Dragon Nest SEA – Level 60 Gear Master Hybrid PVP/PVE Skill Build & Item Build Guide by ShandelMae ~ !

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Note: Any words in italics are inputs from AikawaKazu;TEGaming, purpose is to offer any form of insight from my own perspective with aspect to the guide at hand.

Hello fellow DN SEA players! Its me ShandelMae of PasuquiN/Oblique Guild of Westwood server.

Before we start, I just want to emphasize that this guide is formed purely from my own personal experience, observations, and discussion with other players.

Remember guys, I would like you know that this is just a guide and not the best guide ever made.

Skill Build



Triple Shot– Leave it to level 1. It has a 5 secs cooldown which can often be spam. However, I suggest that you leave it at 1 as in terms of PVP, this skill may put you in bad position. When this skill is used, your character will be stuck in a shooting animation for at least over a second with no way to move or cancel the casting of the skill. So in the end, it’s better to use this skill wisely than to spam it madly.

This skill is also useful at the start of PVP matches for ladder or KOF modes to buy time for your escape skills such as rocket jump, try to drag the 3 shots out and get one of them to hit your opponent. The SA Break is strong enough to stop a warrior from dashing and great for baiting blinks from sorceress which you can then use rocket jump as a follow up to get a early flinch to prevent any form of early catching on you by your opponent.

Air Shot – Leave it at level 1. This skill is amazing in PVP. In times when you need extra time for your opponent to be on his back, then this is the skill you want to use. We all know that Engineer are gifted with skills to lock down (such as gravity grenade) enemies before deploying their towers and ducks. But the fact is, every character in the game has their own dodge skill which they can use to escape. That is why you need Air Shot as your extra lock down skill.

As mentioned by ShandelMae, this skill is especially useful for catching your opponent after his AE where you delay the 2nd part of the skill after the AE and use the 2nd motion to lift them up after AE if they are not careful.

Napalm Bomb – Leave it to level 1. This skill is a bit tricky to use. You’ll need to aim on the feet of the enemy to trigger the splash damage. The initial damage hasn’t got that decent fire power so that’s why you need the splash damage. However, it doesn’t do a whole lot of damage (neither initial and splash damage) and the worst part is, it’s really hard to aim.

Stun Grenade – Max this skill. The stun chance increases as it levels up(stun chance is 60% when maxed) and most importantly, the damage increment has become very significant.

Wax – One of the must have skill of an Academic. Max this skill. You must have the 50% speedbuff and the 27% slip chance.

Bonus Tip:
Use Wax and make duck step on it. That’s the trick in helping them move a bit faster. Can also be used for Alfredo.

Force Out – Don’t spend SP on this skill. The range of this skill is very short and it’s hard to aim. Plus, you don’t want this skill as a Gearmaster as it’s a magical skill (uses magic attack power).

Summon Alfredo – Max this skill to increase Alfredo’s survivability in the field

Alfredo Recall – Don’t forget to get this skill. Sometimes, Alfredo will go to places you don’t want him to and worst, he will be stuck into that certain location. That is why, you’ll need this skill to teleport him immediately in front of you. Also, recalling Alfredo can be a great PVP tactic. For example, when your enemy is in front of you and, Alfredo has casted his Hurricane, then you can recall him in front of you to continue his psycho whirlwind-ing on the enemy in front of you.

Bubble Bubble – Max this skill for PvP purposes. It can hold enemies up to 2 sec or you can cast it on allies that protect them from damage up to 1022 damage for 10 sec.

Bonus Tip:
Use this to shield Alfredo and the ducks. Some players, specially in ladder, they kill the ducks and Alfredo first before attacking you.

Aerial Evasion – In my own preference, I have just put level 1 on this skill as often times, I can get out when being juggled using the Air Bomb (second Aerial Evasion skill).

Dodge – This skill must also be max. Gearmaster rely much on his evasion skill and there’s no way you can survive without this one.

Air Bomb – Level up to 1. It allows you to leap a little higher above the ground and, it can knock back opponents when it hit.

Circle Bomb – Max this skill. It’s your only way to get up immediately after hitting the ground.

Physical Mastery – Max this skill.This is where you put your spare SP to increase your Health Points.

Mental Mastery – Max this skill.This is where you put your spare SP to increase your Mana Points.

Mind Conquer – Max this skill.This is where you put your spare SP to increase your Mana Regeneration Rate.


Ping Pong Bomb – Max this skill. It’s a very great and fun skill to use. It has a fast animation, extremely fast projectile speed, low cooldown and has good damage which makes it an amazing skill overall. This skill can hit multiple target for 8 times and the good part is, it can bounce to the same target several times for massive damage.Damage increases each bounce by 17% in pve and 9% in pvp thus, the last target will suffer the greatest additional damage.

In 1v1 PVP This skill is probably your bread and butter damaging skill, useful in simple combos or attempting to catch your opponent after you force them to blink, tumble, escape in near,medium and far range.

Bonus Tip:
But wait! That’s not all. When your PVP-ing with Priest, Force User or fellow Engineers, you can take advantage of the uniqueness of this skill as it can bounce to relics, towers, force mirror and mushrooms (skill plate from bishop nest). This will leave those character behind or close to the relics vulnerable to the bouncing ball.

Mine Thrower – Leave this skill at prerequisite which is 1. This skill may look amazing at first glance as it will literally rain bombs to the enemy when casted. However, when you had actually used it, you’ll come to a realization that it’s best to leave this skill at prerequisite.The reality is, it’s really hard to aim this skill to the opponent and also, when it’s obstructed by a terrain such as slopes, there will be no bombs raining over the enemies. And lastly, this skill does very small damage to single targets such as players.

Biochemical Missile – Leave this skill at level 1 for 30% critical resistance debuff and a 15% all resistance debuff to all enemies that has been hit by this skill for over 20 seconds. It has good damage if u max this skill but, the cooldown is 40 sec, which i suggest that, better spend the points to other skills than maxing this skill.

Rocket Jump – Put 1 skill point for mobility. It’s a good skill for kitting to long distance and even chasing enemies. This skill is more like the Chain Tumble of Acrobat and actually does a decent damage to targets you have flinched with this skill.
How to use: To successfully hit a target with the skill’s damage, you must make sure that you’ll Rocket Jump to the enemy, flinching them and applying the damage.

Gravity Grenade – Put 1 SP on this skill. One of the best “locking” and crowd-controlling skill of an Engineer. It’s more like the “mini” Black Hole of Force User, which can actually suck opponents in a certain location and, it can dish out awesome damage as well. On top of that, it has a fast animation speed and fast cooldown which makes it highly spammable also.

For PVP, mastering the use of Gravity Grenade is extremely important, especially the placement of this skill. This skill can be used both offensively and defensively. It aids in keeping targets hittable so that your ducks, alfredo and towers can deal the potential damage that they possess.

Alfredo Stomp – Put 1 SP on this skill. . This skill has a very decent AOE damage and has a fast cooldown But the most interesting part of this skill is, it can actually provoke enemies that has been hit for more than 5 seconds.
How to use: Personally, I love to autocast this skill in PVE. What I do is, after summoning Alfredo, I will activate this skill so that Alfredo can cast it anytime it’s available. While in PVP, I use this in times where I’m extremely in danger of being combo-ed. What I do is, when an enemy is in close range and I feel like his just waiting for the right moment to initiate a chain combo, I then recall Alfredo in front of me and then cast Stomp so that the enemy will stagger and I get the chance to counter-attack.

Alfredo Berserker– Put 1 SP on this skill. With this skill, Alfredo will be boosted with a speed buff (action speed and movement speed), additional damage and reduce damage.

Damage Transition – Max this skill for damage absorbance rate 55% for 33 sec (27.5%  and 16.5s for PVP) which is very useful in both pve and pvp.

Alfredo Hurricane – Just put 1 SP for this skill.A bad-ass skill that you must have. I mean, who can resist seeing a big bad robot go pysho, and swinging both his arms rapidly in mach speed?! 😀

Gatling Gun Tower – Put 1 point for prerequisite.Really really low range T_T

Cannon Tower – Level it to 7 for greater damage.Long range AOE damage. Can hit agile targets.

Can consider to keep it at 6 since the increase from 6-7 is only 3%+240DMG. I noticed from my DWC casting that TimeLord’s engineer’s cannon tower actually hits for over 10,000 when placed at level 11. Do take that into consideration when making a pure 1v1 PVP build though for non-DWC pvp, chainsaw tower damage is more reliable.

Take note that you can only summon a total of 3 towers at one time. So cannon tower can be left at level 1 in Non-DWC PVP and PVE. With a cooldown reduction plate for chainsaw tower, you can summon 2 chainsaw towers and 1 Ice pump tower in the field.

Ice Pump Tower – Max this skill. It can do insane damage at max level and can significantly slow enemies that where hit by those ice shards falling from the sky.

This can be level to 7 unlike cannon tower because the increase in damage is 11% compared to 3% of cannon tower Lv6-7.

Mecha Duck – Level it to 6 to get the Ex version of this skill.With this skill, you can summon those mischievous ducks of yours to do your bidding. Most people just use this skill for the sake of just summoning ducks which is really a wrong thing to do. This skill can deal a decent damage when the projectile (yellow ball which I call “duck egg”) hits the enemy. In addition to that, if you aim for your target, there will be a high chance that you can make Mecha Shock and Siren hit the enemy.
How to use: The aiming on the shot itself is a bit weird. You need to aim a bit to the left of your target if you’re shooting for a longer distance as the shot comes out a bit to the right of the crosshair. Also, if you want to shoot it to longer distances, I suggest that you aim high, and lob the shot.

Mecha Shock -Level this skill up to 6 for 20% chance to electrocute an enemy for 6 seconds.

The electrocution chance for PVP/PVE is the same at 20% regardless of level, so level 6 is just for the damage.

Mecha Siren -Put 1 SP on this skill. You only need the silence of this skill, it’s best that you put the SP meant to level up this skill for those skills who can do damage.

Mecha Bomber – Put 1 SP for prerequisite. A very good skill in PVE but not that awesome in PVP. As we know it, the ducks are really slow and often times, they will have hard times in catching up with other players movement which makes it really difficult to hit a big amount of damage using this skill.
How to use: In PVP, I suggest that before casting this skill, make sure that your opponent is lock down or in the ground. In that way, the duck will have enough time to respond to the skill and as well as get close to the enemy.

Sky Line – If you’re going Gearmaster then you probably must have this skill. This skill does tremendous amount of damage to enemy when it hits. The only problem is, figuring a way to make it hit as it has slow casting speed and a short range.
How to use: Lock down your opponent first using Stun Grenade, Gravity Grenade or Bubble Bubble before casting this skill in PVP.

Demolition – A good skill in terms of PVE but a total bummer in PVP.  The damage is good but the fact is, while you put holes on the body of the opponent in front of you, you’ll be leaving your back and side open as you’ll be stuck for about 7.5 seconds while using this skill to its full potential.


Chainsaw Tower – Max this skill at level 6. Chainsaw Tower has a very high burst damage and very short cooldown that you can actually put two at once. In addition to that, the saw(s) pierces bunched targets creating multiple hits.

Big Mecha Bomber – Max this skill to level 4. This is the other reason why I’ve decided to become a Gearmaster. I mean, who doesn’t love pounding squishy players which HP is almost half with just one big BOOOM! A very good PVP and PVE skill as the damage is insanely great.


CANNON TOWER – cooldown reduction -12%
ICE PUMP TOWER – cooldown reduction -12%
WAX – cooldown reduction -12%
PINGPONG BOMB – damage increase 20%

Strongly recommend the use of chainsaw tower cooldown -20% instead of cannon tower cooldown reduction since in both PVE/PVE chainsaw tower damage is insanely high. And as mentioned above, you can only summon a total of 3 towers at 1 time. Cycling between 2 Chainsaw Towers and 1 Ice pump tower will suffice when you get into that skill casting rotation. The rest of the skill plates recommendation are pretty spot on.

Also many players do not know that there is a Dodge Cooldown -20% plate (all other class escape skills don’t have a cooldown reduction option). This is a plate that can be considered in PVP which increases your mobility greatly. Rotate between rocket jump and normal dodging with wax and you will be extremely hard to catch in PVP once your towers/ducks/alfredo are out.

Item Build

Current Stats


Click to Enlarge

Current Gears


Click to Enlarge

Current Accessories


Click to Enlarge

Regarding the heraldry plates, I’ll recommend removing the fatal heraldry plate and replacing it with a Life Vitality plate for higher survivability in PVE since Gear Master hits critical cap extremely easily.

Can also go for some 3rd stat VIT instead of all AGI for higher HP and p.def which will be very useful in 8-man raids such as DDN where the gear master is one of the squishy classes. But of course if you’re great at dodging then you can go for an all 3rd stat AGI/PATK Build for highest possible damage.

I would like to thank Leynard for helping me come up with my own unique Skill build

I hope I am able to help you guys out and till next time!

P.S. if you guys want to ask questions, or give suggestions about my build, pm me via facebook at https://www.facebook.com/shandymae07

A big thank you to ShandelMae for her guide again!

She approached me herself via email to find out if she could share her guide. Really thank her taking the initiative.

Aside from that the effort in sharing the insights she have for every skill is definitely noteworthy.

For those who have the luxury of the skill expansion item, go for Pure builds instead. This hybrid skill build is definitely useful for players who want to be viable in both PVP and PVE.

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  1. Jetroyz says:

    Just pointing out, Bubble bubble’s lock duration in PvP isn’t affected by level, so you can free 5 SP from there. The damage/protection is insignificant in both PvE and PvP.

  2. Engineer says:

    You do know that max mecha bomber can induce -30% attack from the enemy, instead of -3% of level 1 mecha bomber? That is a lot of reduction, even more so in PvE. I think it has to be maxed.

    • xRaveRelic says:

      For me tho the debuff sounds tempting.. However, this is a hybrid build guide.. Tho you make a point in terms of the Mecha Bomb’s power in PVE stage.. It would be hard to hit Mecha Bomber in PVP terms (well you could hit if your target is incapacitated or when your ducks have the wax speed buff or that of Siren EX speed buff but its hard to find situations that fit in the bag) ..

      And also in PVE stage.. There would be times where the Mecha Bomber would fail as well. Take in mind that the one that the ducks would do ‘kamekaze’ would be the nearest target, so if the boss have their annoying companions, it would be a little comlicated..
      And as of that I observed (specially in TKN Boss) if the boss does SA breaking skills while the ducks are charging towards it, the SA break would usually cause the ducks to stop moving for a while and ‘forget’ the Mecha Bomb cast..

      Tho its in your choice to max it or not.. It just depends on the playstyle ^_^

  3. Lan says:

    Lolz y ur main weap suff wind?
    and ur armors suff III u can leave it to suff II

    • Jetroyz says:

      Wind suffix on weapon gives the highest Patk lol. Suffix III and Suffix II on armors don’t have much difference, but why not? If you have the time/money.

    • its suffix is wind because for debuff purposes
      together with BCM-Biochemical Missile(has -30% crit resistance) and wind suffix III (-13.75% crit resist debuff) u have a total of 43.75% crit resist debuff…isn’t that great? 😀

  4. Jayz says:

    @Jetroyz if your main weap will be Dest III and ur second weap are iron wall III U CAN DO A LOT MORE DAMAGE !!!!!

    • Jetroyz says:

      Not really. Wind III gives more Patk than Dest III because of the Agi it gives. Remember 1 Agi = 0.5 Patk.

      Also, the Suffix Effect of Dest III isn’t very useful because it only affects 1 hit, while most of GM’s skills are multi-hit. The long term DPS from that slightly higher Patk is better.

      I agree that Iron Wall III on sub-weapon is better, but definitely Wind III is better for main weapon instead of Dest III.

  5. Jayz says:

    and one more thing read the description on the wind suff and compared it to destruction!! and do the samething on ur 2nd weap!!

  6. xRaveRelic says:

    Miss ShandelMae..
    Would it be wise to max off Cannon Tower? Its tempting to get it maxed because of its SA breaking capabilities.. To mix it with huge damage output would be great.. Would it be wise to do?

    Im getting setbacks about the Cannon Tower only releasing limited number of shots.. (If I remember it clearly, it can only release a maximum of 4 shots).. So it would be unwise to max it if thats the case together with a pretty long CD.. Can anyone enlighten me about this?

    Anyways, nice Skill Build and Item Build too.. (I kinda just read this guide earlier so sorry about late questions)

  7. SheyLee says:

    any skill arrangements? thanks :)

  8. Jeku says:

    Gatling gun tower the one u max not the canon tower see the pic sir.. and why not max mecha boom its realy help no 1 we gear master more on meha duck tat ors best alied nore alfredo..

  9. benj says:

    -removing buble on academic to get minimum pts as possible
    -only max ice tower and chainsaw tower. you can summon 2 chainsaw 1 ice.
    -max mech bomb. it’s superb!
    -don’t get alfredo huricane
    -try to get atleast lvl 11 mine thrower. kinda good on big bosses
    -i personally dun like fat bomber lol
    -all extra sp you can play

    • Leo says:

      Bro, i agreed with you but you should know that bubble2 and alfredo hurricane is an awesome skill to combo/lockdown other player. Other than that, lvl11 mine thrower have a very high dmg IF only it hits and it’s pretty hard to hit player because player’s size is not as big as the dungeon bossess.Plus, gear master don’t have the Ex skill for this one but it’s very good skill in dungeons and nests. Just stating my opinions. ^.^

  10. At this moment I am ready to do my breakfast, afterward having my
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  11. Axalis says:

    Can anyone explain to me, gear master combo on pvp? I’m still confused

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