Dragon Nest SEA – Moonlord & Gladiator Skill Build Guide WITH Brave ~! [Pure & Hybrid PVP/PVE Builds]

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Firstly I apologize for the same thumb nail I used for the Suffix II guide.

Doing this guide ASAP because many are actually needing it with 450 Mark Patch released just tomorrow.

Time Check: 2AM 14 January 2012 (started) 4.57AM 14 January 2012 (Published)

Warning: It is a wall of text but I believe given the long hours expected for maintenance on Tuesday this should be an interesting read if you haven’t read it on Monday that is


This guide only serves as a guide to cater to the various play-styles that players have when playing the gladiator or moonlord class.

I’ll have a skill build up for my own Gladiator and Moonlord provided in this guide alongside the other options that I provide for.

Take note of the reasons I state for choosing this certain skill build for my own characters.

At the end of the guide before you decide on the skill build you are going for, you should be able to justify to yourself and your fellow friends in dragon nest when asked upon why you went for that certain skill build that you have decided upon.

Remember in the end, you’re the person playing the character not me, so design your skill build around the type of gameplay you are looking for in Dragon Nest.

Everyone have their own reasons in playing so try to fit your skill build to that specific reason(s).

Before continuing reading the skill build guide, watch this video describing and discussion the changes of Moonlord and Gladiators due to 450 Mark Skill balancing


Skill Builds are made with the T4 Simulator with Brave available here:

http://dn.mmosite.com/tool/skilltree4.shtml credits to dn.mmosite.com

I’ll be providing the skill build guide as well as a FAQ section for both Gladiator and Moonlords. :

  • Pure PVE
  • PVP
  • Hybrid (basically catering to players who PVE/PVP like myself but want a build that is decent for both) 
  • FAQ (Provided at the end of the guide)

Disclaimer: These Skill Build guide will be explained with reasons but in the end it is up to your own discretion to decide which skill build is more suitable for your own playstyle. Do read the guide carefully before choosing to follow any of the skill builds here, do not follow blindly.

I’ll start with Gladiator first in the sequence of Pure PVE, Pure PVP and last but not least hybrid.

For moonlord skill builds keep scrolling down until you see a string of dotted lines like this below:


Note as mentioned in many of Sakasen’s Skill Build Guides

There are a few Things you need to notice about T4 before we can start:

  • T4 is the Skillsystem we are currently using

  • The Damage growth is not equally distributed, Level 6, 11, 16, 21… are the ones you want to look for

  • You need 45 SP in the 1st Tree to grab your Ultimate

  • You need 65 SP in the 2nd Tree to grab anything in the 3rd Tree

  • The skill simulator I’m using gives swordmaster tree a maximum of 94SP but know that in DNSEA we only have maximum of 91SP

Especially for the damage growth part, make sure you read that because you will wonder why most skills are made to level 6, 11 or for some even level 16.

Pure PVE Gladiator Skill Build (With Parrying Stance)


No Counter Slash/Wave, Click to Enlarge


  • Level 6 Rising Slash (For double rising capabilities and damage growth is at 6)
  • Level 6 Circle Break (Significant Damage Growth at level 6)
  • Level 6 Dash Kick (450 Mark Patch gives Dash Kick 2-2.5 times increase in damage just at level 1)
  • Level 10 Triple Slash (Use triple slash skill earring to hit Level 11)
  • Level 6 Eclipse (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 5 Brave (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 5 Provoking Slam (Max for 50 cap, 35% DMG Increase)
  • Level 11 Front Shove (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 9 Hacking Stance (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 7 Line Drive/Rage (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 1 Parry & Level 1 Parrying Stance

So the big question is why Level 6 dash kick?

I could have used the SP on dash kick to get level 11 rising slash or level 11 circle break.

Let’s take a look at level 11 rising slash and circle break first.

circlebreak6vs11 risingslash6vs11

Now as you can see, if you add up the damage difference for both rising slash and circle break at level 11, it only adds up to 118% PATK difference

And you can’t get both level 11 rising slash and level 11 circle break without giving up some SP in the swordmaster tree.

Level 16 circle break is also out of reach within 50 cap.

Then the smarter players will realize that circle break and rising slash both have 10s and 11s cooldown respectively while dash kick cooldown in PVE has increased to 20s

So let’s double that PATK Difference to 236% PATK

Then now lets look at level 6 dash kick. (437% PATK + 191)

dash level 6

437%PATK vs a possible 236% PATK that you are missing out on.

The comparison is obvious (especially when I mentioned that you can’t possibly get 11 rising slash and circle break without some SP taken from SM Tree), howerver going level 6 rising slash, circle break is definitely still good as they provide good damage for their given cooldowns.

But forgoing Dash kick level 6 to get level 11 for one of them is definitely not the way to go for pure pve build in terms of potential DPS output.

So I hope those who were skeptical immediately when seeing dash kick can calm down now.

It is also possible to get circle break to level 11 and still keep level 6 rising slash and level 6 dash kick but that means you trade off your parry and parrying stance.

Parrying stance itself is like a insurance skill you can use for easy getaways for certain boss mechanics currently in the game but hardly a necessity if you understand boss mechanics well and dodge fine.

Purple rain in Sea Dragon Nest, and other simple boss mechanics from golem type bosses with their pounding on the ground etc.

So if you’re willing to do away with parry and parrying stance you get an extra 6SP.

Why not rising slash to level 11 instead of circle break?

Well Circle Break has higher damage growth rate compared to rising slash when comparing level 11 versions hence why go for circle break 11 instead of rising slash.

See example below

Pure PVE Gladiator (No Parry and Parrying Stance)


No Parry, Parrying Stance, click to enlarge

Please note that for the no parry skill build there’s 1 extra SP

You can add it to sweeping kick, drop kick or simply get triple slash to level 11 (So that you avoid using a skill accessory in case u relying on accessories for fd build for eg.)

I believe this is one of the best pure pve build one can go for after the 450 mark patch.

Feel free to share in the comments section below anyway you think this can be improved.

I’ll try to provide a screenshot of dash kick DPS to further build its credibility once I get it.

Let’s move on to Pure PVP Build for Gladiator.

This pure PVP Build is leaning towards 1v1 softban pvp and not ladder pvp, do your own tweaks for ladder pvp :)

Depending on your preference, I’ll be providing various builds here.

Warrior tree will be focused on getting the 45SP needed to learn ultimate in swordmaster tree so that you can learn Gladiator skills.

Drop kick and Sweeping kick is learnt assuming that you know how to utilize drop kick.

Getting infinity edge is required to learn evasion slash etc.

Pure Softban PVP Gladiator (No Cyclone Slash)


Click to enlarge, no cyclone slash

As you can see there’s 3 Extra SP for you to spend it where you want.

You can learn cyclone slash if you want but you can also get MLS further to level 9.

Whether that is useful for you is up to your playstyle.

Checking with Azolik and Belfry, they mentioned that MLS is very good for utility (cancelling skills like aerial combo, ranged capability to cancel skills like TA etc) and since they are able to use it so well for utility having that added damage is also good as well.

Never the less do consider that moonlight splitter damage is reduced by 10% for both pvp and pve.

You can totally forgo learning moonlight splitter if you want but so far from all the Level 50/60 Gladiator videos I’ve watched in cDN, none of the pro gladiators have passed on in learning this skill.

Whether level 1, 6, 9 or 11 it is up to you how much SP you want to sacrifice in your other skills in your physical tree to push that up.

The skill in question here u can lower to increase MLS will be hacking stance,  since most of the time for Pro gladiators currently in 50 cap for soft ban pvp, they seldom get the chance to use it.

I’ll still get at least level 6 hacking stance in view of hacking stance EX for future 60 cap.

Which brings me to my next build pvp build for soft ban that includes cyclone slash but I have 2 different builds for you to consider.


Click to enlarge, Level 1 MLS, Level 1 Cyclone Slash

The first one has level 1 mls and level 1 cyclone slash.

This means that you’re using MLS and Cyclone slash merely for the utility.

Cyclone Slash is definitely very useful in buying time for cool down for skills and trapping certain classes.

It’s a easy to chain skill once you have baited aerial evasions from your opponent with skills like evasion slash -> cyclone slash, or wall bounce cyclone slash and many other possible methods to chain cyclone slash with a gladiator.

So for this build you maximize everything on your physical tree  but still get cyclone slash and mls for it’s useful utility in pvp.

You can however decrease hacking stance to level 6 as mentioned above to get MLS to level 6.

See below


Click to Enlarge, Level 6 hacking stance, Level 6 MLS, Level 1 Cyclone Slash


And last but not least if you want to forgo Cyclone Slash you can get MLS to level 9.

For those who are thinking of a viable Pure PVP Ladder Gladiator Build, here’s 2 builds what I have in mind which basically includes parry to get parrying stance, one with cyclone slash and one without.

Pure PVP Ladder Gladiator Build with Parrying Stance, No Cyclone Slash


Click to enlarge, no cyclone slash pure pvp ladder

Pure PVP Ladder Gladiator Build with Parrying and Cyclone Slash


Click to enlarge, Cyclone Slash Pure PVP

Note: For the build with cyclone slash, you will need triple slash skill earring to get it to level 11, this is extremely important

That 12 seconds with level 2 parrying stance is just for you to buy time and stay safe from certain skills like flame road, divine avatar, iron skin, tracking arrows… the list goes on.

Level 1 parrying stance with 9 seconds is sufficient if you know how to buy time buy dashing away for the first few seconds when encountering the skills I’ve mentioned like DA, iron skin etc.

If you can do without having parrying stance you can then follow the pure softban pvp builds mentioned above.

For the first build without cyclone slash you can add the extra SP to get level 3 parrying stance (15s is a little over kill though because even though you bought time for yourself, your opponent will be like wise for their own cooldown for skills) or add it to passive parry.

Or you can get this 3 SP to learning Great Wave as an ultimate which is also useful in ladder in terms of utility, but learning how to learn infinity edge for ladder is also something challenging and interesting to do.

Counter Slash or wave is combined now into 1 skill (meaning u can left click for slash and right click for wave with just spending of 3SP instead of 6 before 450 mark patch and brave inclusion) but the damage increase was only for PVE.

I’m not a fan of counting on passive parry to save myself or win in a pvp fight so I personally won’t go for parry tree at all.

Which brings me to my own gladiator skill build I’ll be using which will be the hybrid build leaning towards PVP, I’ll provide a Hybrid PVE Gladiator build as well.

Hybrid PVP Gladiator for SecretSwrd


Click to enlarge, Level 1 MLS and Cyclone Slash

I still managed to get level 6 rising slash and level 6 circle break which was from the PVE side of the house

I have level 1 MLS and Cyclone slash used purely for utility sake.

Before the 450 mark patch I was using a no cyclone slash, level 11 MLS build, but with the inclusion of Brave you can only hit level 6 MLS if you want to keep your hacking stance maxed.

Seeing that level 6 will not deal as much damage as level 11, I decided to bring MLS to level 1.

Also if you do watch my recent PVP videos of my own gladiator, I hardly use MLS xD!

Belfry told me that getting cyclone slash is actually very useful especially fighting against certain classes which is why I’m choosing to get it at level 1 this time.

Also no dash kick because it can be disruptive when doing combos because now if you dash and try to right click to do a side kick you will end up doing a dash kick accidentally if you forgot to stop xD!

This is a hybrid build nevertheless, you can never get the best of both worlds so don’t expect to kick-ass in pvp with this build but PVE wise this build should be good enough.

With that the last skill build for Gladiator today will be the Hybrid PVE Gladiator Skill Build


Click to Enlarge, Hybrid PVE Gladiator

This one is hybrid PVE because you get to enjoy the 3 Level 6 skills mentioned in the pure pve build which is level 6 rising slash, circle break and dash kick respectively

You can don’t learn the level 1 MLS for utility and use that 3SP for somewhere else that you want.

But personally MLS even at level 1 is very useful.

PVE wise you should definitely be fine since your physical tree is maxed out as well as enjoying the 3 filler skills at level 6.

You might have some trouble with ladder pvp as you do not have parrying stance but I mentioned that it is possible to do without parrying stance in ladder but it means you have alot lesser room for error.

This concludes the Gladiator Section of the Skill Build Guide.

Disclaimer: These Skill Build guide will be explained with reasons but in the end it is up to your own discretion to decide which skill build is more suitable for your own playstyle. Do read the guide carefully before choosing to follow any of the skill builds here, do not follow blindly.


This will be the start of the Moonlord section for the Skill Build Guide

I’ll start with the PVE builds as always then go on to talk about the PVP.

For PVE Builds here are the builds available:

  • Pure Magic PVE
  • Hybrid PVE 1(Meaning you learn at least Level 6 Line Drive)

Pure Magic PVE Moonlord Skill Build


Click to Enlarge, Pure MATK PVE


  • Level 16 Impact Wave (434% MATK + 9641, 13s Cooldown)
  • Level 1 Circle Break (SA Breaking purposes as well as to hit 45 SP to learn ultimate)
  • No Sweeping Kick or Drop Kick
  • Level 1 Triple Slash and Front Shove (Triple slash for filler and mobility, Front Shove for I-frame Dodging)
  • Level 6 Eclipse (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 5 Brave (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 5 Provoking Slam (Max for 50 Cap)
  • Level 11 Cyclone Slash (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 9 Crescent Cleave (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 7 Half-moon Slash (Max for 50 cap with 40% aboslute damage increase this is a must max skill now no excuse)
  • Level 2 Moonblade Dance
  • Level 1 Flash Stance (Must-get since 450 mark patch DMG Boosts)

Extra 3SP depending on where you want to add it (Drop kick, sweeping kick will be my personal preference or you can learn level 1 rising slash)

For those who wants to go pure MATK pve build, level 16 impact wave is definitely better than getting the rising slash or circle break.

However if it does not fit your playstyle, feel free to go for rising slash level 6/11 if you want and ignore impact wave.

This is pure matk pve build so most physical skills will be ignored unless it is of necessity in terms of utility or usefulness like i-frame in the case of front shove.

Why Crescent Cleave Level 9 since it’s getting reduction in damage?

You can get it to level 6 but where do you want to place the points for the 3 SP?

You can add that 3SP to learning passive parry but that’s it, and passive parry is useless without learning parrying stance in that sense so that’s why I simply added Crescent Cleave to Level 9 unless you want to use that 3 leftover SP to learn passive parry then by all means use this 3 SP with reduction of crescent cleave to level 6 to get parrying stance.

Some might argue that this pure matk pve build might not be as good as the hybrid one with line drive so let’s see what are our options to tweak this build above to accomodate for line drive.

Note line drive needs to be level 6 for this tweak to be purposeful.

Hybrid PVE Build for Moonlord


Click to Enlarge, Level 6 Line Drive


  • I changed Level 16 Impact Wave to Level 11 Rising slash (This is guessing that you want hybrid cause you still want to pvp a little)
  • Dropkick and Sweeping Kick added
  • Level 6 Line Drive ( with 20% dmg increase for Line drive this is definitely worthwhile)
  • Cyclone Slash Level 6 (In view of Cyclone Slash EX in 60 cap)
  • Crescent Cleave Level 6 (For 5 waves)
  • Half-moon Slash Level 7 (Must max skill with 40% absolute damage increase)
  • Level 10 MLS (Get MLS Skill earring to get it to 11)

This build is especially useful to players like 1jun2 who have same PATK and MATK, and with his full crit and FD build, his PATK is extremely high as well.

In 1jun2 case with his full FD he would have an effective base patk of 14,000 making damage from PATK Based skills to do significant damage as well.

The rest is pretty much the same as the pure MATK pve build.

To get line drive to level 6 you basically have to give up the parry tree altogether.

This build is actually pretty viable especially if you pvp quite abit with your moonlord regardless if its ladder or softban.

Line Drive is definitely a high damaging skill and I know limejuice2 a decent moonlord in greenwood for both pvp and pve has learn this to at least level 6.

PVE wise the 20% dmg increase for rage with 450 mark patch definitely makes it even more worthwhile when compared to getting it in the past.

Do note that you need to get MLS Skill Earring to get MLS to level 11 to get this build to work if not you need to find an additional SP somewhere else in the swordmaster tree to give up on.

Regarding the change from impact wave level 16 to rising slash, I’m guessing that players choosing or considering this build prefers to PVP decently with their moonlord as well which makes impact wave level 16 a  little less useful.

But if  you’re keen leaning it towards a PVE-sided hybrid build then keep the Level 16 impact wave.

Let’s move on to the a PVP Builds for Moonlord.

  • Pure PVP Build with Level 6 Hacking Stance
  • Pure PVP Build with Level 1 Hacking Stance
  • Hybrid PVP Build with No Line Drive

Now the first thing you must be thinking will be hacking stance with moonlord?

Well it is indeed viable and is a experimental PVP Build that I thought off after seeing xArigato a PVP Moonlord use it himself against Belfry a Gladiator.

Hacking stance is also useful if after you get the wall bounce using Moonblade dance after chaining it with cyclone slash providing a even deadly combination.

Also useful to chain it with moonlight splitter EX flinching effect even in ladder against Elemental Lords with shield as MLS EX actually is able to flinch them.

Chaining hacking stance with MLS EX flinch is also another way to utilize this useful skill which is the thinking process behind this build

If you are not for it, then ignore this pvp build entirely and go for the one without hacking stance especially if you don’t find yourself using it alot as a moonlord in softban pvp.

Pure PVP Moonlord Skill Build with Level 6 Hacking Stance


Click to Enlarge, Level 6 Line Drive and HMS, Level 6 Hacking Stance

Warrior side of the tree is merely to meet the 45SP requirement to learn the ultimate skill, you can play around in that region to however you want to hit that 45 SP minimum requirement.

Level 6 Cyclone Slash for MBD + Cyclone slash combo, harder for opponent to fall out of the cyclone slash during the process if you mis-direction one mbd wave.

As mentioned above, hacking stance is level 6 for this build.

If you don’t see yourself using hacking stance as a moonlord then you can forgo this pvp skill build entirely

Do note that the PVE-viability of hacking stance level 6 in this build is also useful if you want to consider it in that sense as well.

Crescent Cleave is pretty useless to get to level 6 for the 5 sword waves that is hardly useful in PVP due to its slow casting time which is why it is level 1 to open up the possibility of getting hacking stance to level 6 and line drive at level 6.

Pure PVP Build for Moonlord with Level 1 Hacking Stance, Level 6 Line Drive


Click to Enlarge, Level 7 Line Drive & HMS

This build focus on maximizing damage from line drive and half-moon slash.

Crescent Cleave is Level 1 for reasons that it’s a pure PVP build making the skill as mentioned above relatively useless.

Without leveling hacking stance the SP is spent on getting Line Drive and HMS to its maximum possible level in 50 cap.

There’s 4 SP left for you to choose where you want to place them.

You can get MLS to level 10 to free up another SP, then getting line drive to level 6 so that you have 6 SP

This 6 SP can be used to learn parry and parrying stance for a viable ladder PVP build if you so wish for.

I’ll now share the Build that I’ll be using on AikawaKazu.

Skill Build for AikawaKazu


Click to Enlarge


  • Level 6 Rising Slash for that extra uplift (Sometimes lag prevents you from lifting the opponent proper the first time, 2nd uplift does up in those situations)
  • Level 6 Impact Wave (I promise I’ll try remember to put this skill in my rotation for PVE from now on)
  • Level 1 Circle Break (To meet the 45 SP minimum requirement, SA break is also useful in both pvp and pve situations)
  • Level 6 Crescent Cleave instead of 9 (Only lose around 20% MATK Difference here, Level 6 for 5 waves on large bosses)
  • Level 10 MLS (Using Skill Earring to get it to Level 11)
  • Level 11 Cyclone Slash (25% dmg increase to this skill after 450 mark patch will make it even more worth while)
  • Level 1 Parry and Parrying Stance (I do ladder pvp quite abit for my Moonlord)
  • Ecilpse, Brave & Provoking Slam Maxed (Using Provoking Slam Skill ring)

Pretty much explain my reasoning with the brackets

Just want to add on rising slash where it’s also good for countering or catching opponents when they try to aerial combo you, the 2nd rising slash if delayed can help catch opponents that aerial evade too early or when trying to catch opponents after they counter exile.

You can forgo level 6 impact wave and get rising slash to level 11 if you find that you don’t use impact wave at all.

I’ll include using impact wave in my pve rotation in my new year resolution I guess *laughs*

I realized the you don’t lose out on too much when you decrease crescent cleave from 9 to 6, probably keep it at 6 and maybe max it when level 60 cap comes, but for now I think Level 6 will suffice.

Parrying stance is for that defense buff needed to combat DA, ironskin etc in Ladder.


Other FAQs

Why Level 6 Eclipse since the super armor debuff effect is removed and added to brave?

Eclipse only lost it’s super armor debuff utility to Brave, it’s usefulness in terms of Damage is not changed at all.

Compared pre 450 mark patch eclipse and post 450 mark patch eclipse shows that the % values for patk and matk is the same.

For both PVP and PVE, this skill can still pack a punch and it is one of the skills that a swordmaster have that can cancel/disrupt the skill casting of other classes easily.

Trust me level 6 is definitely still worthwhile regardless of pvp or pve.

Is Level 5 Brave really a must have?

Technically for PVP Brave gives a flat out 30% damage buff from level 1.

However the question will be if you don’t put brave to level 5, where will you add that extra 4SP

PVE wise level 5 brave gives you just enough duration to cast out most of your damaging PVE skills before the buff runs out (11s Duration AFAIK at level 5)

A simple rotation for Moonlords for eg will be:

  1. Provoking Slam (Debuff last longer than brave buff duration)
  2. Cast Brave
  3. Cyclone Slash
  4. HMS (if its off cooldown) if not MLS EX
  5. Moonblade Dance

That should be about how long the brave buff will last for you to craft the abovementioned skills.

Getting it at level 1 for PVE will be disastrous.

For PVP the superarmor debuff increase as you increase the level of brave.

So if you want the SA debuff of Eclipse previously you will have to get brave to Level 5

Wow so Brave seems like a skill that I must invest in… for Skill Plate or Skill Accessory?

Firstly I don’t know if a Skill Plate which is mostly probably going to be a +Buff Duration (fingers crossed) if it actually exists *laughs*

Similarly for skill accessory for brave as well.

I’ve tried to search dn.mmosite as well as google but can find no information as of yet.

However know that brave skill accessory is probably not worth while if it’s a choice between provoking slam and brave. (that’s if brave skill accessory is even a ring)

Provoking Slam debuff can be benefited by your team mates while brave is a self-buff

With skill ring, provoking slam can hit 40% Dmg increase compared to a 30% dmg increase self-buff.

Also checking dn.mmosite as well as some cDN sources, at level 50 cap, specifically for PVE, Level 5 brave actually only increases damage by 25% and not 30%.

Need to double check our own DNSEA After the patch is done but for now we should assume that it’s only 25% Dmg increase.

We only get 30% damage increase if it’s at level 6 according to dn.mmosite skill simulator as well which is only possible if the skill accessory is available otherwise we will need to wait for 60 cap.

So if the skill accessory is something other than a ring, than maybe it’s worth investing for that extra 5% damage.

Replacing the current skill ring/earring used for moonblade dance or moonlight splitter could also be viable since level 3 MBD only has a increase in 4% MATK in which 5% extra damage will be superior which also applies to all skills for that duration.

MLS is even worse off and increase in level 11 to 12 is only a 1% dmg increase in MATK so we can clearly replace our mls skill ring unless it’s for utilization of getting mls from level 10 to 11 for certain skill builds.

Well that’s it for the skill build guide.

Remember my forewords:

This guide only serves as a guide to cater to the various play-styles that players have when playing the gladiator or moonlord class.

I’ll have a skill build up for my own Gladiator and Moonlord provided in this guide alongside the other options that I provide for.

Take note of the reasons I state for choosing this certain skill build for my own characters.

At the end of the guide before you decide on the skill build you are going for, you should be able to justify to yourself and your fellow friends in dragon nest when asked upon why you went for that certain skill build that you have decided upon.

Remember in the end, you’re the person playing the character not me, so design your skill build around the type of gameplay you are looking for in Dragon Nest.

Everyone have their own reasons in playing so try to fit your skill build to that specific reason(s).

I hope what is shared is useful as always ^_^

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  1. Shouten says:

    argh…even after that eclipse FAQ, I’m still confuse to keep lvl 6 or reduce it to lvl 1…
    btw nice guide as usual…

  2. C0mPaSi0nLuV says:

    i recommend that ML u dont max cyclone slash. 1 would be enough for PVE. cuz its really useless. I rather add all to line drive(rage), it would be alot better and useful

    • Kaze says:

      ML Not getting cyclone slash?? Face palm..
      The 60 patch there’s a skill called cyclone slash EX for ML.
      Pls do some research before u post such rubbish..

      • TsukiAOi says:

        the way he says it is rude. but he is not completely wrong

        level 1 is still good for CS EX.
        EX gives you bigger AOE (like level 6 version) and suction effect

        all of this can be had without spending any SP after level 1 CS. of course the damage boost will be wasted here, but SP saved can be spent elsewhere.

  3. Rime says:

    Why is there no parry and parrying stance in your SecretSwrd? parry is important pvping against acros..

  4. Aikawakazu , im sorry to say this , but you are not the guy we knew anymore , ur guide is total bullcrap these days , especially about the inspiration 1jun2 . Im sorry , but this is TRASH !

  5. Ross says:

    Hello Kazu!

    I’m guessing for the Gladiator, I’m assuming there is skill ring on the build right? Because what’s the reasoning behind not getting it to lv. 11? Doesn’t make sense.

    And regarding the dash kick, why not just remove it all in all, zero rising slash, then max circle break, or both lv. 11. (Pure PVE perspective)

    IMO I would rather get lv. 6 dash slash than dash kick. 5 sec CD vs. 20 sec. Dash Slash pretty much wins over Dash kick in all perspective, even speed of execution + DPS.

    Just my opinion though. Thanks for the guide still. Thumbs up!!!

  6. bladyx says:

    hii about the pvp gladiator build is adding front shove till 11 worth it? becoz i dun see many dmg dealt by front shove (use it for dodging and the last slash only for stagger) and i thought of building my glad wif max mls
    and lvl 1 front shove like
    but wif max hacking stance

  7. Pato Kwakwak says:

    Kazu, regarding your build on your gladiator, you exceeded the total number of sp spent. Is only the max sp usage increased or also the max sp to be spent?

    • AikawaKazu says:

      where did I exceed the total number of SP Spent, I already browsed through all the builds none of them are above 91SP in the swordmaster tree.

      147SP is the max sp we have spend in dnsea as well.

  8. LuFFyxx says:

    Dash kick=Dps=lols

    parry? is not usefull in pvp=omg

    lvl 6 eclipse is pure waste=Cd is long,so dps is lost,lvl 1 is enough!

    • AikawaKazu says:

      it is a 1v1 softban build pvp where parrying stance is banned anyway which is why its not in the build.

      the guide specifically points out that you can spare an extra 3SP to get 6SP so that you can learn both passive parry and parrying stance should you so desire.

      Level 6 eclipse is extremely useful and high damaging in PVP, I believe Belfry approves in getting level 6 eclipse as well just fyi.

  9. ROKRATOZ says:

    They Called me Warrior, i was born in Prairie Town and became a swordmaster in Calderock village , we have simple and near to reality skills we dont make big Cyclone or a gigantic explosion coming from no where.. we dont have super powers like elemental powers or dark magics, we are naturally build for battle and WAR , but im not excited in killing other people.. i use my SWORD to protect and help others , and i am proud to shout “BRAVE!”.

  10. Robearth says:

    moonlight splitter is useless for gladiator
    parrying stance is usefull in many way like facing divine avatar..

    • AikawaKazu says:

      you can just run from paladins with Divine avatar, with evasion slash, front shove, aerial combo iframe even if you get your tumble baited, you have 2 options to dodge skills.
      Of course if you want easy mode, then get parrying stance.

  11. Tsukinoou says:

    LOLS,Dash kick LVL 6 really does a lot of damage,but considering we have no time to Dash > Dash Kick the mobs.I would rather maxed Circle Break rather than Dash Kick.LVL 6 Rising Slash is enough since to compare Circle Break and Rising Slash,LVL 11 RS in not worthy since if your RS getting cancelled you won’t get the maxed damage of 347% from RS i.e

    Gladiator using RS,cancelled halfway,only half the damage from the skill done on the mobs while LVL 11 Circle Break does 327% damage in 1 hit.

    About Dash Kick,i think even Glads won’t even have time to use that skill since by spamming skill in this Rotation =

    Provoking Slam > Infinity Edge(if posssible,if no skip this) > Hacking Stance(for those who maxed this) > Triple Slash > Evasion Slash > Front Shove > Rising Slash(maybe continue with Aerial Combo) > Finish Attack > Repeat.Circle Break can be added in this rotation,for me usually Provoking Slam > IE > Circle Break then spam other skill.

    • AikawaKazu says:

      well consider fighting archbishop nest boss for that matter.

      You tumble to do dash slash and dash combo.

      When you dodge again from his attacks with tumble with dash slash and dash combo on cd, dash kick comes into play.

      In the end if you feel that dash kick totally spoils your momentum and don’t think it’s worth while then by all means.

      Already mentioned in the start of the guide that you need not follow these builds at all.

      Getting dash kick is just having another skill that utilizes 437% PATK compared to what I mentioned which is just another 118% PATK difference if you went for circle break instead. You already mentioned rising slash 11 is not worth it since you are vulnerable when you do the 2nd rising where you risk getting cancelled.
      You can’t get circle break to level 16 in 50 cap meaning getting past 11 is a waste of SP. So where do the extra sp in warrior tree go? Dash Kick is the next best PVE option.

  12. moogled says:

    still got line drive at level 7?.. i thought it wont be much of a damage dealer compared to its t3 version..

    Correct me if I’m wrong.. but let’s set this example..
    if you got 1000atk overall damage for your line drive..
    it means to say that you can’t go over that damage for t4 patch right?.. your 1000atk will be divided on the hits landed by the line drive right?.. would it still be a good decision to enhance line drive to level 6/7?

  13. TsukiNoMe says:

    Dear Kazu i have the same question as bladyx, is max front shove dps really that worth it? I’m going for full pvp gladiator softban and can’t decide whether to max moonlight splitter or frontshove. Your reply would be appreciated. <3

  14. so tell me AIKAWAKaZU ! why is that u decided to go GLADIATOR AS MAIN ? eh ? whats that ? u guys got nerfed so bad u think its weak , ok then :D

  15. Ven says:

    Hey nice guides …

    But in the skill builds I didn’t see an icon for Counter Wave … soooo has the skill been removed or is it that you can’t see it in the skill calculator?

    Please answer ><

  16. Ozgon, Springwood says:

    Hi Kazu,may i knw wil u max flash stance whn lvl60 cap out? or invest 1 sp is enough for the whole build? thnz :D

  17. Edy says:

    Nice guide ! Like it !

  18. Freezy says:

    hey kazu, i like your hybrid pve build just like my style. but since i use fd accesories can i leave cyclone slash to level 1 and put sp to MLS?
    do you think its ok?

  19. MrBT says:

    Just for information (and spoiling ._.) in 55EX (ex: cyclone slash EX) just need lvl 1 skill, so i think that maxing/having lvl 6 cyclone slash is not usable ._.


  20. Rime says:

    Hey! is your build in secretswrd effective in ladder?

  21. marc says:

    there’s a bug in brave skill.

    the description says that the duration is 17sec

    but when i use it. the duration is only 10secs.

  22. glend says:

    moonlord still rocks… ^^

  23. .... says:

    u build suck !!!!

  24. Weirdo says:

    Sir, If u wan solo abn or go SDn (pt) u must increase Def or Mdef? (windwalker)
    And how much def/mdef must increase?

  25. Private says:

    Nice build..

    anyway if u want to meet me, add iRyuSenka on IDN(Indonesia) Althea server

  26. ftwtf1 says:

    I just want to ask in your HYBRID Moonlord PVE build. Why is rising slash level 11? Isn’t level 6 enough just to get the opponent rise a bit higher because of the effect in level 6 of rising slash? Wouldn’t it be better if you put the 5 more level to the hacking stance? Just a thought. Thanks

  27. JC says:

    You changed your main from ML to Gladiator? It means you find Gladiator got more potential in 1v1 PVP than ML?

  28. asdfasd says:

    Cibai GM NOOB

  29. Oboro says:

    sir kazu in the hybrid PVE build for ML’s would it still be ok if i just reduced crescent cleave to 1 and max cyclone slash insted?

  30. hey dude what is the best for Moonlord build? or for Gladiator build??? both for PVP ty kazu

  31. Yonao says:

    actually another option which works for hybrid and pure sm is to just get lvl 1 eclipse just for an extra skill to use in not just pvp and pve and pump the other 5 skill points into parry and parrying stance

  32. Akihiko says:

    question…what if the moonlord is a pvp type but they only play on team battles? should they lvl 6 the crescent cleave or still 1?

  33. ShaoronLee says:

    spend SP on Hacking Stance too much..does is really that useful? in PvP mny chac can counter it really hard to combo with it if u not experienced..

  34. Your Name... says:

    AikawaKazu is a gladiator right ? i saw your pvp video on youtube. versus two other class . but on the photo that you said AikawaKazu’s skill build that you will be using the 3rd class is moonlord . just confused :) but do tell me if im wrong. im a newbie in DN i just need decent guide for glad . :)i dunno what to choose from the pvp builds . i want a pvp build the best !

  35. Pulau Tidung says:

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    thaks yah gan atas postnya, nice post

  37. Juls says:

    Kazu, can you bring an update with the new level 60 cap?

  38. Kelvin says:

    Kazu Can’t i get parrying stance and i max my cresent cleave at lvl.9 it is okay to my moonlord?

  39. Pulau Tidung says:

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  43. 3232 says:

    nonsense skill build of yours

  44. dexter says:

    Hybrid PVE Gladiator Skill Build have broken pict…

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  48. Aikawakazu is a moonlord, not a gladiator.

  49. thaks gan atas informasinya gan. semoga bermanfaat bagi para pembaca. nice post.
    salam putra pulau tidung

  50. makasih gan atas infonya ditunggu update selanjutnya

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