from relic, more damage to detonate. And its Shock of Relic’s best friend too
    – can solo Sea Dragon, relic can be dps when others died.
    – relic damage per drop can reach about 18k-25k (With Matk about 7.4K), so it can halved mobs life per drop.
    – lighning relic EX is saint’s godly skills, it can be used to block, drop, giving damage, bullying, trapping peoples in pvp.

    6. keep your Avenging Wave level 1, because
    – level 1 can do damage about 15k to 20k to pve
    – not much use, because u not always paralyzed by mob of monster.

    and many i can’t explain here, because it will take a long page to discuss saint, Light atk things, and many other priest build.

    • Akuales says:

      Thanks for your feedback. I will do another round of update coming this week or two to make it more understanding for Detonate.
      But not to forget, skill point is up to them where they want to place. So what I will do is put down the Advantage and usage of Detonate at it’s very best.

      Once again, thank you for your feedback and understanding the usage of skills. :)

    • bonk says:

      But once you past 5k mgc attack you have no problem running abyss dungeon solo.

  14. Anon says:

    Avenging wave is a must have for priests no questions asked. Why?

    I FRAME.

    if you get caught in a multiple hit attack by some boss, for example Sea dragon serpentra’s ice breath, and you are sure you gonna die, this skill can save your ass.

  15. Myster Len says:

    lol ,why didnt u take detonate , its the best armor breaking skill for a priest , DUH ~

  16. jun1999 says:

    lol? srsly.. you cant judge akuales’s build by saying noob etc… i mean he had his own reasons for not learning detonate… he had a point, what if the target its not electrocuted? i’ve seen an inquisitor whose heal is lv 5 and no healing relic at all…. just saying and not trying to start a world war 3 (FYI, its called flame war)

  17. someguy says:

    ehhh..??? seriously? i thought stack light attack better?

    • Akuales says:

      Light Suffix is good but you have to know that Light Suffix only hit once only and you have to wait 30 sec to cast it another time by chance while INT suffix is a 10 Sec debuff on the enemy’s element resistance.

      So light suffix isn’t a great idea for Saint because you’re doing constant damage over time.

  18. I don’t know why Kazu doesn’t put a more mainstream guide for Saint. This guide definitely need some more experience on timing and placing relics, definitely not suitable for new Saint wanna be which will make the population a lot less than it could have been.

    I get that this is a matter of personal preference but at least you post some basic build such as max Charge Bolt and lv 1 Detonate and then you post your own personal build. Saint is meant for support and to be able to solo dungeons is only a bonus because you have high MATK and 33% light attack. There I said it.

    • Akuales says:

      There’s a reason why it’s call a Guide and not a Skill Build. It’s means to understand your class well and let you decide what to build out and not follow.

      I’m using my build is not to show off by build but allow them to know how I can replace point from my build to another build to the one they want.

      To your last sentence. Let me ask you, +8 Epic (5 Totem+2 Immortal), Suffix 2, 0 Light Attack % with Support Equipment build. Which total count up to 5k~7k MAtk. Is that a bonus? I believe anyone can achieve that very easily if they want to. Not to forget, all my Equipment is from hunting and saving up. None is bought from Trading House.

      If you think I’m lying, you can head to Westwood and look for me.

      p/s: I have used a worse build (only offensive skill – Lightning Relic, Charge Bolt and Holy Burst) then this to clear West Armory Abyss with rare +8 in 15mins and I understand bad it is because none of the Skill build out there suits me. I was once also looking for ‘best’ Saint Skill Build and that remains as a fact on me.

      I hope this post clears up why is my Skill Build is place there and also clears up thinking I have top tier equipment.

      Cheers, Akuales signing out.

  19. Just think that this build more to support rather than unlike us Inquisitors,if anyone said maxed Cure Relic,i think the want the boost of Light Attack,oh god *facepalm*
    He’s(Akuales) a Saint le,if you wanna maxed Cure Relic,just go for Light – Crit Build Saint for DPS purpose,or if you still wanna get Light Attack users in your party,take Inquisitors with maxed Cure Relic(with skill earring) and Crusader with maxed Conviction Aura(With skill ring)and there you goo,100% Light Attack user(both Crusader and Inquisitor).

    Btw my fellow brother Priest Akuales,don’t mind them,afterallthey still running around asking for a help of Priest for SDN/GDN,keep up the good work!

  20. anonymous says:

    Sir… I prefer to leave your lightning relic at lvl 6… then make ur lightning bolt to lvl 11.. (FOR WHAT?!)
    I mean… well. Here’s the situation…
    You cast your lightning relic… then the boss or the one you are attacking moves away?… useless right?
    but when you use lightning bolt… You will get max hit if you cast it correctly right?…
    playing saint is all about tactics, strategies and mostly common sense…. well. I’m not criticizing your build…. i just want others to understand why other saint builds have only lvl “6” lightning relic instead of lvl 12…
    thank you… :)
    i hope that i helped with this clarification

    • Akuales says:

      I won’t say it’s wrong to build with Lightning Relic Level 6. Maybe you want to have like more Damaging skills then Relying on Relic to do Damage.

      Reason why I’m going for max Lighting Relic is due to fully usage of Lightning Relic EX. Damage wise maybe low but I can be sure I can take down boss easily without getting myself in a risk of getting over aggro. I’m more of a playing a safe side then going head to head with the enemy.

      You do bring out a good point about Lightning Relic level 6. I will put into this for the next update and of course there will always be Pros and Cons about the play style.

  21. equasian says:

    this build is a crap, dont follow him

  22. WJB says:

    I really don’t agree with this build. Maxing chain lightning without detonate will be a big liability for you. Then, I prefer maxing lightning bolt than lightning relic. Why? It’s because of Lightning Bolt can do more damage than the relic and that is a fact. We only need the relic for: one is to aggro enemies sometimes and two, for our Shock Relic to work and thirdly, it serves as a lightning rod. Also, Holy Burst should be max. This is one of our superb damaging skills. Also getting first aid would be a waste as its pretty useless when we have Holy Shield. Well, all I can say is your build really needs rework. You can refer at my Saint skill build for Dragon Nest SEA if you like.

  23. Skill build is actually depending on an individuals playstyle. Referring to a guide may actually provide an in-depth explanation or recommendation from other thoughts provided by various people. For example, given any char in DN, I’d like to learn the EX skill of the respective char with its required skill maxed because that skill is the char identity itself. Again, its depends on your playstyle. Mr.K the well-known barbarian/destroyer (forgot which one) didn’t take the EX skill. Some guardians don’t use kicks as their main DPS instead they hammer all the way. The point is, a guide is just an overview/introduction and a place to exchange thoughts.. There’s no “your skill build sucks and mine is better” thingy… It should be “the way i played i use this because of that”. Anyways, enjoy the upcoming 450 patch…

  24. aNOYMOUS says:

    Hi to all, is this a good guide? just got my saint maxed. Atleast a guide that is good for nesting.

    • williejoe says:

      @anonynmous. Nope it’s not a good guide. In fact, it’s the worst guide I have every followed. I have bought a reset scroll because of this crappy saint guide. Try the guide of WJB. That guide is pretty awesome and I am currently using it. Enjoyed a battle saint a lot!

      • Akuales says:

        Good evening sir. Please do read this:

        This guide is based on my views and usage. All possible builds is based on its usefulness and conditions of usage. There are no perfect builds because there are different types of player as I had said before. So don’t follow 100% of what I say, make your own choice. I’m here to guide you, not ask you to follow.

        Did you even bother to read S1.0?

  25. 12345 says:

    I like this build, it is somewhat similar to my build except for the lvl 4 holy burst(I max it to lvl 7 for higher damage). Just like akuales, im not an avid fan of charged bolt. In my point of view, priest should a distance to the enemy to see its surrounding for better supporting just and not dive into the battlefield since charged bolt is a close range skill. and 1 thing that i dont like the most in CB is its X area effect., this skill will only be good if you make those for in one use of effect, if not, its useless and waste a lot of sp.instead of putting lot of sp in CB., its better to put it in detonate or LB. lvl8 block is good too. Saint is not an attack type (why do other say, if you block 9 times you are doing something wrong), saint are support player and tank player second to guardian, do you saint player dive right into the battlefield?. This high lvl block is useful in flower room of GN to lure the stage boss without getting damaged.this is best if followed by holy shield/miracle relic.

  26. thAT saint says:

    pretty much if your a saint your job is to heal and buff theres no point in trying to dps even though mine can dps quite well with my current +10 equips and i can solo arch and titan but the pooint is magic mastery doesnt do SHIT!!! its a waste of sp all you have to do is max lighting and your attack relic and thats pretty much it preferential on holy burst if you want to deal damage(decent) rather than playing as a doctor and healing everyone. Though wand mastery is better added for the healing bonus….though its pointless for that matter because at the most it only adds around 1200 hp very useless in trying to heal players with 90k+ hp

  27. MSef says:

    HATSUNE MIKU wanable im one of her big fans too ^_^
    now my Questoin:I kinda confuse now, if i wether i should get the skill DETONATE or not? i mean let the other party members break the armor of the GDN boss am i right? Your not suppose to do all the job right? out of 8 man party no armor break will happen? if you guys know all abt DETONATE please help me to clarify and to save money for skill reset ^_^ TNX

    • Akuales says:

      This is really a very tricky question. It’s more of your party member side.
      Adding Detonate isn’t a bad move since I myself watch CDN’s and KDN’s GDN runs and most of the videos always ask the Priest to cast Detonate.

      Why do you say Priest not Saint? Because both of it Saint and Inquisitor are doing Detonate in the videos.

      Reason why Detonate is chosen to break Chocking Slam is because it’s casting time is instant then waiting for all the beautiful animation to finish and Super Armor Break to happen.

      So adding 1 point to Detonate isn’t like ‘Oh no, I did a wrong move’ but your usage will mostly be Super Armor Break then Damaging enemy or monsters.

      But on my GDN practice run, my team is able to break Chocking Slam without Detonate because of the free DPS at the time.

      Thus, if you’re really afraid of getting scolded for not having Detonate, you can add 1 to it. But if you have a bunch of good friends understand that you don’t have Detonate then you can leave it. But to remember that to Electrocute the target first before Detonate. If not, nothing will happen.

      Hope I clear your confusion.

      p/s: As a Saint, Detonate can also be your Damaging Skills which means level it up to 6. As for this, it’s optional to look at so don’t worry to much about this.

      • Dylan says:

        Hey do you think Saint need Duo Ultimate?

        • Akuales says:

          Nope, it’s not recommended to get dual ultimate for Saint
          Though HJ looks cool and powerful(In Theory form yes but I’m not sure about Practical form) but when you cast it, you can’t be doing any support (Disable you from moving)which possible putting your Party Member in danger.

          And 3 SP can be place into better usage too.

      • MSef says:

        Too bad i dont have a fix party yet :P
        so i get the Detonate skill leaving it to lvl6
        ty for clarifying the PT advantage and disadvantage ^^

        • Akuales says:

          Well, it’s either
          Level 0 – Leave it, more Skill Points pouring to Support Skills
          Level 1 – Super Armor Break
          Level 6 – Mostly for Damage Super Armor Break is also in here too.

  28. Fonzz says:

    how to build priest paralyze type…
    because its beautiful to look many mobs paralyze…
    can u help me??
    whats your opinion??
    is some nest boss can be paralyze??? if can?? how much paralyze that i must get??

    • diha says:

      To add paralyze, you can buy heraldy with paralyze as its 3rd option. It can “bind” mobs, but can’t “bind” boss. Paralyze itself is more applicable when you do ladder or “OFF” battle in colosseum a lot. So yeah, it’s for pvp. Note : str raises paralyze, but saint class with high str is kinda….”manly”, lol. No, it’s not recommended.

  29. airam says:

    im a pries in a holloywood server :

    ye it true higher int high heal::””

  30. anonymous says:

    nice guide. i’ll try to base this with my personal gaming style.

  31. anonymous says:

    nice guide. i’ll try to base this with my personal gaming style. :)

  32. jumer carbo says:

    for me it good ive tried it and we saint are amin porpuse is to supp others not to kill

  33. JimJim says:

    Ok, I absolutely agree with some of the SP spending on this guide. I am from China and in Chinese server they have unlocked lv 60 and most* of the skills (haven’t tested some of these but all the significant skills can reach max level p.s. i don’t know if this means it is the end of this game.)can be built to max level. I just want to suggest that Lv.9 of Block is really not necessary and maybe frustrating because it will cancel some skills with SA when you r being attacked. It will be really frustrating. I will recommend build it to lv 1-2 and do not use any skills with significantly long cd or skills with SA effect. First aid only applies when you have a sky high matk but it might save your life. As a supporter in team, I will give some SP to it. Avenging wave isn’t that necessary when u have both aerial evasion and sliding step at max level. We can probably move some of the SP to detonate cuz in some nests it helps a lot. I rarely use Grand Cross cuz I just can’t wait that 3 sec. But as a prerequisite to Holy burst, it is necessary to give it SP. You sure can level holy burst to level 6 once you reach 60. There is a huge boost on it. (280%+1146-333%+2290). So, according to my suggestion, many SP are saved cuz I eliminated many of the skills you chose. We can put spare SP on charged bolt. Though there won’t be many chances for a supporter getting to close to BOSS, it is quite a good skill to electrocute enemies around you and escape from their combos.

    And, Thanks for your very detailed guide and it did help me with my skill build.

  34. Mystearion says:

    Overall its understanable why his skill build a little bit different. The reason is very clear. And almost all the theories here are true. But i never have first aid so i dont feel the effect of it yet.. Maybe i should try that too .for charge bolt its hard for saint go get near especially in pvp.for pve we usually use longer range skill rather than charged bolt that require super near but again its up to you :) thumbs up for this akuales (y) very detail guide! Nice to know u btw ^^

    Mystearion-Semi DPS Supportive Saint in Greenwood

  35. Meme says:

    can holyburst and grand cross super armor the confusion skill from green dragon? (so we can stand near the relic and not be blown away)

  36. Xhylan says:

    This skill build is OK for me, yet I have some preferences on mine. I leveled my Detonate to 7 primarily because of its Super Armor break and cancel, and second for damage. Even my Holy Burst is at 7 for additional damage. My Block is leveled to 6.

    Sincerely, Avenging Wave is needed in PvE too, according to my recent analysis.(Yet, I haven’t added any SP here so I didn’t experience using it.)

    1. It can break the attacks of the crowd of monsters around you.
    2. It gives you quite ample time to position yourself to attack efficiently or support your teammates.
    3. And the last, you can use it to “surprise” them and connect it to other skills.

    For the potentials of the items, BTW, it’s unique and truly recommended because of the magic power increment and HP increment (though a bit little). Thumps up for this items.

    Xhylan, a normal PvP/PvE Saint of Springwood.

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    I really like what you have acquired here, really
    like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it sensible. I cant wait to read much more from you. This is actually a great web site.

  38. It’s not my first time to go to see this web site, i am visiting this website dailly
    and take nice information from here daily.

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