Dragon Nest SEA – Full PVE Smasher Guide by Sakasen ~! [T4]

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Hello Guys,

I’m Sakasen and I’m going to present you an pure PvE-Build for the Force User Class.

This Guide is going to include how to create your Skill build Step by Step, the decisions on the SP spent and the Suffix- and Potential Choice. Notice this Build is for optimized for Cap 50 and 60 and is not recommend for Usage under these Caps.


I recommend to use the Skillsimulator on dn.duowan.com/t4 for creating your Skillbuild. There are a few Things you need to notice about T4 before we can start:

  • T4 is the Skillsystem we are currently using

  • The Damagegrowth is not equally distributed, Level 6, 11, 16, 21… are the ones you want to look for

  • You need 45 SP in the 1st Tree to grab your Ultimate

  • You need 65 SP in the 2nd Tree to grab anything in the 3rd Tree

So now you know the Characteristics of T4-Skillsystem, we can start creating our own PvE-Skillbuild. But first of all, what defines an PvE-Build? What defines an PvP-Build?

PvE-Builds focus to get the most DPS out of one Class. In Order to achieve that you need to neglect your Utility and Survivability. PvE has fixed Evasionpatterns, if you cannot deal with that, you have to give up Damage for additional Utility/Survivability. The Arcane Buff is the Reason why Smasher > Majesty in Terms of Damage.

PvP-Builds focus on maxed Survivability with the focus on Key-Skills, that you can reliable hit. In Comparison to PvE, you have maxed Evasion and maxed Utility, included maxed Timedodge and Gravity Trap in order to increase your Winchance. In Addition in PvP Compensation Off or Ladder Elemental Damage is not nerfed, meaning stacking Darkattack will efficiently increase your Damage. This is the Reason why Majesty > Smasher in Terms of Utility in Terms of PvP.

Creating your Skill Build

Starting with the Sorceress Tree we max out the Essentials, this includes:

  • Maxed Blink

  • Wake Up Attack

  • Escape Lv.1

  • Aerial Evasion Lv.1

  • Maxed HP

  • Max MP Lv.1

  • Max Manaregen

With 17 SP we still need 2 more Skills in order to achieve 45 SP Cap for your Ultimate. I recommend to grab Glacial Spike and Void Blast. Both has been buffed by T4 in comparison to T3.

  • Max Glacial Spike

  • Void Blast Lv.16

With 54 SP in the Sorceress Tree we can proceed to the Force User Tree, where you want to grab all your Essential Skills.

  • All Skills till Eraser

  • Additional Point in Eraser (2SP into Ultimate!)

  • Max out Force Mirror

  • Teleport Lv.1

  • Timestop Lv.1

  • Maxed Beyond Time

  • All Skills till Summon Comet

Now we got 45 SP, but still need to hit the 65 SP-Cap to grab Skill in the Smasher Tree. You going to focus on your most damaging Skills:

  • Max out Linear Ray, your EX-Skill

  • Max out Spectrum Shower

  • Lv.11 Summon Comet

  • Lv.11 Nine Tail Laser

With 76 SP spent you can now grab all Smasher Skills

  • Max Arcane Buff (+16% Damage)

  • Max Laser Cutter

  • Linear Ray EX

  • All other EX Skills(No SP needed)

With this you should have 11 SP left. You have plenty Choices left, I chose to get Triple Orbs Lv.11 and Timestop Lv.2, but you also have plenty opportunities left:

  • Get higher Evasion Skills

  • Get Passives like Gravity Spark etc.

  • Get Gravity Trap and Gravity Acension for Utility

Repeat the same Procedure for Cap50.

In the End your Skillbuild should look like this:


click to enlarge

Remember this is not the ultimate best ever Build that can be created, it is an Suggestion, you can/need to modify it to your Preferences.

For Example if you want to have higher Escape Abilities, you just modify this Build!

If you decide to make an Build just for Cap 50 with Skillreset at 60 you may choose this Build.


click to enlarge

Choice of Suffix and Potentials

For Smasher I recommend to grab for Weapons:

  • Main Weapon: Magicpower

  • Secondary Weapon: Tent

You may want to ask why you dont go for Intellect. The Reason for this is because currently with T4 the Suffix are overwriting each other. This means if you go half Intellect you will decrease the Damage of someone in the Party who does double Intellect. For that Reason go with Magic Power. Tent can coexist with Intellect, that’s why I chose Tent.

For Armor:

  • Lack of Crit: Wind

  • Otherwise Intellect

You may want to ask why not to take the Suffix HP – The Reason is the passive Stats gained by Crafting. If you grab HP, you will simply have more HP, however if you grab Wind you gain Crit and for Intellect you gain Damage! That’s why I recommend to grab Wind if you haven’t met the Critcap yet.

Choice of Gear

Currently your Choices to increase your Damage are following:

  • Matk

  • Crit

  • Final Damage

  • (Elemental Damage)

Depending on your Budget you want to focus on one or more Aspects. The Elemental Damage is additional achievable if you use Unique or Legendary Gear with the right Potential.

Low Budget:

Try to reach your Critcap with AGI Necklace/Earrings and Fatal Rings – if you got enough Money you can choose to craft Skillrings, but getting the right Stat can be frustrating. You can increase your Matk too by upgrading your Weapons or using specific Setitems (eg. 5 Totem, 2 Immortal)

Mid Budget – High Budget:

You can go for a mix/full FD and Crit. Currently the best Choice to reach this is 244 FD with Apoc Accessories, for Armors/Weapons 2 Victor Setitems and 5 Immortal Setitems. 2 Victor Weapons can be frustrating to upgrade, for a cheaper Variation you may want to choose 4 Totem and 3 Immortal Setitems. The Rest of your Money goes for Crit/FD-Plates, this is the Step where this can become very expensive.

High Budget/Top Gear:

The currently best Way to max out your Damage is to grab 2 Sea Dragon L Grade Weapons with Matk+Crit+Elemental Damage, since they can coexist in L Grade. To fill the Gap for Crit&FD is the Reason why this is the most expensive Way to boost your Damage, but gives the best results.


Thanks for reading this Guide. I hope you carefully read through this and understood the Way I have chosen and not simply read the results without understanding anything. I hope you can appreciate this Work and now can walk you Way to become an great Smasher.

A big thank you to Sakasen once again 😀

I hope what is shared is useful as always ^_^

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  1. kakarot says:

    sakasen… meh.. but let’s give it a try….


    *le me looking at the skill tree….

    NO poison missile ????

    nothing to do here

    • Lex says:

      It’s a freakin PVE guide. Damage of poison missle even at max level is awfully low. So he just got void blast which deals a lot of damage when maxed.

  2. Sakasen says:

    Not enough SP left in the Sorceress Tree, unless you want to give up Void Blast[Does around 50k+] for some Poison Missile[neglecctable Damage]

  3. Alger says:

    use this http://dn.mmosite.com/tool/skilltree4.shtml
    much more better.. and its in english language

  4. Megan says:

    awesome guide (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  5. annon12 says:

    well…. mine is full support Smasher(pve type) and my skill build is the same from sakaken’s skill build except, i have used maxed level time stop for bind for long duration plus ive maxed the poison missle also for the secondary attack skill…

    plus the time stop skill is really important for pve for
    binding the stage bosses and mobs(except nests bosses)

    btw…. thanks for the L-grade equip build-up tips 😀

  6. Leo says:

    there’s no such potential as matk+crit+ele, L grade has the matk+ele which is more beneficial for elemental classes and that’s it, no such imba pot lol.

  7. Iserial says:

    Sakasen ?
    ur Hikasen from athens ,am i right?

  8. Jenny says:

    hello Sakasen. Is there any update with a smasher skill build? Thakyou. More power! :)

  9. Eve says:

    Since the III’s introduced, is there any chance on how to back smasher lack of defence ?? And also HP ( but idunthink we can do much in hp tho)

  10. Miia says:

    teleport Lvl 1.. why.?

  11. Hayate Ayasaki says:

    Thanks for information sakasen-san

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