Dragon Nest SEA – Level 50 Priest/Inquisitor Guide by Lawyered [T4]

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Hello everybody once again, this is AikawaKazu Lawyered bringing you my own version of a Priest guide part two!


Well, it’s been a while since my last written guide was published and a lot of major changes have happened since then.

First off, level 50 cap was released!

And with this update, as you all know this allows Priests to choose between the Saint or Inquisitor path!

Secondly, the increase of level cap necessarily implies that there is also an increase in both our variety of choices of skills as well as their individual caps.

Lastly, the system that we used to have, which my previous guide was based upon, underwent a major revamp. You can read more about it here:


While there has been a revamp of the current skill tree system, I’m happy to say that a lot of the “need to knows” on my earlier guide are not all rendered obsolete and are still equally applicable even with the T4 update!

Yey! If there had been any changes as a result of the T4 update which is of importance, rest assure that I will try my best to include it below.

However, I would no longer be discussing offensive skills since they are pretty much self explanatory except for those that are included in the third tier skill trees.

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy reading the wall of text below and I hope you learned something!

Table of Contents:

I.     T4 Basic supporting skills
II.    The Inquisitor class
III.  Armor Set Combinations
IV.   Suffix guide
V.     Common Skill Builds
VI.   Miscellaneous


I. T4 Basic supporting skills

This segment will be focused on the recent changes to our supporting skills.

Take note, these skills are available to both Inquisitors and Saints since they are part of our basic and second tier skill trees.

I always like to play support, so I think on this note, discussing them would definitely be in my repertoire.




Notable Changes:
For all clerics out there, we should give the developers a big hug and kiss.
The recent revamp has boosted our healing capabilities by a lot.
As you can see from the details above, it can heal back 13.5% of a character’s HP.
The increase is definitely heaven sent! On top of that, the +14,420 or +17,388 raw HP recovery is awesome!
That is why I would just like to comment that Heals for T4 especially in PVE is IMBA!
For sure, seeing our heals heal back at least ¼ of a party members’ HP brings smiles to our faces; And without a doubt, it takes away loads of pressure off especially when you see someone’s HP drop down real fast knowing we can heal it back just as quick.

However, unknown to a lot of people, one of the changes that Heal experienced was a decrease in the reach based on the description of the skill itself.
Previously, it was pegged at 4M. As you can see from the current description of the skill, it was reduced to 2M.
Thus, I made it a point to check out the new range to see really if it was reduced:



I tried to replicate the picture I’ve taken back in T3 as much as possible.
And I have found the new T4 range to be 1-2 steps smaller than what was depicted as T3 Heal range.
But judging from the miniscule difference, it would not be possibly a difference of 2M.
There definitely might be some angle issues to it which I can’t seem to put my hand on lol.



Notable Changes:
Same as our basic Heal, Healing relic also got a big boost.
Not only do we get 84-91% of our magic attack as the base, but seriously +7,800 or +8,694 if you have the skill ring is the real power of our Healing Relic now.

Back in T3, the strength of our healing relics was primarily reliant on the base value of our raw magic attack power.
However with T4, it would appear that the bonus itself makes having a low magic power base more negligible.
This makes Support Inquisitors one step closer to be at par with a Saint’s Healing relic power.
Of course, Saint’s still would almost always win an Inquisitor in a Healing relic contest due to their focus on pumping magic attack as well as having allocated points to wand mastery.

But hey, as an inquisitor, I’m not complaining. I guess we should just be happy to have the luxury of an amplified Healing relic.

So as usual, I took a look back at the Healing relics range for T4 and this is what I found out:







Notable Changes:
From the onset it would seem that our attack buff has been nerfed as well.
(T_T) Back in T3, we had +18% Physical and Magical Damage.
Now, at level 3, it is only at +15% Physical and Magical Damage.
If you want to be a par with what we had back in 40 cap, you have to wear a skill ring to increase it to +18% Physical and Magical Damage.

However, the decrease might be a result of the across the board increase in all of our offensive skills.
So in the end, if you come to think of it, I guess the decrease was meant more of a balance issue rather than a nerf issue.



Notable Changes:
For our Blessing of light skill, it was not really affected by the new skill revamp.
Aside from the +1% difference in values in contrast to what we had in T3 or that we would have been able to increase our light attack to +20% when T3 50 cap was to be released, I would say that any increase or decrease is hardly noticeable.

After seeing all the changes for the buffs, time to once again look at the ranges.



From what I observed, the buffs have the same ranges as before.
However, the Striking seems to have a wider range than the other two, give or take a step or a half step.
But nonetheless, pretty much the same.



Notable Changes:
This skill underwent a lot of changes after T4.
Two of which are the most notable which are:
First, that there is now a uniform cool down regardless of skill level.
Second, the relic duration has been increased from 9 seconds to 18 seconds.
Third, there are now 6 waves instead of the original
Lastly, the + Light attack buff has also been increased to 18 seconds!

Back in T3, the cure relic’s cool downs were 45 seconds, 42.8 seconds ,40.5 seconds respectively.
The cooldown decreases as the skill level increases.
Now in T4, the cooldown of the skill is uniformly set at 25 seconds regardless of the level.
The waves from the cure relic come at the 2 second mark, 5th second, 8th second, 11th second, 14th second, 17th second.
Each wave of the buff refreshes the duration of the + Light attack buff back to 18 seconds.
Thus, either one of 2 scenarios can happen:

  1. Without the 20% Cure relic CD decrease plate, you can enjoy unlimited + Light attack buff ; or
  2. With the 20% Cure relic CD decrease plate, you can enjoy continuous 3-second interval cure relic waves with unlimited + Light attack buff.

But unfortunately, this does not apply in PVP since the cooldown of cure relic in PVP is still at 40 seconds.
So please, Don’t expect unlimited cure relic waves even with the CD decrease plate.
I don’t know much about 60 cap and Cure Relic EX, but if it would maintain the same cooldown for the skill with the amplified effect of the EX skill, priests are definitely going to welcome this.


Notable Changes:
Surprisingly, this skill also underwent changes in T4.
First, the noticeable decrease in cooldown as the skill level increases.
Talk about a switcheroo by the developers between Cure relic and Bind relic.

Second, the uniform bind duration regardless of the level of the skill is fixed at 2 seconds.
This change is definitely an improvement from what we had at T3.
Previously, the bind duration increases as you allocate more skill points to it beginning at 1.5s, 1.6s, 1.7s, 1.8s et.sq.

The wave from the bind relic comes at the following intervals:



So what can we deduce from the data above?
Well, first off level 1 Bind relic sucks because it only emits 2 waves;

Secondly, when you do get level 4 Bind relic, it is useless to use a skill necklace to bring it to level 5 since you will not get the benefit of an additional wave.



Notable Changes:
For Miracle relic, there is no notable change especially for its support function.
The damage reduction value, relic duration and buff duration remains the same.
The only difference I guess is the value of the damage output it could generate.
Percentage wise, it was decreased from 1566% to 1050% but an additional +11,542 was added to it.


II. The Inquisitor Class

The Inquisitor is the more offensive centered among the two job advancement classes for Priests.
These are the additional skills which come along with this class:



Fortunately, all you need to know about this skill is in this link here (Click on me)



To explain shock transition I have made an instructional video on how it works:

Written skill notes:
1.   Most importantly, Shock transition does not apply in a 1on1 situation where there is no other target which the shock could jump to;

2.   Shock transition applies to the following skills only: Chain lightning, Lightning bolt, Heavenly Judgment.
It rarely triggers on mind snapper, and it never triggers for Charge bolt, Lightning strike, Holy burst, Grand cross, Lightning relic, and Miracle Relic.

3.   Here is how shock transition works: each hit of a skill wherein shock transition applies gives an equal 30% chance for shock transition to trigger.
If shock transition triggers, the shock trigger itself has its own 30% chance for shock transition to trigger again!
You don’t believe me? Check out the video as shown above. See how a chain lightning with 7 jumps could deal up to 33 combos!

4.   Getting a skill necklace would only increase the range shock transition is to apply but would not increase the probability for it to trigger.



This is definitely an improvement from normal lightning bolt in the priest skill tree in terms of range, width as well as the number of hits.
For this Ex Skill, Max Combo to a single target of this skill is 10 hits.
But most importantly, the cool casting animation makes this skill priceless for Priest lovers.




III.   Armor Set Combinations



This is the ideal set for those who are aiming max FD with high survivability.
Since 3rd stat FD plates prices are unrealistic already, only those cash burners are able to afford this setup.
This setup makes it harder to reach the crit cap since aside from the fact that you lose out on suffixes bonus stats, there is no set bonus giving you AGI to boost up your crit.
Thus, your only source of crit would come from accessories, potentials, heraldries and if possible party member’s buffs.



This set makes it easier to reach the crit cap because of the WIND suffix you can craft on your armor as well as the set effect bonus.
You don’t get the benefit of the huge HP stat boost.
But hey, you don’t lose out on the FD. I guess that’s the important thing.
And of course, this set is cheaper to build than the first one.



This set is for those that aim to reach the crit cap easier as well as stock up on light attack for that additional elemental attack boost.
Although for Priests, to reach crit cap, having 3rd stat crit plates is a must.
But the number of it depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice INT or VIT and replace them with AGI.

Do remember that for Legendary grade weapons can have Magic Attack and Light attack in one potential.
So its definitely a must for the Light + Crit lovers.
This set up gives you a medium magic attack stat while you can still reach the max light attack.
Like I always told my brother, Light attack is the poor priests’ FD hehe.



This set is for those who want to pump up their Magic attack stat to boost their Healing relic power.
The INT stat from the armors will definitely make those stat junkies very happy.
But getting the 5 set of the L-grade is going to be difficult since other than the difficulty of clearing SDN HC, luck plays a huge part especially in the loots part.
In this path, you can either aim for + 5.75% Magic attack or +8% Light attack.



This set can be done through any 5 Ancient totem piece with 2 Immortal set piece.
For me it’s the cheapest way to pump up Magic attack to boost your healing relic’s power and definitely more achievable for non CC players.
Although you will not have the same INT boost as that of having a L-grade set, you can choose your suffix to either go INT or WIND set.


IV.   Suffix Guide

An important aspect of building up a character especially in the PVE aspect is having the right gears.

A unique feature of DN is the suffix system which allows players to choose which attribute you want to focus on.









To understand more about suffixes, please refer to the links:



Both are very informative, and would be the basis of my recommendations.
The reasons for my choices are all explained in the links above.

1.   4 Man and 8 Man Nest Party Set up (Intellect/Tent)
Primary weapon: Intellect
Secondary weapon: Tent
This is my personal preference as I think the combination works well in a party setup.
The disadvantage of this setup is that, if you read up on the links that I have provided you, not all enemies have magical defense.
Thus, running normal abyss dungeons or having the tent suffix trigger on a non-boss target would be practically useless.
However, for boss targets especially for those with fat HP, having that 10.0 sec luxury of reducing its magical defense by 25% will work wonders in bringing down their HP fast.
This is option is not base stat heavy as you would not get the benefit of seeing any numerical increase in your characters stats, but your contribution to a party raid would be surely felt from your debuff contributions.

2.   Solo setup (Double Intellect)
Primary weapon: Intellect
Secondary weapon: Intellect
For this setup, please do take note of the findings of chaose5 from cDN that dual intellect stacking from a single player from both his intellect weapons is still possible even with T4.
It is only the dual intellect stacking of more than a single player that is no longer possible.

This means that, if a player has already triggered the Intellect suffix on a target and the 10.0 second countdown begins, another player whose Intellect weapon triggers on the same target will not add another debuff status on the target nor will it refresh the debuff duration back to 10.0 seconds.
The original duration of the Intellect suffix would continue to run down until it expires.
In both cases, since the Intellect suffixes triggers, the respective 30 second cool downs would begin to run.
Thus, If all of your Intellect suffixes trigger at the same time, and all of them cool down at the same time, you would in reality be only relying just on a single debuff regardless of the number of Intellect suffixes that trigger during that duration.

But if you are a solo player, and are able to double stack your Intellect the additional magic damage could go as high as 23.1% for 10.0 seconds.
The beneficial effect of the 10.0 duration debuff is that almost all of our Priest offensive skills are multiple hit skills except for detonate.

3.   Base stat centered (Intellect / Magic Power)
Primary weapon: Intellect
Secondary weapon: Magic Power

This combination was very prevalent during the T3 era.

In the T4 era, the most you can get out of this combination is the high base stat improvements.
You will get the benefit of +124 INT and +110-165 Magic attack power.
So for the stat junkies, this combination is surely the way to go.

Combinations not recommended:
Primary weapon: Magic Power
Secondary weapon: Magic Power

If your thinking of using this combination, better make your Primary weapon Intellect, getting Magic Power on your main weapon for the additional +29-42 magic attack is not worth it.
Also remember that, magic power affects only 1 attack damage, not the entire skill damage.

Primary weapon: Light
Secondary weapon: Magic Power

The reason why this combination is not worth trying is because both of them affects only 1 attack damage, not the entire skill damage.
All of the Priest’s offensive skills except detonate are multiple hit skills.
To know how each skill damage is computed, here is a very informative link on that topic: http://www.dragonnestwiki.com/Damage

Let me put this all into perspective by using a specific skill as an example.
Chain Lightning level 11, has Magic Damage 267% + 4,013 and can reach a max of 7 jumps.
If let’s say for example, you have an Average Magic attack of 5,500, then (5,500) * 2.67 + 4,013 = 18,698 is the value per jump of your skill.
When the suffix triggers, one jump adding the 44.30% would give you 26,981.21.

Taking this into consideration, the additional 44.30% light magic attack damage to apply to one jump of the Chain Lightning is not worth it.
Since most of our skills are multiple hit skills, to add 44.30% to just one of the multiple hit skills could easily be outdone by using Intellect Main weapon suffix.



Note: The values for the Magic power suffix are lower than that of the Light suffix since it only gives an additional 23.10%.
Also, for the Intellect suffix, the computation shown above does not even show the 11.60% reduce total resistance of the target.
And also remember, that the debuff is 10 seconds, casting chain lightning only takes about 2-3 secs, which means that you have 7 more seconds to spam your skills that deal amplified damage.

After laying down the possible choices I hope I was able to help you make a choice fitting your playstyle.


C.   Armor Suffix Choices





Basically, these are the two most common armor suffix builds.
One which is focused on pumping INT and the other focused on pumping AGI for that much needed crit booster.
Do not worry about the WILL suffix on the gloves, it has the highest base stat boost among the rest.
Plus, the utility of the suffix is not bad at all.

Honestly, I was really contemplating on making a WIND set just because of the crit boost that it offers.
The armor suffix is bad. The only thing WIND suffix is useful is in compensation off PVP and the duration is only for a max of 6 seconds.
In PVE, monsters rarely deal critical damage as well as in ladder where crit has been balanced out a lot.
But in the end, the additional 1,550 critical base is too hard to ignore. That’s the more than 2 3rd stat critical plates.
And as you know for priests, AGI is not really a stat that we are naturally born with.

For INTELLECT, it is a very useful suffix since a lot of the hard hitting boss monsters deal elemental damage.
Having an additional 20% attribute resistance would definitely cushion their blows.
But as for the base stat increments, while you may gain 199-199 magic attack, this can easily be compensated for by using 8% light attack potentials for your weapons.
If you are worried that your healing power might be affected, trust me you will barely feel the 199-199 magic attack power especially that T4 has greatly increased our healing capabilities even if you have a low base magic attack.

Of course a lot of factors have to be weighed in choosing your suffix, but those factors such as the ability to reach the crit cap, PVE/Ladder/Comp OFF player, value of survivorship of the Priest etc. should be left to your discretion.


V.   Common Skill builds

The skill builds that will be shared are only those that have taken both Heavenly Judgment and Miracle Relic.
For those Inquisitors that have not learned Miracle Relic, I’m sure you can provide for your own build depending for your play style.
If your raid party only relies on one Priest for support, then getting Miracle Relic is indispensable.



Skill Build Link (Click on me)



This is actually my current skill build.
As you can see, both Healing skills are maxed out.
As you may notice, my buffs are not maxed out.
I only kept my Protection shell as well as my Blessing of Light at level 3.
Well, my party will not die from the 3% defense or light attack might as well add those 2 SP to my offensive skills.
Also, Aerial evasion is kept at level 1 in order to max out Charge bolt which is a good spammable skill.

Optional Skill Accessories:
Skill Necklace- Holy Burst/ Chain Lightning
Skill Earring- Lightning bolt/ Healing Relic/ Heal
Skill Ring- Striking
Skill Ring- Consecration



Skill Build Link (Click on me!)

This build also has level 1 Aerial Evasion in order to max out Charge Bolt.
Heal is maxed but Healing Relic is kept at level 8.
Don’t worry level 8 Healing relic already heals 70% of your Magic attack power + 5,538 which is already ok to keep the party alive.
The Priest skill tree has been used to maximize offensive skills. Protection shell skill is kept at level which gives 9% defense.
Seriously, since you’re an inquisitor and your party has really no way of knowing your buff level, why give a fuss.
No pressure especially if there is a Saint in your party, the more the DPS more fun.
If there is no other priest in your party, then the fact that you gave them 9% defense, they should be thanking you already haha.

You could also consider keeping Detonate at level 6, while allocating the 3 SP to max out Holy Burst at level 7 and increase Cure Relic to level 3 for that additional 15% Light attack.

Optional Skill Accessories:
Skill Necklace- Holy Burst/ Chain Lightning
Skill Earring- Lightning bolt/ Heal
Skill Ring- Striking
Skill Ring- Consecration



Skill Build Link (Click on me!)

They all may have their arguments about it, but what you can’t argue is when warriors are beating your up senselessly you are going thank this skill. (Referring to Toughness)
If you are good with kicks, then don’t take Toughness as well as Mental mastery and Mind Conquer to get level 6 Sliding knee kick.

For the priest tree, Healing relic is at level 8.
Detonate is at level 6, while Holy burst is maxed at level 7.
Also, Binding relic is at level 3 which gives 4 waves of 2 sec binds.
Very useful for both comp on 1v1 PVP as well as group PVP.
This is not your typical pure PVP build so there is no avenging wave, and Miracle Relic is obtained.

Optional Skill Accessories:
Skill Necklace- Holy Burst/ Bind Relic
Skill Earring-Lightning bolt
Skill Ring- Striking
Skill Ring- Consecration



Skill Build Link (Click on me!)

Mandatory Skill Accessories:
Skill Necklace- Holy Burst (to reach level 6)
Skill Earring-Lightning bolt (to reach level 11)
Skill Ring- Striking
Skill Ring- Consecration

This is my own version of a PVP build.
Skill accessories especially for Holy Burst and Lightning bolt is mandatory to add a skill point to make then reach the damage multiplier jump.
But there are a lot of variations which you can modify to fit your playstyle.
It has 1 unused SP which you can allocate based on the discussion below.

1.   Getting tougher against warriors
For this to work, just reduce the skill points of Mind Conquer to 0 and allocate the 4 SP to Toughness to get that additional 8% physical damage reduction. Or, you can remove Charge bolt especially when you cannot find a suitable combo to incorporate it and just allocate the 4 SP to get Toughness level 4, this way you get to keep you MP recovery. The first option is good when you fight against warriors or gearmasters, while the second option is good for those who love group pvp like me!

2.   Getting kicks
I’m no expert at kicks but if you want to get level 6 sliding kick, just remove charge bolt and reduce Mind Conquer.
Then, remove Mental mastery, to get Diving kick. This is usually for those soft ban lovers.
But because of the third tier skills of every class, I find that playing softban is getting more obsolete.
It’s really hard to balance everything out, that is why all those soft ban for third tier are all non-official lists.

From AikawaKazu: Sliding Kick Level 1 is good enough if you’re using it to catch opponents by surprise or using it in moments during the opponents attack when they have low superarmor.

Pro PVP Paladins and Priest will know what I mean that it is not 100% compulsory to get it to level 6 just for that additional kick.


VI.   Miscellaneous

A.   Paralyze

One of the joys of being an Inquisitor is to maximize our potential especially in PVP by pumping up our Paralyze.
Paralyze is best fitted for skills which emit electric shock damage, and because of shock transition, there is no better class in DN that emits more electric skills than Inquisitors.
But the biggest question of all is how the hell does paralyze work?

Basically, Paralyze works to immobilize the target for a specific duration. But how does it differ from the normal electrocution debuff?
Here is a picture to show the difference.



When the target is in an electrocuted state, there is a chance that the target can be interrupted while casting a skill.
However, the target is not rendered immobilized.
Thus, as long as your target times their skills well, he can still avoid all your impending attacks through their evasion skills.
As for Paralyze, while the target is in an immobilized state, he can neither move nor cast any skill.
This means that for a short duration, your target would be a sitting duck.
This of course is over and above the electrocution debuff that the target would suffer after it is free of its immobilized state.

This however does not apply to other classes without electric shock skills.
The most they can do in a paralyzed state is to flinch their opponent for a shorter duration than what Inquisitors can do with our electric skills.
But how is Paralyze computed?
Here is a picture to explain.



The most common comment one may say about paralyze: But I can’t reach the Paralyze cap, so it’s not worth to get paralyze.
But here’s the thing, there is no such thing as a Paralyze cap.
As seen from the description, there is no percentage to indicate whether or not you had already reached the cap.
Paralyze is computed just by merely subtracting your current Paralyze stat with your opponent’s Paralyze resist.
This means that even without a high Paralyze stat, as long as your opponent has a low Paralyze resist, they you have a chance to deal paralysis on them!
And based from the description, the higher the difference between your Paralyze stat with your target’s resistance to it, the longer the paralysis period!

However, even if there is no cap as to how much paralyze one may stock up, there is a cap as to how long the paralysis period would last.
Based from my personal testing, the max duration for the paralysis period is 3 seconds!
Although I would not reveal my paralyze gears at this point, but having managed to reach 26K paralyze, I have found 3 seconds to be the longest duration the target stayed in an immobilized state.

To increase your paralyze stat, you can either wear appropriate Redemption rings, get the redemption plate as well as 3rd stat ones, and increase your STR stat.
To counter paralyze, you need to get the relevant plates as well increase your STR stat.
Take note, you can’t escape an Inquisitors immobilize as it is part and parcel of our skill tree, but you can definitely reduce the immobilized stat to as low as 0.5 second.


B.   Laddering

After almost 300 grueling matches in 1V1 Ladder, I finally made breached the top 100 as the 3rd season closed.
I don’t know if there is any other priest in Greenwood that has managed to get into the top 100 though.
Nonetheless, even if it’s just Rank 97, I am very much satisfied with it.

As we pave the way for the start of the 4th season of Ladder, I encourage my fellow Inquisitors to not be disheartened by the constant heartaches of losing to Saleanas, Elestras, Gear Masters, Smashers and even Adepts who populate the 2200-2500 ranks.

Not to mention the hardships of having to draw to Guardians and Crusaders as well as our fellow Inquisitors and Saints.
If there’s a will there is a way.

Oh by the way, at least 50 matches were played at the time where HP suffix was still prevalent, almost all of which I just drew the match.


Oh, and I’ve also held on to the top spot for the 3v3 Ladder in Greenwood server.


PS. I use Restraint and Knight in 1v1 Ladder, but I don’t use them in 3v3 Ladder.

Once again I would like to thank AikawaKazu for allowing me to share this guide with all of you.

No AikawaKazu will like to thank Lawyered instead for this wonderful, in-depth, awesome, super-duper, detailed and all-rounded guide.

And a big thank you to all that helped me come up with this guide especially my test dummies.

Thanks for reading. Hope you learned something new.


I hope everyone who read this read every single word as I did.

It is definitely one of the most in-depth, purposeful, detailed and informative guide I’ve read in awhile, and most importantly, it’s for a priest/inquisitor class that not many players actually choose to play.

Personally (AikawaKazu), I will really want to thank Lawyered for writing us a second guide that is definitely both as good as his first and an improvement as well.

I hope everyone learnt something from it :)

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  1. JC says:

    Hi there Kazu/Lawyered. I have 2 questions.

    1) I thought shock transition means that when the opponent is electrocuted, if you attack him/her with a light-based attack, the damage for that attack will be higher? Eg my inquisitor manages to electrocute a BM, then I use Holy Burst, which gets additional damage. Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what I understood by the description.

    2) I thought paralyze means flinch? That’s what I read on another forum. The opponent gets an electric shock every 5 seconds right? So you mean it is possible to have the opponent shocked for up to 3 seconds?! Awesome!

    Hope to get some clarification here.


    • Lawyered says:

      1. The additional light magic damage is only secondary to the primary effect of shock transfer. Before you can deal additional light magic attack, you must first trigger shock transition.

      Try to look closely at the video, especially at the part where Lightning bolt is used to trigger shock transition. Only one player is hit, but the shock transition passes to the other 2 players at the side, despite not having received any direct damage from the lightning bolt.

      But yes, after the opponent gets falls prey to shock transition, he would get an additional light magic attack when you subsequently hit him with any of your skills. But like we have said in the guide, it doesn’t apply to 1v1 situations.

      2. Yup, you are right. for other classes other than Priests, paralyze for them only means flinch since they do not have any real electrocution skill. I have mentioned this in my paralyze guide.

      Since Priests do not have any real knock back skill like the other classes, I guess we are compensated by this type of paralyze unique to us only. :)

      Yes, they would be sitting ducks for 3 whole seconds and I am not exaggerating this. If you have a friend or a character in Greenwood, I could show you. Or, you can just watch me play COMP OFF Capt. Mode.

      • JC says:

        Thank you.

        Haha yes I do have a char in GW and I play Capt mode often. Hope to see you there someday. 😀

        I’mma get me a redemption plate! ^^

  2. dot says:

    1. Wand mastery increases healing relic heals, this test was done by one of the ppl in duowan.

    2. The higher upgrade or suffix 2’s intellect will cancel away the party’s intellect debuff. So if you have a single intellect weap, you might just worsen the debuff.

    3. Chain lightning’s coefficient is 3 and charge bolt is 4 which is why these are the must get/max skills. (Coefficient is the board multiplier)

    4. Relics can be buffed for bonus effect – healing relic, miracle etc

  3. LaLaLapede says:

    1.)CL without shock transition can reah 27 hits within 3 targets too… u can try it with a saint

    2.)I believe all skills triggers shock transition (light attack) one… because my consecration and charge bolt triggers it too, please do more research on this. Even detonate also triggers it, and it is the best feeling ever as detonate cancelled the shock effect, while shock transition re-enabled it again… plus, the target itself will get the dmg also from shock transition before the bolt transition out, please look at CL-EX

    3.)You don’t need a cure relic plate for unlimited cure relic’s buff since the buff is already 18sec or something … as long as u get the last wave, you’ll have enuf time to cast the next cure relic before the buff expired. i’m talking bout lvl 1 cure relic

    • Lawyered says:

      1. False, ordinary chain lightning without shock transition cannot reach more than 7 hits. I have tried and tested this. If you want to prove me wrong, you can record a video and I would gladly retract my assertion.

      2. Nope, not all light magic skills trigger shock transition. You might have confused the flinch effect to mean as a shock debuff. Using, holy burst, grand cross, consecration would never cause your target to receive an electrocuted/shock debuff. @_@

      I have tried and tested it. If you want to prove me wrong, you can record a video and I would gladly retract my assertion.

      Nope, casting detonate would not remove the shock debuff by virtue of a shock transition trigger. As, detonate too can never trigger shock transition. I’m sure other priests would attest to this.

      3. I have already answered this question in the guide above:
      “Each wave of the buff refreshes the duration of the + Light attack buff back to 18 seconds.
      Thus, either one of 2 scenarios can happen:

      Without the 20% Cure relic CD decrease plate, you can enjoy unlimited + Light attack buff ; or
      With the 20% Cure relic CD decrease plate, you can enjoy continuous 3-second interval cure relic waves with unlimited + Light attack buff.”

      Plus, in all honesty, the primary function of cure relic is the removal of debuffs and not the additional light attack, as the latter is merely secondary.

      • ziemi says:

        i (lvl 40) tried CL in theme park (goblin)
        mine level 6 (bounce 4 times)
        result : 12 hits
        conclution : CL shoot 3 lightning, each lightning bounce 4 times

  4. Huy says:

    Does paralyze activate when a target is electrocuted?

  5. kokorokoro says:

    help! suffix II guide/comparison for weapons suffix INT,MPOWER, TENT if stackable on T4. (for moonlord specific)

  6. sir may i ask if full ancnt. totem set is nice to wear and what are the skill heraldies u prefer?and if u max out holy burst and detonate(50cap) shouldi continue with that in the future ?

    ty for the reps!! and more power idol!!!

    • Lawyered says:

      It depends on which build you are going for:
      1. If you are aiming to build up FD + Light attack, then going full totem accessories is the way to go with either crit or light attack potentials.

      2. If you are aiming for Light attack + crit, get the skill rings with 1331 Crit and 3.54% Light attack to go with either crit or light attack potentials.

      3. If you want to go Light attack + high mattack, then use Legendary rings to get both M.attack and light attack potentials at the same time! Then if you are still aiming to reach the crit cap, then you can just rely on 3rd stat crit plates as well as wind suffix armors.

      Since i’m using a support build for my Inquisitor, I use:
      Miracle Relic CD
      Heal CD
      Heal Relic CD
      Cure Relic CD

      Heraldry slot expansion:
      Bind Relic CD
      Chain Lightning Damage
      Lightning Bolt Damage

      If you are aiming for higher damage with a bit of support, you can use:
      Heal CD
      Heal Relic CD
      Chain Lightning Damage

      Lightning Bolt Damage
      Holy Burst Damage

      • sir what is the costume that your wearing and an inqui without miracle relic could still be a good support class in SDN or any nest raid? or which path is nice crit plus fd or light plus crit ?

        thanx for the reps and more power idol

  7. uhh what is the most indemand potential Light Atk or Mag-Pow if your an Inqui? and is it better to go Full Light Atk?

    • Lawyered says:

      For me personally, I think Light attack without critical is not worth getting. So I don’t really recommend to people to aim full light attack. But if you can reach the crit cap or at least 13K Critical without needing any critical potentials, then go on ahead.

      Those Inquisitors who aim to raise their magic attack are usually those that are Supportive type. The purpose is to raise their Healing relic power. But if you can afford to use Legendary grade rings from SDN HC, then you can have the best of both worlds (Magic attack + Light attack) in one pot.

      But if are aiming to go full magic attack, then it’s better that you choose the saint path as you would greatly benefit from Holy Shield and Healing relic.

  8. dydx says:

    What skill plates would you recommend for a pvp type inqui?

    Nice guide btw 😮

  9. KimJongIl says:

    in your complete wind set it says that 1550 crit would be guaranteed, does this not include a wind epic plate +10%agi and fatal plate? you got the 1500 crit just from the all the agi added? thx lawyered

  10. Jackmasta says:

    finally! walls of text!
    good to see another great guide
    two thumbs up 😀

  11. Lamennais says:

    is paralyzed u talk about effected on PVE?
    I mean while in dungeon on monster…

    thx :)

  12. Hi Lawyered.

    I think you should explain a little clearer on your “Shock Transition does not trigger on Grand Cross, Holy Burst, etc”. Why do I say so?

    There are 2 interpretations behind these words:

    1) The initiation of Shock Transition
    – Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Heavenly Judgment all can cause electrocution status. This would mean that to initiate a Shock Transition, you have to electrocute your targets in which these 3 skills are essential. Holy Burst and Grand Cross could not do the same because they do not electrocute your targets. I’m not so sure why you say Charged Bolt doesn’t initiate Shock Transition since it causes electrocution status at a certain chance, but I know it is kinda hard to experiment it out too. If you can show this in a video, of course it would be great.

    2) The continuation of Shock Transition
    – I am pretty sure Lalalapede is referring to this instead of the prior. When you have electrocuted your targets, all light based spells (including Grand Cross and Holy Burst) will trigger Shock Transition.

    IMO, to say “triggering Shock Transition” would mean point number 2. Number 1 only refers to electrocuting your targets, which is to set up a Shock Transition area. To trigger the skill itself, all light spells should be capable of doing so. Perhaps due to AOE constraints like Lightning Strike and Charged Bolt, it is less likely to trigger Shock Transition. I have tested it on PvP for Holy Burst. Holy Burst did 10 hits on 2 targets, but 17 hits when the targets are electrocuted.

    Hope you can amend your guide accordingly.

    Thank you.

    • Lawyered says:

      This is pretty much a more accurate description of what shock transition does.

      Tried and tested it. It works as described.
      Thanks for the info, very much appreciated.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hello Lawyered,
    I was contemplating between dual int/ light int for my weapon suffixes. I didn’t see any information on light int so I’m not sure if it’s worth getting.

  14. Adis says:

    Very nice guide.Thanks a lot because I am busy finding how does the Shock Transition skill works. Thanks for that, very nice video!

  15. Emmanuel says:

    Sir Lawyered, i have 1 question to ask. What is yr current skill plates??
    im going for semi dps inqui~so i ned some guide reagarding skill plates…thx..=)

    • Lawyered says:

      For me the most useful heraldry plates:
      Life Vitality

      Optional plates to fill up your heraldry slots:
      Shining (PVE)
      Energy (PVE)
      Fatal (Critical stat)
      Wind (Critical stat)
      Redemption (Paralyze type)
      Ultimate (FD stat)

      For third stat plates, you may want to aim any of the following depending on which you prefer:
      Paralyze (ladder/comp off pvp build)
      VIT (ladder build)

      TIP: If you want to aim on a particular 3rd stat plate, it is best to just stick to one all throughout and avoid getting mixed ones.

  16. Emmanuel says:

    Sir Lawyered, what is yr current skill plates?im going for semi dps n supportive inqui…i have ni idea what skill plates should i go for, so i really need Sir Lawyered for some guidance regarding skill plates.


    • Lawyered says:

      As for heraldry skill plates:

      Support type
      Heal CD
      Heal relic CD
      Miracle Relic CD
      Cure relic CD

      Heal CD
      Chain lightning Damage
      Lightning bolt Damage
      Consecration CD plate or Holy burst Damage plate

  17. ArchZymeth says:

    Sir, why does your skill guides don’t require an inqui to have wand mastery?

  18. Azazell says:

    what about wand mastery?

  19. http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/217/20121221/Wand_Mastery_testing-50d538933600c5613-1.html

    In this post from a certain guy it said that Wand Mastery increases both Heal and Matk,so mind if i ask why not add Wand Mastery? I’m kinda confused.

  20. This is the most reliable skill build guide in this site :) and also lyzbeth’s guide, but this guide is awesome, very well explained and all I can say is “AWESOME!” :) I will change into an inquisitor then back to saint in the 60 cap :)

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lawyered,

    I have an important question :) since i am not an inquisitor, how does the paralyze mechanic works for me? .. you say it will do a “flinch” but for how long will this flinch be? .. can we also do a 3sec flinch?? .. i dont really get what flinch is, sorry for the noob question .. i hope i can get a reply on this ..

    thanks! and more power to you guys! :))

    • Lawyered says:

      Paralyze makes your target stay in an immobilized state for 3 secs. Immobilized status is manifested by your target getting electrocuted as differentiated from the normal flinched status where you see your character in a pushed back position.

  22. Stormwolfex says:

    Hey Lawyered, your guide is excellent and I’ve picked up many tips while reading them. I’d like to ask though – In the latest update, Wand Mastery was fixed to add to Magic Damage…

    So would you adjust your skills now to compensate for that? Or is Wand Mastery still not worth maxing?

    • Lawyered says:

      Actually I did add Wand mastery to my current build, the +12% base Magic attack was too big to pass upon. 😀

      Wand mastery is definitely worth maxing. To make this happens basically I reduced my detonate level to level 1, and allocated the spare SP to other skills @_@

      • Stormwolfex says:


        I see. I guess you don’t PvP much then? Since Detonate at lvl 6 does deal a pretty nice amount of damage in PvP so it does make me a little hesitant to sacrifice points in Detonate…

        • Lawyered says:

          I actually PVP a lot. 😀
          It’s one of my stress relievers after work.

          But getting detonate level 1 is pretty lame I agree, but its mostly because of SP constraints :(
          It’s my personal preference to reduce my detonate level to compensate for getting wand mastery at max.

          But I can easily see that with level 1 protection shell as well as reducing the levels of lightning bolt and holy burst as well as taking out some Heal Relic levels will be just enough to get Detonate back to level 6.

          As for me, my heal relic cannot go below level 8, since I need it for my GDN runs. 😀

          At the end of the day, I think its more about balancing PVE and PVP for me. If you’re more into PVP, then by all means get detonate to level 6 or 9. Some even get Lightning bolt to level 6 just to get level 9 detonate.

          • Stormwolfex says:

            I see. Thanks for the reply, Lawyered ^^. It’s nice getting your input on these things. I hope to see a new guide from you soon, it’s very informative. Perhaps next time you could include recommended heraldry setups and the future of clerics? ^__^

            I think I’ll sacrifice detonate anyway since I’m only average in PVP and I do PVE a lot more so I definitely need points in Healing Relic and my buffs, save Protection Shell.

            Thanks again!

  23. StBohn says:

    Super duper kadooper thanks for this ^ ^

    I’m really eyeing to do good in ladder so I wanna know which stat to focus on asides from paralyze? Is it wise to stack on light attack in ladder? Also, does light debuff stack on each other? Light attack does I think (Cure relic + Blessing of Light).

    Super thanks in advance ^ ^

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lawyered. What suffix should I be using for my equip’s if my intention is for PVP only? Would I be going for all restraint & knight?

    • Lawyered says:

      If you are into comp ON PVP, then suffixes on weapons won’t matter.

      If you are into comp OFF PVP, better stick with Dual Intellect to deal a better burst damage as well as help your teammates with theirs. Having Knight+Restraint in Comp OFF can easily be cancelled or effects negated because the maps are really bigger than the Ladder map.

      If you are more of a Ladder player, Knight + Restraint is one of the best combinations especially for inquisitors. Our class is built to counter attack or parry enemy attacks and constantly dealing damage to them throughout the match. Keeping them on Retraint or Knight debuff is one of the best ways of doing that. 😀

  25. Hi! Why i can’t change my 3rd job. I am level 50 now but I don’t have quest in Karacule in Riverworth, and Goodess Jugde Castia in Dark Lair, and Master Cleric Johan in Lotus Marsh. It is a bug? Please help me. Thank you!

  26. Hi Sir Lawyered! In skill earrings why Lightning Bolt insted of Detonate? Thank You!

  27. OnimegaX says:

    Hey Lawyered, Is it worth getting Attuned mind and toughness? Currently I have max attuned and toughness, but i dont have charge bolt.

    So is it good to sacrifice them to get charge bolt? or no?

  28. OnimegaX says:

    oh and btw, im confused also which suffix should i get, in dungeon/nest which is better? All wind + will or All int + will ?

  29. SilverDust says:

    Hi thanks for the informative guide.One thing i noticed in your common skill build section is that you didn’t added sp onto your wand mastery, any particular reason why?

  30. parsimone says:

    hello, just want to have some suggestion. should i use legendary weapons to increase m.attack n light attack, or should i just stick to victor? (which at +9 still cant beat a +6 legend weapon). so very full of dilemma T.T

    my accessories are plague, n i’m aiming for 3rd stat crit plate. the only thing i’m not sure about right now is the weapon. thnx for any reply

  31. Zyss says:

    can we have 2 ultimate used at same time?

  32. Paul says:

    Why do you have no levels in Wand Mastery?

  33. juliuscruz says:

    good day sir,could i ask you for what skill build should i make for my saint….
    thanks in advance :3

  34. Hi! do you think if i go for [Balanced Pve/Pvp] skill build, what kind of weapon Pot will be better? M.attack or light attack 8%?

    Please Kindly assist. Thank you

  35. Hi! what do you think if i go for [Balanced Pve/Pvp] skill build, what kind of weapon Pot will be better? M.attack or light attack 8%?

    Please Kindly assist. Thank you

  36. Hi!

    if i go for [Balanced Pve/Pvp]skill build, what kind of weapon Pot/suffix will be better?

    Weapon Pot: M.Attack / Light
    Suffix: Light / Int / Magic Power

    Please Kindly assist. Thank you

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  39. xDubStep says:

    Hi Anyone can help me on this.

    when my FTG reached Zero [0] will it affect my nesting items? Plate Ess ETC..

  40. RJM says:

    Hi Lawyered .. is it okay for inquisitors to have a set with wind suffix? I’m planning to have a Hero set with wind suffixes ..

  41. . says:

    umm.. question here.. could priest be a nuker? i mean not support like a killer.. and if he can, which build? is the best?

  42. Carlo says:

    my brother bought warhammer and i want to make an account on my computer but i need a cd key.. is there anywhere i can buy a cd key?.

  43. Nova says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Sorry for my mistakes and bad grammar. :)

    Thanks for your guide, sir, it was very helpful for me. It’s going to be 50 lvl-cap on ruDN, so I go for more info about inquisitor class. Actually, I ain’t good in mechanics and some moments aren’t clear for me, so I will be grateful if you can help me with next questions:

    I should mention, that I want to make my inquisitor only for pvp/ladder/gvg.

    1. Do I actually need critical or FD? Won’t Light Attack be enough?

    2. What suffixes I need on armor? Int or hp? May be other?)
    (if I understood right it would be ok for int+int for weapons to make damage)

    3. I want to get only 1 lvl on relic of heal (just for next relics). Is it terrible or I can feel good without this relic? And without wand mastery?

    4. Should I maxed Consecration by skill ring for 1v1 pvp? Actually, I don’t sure in it’s usefulness, because of low superarmor, but I can be mistaken…


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  46. goarweam says:

    anyone able to come up with a level 60 CAP skill build?

    we will be getting nerfs to our healing power in PVP, and a few boost to some skills.

    And I heard Paralyze duration will be capped at 0.7 seconds in ladder as well.

  47. Albert says:

    According to you, what type of Inquisitor with FD / CRIT / LIGHT or INT / CRIT to give Inquisitor a higher damage output? I choose to be either the Inquisitor DPS PVE or PVP.

  48. LordVinvin says:

    Which is better for lvl 60 set, A dps type inqui here, twisted obsession set(for crit bonus) or honourable tribe set(for more magic attk bonus), thanks :))

  49. Jancok02 says:

    hey Mr. Lawyered

    i have 1 Question :

    my Inquisitor have 4589 min mAtk, 84,5% of Light atk and just 5600 critical, do you think that stats is better for DPS .?

    Thanks if you Answer it ;D

    • LordVinvin says:

      I don’t think so. hehe, critical plays a very important role in terms of DPS, you have 80% light attack, then, you should have at least critical 11000+, cheers. :)

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  51. Takuma says:

    Your Guide Is Very Useful Sir, But Can I Have Your Level 60 Inquisitor’s Skill Build?


  52. Cruci says:

    so im scared about found pt for my inquisitor.. u think inqui can suport a pt with dps semi suport build as well? like sdn gdn?

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