Dragon Nest SEA – Level 50 Blade Dancer PVE/PVP Skill Build Guide + Info ~!

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Alright before you ask me where are the skill build guides for the Spirit Dancer, Dark Summoner and Soul Eater, they are currently work in progress.

I’ll be busy helping out with events in Singapore at the Funan IT Mall for Avatar Star and Dragon Nest for the next 4 days (4th -7th April 2013)

As like all skill build guides, it only serve as a guidance/reference for you to make your own decision.

I’ll be sharing with you my reasons as usual for putting skill points into certain skills instead of another.

The relevance and accuracy for this skill build guide will be leaning towards the Pure PVE Blade Dancer skill build.

The PVP Blade Dancer skill build I cannot say with confidence that it will be the ideal one because I’ve yet to hit Level 50 for any Kali class in the LIVE servers to test the PVP damage on anyone.

The decisions behind the PVP Blade Dancer skill build will be based off the utility of the skills in see in my own PVE experiences so far with the class.

So take the PVP Skill build with a pinch of salt, but if you need some confidence, Falala who is training his own PVP Blade Dancer is currently following this build that I’ve recommended for him.

Let’s get to the Pure PVE Skill Build that I strongly recommend first.

Level 50 Pure PVE Skill Build for Blade Dancer


Click to enlarge

Kali Tree 

The key to all basic class skill tree for all skill builds in 50/60 cap will be to  meet that 45 SP requirement for you to learn your ultimate skill.

Without learning your 3rd job’s ultimate skill, which in the case of blade dancer is “Inner fire”, you will not be able to learn your level 45+ skills like Squall Flaker, Hurricane Gust etc.

So this is something that all skill builds cannot get away with.

Since that’s the case, we need to maximize the 45 SP we will be using in the basic class tree!

In this skill build I’ve placed the points in the following:

  • Level 1 Soul Wind, Sting Breeze and Fancy Turn (By default at Level 1 learnt)
  • Level 11 Spirit Blow
  • Turning Step and Dummy Ghost Max-ed at Level 50 Cap
  • Level 4 Aerial Evasion
  • Level 4 HP Mastery
  • Level 4 Mental Mastery (MAX MP Increase)
  • Level 3 Mind Conquer (MP Recovery)
  • Level 4 Phantom Guard Max at 50 Cap (Extra DMG Reduction per level)
  • Level 1 Spirit of Genie (No SP needed to learn, free skill at Level 35)
  • Level 1 Ghost Kick (Used for reducing Landing Time when using Twinkle Spin)

Note: You can actually tweak this build a little by leaving Mental Mastery at Level 1 and learning Level 1 Despair Needle if you want to have this still for utility

For the Dancer Side, here are the points allocation:

  • Level 6 Graze Dance (Minimum level required to learn EX)
  • Level 1 Sweet Circle
  • Level 6 Twinkle Spin
  • Level 6 Deadly Drill/Refreshing Screw
  • Level 7 Elegant Storm
  • Level 6 Breeze Call Dance
  • Level 1 Breeze Call (Passive Skill)
  • Level 1 Illusion Dance
  • Level 1 Illusion Gaze (Passive Skill)
  • Level 1 Sinia Turn (Passive Skill)
  • Level 1 Mist Step
  • Level 1 Stalker
  • Level 1 Dusk Hunter
  • Level 1 Abolisher (Useful for re-lift in PVP for Combos)
  • Level 6 Sufi Dancer
  • Level 7 General Dunblade
  • Level 3 Ecstatic Dance Part 1 (For summoning of Orc for heals when solo-ing dungeon)
  • Level 2 Ecstatic Dance Part 2 (For summoning of Dark Elf for Finish Attack Buff for Party)
  • Level 2 Ecstatic Dance Part 3 (For summoning Minotaur to increase Healing received and Max HP for party)

For the Blade Dancer Skill Tree it is pretty standard:

  • Level 2 Squall Flaker (Max-ed for 50 cap)
  • Level 1 Hurricane Gust
  • Graze Dance EX learnt

Most of the short reasons I’ve placed in brackets but for knowing why the skill points are allocated in this manner watch the video that I’ve made solely for this Pure PVE skill build guide.

What you can expect in the video is damage comparison for:

  • Level 1 vs Level 6 Twinkle Spin / Deadly Drill DMG Comparison
  • Level 7 Elegant Storm and General Dunblade damage.
  • Level 1 vs Level 6 Sufi Dancer
  • Reasons why the Level 6 Graze Dance with Level 6 Sufi Dancer SP allocated is used instead of the Level 11 Graze Dance with Level 1 Sufi Dancer

Alright lets move on to the plausible PVP Build for Blade Dancer.

One thing to bear in mind is that the reason why many considered Blade Dancer similar to acrobats is because of the skills available in the skill build.

Acrobats who played either Windwalker or Tempest will know that most of them might have level-ed both Spiral Vortex and Cyclone kick to Level 6 for Max DPS in their combos.

Similarly like the Blade Dancer, not getting General Dunblade will cause you to lose out in alot of potential PVP DPS you can dish out when you get that chance to combo a player.

Nevertheless, if you searched for Pure PVP Blade dancer builds now, you will find that most of them actually stop at Abolisher for the spirit dancer side of the tree.

The reason why they can do so is because they are in Level 60 cap and the you’re able to increase your skills to much higher levels in the blade dancer side of the tree.

Not to mention the non EX versions of Sweet Circle and Twinkle Spin make it less plausible for you to add SP into them at 50 cap.

Sweet Circle EX increases the attack animation of this skill by 30%, and Twinkle Spin EX allows you to knock your opponent to the ground solving the slow landing animation of the non-EX versions

The SP you thus spend just to get General Dunblade (12SP) in the tree previously at 50 cap can actually be used for increasing your core Blade dancer skills to higher levels which are alot more useful than they are now at 60 cap.

With this in mind, know that this PVP Build is made for Level 50 and as mentioned above, I’ve yet to try it out personally which meant that this is based of my experience with the blade dancer so far as well as my knowledge with Dragon Nest PVP so far.

Level 50 Blade Dancer Generic PVP Build


Click to Enlarge

I’ll just share the points allocation first as always

Kali Tree: Same as PVE Build Above (You can remove 3 SP from Mental Mastery and Add to Level 1 Despair Needle if you find this skill useful for you in PVP)

Concept: To achieve 45 SP to learn ultimate.

  • Level 1 Soul Wind, Sting Breeze and Fancy Turn (By default at Level 1 learnt)
  • Level 11 Spirit Blow
  • Turning Step and Dummy Ghost Max-ed at Level 50 Cap
  • Level 4 Aerial Evasion
  • Level 4 HP Mastery
  • Level 4 Mental Mastery (MAX MP Increase)
  • Level 3 Mind Conquer (MP Recovery)
  • Level 4 Phantom Guard Max at 50 Cap (Extra DMG Reduction per level)
  • Level 1 Spirit of Genie (No SP needed to learn, free skill at Level 35)
  • Level 1 Ghost Kick (Used for reducing Landing Time when using Twinkle Spin)

Dancer Tree:

  • Level 6 Graze Dance (Minimum level required to learn EX)
  • Level 1 Sweet Circle
  • Level 6 Twinkle Spin
  • Level 6 Deadly Drill/Refreshing Screw
  • Level 7 Elegant Storm
  • Level 8 Breeze Call Dance (1s longer buff duration, 1% more HP Healed, every bit counts in PVP that’s why its maxed)
  • Level 1 Breeze Call (Passive Skill)
  • Level 1 Illusion Dance
  • Level 1 Illusion Gaze (Passive Skill)
  • Level 1 Sinia Turn (Passive Skill)
  • Level 1 Mist Step
  • Level 1 Stalker
  • Level 1 Dusk Hunter
  • Level 1 Abolisher (Useful for re-lift in PVP for Combos)
  • Level 1 Sufi Dancer
  • Level 7 General Dunblade
  • Level 3 Ecstatic Dance Part 1 (For summoning of Orc for heals, only 0.5s channel, useful in ladder PVP or group PVP)

For the Blade Dancer Skill Tree it is pretty standard:

  • Level 2 Squall Flaker (Max-ed for 50 cap)
  • Level 1 Hurricane Gust
  • Graze Dance EX learnt

Amount of Unused SP: 8

How you want to allocate this 8 SP is up to you.

Here are a few recommended options:

  • 5 SP to Sufi Dancer to get it to Level 6 (Searching around, I’ve seen some players who tried kali in cDN saying that this is a useful skill in PVP, but looking up blade dancer PVP skill builds at 60 cap as mentioned above, they only added up to abolisher)
  • 5 SP to Graze Dancer to get it to Level 11
  • 2SP to Twinkle Spin and 2SP to Deadly Drill then save the rest.

You might be wondering why we don’t add any SP to the mobility skills like Sinia turn or Mist Step?

Well their PVP Cooldowns do not decrease even if you add them to Level 6 for Sinia Turn (15 seconds) and Level 5 (18 Seconds) for Mist Step

Note: for PVE Mist Step cooldown decreases 1second per level, Sinia Turn 0.5 seconds reduction per level

Please note that I’ve used the dn.mmosite T4 skill simulator (PVP) version and they show a decrease in cooldown per level but trying and checking it with the skill description in our actual DNSEA live servers shows that the cooldowns do not decrease per level for PVP.

So currently I do not know who is right or wrong or if there’s a change for Level 60 for dancer skills but currently I’ve seen Level 60 Blade Dancer PVP builds with Level 7 Mist Step.

In any case, all the builds mentioned here regardless of PVP/PVE will need to be reset-ed when Level 60 cap is released D:!

Why you might ask?

This is because of the 45 SP requirement for us to learn our ultimate skills which we must learn because we will not be able to learn our 3rd job skills if we don’t

When we hit Level 60 cap, skills like Phantom Guard, HP Mastery, Turning Step, Dummy Ghost will all be opened for increase in Levels and obviously these important skills must be maxed.

This meant that we will spend more than 45SP  in our basic class tree which meant that our build will no longer be ideal.

Ideal builds for both PVP and PVE look at only spending 45SP in the basic class tree for most classes with exception to a few like Acrobats/Bowmasters where max-ing skills like Twin-shot is important.

This meant that if you are using an ideal build in 50 cap and want to build an ideal level 60 cap build you will end up using a skill reset

All we can do now is hope that when we reach level 60, there is some form of reward to give us a skill reset scroll.

If not, let’s hope cherry credits will organize some sort of event that will reward us with that scroll or… yeah spend some gold/cc to get 1 in advance.

Also for more information about how certain dancer skills work you can read this thread credits to iAyanami from the DN Cherry Credit Forums

I hope what is shared is useful as always ^_^

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  1. Rands says:

    This is Great! I’ve been waiting for this! Thanks Kazu! More power to you guys!!

  2. Merunes says:

    what kali class is best for PVE in terms of DPS and support”party buffs”?

  3. Francis says:

    Great guide Kazu! Looking forward for your Spirit Dancer skill build (PVE/PVP)

  4. been waiting for this <3 ty kazu ;3

  5. Bubi says:

    nice guide! can you make a dark summoner guide next time thanks

  6. InhaZ says:

    Sir , please make Equipment build suggestion and how to make critical 89% without PF poten and high damage

    Thanks ~

  7. derrick says:

    Thx nathan. But… If possible, can you include the suggested skill plates? Am so confused on which plate to get. Just got a breeze call CD yesterday. 8.8s cd for suction effect wasn’t that bad haha. Thx in advance!

  8. karl says:

    nice guide.. btw u have heraldry guide for kali?

  9. Great guide. Imma follow this babe. Despair Needle is pretty phat in setting up opponents for combos, so I put it at level 1.

  10. LoLeR says:

    can make a spirit dancer guide ty~

  11. Gabriel Yew says:

    Yo kazu, may i point out some things bout the skills?

    I would suggest to de-level Deadly Drill (aka Refreshing Screw). Thou this skill hits hard, but the most damaging part is at the last hit, which is somewhat difficult to land at times.

    I’ve personally not tried sufi dancer but seeing how others use it while in a party, it seems that this skill only works best on larger bosses. On smaller/medium size bosses it doesn’t deal as much damage. So imo it’s better to leave at level 1? And invest the sp into Sweet Circle whose damage isn’t that bad.

    For Ecstatic Dance pt 3 i would say it’s more of a personal preference. Since pt 1 and 2 are more preferable in most cases.

    I think that’s all i wanna say @.@ your build is somewhat similar to mine. Just that my “spirit” path stopped at Abolisher (got it only for iframe).

    – IsayBai

    • derrick says:

      1 prob though.. Casting animation for Sweet Circle is long. You’ll prolly cancel it before the last hit, which gives the most damage. So Twinkle Spin perhaps? Sufi up to lvl 6 for average damage. Wadya think?

      • Gabriel Yew says:

        True enough for Sweet Circle. For me my build has max Twinkle Spin. Sufi i’m not too sure yet. Thou when i watched the above vid, the damage was considerably nice. So i think it would be a personal preference thingy? Like either lv 1 or 6. @.@

        • derrick says:

          Yes, personal reference. Same here. Maxing Twinkle2-little star LOL. Make Sufi lvl 6 ppl will thx you for fast mob clearing haha.

        • derrick says:

          Yes, personal reference. Same here. Maxing Twinkle2-little star LOL. Make Sufi lvl 6 ppl will thx you for fast mob clearing haha. Do you have any suggestions for skill plate?

    • AikawaKazu says:

      Deadly Drill/refreshing screw initially I had the same sentiments as you where the last part is hard to hit.

      then I read the skill description where you can activate the last hit by clicking on the left mouse button.
      So its up to timing and judging of distance instead of just letting the whole skill play out when you cast it.

      In that way you can land that huge DPS at the last hit all the time.

      • Gabriel Yew says:

        GG. @.@ I totally didn’t know about that. I’ve been using it without knowing. Thanks for letting me know! At least this gives us a reason to max Refreshing Screw.

  12. Gabriel Yew says:

    To derrick : Okay, dk why i can’t reply to your last post @.@ so imma just post here. =x

    This was what my friend replied. Plates for Blade Dancer are :

    – Elegant Storm,
    -Gust Dementia (aka Hurricane Dust in DN SEA),
    -Inner Fire.

    For the last plate he says it depends on your build. Going “Grace Dance” for it is possible.

  13. Mark says:

    how about spirit dancer ? 😀

  14. NixRage says:

    you might try leaving squall flaker to level 1,

    • derrick says:

      WHAT? one? Why??

      • NixRage says:

        Look at the damage boost if you level it to 2. Its pretty low so not recommended to level it up to 2. But still up to you.

        Squall Flaker

        Level 1
        Counter Attack Damage: 233% + 3645
        Extra Damage: 233% + 3645

        Level 2
        Counter Attack Damage: 239% + 4419
        Extra Damage: 239% + 4419

  15. Redasur says:

    Item Build for Blade Dancer Pls

  16. kip~ says:

    sir.. can i ask what skill heradry do you prefer to be equiped for blade dancer.. maybe you can include both pve and pvp skill hera build.. and wanna ask if there is a skill hera for elegant dance(action speed reduction)? and how would you explain skill hera that give 30% crit for the skill..? thanks and more power..!!

  17. Steven says:

    Yow Kazu! Item guide please!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE including PVP and PVE. Thanks 😀

  18. Pokedex says:

    I am doing some tests on combos and, at least in my opinion, it seems better to only stick with the Blade Dancer Skills, as those chain nicely into each other and leave you free of having to switch between two skill bars.

    So, I came up with one lvl 50 build that can be either reset free (but doesn’t get Ulti until lvl 50) or reset on level 60 for better SP usage… Gonna share here so that you guys can evaluate:

    LVL50 “Pure Blade” Dancer:

    — Kali —
    Phantom Guard 4
    Sting Breeze 1~11~16 *
    Fancy Turn 1~11~16 *
    Aerial Evasion 4
    Spinning Kick 1
    Ghost Kick 1
    Hand of Slave 1
    Health Booster 4
    Spinning Step 5
    Dummy Ghost 5
    Mental Fortitude 1
    Attuned Mind 3
    Spirit of Genie 1

    SP Spent: 45~55

    — Dancer —
    [Blade Dance] MAX
    Sinia Turn 1
    Mist Step 1
    Ecstatic Dance **

    SP Spent: 74
    SP Remaining: 13 ***

    * Level one to 16 and leave the other for 45 SP;
    ** Ecstatic Dances choice is up to preference;
    *** Enough remaining SP to go bananas about dances and Steps, max another Kali skill, or save to 60.

    By level 60 it’s possible, with this build, to MAX everything including dances and the Kali buffs / passives; If you give up on some dances, it is possible to do some crazy stuff with the attack skills.

    If you want to spend all SP available at level 50 or get your Ulti before 50 and still not break your build, it’s possible to get both “Fancy” and “Sting” to 16 and / or 11 on a mix, but you will have to sacrifice Ecstatic Part 3 or Breeze Call Dance (that’s only really useful maxed when you think about PvE).

    Now, to some random stuff:

    Twinkle Spin can be chained into Deadly Drill (jump).
    Ghost Kick chains into Deadly Drill (jump again).
    Sting Breeze hits + lifts fallen targets.
    Fancy Turn combos with Breeze Call Dance.
    All [Blade Dance] skills chain with Breeze Call, so you get a free 302% (94% PVP) attack every 10 secs if you go Pure Blade (Sweet Circle + Breeze Call is imba; wait for the chakrams to come back before pressing Special Attack).
    Mist Step = Chain Trampoline (, but with cool finish.

    … That’s all for now, I think. Both PvE and PvP wise it’s not good to mix both trees as you end up losing the chance to use Breeze Call, have to use reset scrolls and lose the Final Damage increase from Breeze Call dance.

  19. how ? says:

    what item that set i used for blade dancer and wat abilty for that ..

    • derrick says:

      Depending on your build. Going for crit? Wind. Damage? Bear. For glove (Rakki), I would recommend “Will”. Nasty warriors are never gonna give you time to walk around so… Having “Will” will allow u to have your skills uninterrupted while casting. HP is mainly for nesting or if you’ve a 6-figure HP of worthiness (correct me if I’m wrong). You can even mix like

      Wind on Chori & Orni.
      Bear on Salwar and Shoes (sorry.. forgot >.<)
      Main weapon = Wind (crit) / Bear (Patk)
      Secondary = Bear (damage) / Wind (crit)

      Why not destruction? Cuz if you realize, inflicting Statuses (example; -crit resist, p.def, m.def, -para, etc)can increase your damage significantly. Destruction can only do 1 time of damage for 1 attack ONLY. Same goes to Magic Power (1 attack limit, then CD).

      So if you go for PURE P.ATK, then

      Main weapon (bear)
      Second (-physical def.. forgot again =_=)

      Main weapon (restrain) for those ****ers in ladder. If you've plenty of money that is.

      Hope this helps mate. =) Credit to Natsu in Renegade guild (part of it). The FairyTail guild as well.


  20. 1Blader3 says:

    well on the refresing screw or shall we say eadly drill in DN sea… it is usefull in term of DPS becuase DPS type is one of the best character in DN yet except for merce who are juggler. drill is also needed in combos but for my comment, id rather use the space bar ather than putting it in the skill slot so that i can land fast than just using the ghost kick. and also it can damage the enemy rather than the enemy wil counter you..

  21. lChiLL says:

    sir, can u make skill heraldry guide 4 blade dancer.?

    • derrick says:

      4 suggested = Elegant dmg, hurricane dmg, phantom guard duration, squall cd (pvp), twinkle spin dmg (makes lots of diff in pvp), breeze call cd (pve/pvp) spamming purpose 300% free lol. General dunblade dmg (if u maxed it like me), sufi dancer dmg (pve).

      Squall dmg is not so recommended cuz 20s cd is too long to be honest. Crit% on any other plate is so… useless. EXCEPT if your dmg is damn high. BUT.. in ladder, crit chance MIGHT be acceptable.

      1Blader3@ Bro… most prolly ppl will use Deadly drill to initiate so… by the time u land your air skill, 16s cd is still on going. Plus, deadly drill provides the longest iframe. Try not to waste it on air.. unless opponent has no more A.Evasion.

  22. 1Blader3 says:

    also i’d rather choose your pvp skill build type coz it can adapt to the pve type rather than the pve type is difficult to adapt to the pvp type

  23. SunDancer2 says:

    OW Holy Shit thiss !! PVP

  24. hagz says:

    ummm bro can u help me about the suffix build,heraldy build and set build 4 my blade dancer? plzz help me

  25. niki says:

    hi there, i am new in DN… can i ask you why u put lvl one on illusion dance for blade dancer? i follow ur distribution but i just thought maybe the 1 lvl on illusion will be put on other useful skill?

    and tnx for the guide

    • dchan says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong. 2 buffs is always better than 1. Unless u go purr blade build, then illusion dance is not needed. I remember it hastens the spirit skills. Skills like general dunblade reli needs to be hasten imo.

  26. LOL says:

    Sir, how about the EQ Stats For Blade Dancer?

  27. WOW says:

    Sir, how about the EQ Stats For Blade Dancer?

  28. MrAverage says:

    Can you make a lvl 60 skill build~?

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