Dragon Nest SEA – Level 50 Dark Summoner Pure PVE Skill Build Guide + Info ~!

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Next skill build guide will be the spirit dancer (Notice the screamer and dancer class taking turns here)

Like all skill build guides, it only serve as a guidance/reference for you to make your own decision.

I’ll be sharing with you my reasons as usual for putting skill points into certain skills instead of another.

There is currently no PVP Build that I can share confidently with you yet at the moment so do bear with me for now.

However I believe this Pure PVE Build that I’ll be sharing today will definitely be one of the best available in Level 50 cap.

I’ll go in sequence this time in order of the various class trees in which you will find yourself wondering how you should allocate your SP points especially when they are multiple skills in the Kali Basic Tree for example with the Dark Attribute that you might be interested to know which is worth while in adding.

I’ll thus go in the order of the 2 Skill Trees which is the Kali and Screamer respectively in detail while first sharing the obvious Dark Summoner Tree in which you simply max everything available there.


Thank you Mr.Obvious Kazu xD

Let’s get down to business firstly with the Kali side of the tree.

I’ll first share with you 3 options that you will probably ponder to see if which was better in terms of DPS:

  1. Level 1 Soul Wind, Level 6 Despair Needle, Level 6 Negative Ghost
  2. Level 1 Soul Wind, Level 16 Despair Needle
  3. Level 16 Soul Wind, Level 1 Despair Needle

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3

After testing myself I’ve come to the conclusion that Option 1 and 3 have around the same DPS.

Option 2 with  Level 1 Soul Wind and Level 16 Despair Needle has 7.5% More DPS compared to Option 1 and 3

For proof watch the video version of this guide which will be embedded close to the bottom of this guide.

I also prefer Level 16 Despair Needle as when hitting level 50, the number of skills you have on the hotkey bar that you must take note off and cast is alot for a Dark Summoner.

Despair Needle is a Damage Over Time (DOT) skill that you can cast quickly and not bother about it anymore xD!

Compared to Option 1 which requires you to cast Soul Wind, Negative Ghost AND despair needle to even come close to Option 2’s Level 16 Despair Needle option, it is definitely too much hassle.

So if you’re not a fan of Despair Needle and want to keep it at Level 1, take the Level 16 Soul Wind option instead.

Note that I’m not taking into consideration Negative Ghost’s skill effect that will make monsters loss their will or aggro towards you (Basically means you buy yourself time not to get hit by affected monsters)

However, Negative Ghost do not work on bosses in Nests from Minotaur Nests onwards. (Able to work on the 2 minotaurs mini boss at MInotaur Nest, but not from Cerberus Nest Mini Bosses and onwards AFAIK)

This makes negative ghost a useful skill while leveling at the beginning but towards the higher level nest, it is not as effective or useful.

I’ve decided to do the damage test because googling a PVE Dark summoner build so far, I’ve found guides max-ing Negative Ghost as an option which was why I decided to put it to the test.

My verdict is that Negative Ghost is not worth leveling if you’re looking into a Pure PVE DPS Dark Summoner build.

Let’s move on to the Screamer Tree now where I’ll present you 2 main options that many will ponder over as well:

  • Is a Pure Dark Summoner Claw Build (Focusing on Max-ing Levels for Left side of Tree) viable?
  • Is Hybrid Dark Summoner with Soul Gate and Beast Spirit Max-ed a better choice?

Before we get to that let’s look at a Generic Pure Dark Summoner Claw Build


Points to note:

  • Level 5 Resent Area (If you’re choosing to invest in this skill, get Skill Plate +20% duration and Skill Ring for Level 6)
  • Level 5 Grudge Formation (+15% Attack Power for Allies, 100% Decrease in SA Destruction power for Enemies)
  • Level 2 Increased Soul
  • Level 1 Stigma of Curse
  • Level 4 Summon Puppet (+16% DMG for damage done on Puppet)
  • Level 6 Phantom’s Rage & Blitz Claw
  • Level 6 Revenge Hand
  • Level 7 Rampage Claw
  • Level 11 Phantom Claw EX
  • Level 11 Chain Claw

Resent Area is really a skill that does decent amount of DPS.

You must get the skill plate for 20% Duration which will get you 9 Ticks of damage instead of 7 and get the skill ring for the skill to get it to level 6 which increases it damage by close to 40%

As you can see, this build focus on maximizing all possible SP on skills that are on the left side of the Skill Tree meant for the Dark Summoner Class.

With my Testing Gear of 10800MATK, 27% Dark Attack and Critical Cap I arrived at these DMG for the various skills that are important for Comparison:

All damage is done without Grudge Formation, Summon Puppet, Increased Soul or Sadism Pleasure

  • Level 11 Phantom Claw EX  – 95,000
  • Level 11 Chain Claw – 50,000
  • Level 6 Revenge Hand - 77,600
  • Level 6 Phantom’s Rage - 68,000
  • Level 6 Blitz Claw – 71,000

Total: 361,000 DMG

For proof watch the video version of this guide which will be embedded close to the bottom of this guide.

So why am I highlighting the damage for these skills?

Well, we compare them to another build which does not level skills like chain claw, revenge hand, phantom’s rage and Blitz claw to such high levels and instead put the SP into learning Soul Gate Level 9 and Beast Spirit Level 7 as shown below.

Hybrid Dark Summoner Pure PVE DPS Build (Screamer Tree)


Points to note:

  • Level 5 Resent Area (If you’re choosing to invest in this skill, get Skill Plate +20% duration and Skill Ring for Level 6)
  • Level 5 Grudge Formation (+15% Attack Power for Allies, 100% Decrease in SA Destruction power for Enemies)
  • Level 2 Increased Soul
  • Level 1 Stigma of Curse
  • Level 4 Summon Puppet (+16% DMG for damage done on Puppet)
  • Level 1 Phantom’s Rage & Blitz Claw
  • Level 1 Revenge Hand
  • Level 7 Rampage Claw
  • Level 11 Phantom Claw EX’
  • Level 1 Spirit Paper
  • Level 1 Cling of Snake
  • Level 9 Soul Gate
  • Level 7 Beast Spirit

Make sure you have read the paragraph above regarding Resent Area!

So basically, we have got our Revenge Hand, Chain Claw, Phantom’s Rage and Blitz Claw down to Level 1 to get Level 9 Soul Gate and Level 7 Beast Spirit.

It feels like 4 skills exchanging for 2 which might not seem to be a good trade off.

Similarly, with the same gear set up of  10800MATK, 27% Dark Attack and Critical Cap I arrived at these DMG for Level 9 Soul Gate and Level 7 Beast Spirit:

  • Level 9 Soul Gate – 380,000  (19k x 4 hits, and fired 5 times)
  • Level 7 Beast Spirit – 215,000
  • Level 11 Phantom Claw EX – 95,000

Total: 690,000 DMG

For proof watch the video version of this guide which will be embedded close to the bottom of this guide.

As you can see this hybrid build in the screamer tree with soul gate and beast spirit provides for over 90.8% more DMG compared to the pure build.

With that we have our resultant Pure PVE DPS Build, now with the full screenshot of all 3 skill trees.

Hybrid Pure PVE DPS Dark Summoner Build


Click to Enlarge

In doubt you can always watch my video guide of what is mentioned here!

It is pretty much the same thing :)

I’ll try wait for further feedback from Kenshi92 who is playing a pure PVP Dark Summoner to build a PVP build for everyone.

As mentioned in the Blade Dancer Guide regardless of any skill build you follow that is ideal for you, you will need to skill reset at level 60.

So just a heads up so that you don’t blame me when this build cannot be built upon when 60 cap is released xD!

Reason is because the Kali Basic Tree skills like Physical Mastery, Turning Step, Dummy Ghost etc can further be leveled when 60 cap is released.

We however, must reach 45SP in 50 cap for us to learn our ultimate skill which is also required to unlock our 3rd job class skills.

When 60 cap arrives and you don’t reset your skill build, you will have over 45SP spent in your basic class tree which will thus cause your build to no longer be ideal.

This is something that can’t be helped and all we can do is hope that there’s a free reset scroll somehow at level 60 cap.

The next skill build guide will be for the Spirit Dancer which I’ll try come up by Saturday Night.

I’ve been going without sleep (or only 1-3hours of sleep) for the past 5 days and this weekend I’ll be meeting up with players to go for the Avatar Stars Event at Funan Digital Life Mall

If you’re from Singapore and are interested to go with us, check out the event page details here: http://www.facebook.com/events/127110817474863/

So yeah, I need some rest if possible >_< Don’t get mad at me if the spirit dancer and soul eater skill build guides don’t come up as quickly.

Quality is more important than just rushing out a guide and I want to make sure I test out various skill points allocations (much like this guide and the blade dancer guide) as much as possible.

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  1. Jerome says:

    Thanks kazu, I Love you.

  2. SenseiRain says:

    You suck dude!
    What a noob
    you should make Stigma of curse lv 6
    so that you could throw 2 papers
    you fuckng show off

    • AikawaKazu says:

      2 papers is useless when you can only summon 2 dummies.
      It doesn’t pierce targets nor it in an area. so 2 targets with 2 papers are the maximum.
      Getting to level 6 cost another 5SP which is alot.
      Situations where 2 papers is useful/significant are only at certain stages/nest/raids that has 2 bosses or more where you want to DPS down quickly which is probably GDN double spider boss stage, or at the first stage when you want to kill off more than 1 archbishop at one time for now.

      Stigma of Curse level 6 2 papers is thus more useful for PVP because you can brand 2 targets in group pvp then get your own team to burn the 2 targets at where you summoned ur dummy. In 1v1 both stigma of curse paper summoned can flinch your target, so if you miss the first time you summoned it you can throw the additional one. or use the first one to bait a tumble/dodge then use 2nd one to flinch/stagger him.

      also calm down :) this is a pure PVE DPS build.

    • What a rude comment from a rude guy

  3. DarkKali says:

    Hi, thank you for the build but for the Grude Formation in PVE, could we really use it because everybody will run away after we use.

    • AikawaKazu says:

      Well we can’t help it if people don’t understand how grudge formation works for kali, try to get them to learn and tell them to stick around. If not use it when they use their buffs as well so it just stacks up and u know they will DPS.
      Like seeing them cast their ultimate you use it, seeing them cast beyond them you cast it, seeing them cast spirit boost you cast it etc.

  4. Alfred says:

    would be awesome to see a souleater build

  5. Kenneth says:

    Hi kazu! Nice thread. I just want to ask something, why does Resent Area has more damage than Despair Needle in the video?
    But when I did the computation it’s the other way around:
    lvl 16 DN 10000 x 383% + 8149 = “46449”
    lvl 6 RA 10000 x 231% + 3312 = “24712”
    Assuming 10000 magic atk and having +1 skill ring for RA.

    I used http://dn.mmosite.com/tool/skilltree4.shtml as reference for the skill.

    • AikawaKazu says:

      24712 is the damage for 1 tick non critical.
      Resent Area ticks for 9 times in his given duration if you got the skill plate with +20% duration
      So you should take 24712 x 9 giving you 222408

      • Kenneth says:

        Yes sir i know about the times it hits. I think I got the wrong numbers to multiply.
        Is level 16 Despair Needle: Mgc Atk 383% +8149 (hits 10 times)
        and level 6 Resent Area: Mgc Atk 231% +3312 (hits 9 times)

        Is the numbers correct? If it is, you can see in all the number that Despair Needle is Higher. In magic attack multiplier, in additional damage, and in the number of hits. Please check my source. Thank you!

  6. Kali says:

    Kazu, I got Premium Plate Dragon’s Soul for screamer..
    Is it Cool down or Additional Damage??

  7. Mauitha says:

    What is the best suffix for main & sec wep (rare type)? Darkness for main can?

  8. EJHunt says:

    Hey Kazu can make an item build soon?

  9. Argenthalm says:

    I’m waiting for the PVP build for this one :) I’m more on PVP than PVE.

  10. lol says:

    kazu if dont want to spend so much sp on beast spirit and soul gate which DS skill shud i spend it on?

  11. Reik says:

    sir kazu may i ask which of the heraldry enhancements and skill heraldry enhancements are better in dark summoner… please advice me, thanks. ^^

  12. Shakti says:

    Thanks for your skill guide really opened my eyes :)

    but i really need help on my item build for kali… if it is possible maybe u could post or send to me a detailed pve kali item build :D would be really grateful….

  13. Kenthz says:

    Hmm…This Build is Great :)

    i like it
    Tnx,Kazu ^_^

  14. Maru says:

    Nice guild. i will be waiting for the PVP/PVE Build for the Soul Eater. Well im not looking for the perfect build i am just looking at the idea of the effects of the skills and maybe some tactical use of the curses and brands and the dummies.

    In my experience in low level pvp and pve the dummy curse bypasses the block of monsters and really hurts in pvp but im not sure if it will pass through the block of clerics.

    IMO in the grudge formation. If you are having problems in bringing out the full potential of it…

    Try first to brand your target and summon a dummy and put grudge formation in it. Don’t know if 100% effective but i think it really does the job.

    I really enjoy the Soul Eater Path. Mostly in PVE in obliterates mobs / bosses in two repetitions of combos.

    • Claudia says:

      Soul Eater is definitely a nice class, considered all their skills inflicts debuffs w/c may contribute a lot in PVP and PVE. But put in mind that in terms of damage Dark Summoner “may” be better(just my idea) because in PVP Phantom claw,Chain Claw and Rampage Claw can severe much of the opponents Hp away. Anyway, I really like your idea there, in fact Im making a Soul Eater right now ^_^

  15. Reik says:


  16. DarkSummoner says:

    Tnx for guide sir kazu . . .

    i have some question
    what about the MP increase & MP recovery to lvl 1 ? ? ?
    it is ok for ladder or dungeon ? ? ?
    becuz the ladder now dont have enough MP . . .
    and base on my play game on screamer i spend a lot MP in dungeon . . .

    sorry for my ENGLISH ^_^

  17. SoulScreamer says:

    Sir what is the best heraldy enhancement and skill for Dark summoner?? plss!!

  18. iTCH says:

    After i saw your soul eater build, i was wondering is it better to have level 6 phantom claw and level 6 stigma of curse, so like can be the jack of all trades ???

  19. Arya says:

    waw u GOD-LIKE awikawakazu n Lyzbeth

  20. zakoza says:

    i like hunt gold,,,n i hate hunt medal ^^ i am poor noob ^^,,,the dark summoner is my answer going to rich ^^

  21. Magykzzz says:

    Nice build, just wondering why take Grudge Formation? it only increases atk power and DS is Matk.
    Even in PVE runs, its not always that you go in a party, so when you solo as a DS, that buff is pretty much wasted. It becomes a DPS skill that IMO can be replaced by spending SP in other skills

  22. GreyLost says:

    I also like to know you heraldy set to your build…^^

  23. kalikali12 says:

    Kazu, I got Premium Plate Chaos Formation… add 20% damage or decrease hit damage 30% which better?

  24. negative says:

    negative ghost is added for making the boss lose aggro and can safely use the puppet skill

  25. Danial says:

    Bro could you pls put up a skill plate recommendation for dark summoner regarding your skill build :)

  26. Danial says:

    Bro could you pls put up a skill plate recommendation for dark summoner regarding your skill build :P

  27. billyzzai says:

    can i know DS skill key for combo i really dun know how to put the key …
    pls teach

  28. nico_robin says:

    sir i am a ds and i would like to build a ds class with curse type pvp build. i would like to ask if the curse status of bird, soulgate and wolf are stackable or they share the same effect-damage/curse duration? thanks sir in advance.

  29. Chil says:

    Nice build… But i prefer to max chain claw and leave soul gate to lvl 1 and one more effect of grudge formation if you inside the effect of grudge and mobs come after you inside the grudge you have the upper hans since they cant cancel your skill… And if you want them to go inside the grudge use ung paper dummy ti provoke them inside then revenge hand to keep them Inside. Nice build anyway for pve…

  30. Chil says:

    Nico_ robin i can answer your question,,, yup bird, soul gate and wolf curse can be stock… Soul gate can stock 4 or 3 curse in one shot wolf can stock instant 4 curse if you hit e howl attack i just dont know the bird stuck its its 1 curse per bird… But dont depend to much in curse i just noticed that the curse effect in pvp is low… Better masacer them with the summon puppet…

  31. Tepisaurus says:

    hi kazu!thanks for this wonderful guy btw. just one question:

    is it possible to sacrifice lvl 5 resent area and make soul gate to lvl 7 (the difference is not that big i think) and pump blitz claw to lvl 10 and get a +1 skill ring?bad idea?i just think resent area’s full potential is not that used all time and its very situational especially when your running around dodging attacks while blitz claw damage is good while it give you very good mobility and the dps/cd is very high imo.

    hoping for your opinion thanks

  32. CommentGuy says:

    u Suck balls Macha!!

  33. CombatEvolve says:

    Hey Kazu~ awesome information this guide presents, esp with that Hybrid build doing a ton more damage.

    I got a question about it however. I understand Beast Spirit and Soul gate do a good amount of damage, but if I wanted to move 1 point out of Rampage Claw, 3 from Soul Gate, and 1 from Beast Spirit out to get another lvl 1 skill to lvl 6, what would you recommend? I kinda don’t like the idea of having all my strengths really on high CD skill, and damage wise Revenge Hand seems the best to pour more points into, but at the same time, it seems like it could be left for just utility and more points into Phantom’s Rage is more flexible. What’s your opinion? Thanks!

  34. BloodRave says:

    ahaha you i d i o t s its a mobing skill tree not a pvp so its useless to get to 2 curse papers with 2 dummies so if you uys dont like this build you shud no be reading this page ahahaha…. use the pure build in mobing then il make a laugh out of u ahahaha….

  35. Alodia says:

    hey i want to ask something
    blitz claw will have ex version which is at lvl 55
    and i heard that ex version for lvl 55 and 60 will be magicaly evolve into lvl 6 skill, and then how about the damage ?
    1. blitz claw why is at lvl 1 ?
    2. revenge hand, the skill that have ex version too, why is at lvl 1 ?
    and at lvl 60 cap, which skill did you lvl up for those sp ?
    thx before

  36. MaxNyan says:

    Nice build. Thx for the guide.

  37. lavablob2 says:

    I really don’t see the need for getting damage output in pvp. In most cases, all a DS has to do is to keep floating and comboing the enemy, baiting all the evasions skills and such… So dosen’t it make more sense to max all skills that give cd reduction at lv 6,11 and 16 instead?

  38. Hanfar says:

    Bro may i see level 60 build of dark summoner ?

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    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job.
    I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

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  43. KANAE says:

    hi can i ask what is the best hotkey and the heraldy and equipment for DARK SUMMONER PLEASE response thanks.. :D

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