Level 60 Gladiator & Moonlord Item Build Update Feat. AikawaKazu & SecretSwrd ~!

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Hello everybody once again this is AikawaKazu :3

This is the item build update that many have been waiting for.

I’ll first start with my Moonlord since the Gladiator had an update around 3 weeks ago.

But before that please note the following:

  • My Moonlord and Gladiator Shares the exact 5 piece Great Ancestor Armours between each other via the Normal Server Storage (Yes you can transfer most epic equipment). This is also why they are all crafted WIND suffix aside from the gloves as this is the best suffix to be crafted if you’re sharing your armours between 2 classes.
  • My Moonlord and Gladiator Shares 3rd stat FD RARE Heraldry plates with each other
  • My Moonlord gears ARE NOT as complete as my Gladiator

With the squared away here are the current gears that my Moonlord is using.


Click to Enlarge

Overall HP: 280041

Magic Attack: 11631-14735

Critical:  34687

Final Damage:   1158 (35% Damage Increase for Same Level Monster)


Click to Enlarge


Click to Enlarge


Click to Enlarge

The first question that most players will ask will be this:

Why L-Grade Green Dragon Weapons? Don’t they give STR and isn’t STR for Gladiators instead of Moonlords?

To be honest I wanted to share the Great Ancestor Weapons between both characters as well since the Gladiator has them but the potentials for the GA gauntlet wasn’t perfect so that can’t be shared.

It just so happened that I managed to get both the Sword and the Gauntlet for my Moonlord as well during my Green Dragon Nest Runs.

I +12 my sword and gauntlet before the Treasure Stage was implemented which is why I didn’t actually get the GA Sword and Gauntlet for my moonlord.

Most importantly, L-Grade GDN Weapons are relatively easier to “+12” compared to epic weapons.

This meant that in terms of raw Magic Attack increase, L-Grade GDN Weapons definitely outweigh going for Bloody Fighter or GA weapon sets.

While the suffix effect such as “Tent” is lost, the recent buff with Cyclone Slash EX will replace that though these 2 effects can be stacked but obviously Cyclone Slash EX is easier to be used for coordination between party members during “burst” dps phases in nest/raids.

L-Grade GDN Weapons are definitely more useful to Gladiators with the Extra STR from enhancement compared to Moonlords but that reason isn’t enough to totally not consider using them as Moonlords.

All in all, it is about opportunity for me which brings me to why I Went for GA Accessories on my ML.

Without using GA/Bloody fighter weapons, I needed to find a way to replace the FD that I could have gotten if I went for the weapon set bonus.

I gambled on Ancestor Jewels for a Necklace Pouch and got the INT-Based stat with 1 try.

Basically if I didn’t get the INT Based stat one, I’ll count myself out of luck and go for honourable accessories set instead

With that I bought the ring with Gold and got the 2 set bonus of 136FD (which is overall still lower than the weapon set bonus but its the cost you got to bear when not going for GA/Bloody fighter weapons)

For Skill Heraldry plates, you can consider replacing side kick action speed with Cyclone Slash Cool down plate which is definitely a great choice to have with the buffs to it mentioned above.

This brings is to the Pure PVE Skill build that I’m currently using for my Moonlord (Previously using a Hybrid, but with Skill expansion slot item, I can now dedicate a skill build to PVE)


Click to Enlarge

Things to note:

  • MLS No longer level 15 because I’m not using the skill ring anymore so I had to get it to Level 16
  • Half-Moon Slash Level 10 – I used a Skill Accessory to get it to Level 11
  • Parrying Stance Level 1 – Don’t see a point in over-leveling Crescent Cleave EX and Cyclone Slash past 11, used the spare SP for survivability skill that is extremely useful in nests and raids
  • Impact Wave Level 16 – You can choose to go for Circle Break if you want since most Moonlords still have decent PATK, I prefer Impact wave due to the range because skill rotations for ML usually require you to be at medium distance. Be wary of the casting animation though, it is not short but around the same as circle break.
  • Triple Slash level 1 to unlock front shove for invincibility frame utility for dodging and avoiding some boss attacks
  • Flash Stance Level 4 because I’m already 105/107 for Swordmaster side, you can drop it to level 2 and get parrying stance to level 3 if you want. (Can’t learn counter slash/wave due to SP Cap)
  • Relieve Level 4 for 25s Cooldown instead of 35s. Faster cooldown can be life and death when facing dangerous boss poison/burn debuffs that you might find yourself getting inflicted on due to your own mistake or sometimes unavoidable to keep yourself alive in cases like forcing your way through poison prison in scorpion boss of DDN.

This build is only recommended if you are going Pure PVE. If you are not planning to purchase a skill expansion slot, continue using the hybrid build that I was using for AikawaKazu previously here

With that if you want to see how this item build performs in a Level 60 Nest environment, check out my Moonlord’s Solo run on Manticore Nest Lv.60 through Deceptive Stronghold below:

With that let’s move on to the Gladiator Item Build Update.

What has changed for Gladiator Item build?

  • Skill Accessories replaced with Dangerous Desire’s Accessories Set
  • 1 Extra 3rd stat FD Plate
  • Some other useful 3rd Stat Plate for more survivability

Overall Stats


Current Plates


Click to Enlarge

Current Accessories


Click to Enlarge

Due to the change in accessories from skill to dangerous desires, I had to change my skill build mostly because I can’t leave Triple Slash at Level 15.


Click to Enlarge

Things to Note:

  • Circle Break Level 16 – Damage and cooldown for this skill is definitely worthwhile getting it to 16.
  • Line Drive Level 6 and not 10 – No skill ring to get it to 11, so not really worthwhile to get it to level 10
  • Eclipse Level  6 – Decent Damage and AOE skill
  • Parrying Stance Level 3 – You can drop it to 1 to have 2 SP to allocate but Extra Survivability is not too shabby either. As mentioned above, parrying stance is very useful for keeping yourself safe from simple boss mechanics in DDN such as Scorpion’s Air Stomp (doesn’t work for Manticore Storm Master Zuu take note) and Manticore’s following path explosions situations.

Similarly this is a Pure PVE Build without the usage of skill rings. If you’re using an item build that still uses skill rings continue to use the skill build that I mentioned here

The question you will probably ask next will be why the change to dangerous desire’s accessories? Isn’t provoking slam +1 for 5% increase damage debuff useful for party members?

The answer to this question will be that with DD Accessories, the 223 Final Damage that I’ll get increases my damage increase via FD Exponentially.

This meant that if I didn’t go for FD Build, DD accessories wouldn’t be as useful if I had an overall FD of around 500-700.

However at around 1.3k FD previously, the extra 223 Final Damage from DD Accessories 4 set bonus gives me over 20% damage increase permanently unlike provoking slam’s 5% damage increase which doesn’t last all the time.

While the +5% Damage increase debuff will be useful to my party members, the exponential increase in my Gladiator’s damage ( via the change of accessories gives enough boost to my skills such as Finish Attack that will outweigh the +5% Damage increase debuff.

Basically before the change I was sitting at 1301 FD (46% Dmg Increase) and after the change with my extra 3rd stat FD Plate, I’m sitting at 1704 FD (83% Dmg Increase) which meant that I have an almost 40% increase with the change.

Moreover, Dangerous Desires provides decent increase in HP and Defence (via VIT) through its set-bonus and stats.

With the change, my Gladiator is now sitting at over 330,000 HP which is definitely a great boost.

However do note that you will need to find ways to replace the critical loss when not using Skill rings (I was previously using the 3554 Critical Based rings).

I was over-crit on my Gladiator in the past (was at over 38,000 critical) so I didn’t really need to replace anyway.

With that you can also check out how these gears perform in a solo setting set in a Lvl60 Environment via my Gladiators runs in Cerberus Nest Lv60 and Archbishop Nest Lv60 ~

That’s the end of the update!

Sorry for it being so late as I’m really busy with the slew of events previously such as Campus Game Fest, Digital Life King of Games, My own Desert Dragon Nest Raids and Dragon Nest Championship (DWC) Live Stream preparation!

As always, a big thank you for everyone for their support for TEGaming so far!

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  1. KephetS says:

    I like it!!!

  2. ExileZerro says:

    So I’m wondering so badly how did you get 14k MATK w/o Intellect suffixes and not much INT/MATK 3rd Stat on your heraldries. I’m on Honorable Tribe set + Intellect Suffix on most armors and yet my MATK is almost the same as yours QwQ

    • MrDaisy says:

      Well, i am thinking the same way, how it’s high without INT Suffic, but if you look at his necklace, it give him 733 INT and earrings give 599 INT, also if you calculate from his plates and items it will be too high ( i think )

      and i have question about the necklace and earrings, why don’t you get Moon blade dance skill and other skill…. is it because of the FD ? as long as i know also the skill rings can give high INT and high Magic Attack

      and also is it possible to reach Max Critical + Max FD + Max Magic Attack?

      and about the Green Dragon Weapons your using, can we get it from the Trade house, since people who make green dragon run don’t accept Moonlord, always kick me out… so it’s hard to go in Green Dragon =S

      and if i hope if you can tell me more about the Extra Plates slots, and can i put skill plate in them or only the other plates…


      • MrDaisy says:

        Kazu, i also just tested what stats will i have if i wear this gear,

        do you think it will be possible to do all this and reach 64k Crit + 24k ~ 31k Magic Attack..?

        • Denzell Gil says:

          or u can do this,I suggest for my friend item build(All+12)
          3pc. Great Ancestor=276 FD(Intellect II)
          Main Weap:Desert Dragon Sword(Magic II)[Both Crit Potential 17.00% Critical and only Matk stats
          Sec Weap:Desert Dragon Gauntlet(Intellect II/Wind II)
          2pc:Desert Dragon Legend(Boots and Gloves

          Accesories:Same as your stats in ur Accesories and Ring have P.POT w/ 17.00% Crit

          Plate all 3rd stats Heraldy w/ 129FD 4 DF w/HP,INT,MATK and Crit/Agi

          Costume:Red Tie
          Costume Weap:Light Weapon
          Current Title:Charity Angel
          Pet:SAME as yours

          Stats:MATK=24K-26K Unbuffed
          MATK=26K-29K ROB
          MATK=30K-33K Buffed w/ ROB

          Critical:Surely it was 89%
          FD(here comes the power of MATH)Kicks up to almost 2k

          He was plannis to change his Accesories to GA/HONO(He was thinking which is useful thus His HMS kicks out to 200k per tick non buff w/ROB lol

      • BooStAh says:

        I think why kazu only used the HMS and PROVOKING SLAM SKILL RING is that they have Big Growth in Damage and Debuff , while MBD does not have a big damage growth when skilled ring so thats why for me ..and its the same for moonlight splitter .THATS WHAT i think only PEOPLE :))

    • Onion says:

      simple stuff cuz it is L weapon and is +12. FYI, all the enchancement after +10 there will be a great increase in the enchancement value

  3. ZetSubo says:

    Hey Kazu 1 question ….
    Why you didn’t use hacking stance plate ??

  4. BooStAh says:

    May i ask how L Grade Weaps to be Enhance to +12 easier than EPIC? coz i saw a video in youtube who was enhancing a L Grade SDN Helm who count reach +1 by 1 Try ..NEED EXPLANATION , SECOND IS , DO WE MOONLORDS NEED TO MAX CRIT OURSELVES BY NOT THE HELP OF BATTLE HOWL AND OWL BUFF THING BY ARCHERS ? OR IT IS OKAY TO LEAVE IT To 86% and leave it to the buffs ? .

    • hann says:

      FYI, L grade eqs doesn’t degrade. Which mean it will only fail and remain the same enhancement level or level up.
      Hence it is consider easier to +12 as you don’t need to be afraid of the enhancement level drop to 6 when you’re trying to +10 it. But on the other hand, the enhancement fees is quite alot as compare to epic

  5. ChRyEhJkTo says:

    Hi! how does the skill rings work? Does it stack with other +skill items for the same skill?

    • hann says:

      It will only + 1 for the skill that you have learned. Meaning you need to put at least lvl 1 in order for the skill rings to work. No it doesn’t stack with the same ring/ same skills.

  6. Keirigami says:

    I don’t understand the FD of your glad. Are you using 60A or 50L weapons? If 50L, how come such a big jump compared to your ML (400 FD)?

    Skill Accessories replaced with Dangerous Desire’s Accessories Set = 90 FD
    1 Extra 3rd stat FD Plate = 129 FD
    Some other useful 3rd Stat Plate for more survivability

  7. peddyvvv says:

    Great Ancestor set where to hunt it?

  8. Andy says:

    Aikawakazu, how do you share plates on ur moonlight and glad?

  9. Andy says:

    Moonlord i mean

  10. den says:

    люди что твкое will и wind

  11. Jboy Peralta says:

    Good Day Kazu!
    is having a 5 pc bear good for gladi?

  12. Hushieeee says:

    Do you have any lvl 60 ML that is on a budget?

  13. Seyren says:

    gladiator compare to spirit dancer/blade dancer, which one has the highest dps?
    since gladiator has its final attack compare to BD/SD has illusion dance and many fast cd skill and high dmg output?

  14. Dadadu says:

    Hi Aikawakazu,

    your both Chars the Glad and the Moonlord are great.
    I wanna make a new char but i thinking beetween the Glad and the Moonlord but i dont know which i choose. Can you say me what is on your Opinion better or which char is stronger.
    I hope you can help me thanks

  15. josh says:

    how do you get that STR on the potentials? is it from a patch or what?

  16. mav says:

    for me L grade weapons for MLs is not good coz they have str stats. it would be great if you gladiator is using those L grade weapons

  17. Privaron says:

    kazu should i change my skill ring which is up PS and FA skill cause neck and ear i wear DD set now my FD 680 need your guide kazu

  18. lui says:

    i would like to know if the Gladiator and ML item build can also be used for Gladiator or ML hybrid skill build


  19. Cassiegran says:

    Kazu, can you post an enhancement guide?

  20. alberto says:

    kazu where you get both end damage I add all that show aki end damage and do not reach 900 that says you have 1158. aniilos have 2 great ancestor who give 136 damage, 45 have 3 plate totaling 135, plus an epic you have 59 damage and 258 damage last is adding this damage and have 588 of the 5th hounorable piesas the team in the 276 have added combination of the above would be 864 ah where you get the leftovers

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  25. Abu hanafi says:

    Dragon Nest in Indonesia there is no suffix lv 60

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  30. Pooh says:

    AikawaKazu/SecretSwrd when are you going to post a lvl 70 skill and item build for you’re Glad? thanks in advance

  31. Teddy says:

    Hey kazu update you’re build to a lvl 70 build. just sayign

  32. Keychains says:

    Hey Kazu is this a PVE or PVP build?

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