Dragon Nest SEA – Level 60 Sniper PVP/PVE/Hybrid Skill Build Guide by lZeftl ~!

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Word from AikawaKazu:

I know that this guide is available in the forums but lZeftl has kindly emailed me for the uploading of his guide on my site. This is just FYI.



A short introduction of me. My name is Zeft and I have been playing DN since lvl 32 cap is released? Many do not know me as I only participate in forums recently. I have been playing Bowmaster for quite sometime now, I too had went through the dilemma of choosing Sniper/Artillery route. In the end after many hours contemplating, I choose Sniper!

Why? It is because I love how the physical skills of BM works in DN. Linear, Piercing and All that yellow projectiles!!! Yes I love yellow projectiles!

Skill Build

As the title says, here is my PvE/PvP hybrid Sniper skill build.

Well, the purpose of this post is to share my skill build as my Idol Ximp haven’t post his skill build.

There are a lot of people is still unsure what to do with their SP thus me sharing a hybrid skill builds for those who loves PvE and still goes for PvP often.

However, this build is based on my opinion and my play style. So please don’t follow it blindly and tune it to your own personal style.

An important NOTE to all: Hybrid builds is a compromised skill build for those who loves both PvE and PvP world. It will not be the best build for both world but a build where you can enjoy PvE and PvP with little loss in DPS potential.

Without further ado ~ Here is my skill build with the latest 107 SP update.


Archer Tree
Twin Shot MAXED – Short CD, Decent Dmg in PvE & PvP, Good harassing tool in PvP
Plate it? For me if u r able to land almost 9/10 of this then go ahead and plate it! tho~ it is up to u.

The rest of the skill are pretty much self explanatory, after all this is a hybrid build.

Multi Shot, Magic Arrow for utility. Max evasion skill for survival purposes. Moon Kick for surprise turn overs/combo linking.

Bowmaster Tree
Charge Shot MAXED – AOE launcher, decent dmg in PvP as well as PvE, improved cast time with the EX skill.
Plate it? Yes! A 50% animation speed increase plate is recommend for PvP as well as PvE. A faster cast can sometimes save you from being combo-ed to death.

Aerial Chain Shot at level 15 – Highest Burst DPS skill in PvE, ok ok dmg in PvP as it is hard to land all hits on a small target. You need some high DPS skill to PvE. With the EX skill, you are able to get more hang time and fires additional 8 arrows that does 50% DMG of the original arrows. Why at 15 you ask? Please read on to find out

Plate it? Yes! more dmg why not?
Skill Ring it? Well.. Yes of course!.. Achieving ACS at lvl 16 with the help of a skill necklace.

The big jump in damage is gonna be at lvl16. Skill Necklace slot is still given to ACS. Critical Break is not as good as it looks as it only have 50% proc chance on critical hits and will not proc on resisted crit.

Siege Stance at 11/12 – at lvl 6, 11 ,16 and 21 skill lvl give a big boost in DPS thus we r leaving it at lvl 11/12. Good DPS skill in PvE as well as PvP after revamp, able to tank certain skill that we can’t before with the dmg reduction and SA defence buff. You will need it to be able to do well in PvE, dmg in PvP is not bad either.
Plate it? You need all those DMG.. all those dmg! Don’t get me wrong, but dmg is *almost* the most important thing in the PvE world (lol)

Arrow Shower at lvl 1 – dmg is so so in both PvE and PvP. Need more practice than Siege Stance to maximize this skill’s DPS potential. If this skill is buffed like Siege Stance in the future, it might be worth it to max it.
Plate it? Well.. Idk, its up to u.. I personally don’t recommend it as we are going for a hybrid skill build here.
Alternately, this skill can be drop and still get the sniper ultimate by getting revo ballista.. Same SP distribution.

All magic skill are at 1 for i-frame utility, fillers and flinchers except for a few exceptions.
This time around I choose to drop TA and pump Spiritual Excel to level 4 as it gives additional dmg. Scope Arrow at lvl 1 as I’m uncomfortable with how the skill works. Currently I’m more on the PvE side as I’m planning to make a pure PvP Sniper 1 day~

Core skills are standard for hybrid builds. Lvl 1 for fake shot, triangle shot and stunning shot.

Ankle Shot at lvl 6/MAXED – The dmg is for this skill at lvl 6 is better in than Charge Shot EX in PvE when all three hits connects. Longer bind time = more stuff or dmg can be done to your opponent.
Plate it? Its debatable whether to plate it with CD Reduction/Dmg Increase/No plate at all. It depends how much are you leaning towards the PvP side. You need to remember this is a hybrid build and our skill plate choices are limited.

Bull’s Eye and Sylph’s Aid MAXED – For PvE purposes, skill ring if needed or preferred.
Plate it? It’s debatable for Sylph’s Aid, if you want more time or shorter CD. IMO, not really recommended to plate this as we have LIMITED choices for plates!

Longbow or Xbow Mastery MAXED – This LB or XB disccussion boils down to personal style and preference. Mine will be the LB

*Cool Tip! Courtesy of iDreamy*

View PostiDreamy, on 23 May 2013 – 12:44 AM, said:

Regarding Crossbow vs Longbow, it’s actually preferred for Snipers to use Longbow because of the added range. People might not know but Charged Shot EX actually increases it’s range when using a Longbow. Twin Shot and Siege Stance range obviously increases when using a Longbow too.

Sniper Skill Tree
Pretty standard stuff here. MAX all of them please! Get the EX(s) as well!

Pure PvE Skill Build
I have seen a lot of people asking for a pure PvE build in the forums. Without further ado.
*NOTE: I’m using the additional skill tree expansion from Cash Shop. Using this build for PvE and my Hybrid for PvP*

sniper Pve

The logic behind these skills are pretty similar to the hybrid build. Just a few thing I would like to highlight.

Aerial Chain Shot at Level 15 – Highest Burst DPS skill in PvE, ok ok dmg in PvP as it is hard to land all hits on a small target. You need some high DPS skill to PvE. With the EX skill, you are able to get more hang time and fires additional 8 arrows that does 50% DMG of the original arrows. Why at 15 you ask? Please read on to find out
Plate it? Yes! more dmg why not?
Skill Ring it? Well.. Yes of course!.. Achieving ACS at lvl 16 with the help of a skill necklace. The big jump in damage is gonna be at lvl16. Skill Necklace slot is still given to ACS. Critical Break is not as good as it looks as it only have 50% proc chance on critical hits and will not proc on resisted crit.

Scope Arrow at level 16 – Any BM will know that this skill is one of the highest DPS skill in BM skill tree. Although this is a magic skill, this skill does a lot of damage with average magic attack.
Plate this to get maximize the damage on this skill.

Spiritual Excel at MAX – Why? Free damage and as a PvE player, you should know DPS is very important. Since this is a pure PvE, you probably stacked a lot of AGI from your Equipment.

Siege Stance at level 10 – Why? Using a skill earring to get this up to level 11. One of Sniper’s best burst damage skill. Use still skill wisely as this skill will tend to be completely wasted if use at the wrong timing

Don’t really need Rapid Shot, Tracking Arrows and Stunning Shot if going for a pure PvE skill build. Ankle Shot is debatable because if Ankle Shot is shotgun-ed, it can out damage Charge Shot. If you want to get MAX Ankle Shot, you have to lower Scope Arrow and Arrow Shower to 11, 1 respectively.

The rest is pretty much self explanatory.

Recommended plates:
– There are more choices but these are the popular ones.

Twin Shot DMG – PvE/PvP
Siege Stance DMG – PvE
Aerial Chain Shot DMG – PvE
Arrow Shower DMG – PvE
Charge Shot Animation Speed – PvE / PvP
Charge Shot DMG – PvE
Spin Kick Animation Speed – PvP
*For really good melee snipers
Or delusional snipers who thinks they are acrobats (lol)
Ankle Shot DMG – PvE
Ankle Shot CD Reduction – PvP
Fake Shot CD Reduction – PvP

Recommended Skill Accessories:

Twin Shot Skill Necklace
Aerial Chain Shot Skill Necklace
Critical Break Skill Necklace

Siege Stance Skill Earrings
Charge Shot Skill Earrings

Bull’s Eye Skill Ring
Sylph’s Aid Skill Ring
Longbow Mastery Skill Ring
Ankle Shot Skill Ring

*Cool Tip! Courtesy of FateMortis* (:])

View PostFateMortis, on 04 June 2013 – 12:48 PM, said:

Friendly suggestion, alternatively, you can prepare 2 Skill Necklace. 1 for Twin Shot and 1 for ACS.
Use the Twin Shot one in PvP, and use the ACS one for PvE.
Reason being Twin Shot will land more often then not in PvP, and it’s more reliable.
However in PvE, chances are ACS will land mostly against those big bosses which is more beneficial to boost it to Lv 16.
It’s up to you how you want to arrange the other skills but having both Lv 20 Twin Shot and Lv 15 ACS will give you more versatility to adapt between PvE and PvP, since the Skill Necklace will boost them to the next stage of Lv 21 and Lv 16 respectively.

Skill plates choices and skill choices highly depend on your play style. Shotgun Sniper, Siege Sniper and Mix-Style Sniper
Green Top Priority
Brown Medium Priority
Red Least Priority

1) Shotgun Sniper usually prefer to be terrible close to the boss to deal damage.
Skill choices will be:- Siege Stance EX Sniping and Multi-Shot Mode, Charge Shot EX, ACS EX, Ankle Shot, Scope Arrow, Swift Shot, Arrow Shower, Twin Shot and Multi Shot.

2) Siege Sniper usually stays a safe and the right distance from the boss to deal damage.
Skill choices:- Siege Stance EX Sniping and Multi-Shot Mode, Charge Shot EX, ACS EX, Ankle Shot, Scope Arrow, Swift Shot, Arrow Shower, Twin Shot and Multi Shot.

3) Mix-Style Sniper’s play style is a combination of both. Going back and forth for positioning where there is no fixed range the sniper plays at.

DPS Skill Rotation Under Beyond Time Buff

Here are some examples of skill rotations.

This is the current gears set up I have. Will update ASAP when I save up enough to change in one go.

Current Gears

My goal is to get 3 Green Dragon L Main, Secondary Weapon and a One Piece. Combo with 4 Dangerous Desire Set for the small increase in FD from set bonus.
My contingency plan is to go full Dangerous Desire Set if lady luck is not with me at GDN HC drops.

Stat Heraldries

The core stat heraldries are the same for most characters in DN. You should have:-

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Magician
  • Wise
  • Life Vitality
  • Healthy
  • Final Damage
  • Fatal/Tent/Iron Wall

Final Damage plate is free damage, so please get it. You can choose to forgo final damage for a defensive plate such as Tent or Iron Wall.

Since we stack agi, have high agi growth and we have Rage of The Owl Buff(ROTO), we don’t need a Fatal plate as you will reach crit cap with ROTO buff and Battle Howl in raids.

Suffix in general should be Wind on all Armors for DPS and Will for Gloves as the suffix effect can save your life.

Suffix for Main and Secondary Weapons is:
1) Wind, Iron Wall – Most common suffix set up for casual dungeons and nesting as Iron Wall benefits all your physical skills.

*Note*: For players have fix raid teams, can consider a separate set of weapons for Suffix Debuff-ing purposes. Choose of the following below depending on raid members Suffix setups.

1) Destruction, Iron Wall – Wind suffix will override your teammates Dual Wind Suffix Debuff, go for Destruction for pure p.atk boost.

2) Wind, Wind -Crit Resist Debuff on high Crit Resist Bosses. Make sure your team don’t use single wind suffix as it will override your Dual Wind Debuff. A way around this is make sure your other teammates use Dual Wind setup too.

PvP Videos:

This is my first CMV I’ve made. I’m still a beginner so don’t be too mad
Hope you guys enjoy this.

If you are interested in watching more Click Here > http://www.youtube.com/user/ZeftHuiSen

I hope I am able to help you guys out and till next time.

P.S. Please feel free to point out any errors, ask questions, give useful opinions as everyone can benefit from it. I will try my best to answer them~

I will end with a pose gesture from my sniper


Ain’t she cute?


A big thank you to lZeftl for his guide!

Remember skill builds are always a personal choice to suit a playstyle they believe in, before you light any flames bear that in mind.

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  1. Daisy says:

    Why you don’t have Tracking Arrows its good in pvp …

    • Zeft says:

      There are 3 reason i personally dont use TA at this point of time. Firstly is to train my bm pvp basics and accuracy. 2ndly, its was almost impossible to get ppl to fight with u when TA was unnerfed (there are some who still thinks its OP). Lastly, the super armor destruction is alot weaker now dropping its efficiency as a utility skill. I may consider taking TA in the future as it is still useful against classes that have low to moderate SA def~

    • Most says:

      Why dont she have TA? Cause she tries to use her accuracy,not like a newbie who spams TA and kills effortless.

  2. Ricky says:

    Personally I think for the PVE build, Charged Shot EX can be dropped to 11 or 6 in preference for Ankle Shot and Scope Arrow to maximise damage, both of which has higher dps growth when compared to Charged Shot EX. Personally I’m an Artillery so I’m not completely sure how much damage Charged Shot EX does at level 16, but I think getting Scope Arrow 11/16 and Ankle Shot 6 would greatly outdamage Charged Shot EX 16. May I know roughly, unbuffed, how much damage Charged Shot EX 16 does, how much damage Ankle Shot 7 per arrow does and Scope Arrow (non-EX) 11 and 16 does? I think crunching those numbers properly can give other people a better understanding on maximising DPS in pure-PVE would be better. Thanks!

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  4. idris says:

    amazing zeft! i want my sniper like yours too zeft! you’re my master!!

  5. who the fuck is this guy his ladder suck, never see he online and go nest, and pvp too

  6. low pvp rang and fail spec for pvp hybrid is always fail
    pve spec magic attack with agi max sniper fail you need straight for more dmg when you has crit cap

  7. sniperHolywood says:

    nahh this zeft got no talent to play sniper. really suck

  8. Wallace says:

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  9. ... says:

    is this class have highest damage? because when i look at a video . another sniper can shoot nearly 80 000 damage per arrow
    so i think that sniper is really have highest dps am I correct.
    sorry if i am not correct because i am just a newbie to dragon nest . and can tell me which class have highest dps?
    sorry for my english

  10. jhgljk says:

    Raven highest dps in dn

  11. Have you ever thought about writing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites?

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