SecretSwrd (Gladiator)
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 Latest Gears for “SecretSwrd” Gladiator Updated 19 January 2013

Previous Affordable Item build Gears with Level 50 Rare Weapons

This page is the latest gears for SecretSwrd my Gladiator in Dragon Nest SEA (Greenwood)

Please know that this isn’t my “ideal” gears at all, please do not follow it blindly

These gears are built in mind to hit critical cap for Level 50 (17800) and focus on getting as high Attack Power as I can.

Potentials on Armors are not ideal, and enhancement heraldry plates are not ideal as well.

This page is the exact gears I have as seen in the 750,000 Finish Attack Video below

Updated on 30 September 2012


Updated on 30 September 2012


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  1. Tecu says:

    Hey Kazu, why is the crafting on your helm Wind, unlike the other armors? 😀

  2. cHiLLzZ16 says:

    where can i get the origin of twilight?

  3. ExLordCMW says:

    wanted to ask gladiator doesn’t need that high amount of critical??? i am going after pvp gladiator…..

  4. SwordPiee says:

    AikawaKazu, why gladiator should use Ancient Totem set?

  5. Nyzo says:

    for gladiator, should i go for 3 immo and 4 ancient totem? or full ancient?, and is critical build the best for pvp? or whats another optional enhance and stats build?

  6. Lumina says:

    hey aikawakazu can i ask how many str you have? because my gladiator has more agi than str, thx in advance

  7. RedBloodPH says:

    Sir i have question why does you prefer to commitment plate, Redemption and impact ???

    Im confused about that.


  8. LordFoxie says:

    sir, what different weapon (wind) and (fatal), if you focus with crit, why you don’t use fatal?

  9. BehemothII says:

    Kazu i have a question, for a gladiator, which is better and most preferable to build, FD TYPE or PURE ATTACK POWER?? WITH Max Crit cap. In terms of PVE.

  10. Sightz says:

    hey kazu…..
    im build SM lv 40 now,,so im get confused….
    build to gladiator with high critical and paralyze or build moonlord??
    but my playstyle dont use magic atck,but use physical atck…so which one is good?moonlord or gladiator in cap 50 ??

  11. SpeedDive says:

    Helllo Kazu :) , Are gladiators for PvP ? Cuz i want to have a gladiator Both PVP AND PVE pls help

    hehe ty :)

  12. BlackWind says:

    Sir Kazu, can u post the skill build of SECRETSWRD..plz…^^.,

  13. HaseXth says:

    I think the reason why sir kazu prefer wind suffix instead of fatal…
    Because wind suffix have 20% chance to reduce enemy’s crit resist and addition 11% crit damage…

    Sir bro Kazu how can u get a perfect pot on your accessory??
    Please tell me d tips..
    THX ^^

  14. YinYang says:

    Hi sir,

    can you kindly please teach me how to build a fd+crit+ an reasonable amount of attack power for gladiator? for example what item should i get? and what pot and stuff.

    looking forward for your reply ! thanks

  15. DeathBeatz says:

    How much is your AGI?
    These are my glad’s stats
    1000 STR
    1850 AGI
    600 VIT
    11350 CRIT
    5000 PARA
    5000 STUN

  16. DeathBeatz says:

    How much is your AGI?

  17. ichsan says:

    can i see ur skill build for pure gladiator like SecretSwrd

  18. l8Dl says:

    Hey !! Wanted to ask wether is it ok if i wear 1 set totem ..or i should chge to victor?? For the sword and gaunt thx..

  19. l8Dl says:

    Hey !! Wanted to ask wether is it ok if i wear 1 set totem ..or i should chge to victor?? For the sword and gaunt thx..You

  20. Sir Kazu having a set of Immortal and totem for Dual Final damage okay ? Cause I’m thinking of getting my gladiator a Critical Type and a FD type have my FD of 700+ :3

  21. josephabaya says:

    do glad need skill ring for finish attk and provoke ?

  22. Broownkus says:

    if i didn’t wrong
    is there a cerberus glove ?
    why did u use that ?

  23. kazaF says:

    can you please tell me how you made secretswrd’s crit boost up to 19k sir? i really wish you would tell me…

  24. striderhiryu says:

    good day SecretSwrd/AikawaKazu!
    i’m just wondering what’s the latest gears of your gladiator? i’d like to see! i’m pumping up my glad, i’m hoping to pattern it to yours.

    Thanks! ^^

  25. James Jade says:

    Sir Kazu!

    Is FD build for gladiator okay?

    And I have 6.5k atk power but I cant hit the 750K dmg of finish atk!

  26. tsuna says:

    so… which one is better? p.attack or crit? if i have a poten on a weapon attack 5.75%, agi, str, should i revert it to go for crit? thx in advance

  27. Gian says:

    Why do you use lizardman’s gauntlet and cerberus gloves instead of ancient totem/immortal?

  28. jamjamaica says:

    is wind + iron wall better than wind + destruction ?


  29. Someone says:

    What is with the Cerb gloves?

  30. Reign says:

    Hey Aikawa,
    I heard from a few people from my server that having max critical is unnecessary and they said to drop some of my crit (18400 crit) and try get FD accessories, because I am using level50 crit/wind accessories.
    My stats are 5300phys and I am using the 5/3 setup with 530 FD, should I try remove the accessories for apoc for the FD or just keep them and try raise my phys damage?

    DN NA btw xD

  31. Well says:

    How we can get the Hero’s Sword ? thanks ;D

  32. BehemothII says:

    Hey Kazu, Can you make a Video Running a certain dungeon or perhaps Nest Solo, on your new build 9000+ Patk, one thing is that the max crit cap 17874 ?

  33. Wambo says:

    I see a Rock Of Blessing Buff there. So, how much are ur stats without the buff?

  34. skrilleks says:

    Hey kazu, im a rookie here and I was amazed by your build >_< So i tried to follow it,
    Currently, i have 5 Totem and 2 Immortal for the damage bonus set.
    the suffix for my gears are:
    (all Str, Agi, Max HP potentials)
    Helm (Wind II)
    Shirt (Bear II)
    Pants (Wind II)
    Gloves (Will II)
    Boots (Wind II)
    Sword +10 (Wind II)
    Gauntlet +10 (Destruction II)

    Wind Rose red Necklace(Str, Agi, Max HP)
    Bear Rose red Earrings(Str, Agi, Max HP)
    Skills ring"200 attck, 150 magic, & vitality[Provoke slam](Attack Power, Str, Int)
    Destruction Ring(Attack power, Int, Crit 17%, MP recovery)

    I aslo followed your heraldies, but some of mine are still rare ones.

    But my damage is still at 8.1k
    I need help on what i did wrong.

  35. otakuarnaixe says:

    hey kazu ., is it ok to craft bear instead of wind in order to become a DPS gladiator?

  36. skrilleks says:

    Hey Kazu,

    I guess we all want to know what is your stats without the Rock of Blessing buff and the costume.

  37. nokarl says:

    hlp m to craft my set

  38. Bladest0rm says:

    hey do you put a good potential in weapons and accessories?
    Sometimes when I put a potential in those items, it always shows the fire, ice , light, dark attack 8%? I hate this potentials. So please will you show your technique by applying a good potential? Thank You 😀

    • skrilleks says:

      There is none.
      You cant even cancel it when putting a potential (like enhancing an item). When you apply it, you really apply it. You just have to spend or earn many codes to get the potential you desired.

  39. Bladest0rm says:

    hey do you put a good potential in weapons and accessories?
    Sometimes when I put a potential in those items, it always shows the fire, ice , light, dark attack 8%? I hate this potentials.

  40. z0n says:

    hey kazu.what’s better to be craft for gauntlet IRON WALL or DESTRUCTION. .Im a lvl 50gladiator

    • skrilleks says:

      Destruction suffix is Ok for PvE and PvP because of the damage increase.
      Iron Wall is usually for PvP, when the Iron Wall debuff hits, you produce more damage in your series of combos for 10 seconds.

  41. jay says:

    im a gladiator..what should i craft to my gauntlet Destruction or Iron wall.??

  42. Intel says:

    Kazu, Does Iron Wall effect applies to critical damage?.

  43. Intel says:

    Well ok. Let me rephrase it. Does Iron wall effect is really effective?. I meant to deal more damage than what it supposed to be. It’s rather hard to decide whether to setup gauntlet with Ironwall/wind/destruction. My gladiator able to reach crit without wind suffix,but the problem is I really want to know which one much better to pick for PVE purposes.

  44. Dan says:

    Kazu, Please answer this. Badly needed.
    We have “almost” the same gears.
    Mine is:
    5 totem armors (1 wind II and 4 bear II)
    2 +10 Immortal weapons (Wind II sword & Iron Wall II Gauntlet)
    -All Strenght, Agility, Max HP hidden potential.

    It got me riddled, because out of all my armors giving bonus damage, My Power attack is still stuck at 8.5k
    Regardless of your 3rd stat heraldies that gives you 190-190 damage boost.
    Comparing that to my 2 skill rings that gives both 200 attack power and yours are just special attack bonuses. I should have reached your damage, but it didn’t T_T

    T_T help me out here please.

    • TheAdmiral says:

      change ur immortal to HERO sword and apply the same suffix and enhancement level.. I think it will help u..

  45. kalen says:

    it has a high damage because their is a help of an elestra.
    if the enemy got frozen.the next attack will be double or tripled of damage.there a probably 30% 0r 50% reduction of super armor of an enemy when it is in frozen state. the defense got lessen.and the attack got higher

  46. Ken says:

    from your old item build you had 750? Can You do another video with your new set? :)

  47. nate says:

    dude, no offense, but regarding your damage showcases… if you’re gonna make posts that boast about your damage, then at least do them on your own. I’ve seen videos of you that have party members in them. barb gives 1500 matk patk tops, elestras can make a maximum of 6 normal freeze stacks (not including blizzard yet), and a sniper’s bull’s eye is almost 25% more damage.

    seriously, man. I have 7 level 50 characters. my main is a saleana at 14,700 matk when computing with fireatk and FD. but my subs all have 7500+ patk/matk when computing with FD. make guides, but please don’t show off the digits.

  48. ant1matt3r says:

    hey kazu, you only have 140 FD there and I’m wondering why you don’t get higher FD ? I got these stats with almost the same equips as yours

    18000+ Crit
    8.7K PATK (Hero’s Sword(WIND+9, Totem Gaunt(Iron Wall)+8)
    425 FD (11% extra damage on same level opponent)
    107k HP

  49. LISTBOY says:

    Sir Can you Give Me Some Gold Or Items.. ????

  50. SainTlSoul says:

    Kazu, why your gladiator use Hero sword and gauntlet?

  51. andaraabreii says:

    hy kazu , if i use lizardman sword & gauntlet +13 with crit opt and all of my armor use wind suffix also i have 3 plate 3rd opt critical lv 40 , can i get the critical caps (17800) ?

  52. Aomizuchi - Westwood says:

    Can a crit gladiator compensate on pvp arena matches against FD type class? in terms of battling other classes

  53. eXtrem says:

    Hi Kazu,

    Maybe u have a build, gear and herald’s for SM 40lvl physical atk?

  54. sansan says:

    I played on dn indonesia
    ,,I like your posted on youtube,, both of gladiator and moonlord,,

    I have a question,,

    do you have the tutorial for craft accesoris(ring or earring) like you want,,

    I craft the ring but the stat I ever didnt like it,,

  55. Makato says:

    kazu? can i ask? how can i do skill in pve slot 1~0 i dont know where i place the skill

  56. Hanzaki says:

    yo! Kazu-sama… i have something that i wanna ask 2 u. How can i get those heraldry like yours?

    plzzz help me! i’ll be waiting 4 ur reply , thx…

  57. UchihaZae says:

    Sir Kazu .. Just want to ask , which is better , Rage heraldry or Hacking Stance Heraldry ? I dont have heraldry extensions so I need to put the most useful one . :) Thank you very much sir ! :)

  58. StabieStab says:

    Hi Kazu, would you mind suggesting a map where a Gladiator can easily farm for Essence II. TY

  59. Fetid says:

    Hey kazu, what needs to be upgraded to the full hacking stance?
    Reply, thanks!

  60. SwrdDance says:

    KAZU latest gears of SecretSwrd pls ^^ im excited to see..

  61. AgentHusky says:

    Please update this page. Need a guide for gearing up my Glady ^^

  62. KinkyGeil says:

    when will u update ur present gear’s both moonlord and gladiator.. because i can’t find ur gear’s update since January 2013.hopelly soon thx..sorry for bad english…

  63. beny says:

    why not suffix fatal for main weapon and suffix destruc for sec weapon

  64. Xainv says:

    update this page pls. i need some idea

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