Dragon Nest SEA – 9000+ PATK Crit Build Gladiator / 6200+ MATK Crit+FD Build Moonlord ~!

By AikawaKazu On 19 Jan, 2013 At 07:48 PM | Categorized As Guides, Highlights | With 109 Comments

Latest Gears

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my gears for both my Moonlord and Gladiator.

Especially important since Suffix II is introduced allowing decent boosts in base stats!

I’ll like to introduce you people to the improvements to my Moonlord first and later the item build for my 9000+PATK Gladiator.


Click to Enlarge


Click to Enlarge

I went Intellect II as well as Will II for my Suffix II following and upgrading on the gears I used before.

The increase in MATK I got was around  400+ which is definitely significant.

Around 12,000+ increase in HP as well!

Suffix II definitely very useful in increasing my stats thus far.

Check out  my Archbishop Nest Solo run video below with the additional of brave as well as the changes made to moonlord skills.

<Links to be updated>

Let’s move on to my Gladiator.

As I couldn’t afford Final Damage on my Gladiator I had to find another item build which was effective but yet still packs a good punch if I actually went the usual 5 immortal 2 Victor Route.

1jun2 told me that unique level 50 is actually better than Level 50 Epic Suffix II, this is purely look at stats and not the set bonuses.

Since I’m not going for any sort of Final Damage build to get 680FD, I went to try out unique level 50 weapons which is the hero set!

You need at least 1700 ratings to buy the Unique Grade  Hero Sword as well as the gauntlet which I managed to procure after around 3 weeks of Laddering.

So you might say that getting Unique Grade Sword to decent enhancement level is tough due to the jellies.

Well surprisingly 1jun2 was right to a large extent.

I managed to hit 8000+ PATK with just +6 weapons!


8000+ PATK with +6 Unique Grade Lvl50 Weapons

Know that +6 Unique Grade Level 50 Weapons is better than +9 Level 50 Epic weapons, so if you’re having trouble enhancing Level 50 Epics to high enough level then this option is definitely viable for you.

Now you only need “essence of life” to enhance unique grade weapons and you can plant/farm them yourself.

They take 30minutes to ripen and should be easy to compile and accumulate should you be diligent to plant/farm them daily.

So with this item build in mine, here’s my item build for my Gladiator so far which I managed to hit 9000+ PATK and critical cap at the same time.

It is similar to the Item build guide provided for my Moonlord with the skill accessories set-up (I’m missing on triple slash / hacking stance for my earring).


9000 PATK :D!


5 Piece Totem, going 5 Piece Immortal for Critical Set bonus is ok as well


Skill Accessories, deciding between triple slash/hacking stance for earring


I have 3-slot extender on, 2 used on skill heraldry 1 on enhancement


3-slot extender used, 2 for skill heraldry 1 for enhancement

Do note that you can also go for 5 piece Immortal Armors for that critical set bonus if you need that extra critical to lower your dependence on 3rd stat critical heraldry.

I crafted totem set for my Gladiator before gigantes nest was released and don’t really want to change to immortal as I’ll need those agate codes to get my str/agi potentials again :(

Nevertheless I believe this a decent item build capable for allowing to solo even Archbishop Nest with relative ease.

Check out this video of “SecretSwrd” for Archbishop Nest solo in these gears where he had 10,000+PATK due to having Rock of Blessing buffs which gives +100 STR/AGI/INT/VIT and 10% PATK/MATK!

<Links to be updated>

I hope these item builds will serve a decent build that gladiators who can’t afford +10 Epic Level 50 weapons can look forward to.

With Suffix II for Unique Grade Level 50 coming out in the future, it will only provide for further boost in raw PATK for this item build as well!

With +10 weapons I can possibly hit that 10,000 PATK mark that I’ve been looking forward to un-buffed and hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to do so with the help of item protection jellies >_<

I hope what is shared is useful as always ^_^

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  1. komo/westwood says:

    awesome build, sword master rock forever..

  2. Arse/sping says:

    that buff is from the rock of blessing

  3. Zero says:

    Umm.. I want to ask something. Do you need to have 1700+ ladder rating to EQUIP the unique grade weapons and armors? Or only to BUY them? Thank you :)

    • AikawaKazu says:

      you need 1700 ratings to buy them. i think i know what’s your plan since you can trade them between characters via the shared storage, but you can only buy same class weapons if you get what i mean. warrior can only buy warrior parts. so if you’re thinking of using another class to get to 1700 ratings then buy for your warrior then trade via the shared storage, that will not work

      • hello sir, i’m from the country of phillippines. i saw your video in you tube and its cool! I’d like to ask if how could I get the agi, str, vit & max hp in simplest way in my armor?

      • hello sir, i’m from the country of philippines. i saw your video in you tube and its cool! I’d like to ask if how could I get the agi, str, vit & max hp in simplest way in my armor?

  4. Crevan says:

    Is the double hero weapon build better than the two +10 50 totem/gigantes weapons with 680 fd and around 7-8k patk?

    • AikawaKazu says:

      no the FD setup will be better as they have more potential for growth compared to the hero weapons. unless you’re talking about getting the hero weapons to +10, then that might be different if you keep your 680FD stagnant.

  5. marc says:

    hey kazu. im using 5 ancient totem armor and 2 immortal weapons.(+9 gaunt and +10 sword) .

    should i change my weaps to unique?

    • AikawaKazu says:

      change if you planning to get them to around +8, if you’re going to stick to +6 then keep your current weapons

  6. AS says:

    ei kazu, why totem weapon for moonlord? why not 2 victors?

  7. lovelycutey says:

    will unique item will break between +6 and +10???

  8. marc says:

    its hard to reach 1.7k rating :(

    • marc, i agree….i m moonlord, is too hard… =(

      • AikawaKazu says:

        I’m currently 1928+ ratings on my moonlord, probably hit 2000+ ratings in the next 10 games since ladder reset.
        I find doing ladder as as moonlord easier compared to gladiators due to the number of elestra & saleana we face in those ratings. if you can’t hit 1700+ ratings on your character it means you need to brush up on some basic pvp knowledge because most players at that ratings don’t generally play well in pvp. practice in comp on colo first then go try doing your ladder :)
        My Gladiator is at 1843 Ratings right now. for both characters i just do 10 games every week

  9. Bladest0rm says:

    hey how did you put a lot of potential in every Weapons/Armors/Accesories? especially putting a Critical 17%?

    • AikawaKazu says:

      just save up loads of crystal codes, its alot easier now to go for perfect potentials with the new potential system since you no longer need reverts. if you’re aiming for perfect potential you need not pay that fee to keep your own potentials. just make sure you save up crystal codes, u can try when you have around 30codes and try until you get it. you will get it eventually depending on luck

  10. josephabaya says:

    sir are you going to use your glad as your main character noW ? :)

  11. Luffy says:

    Its weird I I switch from Magic P II to Tent II but I didn’t feel any extra dmg with the tent debuff….

  12. Khenneth says:

    Kazu can u make a skill build guide for crusaders? PVP PVE and hybrid ones THanks

  13. FuntimeOo says:

    Kazu can u make a guide for Windwalkers? :)

  14. Slurpie89 says:

    @Aikawakazu I just want to ask about the skill of moonlord for the latest patch. In dilemma is it to have eclipse and counterslash or both becuz eclipse no longer have SA debuff. Im more to pve than pvp. Your opinion?

  15. Sir Kazu, I want to ask about the potential codes for the +6 weapons, can you get them besides buying from the trading house?

  16. chris says:

    Yo Kaz, I actually just got hold of the same sword then saw your vid, was lucky to get it to +8 as well, was wondering how many UHGC’s you used to get those potentials as the first time I got for my sword was a measly 2.8~2.8 pattack/mattack potential… will probably take me another week to get the gaunts.. current stats are as follows:

    10662 crit
    6.9k – 7.4k pattack (if i remember the max attack correctly lol)

    soon to be bear II = helm and shoes

    another thing, does iron wall proc better now? If so.. unique des vs iron wall? I really can’t decide, give your experience with using iron wall please? lol

    • AikawaKazu says:

      I took around 3 codes each to get the potential on both weapons so around 6 codes. I Was saving up for these when suffix II dungeons where released instead of using the sympathy to get suffix II essences :)

      I hope you get even more lucky and get the perfect potential with critical cause that will be awesome!

      I think i’ll take ironwall over dest anytime regardless of rare/epic/unique

      • chris says:

        ok update on mine:

        I tried using 4 codes and that 5% attack is evading me like hell, first it gets 2.8 pattack 5 mattack back to 2.8 p 2.8 rinse repeat >< gawd!

        finished crafting my armors to suffix II, new attack range is now:

        7083 – 8497
        crit 11802


        bear neck
        bear earrings

        should i change my neck and destruction ring to wind and another fatal with crit pot? the damage drop is so horrendous I can't even bare seeing it T_T

        • chris says:

          kaz! I managed to pull it off!

          +9 hero sword T_T new attack range is at 7517 – 9085 with 11664 crit only T_T


          your “goodluck” made it happen *high fives* hahahaha

  17. ken says:

    Hey Kazu, I know you’re not a mage user but hopefully you know the answer to my question. I wanted to ask whether the Intellect 2 suffix proc can stack with a unique weapons’ Intellect 1 suffix. I’m guessing this question is applicable for HP2/HP1 suffixes as well. Thanks!

    • AikawaKazu says:

      I don’t know honestly didn’t test it >_< Im guessing intellect I should be able to stack with Intellect II, how the math works i have no idea, probably just adds up together.

  18. Shouten says:

    hey kazu, where do you get that rock of blessing??

  19. zharul says:

    Sir , the gladiator no need final dmg?

    • AikawaKazu says:

      depends on what you can afford, final damage is only worth going in 50 cap if you’re aiming for 680FD and above, trying to hit the FD cap will require you to buy 3rd stat FD plates which cost 100k+ gold now in general and its too expensive for me so I am giving it a miss

      • zharul says:

        kazu, but i feel strong now after I replace set final dmg to critical 1k . my set is 5 im , 2 totem (for weap)And my assories is wind neck , wind ear , both fatal rose . my crital now 16k . The plate is normal stats no special . Is that cool ?

  20. Crazeus says:

    Kazu, How about 5 immortal and 2 victor with 244 fd from Apoc ring for ML? is it good?

    • komo/westwood says:

      same problem here, i use this build + 50lvl ultimate plate, get 30% fd only..erm..i not really sure my damage increase or not..

  21. ReizelDoyle says:

    sir kazu youre the best teacher

  22. JohnCuyno says:

    Sir when is the end of magnifying glass event?

  23. gerianne says:

    my idol AikawaKazu and Secretswrd wooooooooooo i love u all

  24. Akidz says:

    sir , i need help on deciding whether to change my immo shirt(int) to wind and my helm(int) to wind or buy perf. pot apoc rings . currently 16567 crit . 647 fd w/o apoc rings and ultimate plate. which will i prioritize first? my fd or my crit?

  25. Mahinda says:

    Hi Kazu!

    Care to share the plates of your Moonlord? Thanks

  26. NeoJun says:

    Aikawa~ can i ask someting~ i but i must show you~ can we meet? GreenWod ps …

  27. marc says:

    do you need 1700 ratings to buy hero sword?

  28. Darren says:

    Hey kazu can i know whats your accessories for your moonlord to reach that 19k crit? i really am wondering how do you reach such a high critical value.

  29. marc says:

    hey kazu, why u use 5 totem + 2 hero on gladiator?

    i think its better to use 5immortal + 2 hero

  30. genessis says:

    kazu, i got 934 fd (49%) now.
    2 victors 5 immo + lvl 50 epic ultimate plate and 4 apoc acce.

    should i still go for this set or stay same?
    and btw, im no swordmaster im a sniper but i guess both can share same stats.

  31. Senseirain says:

    is it safe to enhance Hero set til +8?

  32. cannonjin says:

    Aika you have done plenty things to help your co-players and me in giving ideas for their SM’s for that i salute YOU and ur TE team! I hope you continue! hope to see you in game some times IGN cannonjin i think i added you as friend already but then again thanks and more power.

  33. cannonjin says:

    Aika you have done plenty things to help your co-players and me in giving ideas for their SM’s for that i salute YOU and ur TE team! I hope you continue! hope to see you in game sometimes IGN cannonjin i think i added you as friend already but then again thanks and more power.

  34. standPlS says:

    Kazu what did u mean enhancing is tough due to some jellies…does it mean it can already be broken in enhancing from 1-6?

  35. MLuSer says:

    Hello Kazu.. Ml ML already got Hero sword and currently +6 and got poten pattck 5.75%-5.75%, Mttck 2.88%-2.88%
    is it possible for me to get mattck poten same as pattck%?
    which is 5.75%-5.75%.

    Usually when i peek look at other peoples item. there are no one who got 5.75% for maatck poten..

  36. Moon says:

    Hi Kazu,

    Thank you for this very helpful and informative guide. I have built a pure dmg moonlord close to your stats, but minus FD. I’m currently 6000 matk, 17.8k crit, and 170 FD.

    I have another stat that I’m curious about. This is para/stun and para resist/stun resist. What is the ideal value for each of these for moonlord? Gladiator class is easy to obtain higher values for these because STR gives values to these stats, but not for moonlord. There are times when I get caught up in battle and keep getting stuck (flinched and stunned). I have been trying to increase this value to lower the duration. But I want to know what values I should reach for.

    Thank you.

  37. Dwayneer says:

    Sir Kazu where can I get those unique high grade potential for Hero set, thanks

  38. tanqiaqia says:

    kazu you try your gladia make some fd you can feel what difference 3immo 2totem and change your weapon sufix destruction moro damage more different haha

  39. erza says:

    sir, i already using crit build after reading your post ;) its more better with my low budget, and im planing to buy costume, what stats i should take for my glad costume? str or agi. thanks.

  40. lala says:

    kazu! for the damage indicated on the rage skill, is it per hit or a total of 4 hits?

  41. lala says:

    Oh, and why no rage dmg plate? Thanks for your time !

  42. youxia says:

    waiting for your vid link gladi and ML

  43. MoonLord says:

    SO if i want to buy JAPANese set, i should chose the stats—>str-91 AGI-21 INT-18 VIT-15
    Str-43 AGI-75 INT-18 VIt-15
    str-43 Agi-27 Int-54 Vit-15
    str-43 Agi-27 Int-18 Vit-43
    Pls help!! TT

  44. Wayne says:

    Hey kazu, I am using 4ancient totem & 3 immortal. All is +8 except weapon+9.
    Shud I change any of it?

  45. Kurodo says:

    umm, yes. Sir Kazu, I’d like to ask if it’s true that using provoking slam dispels/removes a debuff inflicted using tent/iron wall suffixed weapons. thanks in advance

  46. DarkSlash says:

    Is it possible for a gladiator or moonlord building dark attack in dragon nest sea ?

  47. Ragetwist says:

    Aika can you also post the combo that u have on ur skill bars?

  48. JUANPnoy says:

    KAZU?? are you still active here? I have some question for you? what’s your build now for “SECRETSWRD” as of year 2013? is it still the same? please… response to me :D THANKS! KEEP \m/ rockn.

  49. Pupuy says:

    what stats costume are you using kazu agi or str? tnx for the reply ^^

  50. Ayoze says:

    its light suffix still works on gladiator??

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  52. Gladiator cheapest build than moonlord ?

  53. bagas says:

    Hi Kazu..

    Why Your Ring Not Luring Slash.?

    Why Provoking Slam.?

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