Level 24/40 & 50 Kali Showcase – Includes Screamer/Dancer, Dark Summoner/Soul Eater, Blade/Spirit Dancer ~!

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Alright Kali has been released to Dragon Nest SEA on 2nd of April 2013 ~!

Unlike cDN and kDN, we have Kali at 50 cap instead of 60 cap!

For those who didn’t try the class in cDN or kDN you will be pretty unfamiliar with this new class.

This post will focus on helping you decide which class you might want to play as a Kali!

Will it be Dancer or Screamer?

Will it be Blade Dancer or Spirit Dancer? Or will it be Dark Summoner or Soul Eater?

I hope this post will help you decide in some ways (big or small) on your own choice 😀

Let’s start off with a simple picture below of the various classes that you can be as a Kali.


So the first thing that will interest you will what will these classes base stat be?

What exactly is base stats?

Look at the table below.


Basically you can see that the Kali or academic class is not in the table as this table is outdated.

So the first thing that many players will know (or maybe not) is that the dancer class is based of STR and the Screamer class is based of INT.

What this means is that for Kali, every STR you gain will give you 0.5 Attack Power and every INT you gain will give you 0.5 Magic Attack

So first thing to note will be that Dancer despite its flashy blade skills and movement skills similar to the acrobat IS NOT based off AGI.

This is extremely important to know because it affects your item build heavily.

To make it simple, gearing a Dancer is similar to gearing a Gladiator, Barbarian and Destroyer.

Note however when gearing towards the critical cap to take into account passive skill Breeze Call of the dancer skill tree which gives you 30% increased critical chance during the buff duration. Other skills Wide Stinger of the Spirit Dancer class will give grant you soul enhancement state and gives skills like Praetor and General Dunblade 90% Increase in critical probability.

So the first question for avid Kali users will be this:

Screamer or Dancer?

Do note that what is mentioned here is based off my own experience so far with Kali in the Test Servers and do note that I have not played any Kali classes in cDN and kDN, so do take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

I’ll start with the Screamer class first with it’s 3rd job classes being Dark Summoner (DS) and Soul Eater (SE).

Firstly, almost every skill in the Screamer class is of the Dark Attribute/Element.

You must know this first-hand because many monsters in dungeons/nests are actually dark resistant. You need to be prepared to face those monsters and not be discouraged by that.

Do not be fooled by the Moonblade dance like skill – “Phantom Rage” because you will most probably keep it at level 1 and most guides I’ve read pointed out that it is used as a mobility skill like Aerial Chain shot for the bowmaster class. The damage for this skill is medicore and you most probably will not invest SP in this skill.

So if you’re a Moonlord thinking of re-rolling to a Screamer, stick to your awesome Moonblade dance.

On the left side of the skill tree which is for DS side, you basically summon dark/phantom limbs like claws & hands to deal damage.

On the right side of the skill tree which is for the SE side, you basically summon unique objects to do with spirits to deal damage. Skills like Spirit Paper, Snakes, Soul Gate which fires out spirits and my favourite beast spirit is basically the soul eater side for the screamer skill tree.

Aside from that you are equipped with the ability to brand/curse targets.

Screamers have a skill called “summon puppet” which allows you to summon a dummy of a branded target. This puppet/dummy takes increased damagge and can be damaged to deal damage directly to the branded target.

Imagine being able to do damage to a monster/player without having to stand within its attacking radius.

This puppet can also be attacked by your party members which provides unique strategies for nests/raids in dragon nest

You also have a skill called “Grudge Formation” which decreases the super armor destruction ability of affected targets in the Area of Effect (AOE) by 100%

Morever, this skill increases your party members overall damage as well up to 15% for PVE at level 50

These abovementioned features are unique only to the screamer class and definitely important in deciding if you want to choose to play it.

If you’re a fan of dark purple, blue, white and pinkish colours, the screamer class might suit you very well because these are the main colours for the skills.

To see a showcase of what a Screamer can do up to Level 40, check out the Level 24 & 40 showcase videos that I’ve done up which basically is a first impressions of the screamer class at those various levels.

Make sure you watch those videos before proceeding to read on about the dancer class.

So next up we have the Dancer class which 3rd job classes are the Blade Dancer and Spirit Dancer.

So the first thing you will want to know is that the dancer class is NOT an acrobat copycat.

There are only a couple of skills that are similar.

One of them is Twinkle Spin which looks like double somersault kick but IS NOT a passive skill. It is an active skill instead which has a cooldown unlike double somersault kick.

The second thing you need to know is that the dancer class actually needs to spend alot of time “buffing” itself to deal the damage it can dish out.

It is called getting yourself in the respective enhancement states known as the “blade enhancement state” and the “spirit enhancement state

There have 2 dances.

Breeze Call Dance for the blade dancer side of the skill tree, and the Illusion Dance for the spirit dancer side of the skill tree.

Both skills basically increases the final damage of your skills in the respective side of the skill tree.

So imagine yourself casting one of these 2 skills before using your damage skills which you MUST do in order to maximize the damage of your skills.

Failing to do so, you will find yourself wondering why the dancer class seems to pale in comparison to the screamer.

The blade dancer side of the tree focuses primarily on the kali character casting out skill animations herself with unique maneuvers while the spirit dancer side of the tree (right side of the dancer class) focuses on “summoning” genie like spirits to aid in her attacks.

Once you have chosen to be a dancer, choosing to be a blade dancer or spirit dancer is extremely important as they are very very different in terms of play style.

We will get to that later in the guide but let’s touch on the “ Ecstatic Dance” skill of the dancer class.

This skill is extremely fun as it allows you to summon monsters that gives unique buffs/debuffs depending on whether your choosing.

At the initial level without its “Part 2” Variations, you are able to summon Ghouls to give debuffs to monsters where they will take X DMG for every hit on them (left click variation) or you can summon an Orc which will heal you and your party members (right click variation).

When you get the “Part 2” variations as you level up, you are able to summon Dark Elves to give a Finish Attack like Buff for your party members on the affected monsters in the area (left click variation after you wait for 1.5s) or you can summon a  Dancing Minotaur to increase healing by 30% for your party as well as increasing Maxmium HP.

In general, left click variations are offensive/debuffs while right click variations are defensive/healing/buffs.

The finish attack like buff is extremely useful for nests/raids. Imagine every party member able to deal additional damage similar to the effect of finish attack for EVERY SKILL THEY DO.

The next thing I definitely want to test is to see if Finish Attack’s own additional damage can stack with the Dark Elves, because if it is possible, having a Gladiator and a Dancer in a party will allow huge damage to be done when bosses are below a % amount of HP.

Ecstatic Dance is definitely something unique to the dancer class and should be an importance to your choice in choosing a dancer.

For more actual accounts of how a dancer can perform for levels up to level 40, check out the showcase videos I’ve prepared  :)

Alright, make sure you have gone through all the above videos to give you a good idea of what a screamer and dancer is like.

So let’s get to the stuff that are important once you have chosen to be a dancer or a screamer.

Screamer – Dark Summoner or Soul Eater?

The first thing I want to mention is get that “one class is always more leaning towards PVP/PVE” idea” out of the way.

As far as I can see both the DS and SE are capable in PVE/PVP!

My usual advice for everyone that asks me if xxx class is better than xxx class is that you choose the class that fits your play style.

Ultimately you’re the one piloting the character not me, so make sure you make the choice that YOU want, not what I want.

And what determines the playstyle of a class?

In my opinion, it is the Level 50 skills as well as the EX skills that will define the playstyle of a class.

In that way, I’ll tell you more about the EX skills and 50 skill for the DS and SE and hopefully it will help you decide which one you want.

Bear in mind that you should also take into consideration the future Level 60 EX skills as well.

DS has the Phantom Claw EX skill.

This skill is essentially similar to Gladiator’s Triple Slash EX but have no alternate variations but it’s 3rd hit (can do up to 4 hits) has an uplift.

The 4th hit itself keeps the target mid-air if you get the 3rd hit to connect and you can chain this skill with Chain Claw which is another uplift.

SE on the other hand has the Spirit Paper EX skill.

Because it is just increased damage and number of hits (from 4 hits to 12hits ; Branded targets can be hit up to 16 times) and have no flinching/staggering in the skill, it is definitely less viable in PVP compared to DS’s Phantom Claw EX. This is also why many consider Dark Summoner the PVP Arc of the Screamer class and  Soul Eater the PVE.

However the above notion is not entirely correct.

As a Soul Eater you can also learn chain claw and phantom claw itself without its EX version is still useful even for a Soul Eater. This is like good moonlords still being able to utilize triple slash as a wall bounce with the 2nd hit even without the EX version. Phantom Claw EX only makes phantom claw a more convenient skill to use for uplift/knockback with its non EX counter part.

Similarly, many mentioned that skills like Soul Gate are the best DPS skills for a screamer and it lying in the SE side of the screamer skill tree makes SE a pve sided class. Not entirely correct once again as as a Dark Summoner, you can also get this skill to a decent level to do the DPS it does. Obviously at 60 cap with Soul Gate EX, the SE Version of Soul Gate will be stronger but DS also have their Revenge Hand EX.

My point is, ultimately, it is up to the user that decides if the class is meant for PVP and PVE which is determined by your skill build.

My general feel of both DS and SE after playing them at level 50 and running an archbishop nest solo is that both of them are balanced for PVE, neither one is stronger.

Here is the reason why.

Let’s for example look towards the future where Soul Gate EX is available to Soul Eaters, and mentioned by many as the best DPS skill to have as a screamer, technically Soul Eaters will out DPS a Dark Summoner because the EX Version usually increase the damage in PVE by 30% hence a non EX Soul Gate will pale in comparison.

However, when you take a look at the level 50 skill of the Dark Summoner which is Sadism Pleasure (Increase Dark Attack % and HP regained from % DMG of skills) and Chaos Formation. Both of these 2 skills actually allows the Dark Summoner to deal more damage compared to a Soul Eater. Not to mention Rampage Claw dealing higher damage compared to Beast Spirit but Revenge hand dealing lesser damage compared to Sufi Genie.

You get the idea now don’t you? Both classes have their strengths and weaknesses and if you compare all of them, you find that the DS and SE is pretty balanced in terms of PVE.

PVP wise, there’s not much to be said except that it always comes down to the user in the end.

You will always find players who are great in their respective arch class types despite common assumption that a certain class is better than a certain class in terms of PVP.

That being said you can have a better idea from my Level 50 Showcase Video of Dark Summoner and Soul Eater below which includes a Archbishop Nest Solo run by both of them.

 Dancer – Blade Dancer or Spirit Dancer? (Introduction Paragraph similar to above ;p)

The first thing I want to mention is get that “one class is always more leaning towards PVP/PVE” idea” out of the way.

As far as I can see both the Blade Dancer (BD) and the Spirit Dancer (SD) are capable in PVP/PVE!

My usual advice for everyone that asks me if xxx class is better than xxx class is that you choose the class that fits your play style.

Ultimately you’re the one piloting the character not me, so make sure you make the choice that YOU want, not what I want.

And what determines the playstyle of a class?

In my opinion, it is the Level 50 skills as well as the EX skills that will define the playstyle of a class.

In that way, I’ll tell you more about the EX skills and 50 skill for the BD and SD and hopefully it will help you decide which one you want.

Bear in mind that you should also take into consideration the future Level 60 EX skills as well.

I will first throw out there that deciding between Dark Summoner and Soul Eater is alot easier compared to deciding between Blade and Spirit Dancer.

With my experience with both of them so far I hope I can help make that a tad easier :D?

As mentioned above the Level 50 Skills and EX skills will determine what you might want to choose in the end.

For the Blade Dancer class, I will say that it is a combination of acrobat + gladiator class.

Why is that so? Blade Dancer has a skill called Squall Flaker.

This skill works like evasion slash of the gladiator class but better in the sense that you can press the left mouse button after dodging with 0.5 seconds invincibility frame (iframe) to spin upwards which gives you a uplift.

This provides for a counter opportunity with this skill and this is why some consider the Blade Dancer the “PVP” side of the dancer class. An extra iframe skill definitely means alot to PVP players.

Graze Dance EX also provides good utility where a mini-sphere will be left at the end of casting the skill to allow targets to remain in a hit-table state where it provides for more combos opportunities and  variations. The casting speed of the skill is also increased with the EX version as well.

Having said that let’s take a look at Wide Stinger. Wide stingers gives the dancer the soul enhancement state which is an additional enhancement state compared to the blade dancer. This state gives 2 skills 90% critical probability.

One of which is General Dunblade the level 32 skill for the dancer class which summons a Samurai-like Genie out which attacks 3 times. The other will be Spirit Dancer’s own Level 50 skill Praetor.

Praetor is basically the summoning of another Genie which slams the ground to produce shockwaves 3 times.

Both General Dunblade & Praetor does huge damage in PVE/PVP and with Wide Stinger’s soul enhancement state upon casting, allows for huge burst damage capabilities for Spirit Dancer in both PVP and PVE.

Not to mention Stalker EX in which the EX Version’s explosion provides for an uplift instead of stagger/flinch provides for that opening to deal this crazy burst DPS.

And just when you think Blade Dancer is meh … I haven’t mentioned the Level 50 skill of the Blade Dancer.

Hurricane Gust is perhaps the main reason why many are choosing to play the Blade Dancer. I call it the grounder-rolling attack but much more awesome than that.

The damage of this skill is madness in both PVP and PVE. You can also guide the direction at which the Hurricane Gust rolls with your cross-hair.

This is the reason why I say that choosing between the Blade Dancer and Spirit Dancer is difficult.

Ultimately, if you  prefer a combination and inter-changing pace of fast and slow attacks which require precise execution similar to the acrobat/swordmaster class, go for Blade dancer.

Fast attacks comes from skills like refreshing screw/deadly drill, mist step, twinkle spin, hurricane gust and slow attacks comes from elegant storm, sweet circle EX.

If you prefer a more class that has a mixture of summons (stalker EX) and the ability to create opportunities to dish out burst damage, go for the spirit dancer.

As always I’ve prepared the Level 50 Blade Dancer and Spirit Dancer showcase video to help you see the idea that I am picturing above!

I hope what I’ve written so far helps gives you a better idea in helping you to decide between Screamer or Dancer and then later on the choice for the arch-class that you want to choose.

I know the next thing you will be asking for will be the skill build guides for the respective 4 3rd job classes mentioned here.

Fret not, that are on the next-to-do lists in the coming week.

I find that helping you decide on which class to play will be more important with the release of this brand new class Kali which is why I decide to focus on showcase videos first.

I hope what is shared is useful as always ^_^

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  1. Dani says:

    Kazu why the Spirit Dancer PVE skill build about the Abolisher only Lv1? It gets dmg boost at Lv6 if I’m not mistaken at Lv6 the dmg can replace the dmg lost of some DPS non max out skills and Why max Dusk Hunter while you can get the rest to max and why Lv1 Despair Needle? Please kindly reply 😀

    • Reverxal says:

      Lv 1 Abolisher because the damage is not really strong and is mainly used to dish out extra DPS when on cooldown (PvE) or float the enemy (PvP)

      Dusk Hunter deals really good damage and it deals more damage compared to abolisher, yes it takes lv 11 but its not like you can add your abolisher to lv 11 for the next boost.

      Despair Needle is a MATK typed skill, no point maxing it, and level 1 for the usability.

  2. Dan says:

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      Blade Dancer Main Suffix for me is possibly (Wind) then Secondary Suffix maybe (Iron Wall)..

      extra increase of Damage Received by the Enemy due to Iron Wall + Wind Suffix can do a lot of damage than using Bear + Iron Wall / Destruction Suffix..

      Wind Suffix gives extra 1x.xx% damage boost
      Iron Wall reduces physical defense
      — Great Time to Deal Burst Damage.
      (Specially when Using Hurricane Gust. Debuffs + Wind + IronWall + HG) >> My Favorite among Blade Dancer Skills.

      Bear Suffix in my opinion talks about the Paralyze thingy quite useful in Ladder.
      Destruction in my opinion just deals 1 burst damage every 30 seconds depending on the Skill you use.

      Just Comment if there’s something wrong about my little knowledge thing.

      By the Way, Thank’s Kazu for giving us a little help for Choosing Class :)

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    Most of us really dont know the new ladder stat calculations. So we need an explanation.

    Would be great if you replied.

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