Dragon Nest – Leveling Guide for 1 to 50 + Tips & Tricks ~!

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I know there’s been a call for an updated leveling guide for awhile now and I know this is late.

Nevertheless I hope it is still useful for players leveling new characters as well as for players who are new to dragon nest.

This guide will cover the following:

  • Important Tips & Tricks that You should know with regards to Leveling
  • Level 1 to 16
  • Level 16 to 26
  • Level 26 to 32
  • Level 32 to 40
  • Level 40 to 50

If you’re more of a listener and visual person, check out the video guide which will pretty much cover the same thing except that the written guide has more details for certain sections.

There are good reasons to split the guide into these various sections.

Before we move on to these sections you should know the concept of leveling in Dragon Nest.

This concept is not entirely foolproof but basically fast leveling equates to running the fastest dungeon you can complete at master mode and above difficulty with the highest exp derived from repeatable commission board quests.

With this concept in mind I hope you will find the necessary context for this guide.


Tips and Tricks

There are 3 main tips and tricks you will need to know while leveling in Dragon Nest

  1. Information regarding Level up Rewards Box (Click on me for Article)
  2. Master Apprentice System
  3. Benefits of Guild

For the Level up Rewards Box, the key thing to note will be the skill reset scroll you can receive when opening the Level 30 Reward Box.

Don’t open the Level 30 Reward Box unless you need to use the skill reset scroll as once you opened the box and receive the skill reset scroll, it will expire in 7 days.

Other useful items in the rewards box includes extra inventory and storage slots as well as huge discounts for these items should you want to purchase them from the cash shop.

Be sure to read the article that tells you all the available rewards from Level 1 to 50 in the article hyperlink-ed in the bullet points above.

Master Apprentice System

You can be an apprentice once you are level 10.

You can have a total of 3 masters who will each give you additional 10% exp each up to a total of 30% should they be running dungeons with you in a party.

If you have a fellow apprentice of a same master running alongside you, you will receive 5% bonus exp via the alumni feature.

Many guides however, do not mention the favour points you accumulate while running dungeons with your master.


You can get up to 30% additional EXP should you accumulate enough points!

This is definitely very useful if you want to help a friend level in the game or are trying to squeeze more ways to help increase exp gain while leveling.

Benefits of a Guild

For a list of all Guild Level Rewards refer to this link

Credits to PrincessYanagi from Cherry Credits Forum

Your guildmaster will be able to purchase an EXP bonus for all guild members to enjoy.

The extend of the bonus depends on the guild level.

Guild Level 5 – Increase Dungeon/Nest Exp by 2%

Guild Level 10 – Increase Dungeon/Nest Exp by 5%

Guild Level 15 – Increase Dungeon/Nest Exp by 7%

Guild Level 20 – Increase Dungeon/Nest Exp by 10%

Aside from this you can also purchase the Pledge Guild Costume Set


As you can see above, the set bonus do stack up and gives you a total bonus of 20% EXP

However to have at least 3 pieces of Guild Costume, the guild must be at least level 13.

To enjoy the full set bonus of 7 piece costume, the guild must be at least level 24

Note that all bonus EXP % from Master Apprentice System and guild bonuses only affects dungeon completion exp as well as exp gained from killing monsters.

Nevertheless, combining both EXP Bonuses from Master Apprentice System and Guild will give you up to a whopping total 70% Bonus EXP (10% from Master, 30% from Accumulated Favour, 20% Guild Costume, 10%  Guild EXP Bonus)

With FTG while running dungeons, dungeon completion exp is definitely very very significant and having this additional 70% Bonus EXP will make leveling alot easier.


Leveling from 1 to 16

Level 1 to 10

Leveling from 1 to  10/11 is extremely simple.

Remember to go to your  gift box via the cash shop (press F11) to receive your level up reward box once you have leveled.

Simply grab all main and side quests available to you in your starting town

Archers/Warriors will start at Prairie Town ; Academics, Sorceress, Clerics will start at Mana Ridge.

Items to Loot

  • All Magic Rarity (Green) Equipment for your class (Level 5/10 & 15)
  • At least 3 Stacks of Agate Fragments
  • Ignore all Diamond and Alteum Fragments

When reaching level 5/10 & 15, enhance all the equipment that you have picked up while running dungeons.

Enhance armour pieces to at least +6 and try to get weapons to +8 and above if you have more than 3 duplicates.

Once you have hit Level 10 you should be proceeding with a Main quest that directs you to an NPC known as Scout Fergus

This NPC will then direct you to Calderock Village.

Level 10 to 16

From level 10 onwards you have 2 methods for leveling.

You can either continue to complete main and side quests or begin looking for players to be your master so that you can benefit from the master apprentice system while leveling.

The faster method will be finding a master but should you not be able to do so, it is still alright to complete main and side quests.

The latest updates have actually compiled many of the quests to be completed in a same dungeon verified from my own experience while leveling a new character from level 1 to 16 via the completion of main and side quests.

If you managed to find a booster/master, simply level from 10 to 16 at Sign Canyon in Abyss Mode

Don’t forget to do your job change at Level 15 at your respective skill trainer.

It is extremely important that you do not hand in at Events Planner Irine after completing your Job change quest.

The rewards from handing in at Events Planner Irine is a costume and Skill Reset Scroll.

If you did hand the quest in, this skill reset scroll will expire in 7 days.

If you want to keep this skill reset scroll for a later time longer than 7 days, DO NOT HAND IN THE QUEST.

If you have accidentally hand in the quest, don’t worry too much as there’s another skill reset scroll from the Level 30 Level Up Rewards Box.

You should be Level 16 after the completion of the job change quests should you have level-ed via the completion of Main and Side quests available to you in Calderock Village.


Level 16 to  26

From Level 16 onwards, the dungeon you will be in for awhile will be Dark Tower Magic Institute (DTMI)


Regardless if you’re solo-ing or leveling with help from master, this dungeon is definitely one you will want to run until you hit level 26.

The reason why you won’t stop at level 24 to try the other dungeons in saint haven is because of the leveling concept mentioned at the start of the guide.

This dungeon can be ran as fast as 1min20s, if you are with a level 50 master and the commission board quest gives decent EXP.

Remember to have at least Level 15 Magic Rarity Weapons +8 and above if you want to have a decent run time when tackling the master mode difficulty if you’re solo-ing.

You should however, have no trouble finding players who will want to boost you with certain strings attached in DTMI.

Simply go to the “Select Channel” option and join the channel that is the most crowded to find such players.

Leveling from 16 to 26 will be a breeze with DTMI.

DN 2013-01-03 01-03-17 Thu

When reaching Level 24, you can choose to enter your first nest, Minotaur Nest to grab some level 24 premium enhancement heraldry plates!

With the elf queen set crafting materials gathered from there, you can choose to craft 3 piece elf queen set if you want.

Don’t get more than 3 piece elf queen as the 3 piece set bonus will be useful enough.


Level 26 to 32

Leveling from 26 to 32 is pretty straight forward.

The dungeon you are looking at is Dark Overlord Keep (DOK).

Another option for Warriors will be Dried Marissa Spring (DMS) but both DOK and DMS give the same amount of exp for commission board quests.

DMS is an option as you can skip many monsters from the start until the first mini-boss (purple-named mob) as well as another section where you will need ranged skills to allow you to skip an entire spawn of monsters.

However, unless you have dash like warriors or have certain skills to allow ranged attacks, you will not be able to skip monsters which mean that it is not applicable for all classes.

I’ll also recommend DOK as there is no irritating ghost-type monsters who turn invulnerable when you break their super armor, this includes the last boss for DMS as well.

Remember to have at least Level 23 Magic Rarity Weapons +8 and above before tackling this stage of leveling for dungeon clearing to be smooth.

Leveling via main quest and side quests is still an option but you may find yourself running dungeons which are long and difficult should you choose this method.

With the master apprentice or through boosting, leveling from 26 to 32 should be pretty fast via DOK.

Items to Loot

  • Ordinary Agate
  • RARE Intermediate Revert Cube and Crystal Codes
  • Magic Rarity  Armors/Weapons Level 31
  • Rare Rarity Weapons for your class
  • Epic Intermediate Codes

These are items you definitely want to look out for and loot especially if it is your first character.

Ordinary Agates can be used to enhance your own Level 32/40 rare weapons in the future while leveling.

Magic Rarity Armors/Weapons can server as good backup in case you didn’t get any rare weapons or that they broke during enhancement.

For epic intermediate codes, you want to stock up the diamond code especially as they can be used to code level 40 and below epic accessories which will definitely be very useful to you.

Rare intermediate revert cube and crystal codes is for your self-coding of level 32/40 rare weapons which you might want to invest in so that you can have some decent weapons while leveling from 26 to level 40.

You can also attempt Cerberus Nest if you want at this point in time to update your epic enhancement heraldry.


Level 32 to 40

In old leveling guides which are outdated, they recommend players to run Forsaken Islet Core Master Mode for leveling.

However, since the update to commission board quests exp with the release of level 50 cap, there is now a better dungeon to run.

This dungeon is Flooded Downstream Ruins.

I’ve done a comparison of FDR vs FIC in terms of commission board quest exp, run time vs dungeon completion exp.

fdrvsfic fdrvsfictime1

After some simple math, FDR gives around 65,000 EXP per minute while FIC gives only 38,000 EXP per minute.

Flooded Downstream ruins is definitely the dungeon you should be running from Level 32 to 40.

The abovementioned run times are with my level 34 Engineer which has only magic rarity armors and +8 Level 32 Rare Weapons.


Level 40 to 50

Leveling from 40 to 50 is extremely straightforward.

For the fastest method, simply run Riverwort Ruins repeatedly while handing in commission board quests.

The reason for riverwort ruins is for its fast dungeon completion (4mins solo, <2.5mins party) and high commission board quest exp (268,000)

However, if you are leveling your first character in Dragon Nest you might want to take things slowly.

FTG Consumption will sky rocket once you hit level 50 (300 per Abyss dungeon completed solo which means 3 abyss dungeons a day with 700 FTG)

With this in mind here are some items you want to stock up on before hitting the level 50

  • Polished Agate/Alteums/Diamonds
  • Rare High Grade Revert and Crystal Codes

Polished Agates will be for your self enhancing of Level 50 Rare Weapons.

Polished Alteums can either be sold for gold so that you can use them to purchase some item crafting materials to craft Ancient Totem or Immortal Set.

Polished Alteums/Diamonds can also be used for your own enhancement of Level 50 epic equipment in the future.

Rare High Grade Revert and Crystal codes are for the self-coding of perfect potential level 50 rare weapons as are weapons are alot easier and cheaper to enhance to reach +10 and above.

Having perfect potentials will definitely help in your item builds especially if you want a basic critical build for your class.

Having a decent item build on start will making farming much easier when you are Level 50 so that you can grind in abyss mode.

Be sure to check out the rest of our site for other guides that maybe useful for you.

Reaching Level 50 will be the start of your dragon nest journey and I wish you all the best.

I’ve personally leveled a brand new character from 1 to 26 to test this guide out so you can be ensured of its usefulness in the current state of dragon nest.

Level 26 to 40 are tested by my characters who are around that level region.

Level 40 to 50 are still very relevant and are not subjected to much changes from previous leveling guides.

The only change to note will be flooded downstream ruins instead of forsaken islet core for Leveling from 32 to 40.

I hope everyone benefited from this guide one way or another.

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  1. Milim says:

    Nice guide Kazu ! Exactly what I needed since I started a new character, I will try Flooded Downstream Ruins even though it might not be as fast as your time but will still probably be faster than solo FIC :)

  2. NinaAizawa says:

    Thanks for your info
    and from now i can prepare for 50 Update in my Dragon Nest (Indonesia)

  3. Zell says:

    im current in lvl 29 and since level 24, im also go to Warrior Goblin (kill 300 spartans).

    it boost me up to 1 level and 30-40% exp gauge per exhaustion of 7 runs.

    helpful enough if your onto leveling purpose. also, tickets can give you rare potentials codes or you can get the gift items for cassius members (good enough for getting epic codes)

  4. speezy says:

    i personally leveling my char from 24~32 at dark mines solo, the exp is quite nice.

  5. neil says:

    what in-game currency is required to buy the pledge costume? gold? CC? or DNP? thx :)

  6. hey kzu, just want to make sure if that skill reset scroll at level 30 is still attainable as of this date? coz some says it’s been removed so i got a bit confused, tnx in advance

  7. Devlin Scott says:

    now I’m thinking of playing again…

  8. Lewis says:

    Not sure if you can stack the channel exp bonus if at the correct lvl range, as well as the bonus from partying with friends to whatever you’ve highlighted here so far.

  9. miao says:

    why not gates of the death city for 32-40 ? It can go as fast as 2mins 30s for abyss if you have a warrior as master , provided if your loading speed is fast since there is only 1 portal . If it’s a party of 4 , it still can run finish in less than 4 mins for master mode .

    • Failze says:

      the timing shown here were solo. if you were to clear FDR with a master youd be finishing it faster than Gates. and for those asking if skill reset is still in lvl 30 achievement yes it is but it expires after 1 day so you only open the lvl 30 reward box is you want to use it imediattely

  10. charles says:

    All your guide on your post in this page is exactly same to my leveling guide since lvl 50 capt is newly released, i’m thinking that we have the same thoughts and ideas on leveling.

    anyways keep it up and post more guides so that new players will be taught well by this guides : )

  11. BladeSoul says:

    I think the lvl 30 box’s re-skill expire for 1 day only.

  12. C0mPaSi0nLuV says:

    excuse me sir, 3min FDR it only applies on engi. I tried with my FU and i hits 7min / run. Never tried FIC although but if we got no choice but to find public party, they always shouting for FIC

    • Quarts says:

      JOb doesnt matter only the equipment what equipment d you use i did solo FIC master with +8 rare equipment and +10 weapon takes around 4 minutes. and the FDR master takes around 2 – 3,5 min. but in 39-40 (cause im a bit lazy at that level i run with a party in Ghost Town abyss with 4 member party it takes the same amount of exp with FIC master solo and the same time. ^^

  13. Dell says:

    Calculate again the exp/min sir. I think you made a mistake.. FIC gains more exp/min than FDR.

  14. greendragon says:

    the time spend at fdr i can run fic twice. just saying.

  15. Margox says:

    from lvl 24-32 you can lvl in fdr lvl30 board quest average run takes 2:00-2:30 only

  16. Margox says:

    Fic is best for lvl 32-40 gives higher exp than fdr and it is 1 stage only

  17. Thanks Kazu :D I will definitely use this guide for my new merc – 2ndIxionEX

  18. Barathos says:

    A very useful guide, take me only 10 hours of gameplay to reach lv40.

    However I have try out that soloing FIC still the best lvling spot for lv32 – 40, FIC gives me 20%/run while FDR only gives 15%/run, and the clear time is about the same.

    Besides, i have found out that soloing FIC is the best spot for mercenary if you have +10 lv32 weapon on both hands and 2 rings with all potted att pwr 5.8%, other class i havent try out yet.

    • kabebNger says:

      Just do GCD along with ur master.

      My friend level up to 40 in 7 hours.
      Just dont open boxes and have all those xp boost related items.

      And im adept thats why it is fast run. Takes 2:40mins in dok and 2:14 gcd

      one more, go to raiders ambush at lvl 13 for board quest.

  19. LowPally says:

    I’m currently having a hard time with my paladin level 29. Cause paladin doesn’t have many offensive skills / long cooldown skills. I’ve done FDR master mode and it took me like 6 minutes T_T is there any other way for paladin?

  20. KwiyowoNamja says:

    Hey, I came from DN Indonesia. I want to see how the SEA players is soloing in leveling.
    It’s worked!, I only in–out-in at FIC, I got 20% more exp per run. If I leveling with my master, he’ll ask me to go to Ghost Town and it’s not very effective than FIC.
    Thanx yea!

  21. Robert Charley says:

    thanks for the great guide :)

  22. Your Name... says:

    forget my other comment hahaha i saw another video (AikawaKazu)Moonlord haha sorry for the misunderstanding

  23. He says:

    Do you prefer runs, or quests, SrKazu?
    Thank you

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  25. Hi Kazu. Would like to ask about weapon/Armor Prefixes . not sure where should i post my question so sorry..
    If i upgrade my weapon e.g Ancient totem Wand into something like Ancient totem wand(magic power) Would my current potential on the Ancient totem wand be removed?

  26. PaulNewman says:

    I’d like to know where are the magic rarity items for each level that required is dropped, if there are good places to farm for those items I’m really on to it ><

  27. wayne says:

    actually i din follow much in guides due i need to study.
    i juz doing the sub quest and also main quest and take the commission board mission when i doing dungeon. i took about 2 week and i reach from lv1 to lv47

  28. iyos says:

    Which is better, soloing FDR master or FDR abyss?

  29. Your Name... says:

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  30. KinZoKu says:

    you might wanna re-edit this topic. Lv 60 cap will be raised any hours by now. thanks for the guide though.

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  38. stefanus felix says:

    Hey I from indonesia but I also played Dragon Nest in SEA and indonesian too but I have trouble since I’m going to leveling from lv 33 I have a set of ancient type which the ancient axe had enchanted until +9,to deal a great deal to enemie. For better one what must I have to enchant ?

  39. sinon says:

    im lvl 42 bowmaster . which dungeon at riverwort ruins is sutable for training i dont have strong equipment .it took me like 10mins to pass riverwort village ruins on hard mode and 1 died once

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  42. BarionZ says:

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