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*WARNING: Going to be a very long read if you want to bother, if not just skip and scroll down to the screenshots of the skill builds*

Alright time for another skill build guide!

This time for Level 60!

As always skill build guides are meant to be a reference to aid you in deciding what kind of builds you want to go for.

As usual, I’ll provide a Pure PVP & PVE skill build and then a Hybrid one.

First and foremost I just want to mention that PURE builds are only recommended for players who know what they are doing or are only concerned with either PVP or PVE only.

For most players, a hybrid one is recommended  should one want to perform decently well in both ends of the house but of course never going to be as good as pure builds for that particular side of the house.

I guess we just have to wait patiently for the dual skill build system to come to Dragon Nest SEA so that we can have both a Pure PVP and PVE skill build when we want to :)

The guide will be in the following order:

  • Gladiator Pure PVE Skill Build 1,2 & 3
  • Gladiator Pure PVP Skill Build 1 & 2
  • Gladiator Hybrid PVP/PVE Skill Build (My Skill Build)
  • Moonlord Pure PVE Skill Build 1 & 2
  • Moonlord Pure PVP Skill Build
  • Moonlord Hybrid PVP/PVE Skill Build (My Skill Build)

How I’ll go about this is first explain how/why you might want to place SP into certain skills and what else you should do when you invest SP into those skills (getting skill accessories etc.)

With this in mind let’s get straight to it.

Bear in mind that the pure builds really target specific groups of players who want the best of a specific part of the game. Personally I enjoy both PVP/PVE aspect for Dragon Nest, so I’m opting for a hybrid build which I’ve made for both Gladiator and Moonlord. If you’re not into pure builds you can check out my hybrid builds first then take a look at the pure builds.


Let’s first talk about the Gladiator Side of the Tree which we have no doubt, whichever PVP or PVE that will be the same for all.


As simple as it may seem here are some suggestions and recommendations.

Evasion Slash and Finish Attack Skill Accessory is really really recommended for PVE.

Evasion Slash skill growth is extremely high and the cooldown for the skill is decreased for each level, hence a skill accessory for it is definitely a MUST if you are using.

I also recommend getting the 20% DMG Plate for Evasion Slash as well.

For Finish Attack, personally I prefer using the DMG plate, but according to some other guides, with the CD plate (16.8s Cooldown), you can do 2 Finish Attack while waiting for the next Brave to be up.

Brave has a cooldown of 35seconds so if you include the casting animation of Finish Attack, using it once with provoking slam and brave meant that you can cast 1 more Finish Attack before the next combination burst damage attack can be done, that being said, in the long run, you will do overall more damage compared to using the 20% DMG plate. This is however considering that you are always constantly able to attack the said monster, but more often than not in PVE nests/raids, you will always need to spend time dodging and avoiding attacks/mechanics, which meant that there will be moments where your skill is up but you can’t use it anyway.

Moreover for me, I believe that when I use my finish attack, I want it to hit as hard as possible (we all love high damage numbers to certain degree right?), and I usually use it when the effect of extra damage for finish attack comes in. With 20% DMG plate, it meant that your base damage of your finish attack is higher, and the extra damage which is based off the base damage of your finish attack will be higher as well.

For PVP, if you can get that 1 Finish attack to land, you will want it to hit as hard as possible. Since I rather give my FA the advantage in PVP, I prefer using the 20% DMG Plate for this reason as well.

Don’t forget about the skill ring for Finish Attack as well, but do note that it is only for PVE for increased effect of the extra damage per HP, but for PVP there is no change, just higher overall damage.

With that we go on to the basic tree which is the warrior tree.

Warrior Tree


Click to enlarge

There are 3 Generic Options that I want to talk about here.

As always, we want to hit only 45SP used as much as possible in this basic tree for the Swordmaster for both Gladiator and Moonlord.

Pure PVE Option 1

This is for those who want to get Circle Break to Level 16.

Note that your Mind Conquer and Mental Mastery is left at Level 0 for both.

You can level them if you have extra points from your Swordmaster Side of the tree, so do bear in mind that you can level them just showing that this i

Sweeping kick, drop kick are both left out of the equation since its Pure PVE.

Note that Relieve is Level 4 as it will have the lowest cooldown of 25 seconds, it still however only remove 2 debuffs.

Rising slash is not learnt as the casting animation and time is pretty long that leaves you very vulnerable in a PVE setting where you might be unable to cast your dodge skill in time while waiting for the casting animation to end.

As it is a Pure PVE Build, the uplift for rising slash is thus not needed.

Pure PVE Option 2

This is for those who want to get Circle Break to Level 11 only.

You will be able to max level your MP recovery which is your mind conquer which I personally feel might be useful when clearing long raids in the future like Desert Dragon Nest.

Similarly, Relieve is Level 4 as it will have the lowest cooldown of 25 seconds.

Similar reason as above for not learning rising slash

Sweeping kick and drop kick both not learnt.

Pure PVP

Rising Slash Level 6 is for the 2 rising motion, basically for utility.

You can learn Mental Mastery only up to Level 1 and learn level 1 Circle Break if you find yourself using it well in PVP, if not leave Circle Break at 0.

With T4 PVP HP, having Max Mental Mastery and Mind Conquer (MP Recovery) is definitely recommended especially if you take part in Ladder PVP very often.

Realize that Relieve is only Level 3. Why? Cooldown for Relieve does not change with levels, it has a flat cooldown duration of 45s in PVP.

However you need Level 3 so that you can clear up to 2 debuffs which is why Level 3 is enough for a Pure PVP Build.

Sweeping Kick and Dropkick both very useful so it is definitely a must learn for wall-combos as well as counters.

With that we proceed with the available options/discussion points for the Swordmaster Tree

Swordmaster Tree

I’ll first share about the Available Pure PVP Options

Note that this is built up from the abovementioned PVP option warrior skill tree.

Pure PVP Swordmaster Tree Options


Click to Enlarge

Starting from the Left is Option 1, 2 then 3.

There will be an incoming video showcasing the various damage for Level 1,6,11 and 16 for the skills mentioned below that are of concerned to you, do wait for that to be released if you want to have more assurance if not take my word for it now xD

Pure PVP Option 1

The key difference here is that you are going for Level 16 Moonlight splitter and only Level 1 Line Drive

Players going for this build wants to rely on reliable DPS from MLS Level 16.

As you can see it is only level 15 here, because DNSEA don’t have 107SP for the SM Tree, we need to have a way around this and the solution is skill accessories.

You need to get skill accessories for Moonlight Splitter and Triple Slash here for them to both hit Level 16.

At level 16 with a Damage Plate, Triple Slash EX does around 2.7k + 2.7k + 3.4k (8.8k) Damage, so it is definitely worth getting it to Level 16 for PVP.

For Moonlight Splitter Level 16, with 20% DMG Skill Plate which you should be using, you are doing 2.1k-2.2k Per slash (6.5k+ DMG total), with a chance to land 3 slashes

With Brave at Level 6 with 30% DMG Increase, you’re looking at 2.8k+ DMG per slash, with up to 8.4k DMG in total which is huge for a skill with such a relatively short cooldown.

PVP Gladiators that I know like MizuEggu, Belfry,  Patraic etc all have Max-ed MLS builds even at Level 50 cap, there’s no doubt this is something that they will go for at Level 60.

So why Level 1 Line Drive? When fighting against decent players, when Aerial Evasion is available you can reduce the number of hits taken by Line Drive to as low as 1 (depending on your reaction).

At level 10, Line Drive only does around 5.3k DMG per hit with 20% DMG plate, and if you only hit 1 hit, you’re wasting 9SP for a skill that hits for less than your MLS.

Nevertheless if you can hit your target near a wall to chain between 3-4 hits, you’re looking at 15 to 20 thousand damage done which is without brave and provoking slam by the way.

Players I know who use Line Drive very well is only Patraic who uses it extremely well as a finisher.

However, if you’re looking at Level 16 MLS build, then it is not possible (To get line drive Level 10)!

Last but not the least, note that Infinity Edge is only Level 1 since Level 2 only gives increased damage and its not easy to connect this skill fully in PVP anyway.

With that we look at Option 2 which is a compromise to make the line drive build possible.

Pure PVP Option 2

Basically with all the reasons mentioned above except that you are looking at going for Level 11 Moonlight Splitter

You still need a skill ring to get it up from 10 to 11 as shown above, similarly for Triple Slash.

You will also realize that Eclipse is Level 1 and MLS is only Level 11.

MLS at Level 11 Does around 1400 DMG per slash with 20% DMG plate, meaning around 4300DMG if all 3 slashes connect.

With the SP freed from those 2 skills, you can then get them at Line Drive.

As mentioned above, you need to know how to utilize line drive and get a skill accessory and 20% DMG plate for it to be worthwhile.

Pure PVP Option 3

This build basically gives you the option to have Cyclone Slash as a utility.

I will say that some players definitely like the cyclone slash playstyle as it can help you trap opponents after a wall bounce to buy time for cooldown for your own skills.

However in Level 60 cap with front shove EX and hacking stance EX, I find it mostly unnecessary unless you are not good at wall-combos in general.

This build also has level 10 line drive so if you intend to get it at level 1, you can actually go for parrying stance should want to go for a ladder inclined build for some defensive capability.

But honestly speaking, aside from defending yourself against skills like flame road when meeting ELs, or windwalkers rotating between spirit boost and showtime, parrying stance is mostly useless.

Not to mention that the duration for parrying stance is slated for a 30-50% Duration decrease in the latest balancing patches in kDN.

In general, you can see that front shove, hacking stance are both at level 11 for all the abovementioned builds.

Level 11 Hacking Stance EX does around 37*630 + 2.5k =23312DMG without 20% DMG Plate/Skill Accessory

Level 11 Front Shove EX does around 6280DMG without 20% DMG plate/Skill Accessory.

Both skills does insane damage if you can get to connect them and with T4 PVP HP which increased overall HP for all classes significantly, these 2 skills at Level 11 is definitely needed, no question about it.

Also why no parry build? At level 5 for Parry, you’re looking at 3.5% chance to parry, too low for investing 8SP into it, especially when parrying stance duration for PVP is slated to be reduced as mentioned above.

Hopefully the reasons provided above will give you a good idea on which option you want to choose for your PVP build.

Let’s move on to the available options for PVE.

Pure PVE Swordmaster Tree


Click to Enlarge

As always Option 1 starting from the left, then Option 2 and 3.

Pure PVE Option 1

First things first, Triple Slash is Level 15, get skill accessory to get it to Level 16!

This is for freeing up  SP so that you can learn both Counter Exile and Parry->Parrying Stance

This is basically a build very similar to the Freedom’s Ace of Spades Build but because CDN has extra 3SP for SM Tree unlike us, this is basically a modified version.

Dash Slash and Dash Combo are both Level 6, and Line Drive is Level 1.

The reason for line drive being level 1 is because it has been changed from a damage co-efficient of 4 to 1.

This meant that in the past for line drive, as long as you hit any one of the 4 hits, each hit will deal the full damage as mentioned on the skill description, but it has since be balanced to deal a quarter of its damage for every hit.

This meant that unless you’re able to connect all 4 hits of line drive everything, it is not worth getting the skill.

This option is having in mind that you are not good at getting all 4 hits of line drive to hit.

Situations where that is possible is usually when you back targets to a corner/wall or if you’re fighting a large monster like Green Dragon, Sea Dragon etc.

With the SP of line drive freed up from Level 10 to 1, you can thus add dash combo and dash slash to Level 6.

Notice that there’s Level 1 parry and parrying stance for additional survivability, and if you want to have a longer duration, you can un-learn counter exile if you’re  going the purest of PVE Builds and add the 3SP to get parrying stance to level 4.

Parrying stance will probably be very useful in the Level 60 Nests and Raids but I’ve survived without parrying stance until Green Dragon Nest so this is really up to preference.

Gladiators have 3 i-frame skills, Evasion slash, front shove and Aerial Combo. If you know how to chain them together in a row, you can dodge some moderate long casting boss attacks like the Green  Dragon Ice punch AOE skill in Phase 1.

This Brings us to Option 3 first

Pure PVE Option 3

Basically Line Drive is Level 10 for this one, this meant that you plan to utilize line drive burst’s damage alot, so  make sure you get the 20% DMG Plate as well as the skill accessory to get it to 11 as the DMG increase is very very significant.

Eclipse is reduced from Level 6 to 1 here to free up SP to learn Parry and Parrying Stance.

Dash Combo and Slash is also left at Level 1 so you got still got enough SP to maximize the skills on the physical side of the tree.

This option provides for maximum survivability with Level 4 Parrying Stance for PVE.

Last but not the least we have Option 2.

Pure PVE Option 2

This build focus on maximizing and squeezing every possible % DMG increase from the physical side of the tree.

You can see that front shove is Level 14 and Hacking Stance is Level 12.

You definitely need to get the 20% DMG Plate for Front shove for this build.

So why get it to Level 14? Front Shove EX gives an overall 50% DMG Increase for front shove.

Any % increase in base DMG for front shove through an increased of level is thus multiplied by 50% with the EX version making a Level 14 Front shove worthwhile.

Do note that this build has no additional survivability skills so it is assumed that you are decent at dodging and utilizing your class’s iframe skills to dodge.

I personally have not tried DDN yet and don’t know if it is a must for learning parrying stance. It is definitely unlikely as not all classes in DN have a defensive skill that warrants them invulnerable to attacks for a long period of time, so my guess is having parrying stance will be convenient in dodging boss mechanics but definitely not a must have.

With all that being said and done, let’s finally move on to the builds themselves:

Level 60 Gladiator Pure PVE Build 1  – Raw DMG


Click to enlarge

Level 60 Gladiator Pure PVE Build 2 – Semi Survivability


Click to Enlarge

Level 60 Gladiator Pure PVE Build – Maximum Survivability


Click to Enlarge

Level 60 Gladiator Pure PVP Build – Lvl16 MLS ; Line Drive Lvl 1


Click to Enlarge

Level 60 Gladiator Pure PVP Build Option 2 – Line Drive Level 10, MLS Level 11


Click to Enlarge

And last but not the least, a Hybrid Build which I’ll use myself.

Personally I’ll use the options for the Pure Builds If we given the Dual Skill Build system, but unfortunately, we need to wait for that to be implemented in the future.

Level 60 Gladiator Hybrid PVP/PVE Build (SecretSwrd)


Click to Enlarge

I’ll just mention what brought me to make this build for my own playstyle.

Mental Mastery and Mind Conquer is Maxed because we know that T4 PVP HP and the current MP we have now, having both of them max-ed definitely helps.

I have Level 1 Circle Break and Level 6 Rising Slash for Utility in PVP.

Sweeping Kick and Drop Kick are PVP necessities for me so I’ve learnt them as well.

Relieve is at Level 3 because for PVP the cooldown stays constant at 45s and you need Level 3 to remove 2 debuffs.

Level 14 Front Shove EX because that extra 3 levels provides an edge in PVP if I can land it, I’m using front shove 20% DMG plate as well so I just want to maximize the damage for this skill in PVE hence the max-ed Level.

I’ve decided to get Line Drive at Level 1 because of the change in co-efficient of the skill from 4 to 1. It also opens up 9SP for you to place into other skills which makes the build alot more flexible.

I’ve decided to keep Eclipse Level 6 as it does decent damage in PVP and the cooldown is pretty short as well given what it can do where you will use it to disrupt casting of skills for many classes but at the same time with Level 6 you will be dealing decent damage when doing so.

Brave and Provoking is Max-ed for both PVP and PVE uses, getting a skill ring for Provoking Slam as well to get it to Level 8 (+50% DMG Taken).

Last but not the least, Level 11 Moonlight Splitter as I’ve come to be able to combo with it with dash combo in PVP, so having it at 11 meant that I’ll be able to deal some damage when chaining it.

No more cyclone slash as I find myself not relying on it anymore once I’ve gotten better at chaining skills together.

All in all, a hybrid build that can justify your role in PVE (Max-ed Provoking Slam + Brave) as well as being able to perform decently in PVP.

Remember not to follow blindly though and make a skill build that is mostly suited to your own playstyle!


Alright time for the Moonlord Skill Build Insights!



So is there anything important here for the Moonlord side of the house?

Moonblade Dance is still the moonlord’s staple DPS skill even after the re-balancing where we only hit 10 hits for small-medium monsters.

I still recommend getting the skill accessory for it simply because there isn’t another better option.

This also meant that since MBD is at Level 6, getting it to Level 7 with a skill accessory is no longer mandatory.

If you’re choosing to build an item build without skill accessory, then you should go ahead to do so.

The rest is very standard with everything max-ed in this side of the tree.

For the Warrior Side of the house, it is no different for the moonlord compared to the gladiator.

Some might consider getting impact wave, but I’ll still recommend Circle Break for PVE simply due to a shorter Cooldown and faster casting animation.

Impact wave has 13seconds cooldown to circle break’s 11 seconds.

When comparing Level 11 Circle Break to Level 11 Impact wave, circle break’s damage growth is actually better (378% MATK vs 383% PATK)

However should you still prefer to get impact wave, then get it all the way to Level 16 instead of just stopping at 11 for Pure PVE Builds.

With that in mind, let’s move on to the Swordmaster side of the tree for Moonlords.

Swordmaster Tree for Moonlords

Regardless of Pure PVE/PVP or Hybrid, I’ll strongly recommend getting at least level 1 triple slash and level 1 front shove for utility.

More so for front shove due to the iframe which can be very useful for dodging even when going up against PVE boss mechanism.

Note that there’s no question about Level 10 Half-moon Slash, since the changes to Moonlords, this skill damage in PVP & PVE is just awesome.

Make sure you get a skill accessory to bring HMS to Level 11, this is a MUST because Level 11 HMS compared to 10 is 104% DMG Increase

With regards to Cyclone Slash EX, it is either you get it at Level 1 or 11, don’t get it at Level 6.

Refer to this thread here: http://bbs.duowan.com/thread-28946167-1-1.html

If can’t read chinese, what the thread is trying to say is that Cyclone Slash EX Level 1 and 6 has no difference in Size, but Level 11 is indeed larger.

The DMG Growth for Level 1 to 6 is not significant compared to the DMG Growth from 6 to 11.

In other words, if you don’t want to get Cyclone Slash EXto Level 11, leave it at Level 1.

Other important things to note is that Cyclone Slash EX lasts for 5.5seconds (Increase of 1s from non-EX Version), and has 16 hits (15 Damage over time, and 1 Initial Hit Damage).

For Crescent Cleave EX, similar to Cyclone Slash Ex, There’s no point in having crescent cleave at level 6. It is either Level 1 or Level 11.

With this in mind check out some of the possible Swordmaster Tree builds for moonlord below.

We will start with PVE.

Pure PVE Swordmaster Tree for Moonlords


Click to Enlarge

Pure PVE Option 1

As you can see both Cyclone Slash EX and Crescent Cleave EX is at Level 11.

This is leaning towards more of a pure magic build Moonlord.

If you want some survivability, you can reduce Eclipse to Level 1 , MLS to Level 15 and get a skill accessory and learn Level 1 Parry and Parrying stance.

Pure PVE Option 2

Even without the EX version, hacking stance at level 11 still does alot of damage for PVE even for a moonlord.

With high enhanced weapons, Moonlords usually have a sizeable amount of PATK as well which can prove to be useful

Reason for taking Crescent Cleave EX to level 11 instead of Cyclone Slash EX is because when it comes to raids with large monsters, Crescent Cleave EX Damage potential definitely outweighs Cyclone Slash EX.

We will continue for the Pure PVP Build for Moonlord next which are possible in the Swordmaster Tree.

Pure PVP Swordmaster Tree Options for Moonlord


Click to Enlarge


Pure PVP Option 1

Even without the EX version of hacking stance, Level 11 Hacking Stance can deal 42*500 = 21000 DMG

Note that MLS is Level 15 here, so this is assuming you have the skill accessory for it.

Great Wave is also level 1 and not 2 since in PVP difference between Level 1 and 2 is just 40% MATK.

Similarly to the PVE options above, if you want further survivability you can decrease eclipse to Level 1 instead of 6 and add the SP into Parrying Stance.

Line Drive is Level 1 here for utility such as chasing opponents or baiting dodge/tumble to lift them.

Pure PVP Option 2

Difference between option 1 and 2 is the decreased level of Hacking Stance to 6 instead of 11

But you get to enjoy a larger cyclone slash EX which is at level 11.

Line Drive at level 1 once again for utility and similarly, you can bring down eclipse to level 1 if you want further survivability from the parry side of the tree.

This is basically a variation of the above build.


With all the abovementioned said and done let’s go straight to the builds.

Level 60 Pure PVE Moonlord Build – Pure Magic Build


Click to Enlarge

Level 60 Pure PVE Moonlord Build – w/ Level 11 Hacking Stance


Click to Enlarge

Level 60 Pure PVP Moonlord Build – w/ Level 11 Hacking Stance


Click to Enlarge

Level 60 Moonlord Pure PVP Build – w/ Level 6 Hacking Stance & Level 11 Cyclone Slash EX


Click to Enlarge

Alright we will go into the final Skill build for today which will be my own Hybrid PVP/PVE Moonlord Skill Build

Level 60 Moonlord Hybrid PVP/PVE Skill Build (AikawaKazu)


Click to Enlarge

To put it simply, I plugged in the PVP side of the house for the warrior side of the tree for Level 6 Rising Slash.

You can bring Mental Mastery to Level 2 to free up 3 SP to learn Circle Break if you find the utility of that skill important to you for PVP.

For the swordmaster side of the tree I went for a  Pure Magic Build utilizing both Level 11 Cyclone Slash EX and Crescent Cleave EX.

With the heraldry slot extender, I might be trying out for 20% DMG Increase for both of these 2 skills since the EX versions have increased their attack power by 30%.

Remember to get the skill accessory for Half-moon Slash to get it to Level 11 for that 104% DMG Increase

The rest is very standard and reasons have been mentioned above.

Before I go, here are some resources I’ve read which I’ve found very helpful which you should definitely go take a look at as they have been instrumental in the making of this guide.

I’ll also prepare video comparing the PVP DMG for both gladiator and moonlord skills which are important at Level 1,6, 11 and applicable (Do wait for it, footage is recorded but I wanted to get the written skill build guide up first).

The tips and tricks to be learnt here is to utilizing skill accessories into the making of your skill build such that you can use the +1 to hit the level 11 or 16 of the respective skills to bring out the best DMG possible from them while saving that 1SP that you can put somewhere else.

I hope this long read have been worth your time :)

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    Here in DN INA, we have been using full T4 in ladder in recent update (lvl 50). We got a decent boost in HP and a bloody nerf in MP. So, it’s VERY neccesary to max-ing your mana pool dan regeneration to the point that you must pick mana and energy heraldy. Well, it’s only affect pvp anyway so if you are a pve person, consider it as a wall of text ^_^.

  22. Pupay says:

    sir aikawa did you change your main into gladiator? and in you guild in the new nest in youtube your glad has cyclone slash and your build here has none jast asking ^^ tnx for the reply

  23. Pupay says:

    sorry its Guide not guild sorry bad english hope you reply tnx a lot ^^

  24. Mark says:

    For warrior pure pvp build u definetly need circle break, when playng with mercenaryes

  25. Rukid says:

    hey….kazu nice guide..!!
    It really help me PVP …!!

    And i want t ReQuest for Majesty skill guide for lvl 60
    if you can ..!! please StarKey skill build…hahaha


  26. Crevan says:

    any site for information about dual skill build system?

  27. Nemi says:

    Hi Kazu,


    I have maxed triple slash to level 16 (full level) and should the skill ring (+1 triple slash) stack to make level 17 triple slash? Will level 17 triple slash function in DN SEA or is the 17th level does the most damage than level 16 triple slash?

    Hoping for your reply because the skill ring is not elaborated here.



  28. aikawabobo says:

    Noob as usual,..

  29. iMacovex says:

    so what’s your choice??
    Gladiator or Moonlord??

  30. gladiator says:

    Sir kazu is that true that you said if rage is lvl10 and you get skill ring to make it lvl11 if you use it you will surely get the full hit of it without wall or bigboss

  31. Slackyyy says:

    Heya Kazu, preferring the Semi Survivability PvE build on Gladiator. What plate should I use? Front Shove or Hacking Stance? I’ve decided to take up FA, Evasion Slash, and Triple Slash for the other 3.

  32. Slackyyy says:

    Another question is that, is it worth getting Circle Break to level 6 for maxing Hacking Stance and Front Shove at Semi Survivablity Glad?

  33. Lion says:

    idk about your PVP builds. I’ve seen countless of your PVP videos and you suck tbh. You’re not in a condition to give such builds, although for PVE build, I can understand.

  34. Pupay says:

    kazu jast asking what stats is your gladiators costume is? Str or agi tnx

  35. Nemy says:

    I am kinda confused. Your Gladiator skill build, which is intended to your SecretSwrd. I wanna know if the Triples Slash is only up to level 15?

  36. Pat says:

    Sir kazu, is it ok for MLs to take away triple slash and front shove? So it can be pure magic? btw im a pure PVE type player.

  37. Yggdrasil says:

    Sir Kazu, now there are 107 sp on SM skill tree, which skills we should add in SM skill tree and which skill to reduce in warrior skill tree?

  38. ramzkun says:

    sir Kazu! pls share here your preferred lvl 60 Equipments and Accesories (plus suffixes and potentials) for Moonlords… Thank You ^^

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    website? I’m trying to grow my directory gradually by hand so that it maintains high quality. I will make sure and put your website in the appropriate category and I’ll additionally use,
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    de. Thanks!

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  40. Choperrrr says:

    Thanks for the build Kazu. been planning on making a moonlord and the hybrid build is what im setting my sights on.

  41. gremlizZz says:

    Question sir kazu, many are saying that having great wave as the ultimate for gladiator is much better, coz they said it deals more decent damage, than ifinity… now im confused…. I need your expert opinion sir, thanks much

  42. dualatos says:

    seeing parrying stance nerv, is it still worth to level at least one level?

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    Keep up the great writing.

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  44. Temon says:

    Hello kazu!
    Can I ask u something ?

    What is the heraldy for Hybrid Moonlord ?

  45. Raihan says:

    hello AikawaKazu
    Can I ask what gear that you wear at level 24?,32?,40?

  46. Fidcell says:

    is there any item build for Glad/Moonlord lvl 60 yet??

  47. Gabs says:

    ned WW skill build PVE/PVP

  48. danberb says:

    I hope u can add ur ML game plays soon :-) as well as ur item build for ur ML too and the suffix :-)

  49. guan xiong says:

    Hi Aikawakazu, i would like to ask u.. for the current situation now.. i heard a lot of people saying that moonlord sucks.. doesnt needed in the nest.. and dmg is pathetic compare to gladiator..
    but i dont really like pvp, and i love moonlord skills and its fancy animation.
    can you give me some comments on it?

    • Arin says:

      Guan xiong, just ignore on what you heard and what they said about moonlord..just play and enjoy the moonlord class…my main char is moonlord too..and I’ve been recently kick and unneeded in the party due to lack of damage..I believe its not just me..there’s’s a lot of moonlord out there been through like what you heard..I’m not that pro moonlord but what I can say is that it’s not about the damaged but it is how you play with it….cheers…to all moonlord out there….we’re still rock(^_^)

  50. Ascheriit says:

    hi kazu.. i would like to ask u.. for the gladiator items suffix, pots , accessory guides for gladitaor pve..

  51. Micx says:

    Sr. my Question is in that build what is the best combination of both pve and pvp if you have dual skill build system. pls answer :))

  52. Kerodon says:

    Amazing guide, im glad to see other people actually explaining every detail not just of what to take,but why to take it and when to use it. So many other people just say “this is always best dont question it”.
    Really great to see people who actually know theyre shit and took the time to test it c:

  53. Errune says:

    Hey there, Kazu!
    In case I want to grab Line Drive for a Hybrid PVP/PVE Moonlord Build, where should I subtract SP points from? Sorry, I’m a big fan of the Line Drive-to-Halfmoon Slash combo, that’s why I’m asking.

  54. Efren says:

    sir! plzzz reply me…
    how about BARBARIAN? lvl60? guide me plzzz


  55. MrDaisy says:

    Hello Kazu,

    i would like to ask you about your sword…
    i have watched almost all level 60 videos you have and the moonlord is wearing the red sword with black or shadow light or whatever it’s called,

    how i can get it ?

    can you make a small tutorial to explain it to us?

    Thanks =D
    Waiting your reply…

  56. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it
    seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You definitely know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to
    your site when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

  57. ICEPAW says:

    If im starting from level 1, i straight away follow the build of warrior. but if i do so, i have very low dmg

  58. I have been exploring for a little for any high quality articles or blog
    posts on this kind of area . Exploring in Yahoo I at last
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    it a glance regularly.

  59. Hi Aikawakazu, i realized that in your guide for Gladiator lvl60 Builds that your SP limit for SM tree is still 104SP but in my time in DNSEA i have realized that the max SP for the 2nd Class Advancement is 107SP. According to that fact where should i put the extra 3 SP if you would consider the skill build of SecretSwrd giving 1SP to get Triple Slash 16 where should i put the 2 remaining SP? on Eclipse 6->8 or Relieve 3->4 and Hacking Stance 11->12

  60. Abel says:

    Does Infinity Edge Skill good for pvp?

    • Well Abel in my experience while Infinity Edge has higher Dmg Potential than Great Wave, Infinity Edge has a Lower hit rate than Great Wave… with 100 Atk and Matk (example only) Infinity can do 1915P.Dmg (calculation maybe wrong) while Great Wave can do 256M.Dmg, While Infinity Edge Clearly has the higher calculated dmg the hit rate is very low which in PvP is lower than PvE while at Great Wave it is easier to aim in PvP and PvE giving guaranteed dmg… To Sum it Up!! Infinity Edge is not good for PvP

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