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By AikawaKazu On 13 Jul, 2014 At 02:55 PM | Categorized As Esports, Highlights, YouTube Videos | With 21 Comments

Update on 27 July: Registration Period extended to 3rd August 2359 HRS GMT+8 Till Eternity Gaming (TEGaming) is proud to announce our first Official Dragon Nest PVP Tournament sponsored by Alienware Arena & 新天地 tenchi online ! There are 2 Categories available for registration which are the 1v1 and 4v4 Category respectively as well as 3 different […]

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Hello Everyone! Now most of you probably don’t know me, but I’m an Assassin who’s been experimenting with both Ravens and Rippers since their release here in Sea. In this guide I hope to help you decide on your builds and gear. This is also my first try at making a guide Dx. So let’s […]

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  Updated (17 July) Information regarding further insights after we received the Moonlord Buffs can be found here Hello everybody once again this is AikawaKazu This has been a guide that many have been waiting for mostly because of the greatly hyped Moonlord buffs that showcased a Dark Moonlord in action. This guide is to […]

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Hello everybody once again this is AikawaKazu bringing you a simple guide to 16-man Saint Haven Defense. First and foremost, for all the basic information you can refer to the microsite put up by cherrycredits here What is mentioned there will be the entry level requirements, dates, timing sand duration for the event. Yes 16-man […]

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Introduction: Hello all, I am Aecius/Lynriana/Arteey from Greenwood. A few things before we start, I am writing this guide in accordance to what I feel is suitable for Raven in the sense of a PvP build. I have multiple builds for the mentioned classes and I am sharing most of them which I feel is […]

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Hello fellow DN SEA players! It’s me ShandelMae of PasuquiN/Oblique Guild of Westwood server. Before we start, I just want to emphasize that this guide is formed purely from my own personal experience, observations, and discussion with other players. Remember guys, I would like you know that this is just a guide and not the […]

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Greetings fellow Rippers, Chasers, Assassins, and Gamers… Introduction. Okay first of all hello! I’m Skylix from Greenwood. A little heads up on what to expect and what not to expect from this guide, starting from: Point number 1, this guide is to help other rippers or future rippers to decide on their class specification, skill build […]

By AikawaKazu On 21 Mar, 2014 At 03:48 AM | Categorized As Guides, Highlights | With 16 Comments

This page will showcase all the available skill plates and their respective options for the Assassin, Chaser, Raven & Ripper ! It will be in the following order: Assassin Chaser Raven Ripper Before proceeding to check out all the available plate options, do watch the video that I’ve made sharing my insights on some of […]

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Section I: Introduction Hello everyone! It’s been few months since my first written article was publicized by Nathan~ *I still have my overflowing gratitude for him for posting it Alright! So I think most of you already knew why I’m here or my article is here again rather… I’ve been bombarded with several requests to […]

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Hello everybody once again, this is AikawaKazu xD! As promised, this will be the first Lv70 skill build guide in awhile. Similar to the previous Lv60 skill build guide, this one will consist of PVE and PVP Skill Builds Before moving on to reading the actual written guide, take 10mins of your time and watch […]