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By AikawaKazu On 2 Oct, 2013 At 12:55 PM | Categorized As Guides, Highlights | With 135 Comments

I.     Introduction II.   Welcome to the Priesthood III. Considerations before making a Priest IV.  Skill Build a. Cleric Base MP Regen MP Regen due to Mind Conquer b. Priest c. Inquisitor V.     Choice of Gears VI.   Set/Gear Partitions VII. Potentials: Building your Stats a. Armor Potentials b. Weapon Potentials […]

By AikawaKazu On 18 Sep, 2013 At 11:32 AM | Categorized As Guides, Highlights | With 14 Comments

Word from AikawaKazu: I know that this guide is available in the forums but lZeftl has kindly emailed me for the uploading of his guide on my site. This is just FYI. Introduction A short introduction of me. My name is Zeft and I have been playing DN since lvl 32 cap is released? Many do […]

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Introduction: Hi My name is huwei from ‘Elven’ Guild Greenwood server obviously a cash spender because, I rarely play 3-4 hours a day which makes me out of time. If possible I’ll be at my room playing 24.7 online LOL! I just wanted to share you guys my own build, It’s been pleasure to me […]

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First and foremost if you’re here for a skill build guide please check this guide out first: The abovementioned guide has the hybrid PVP/PVE skill build that I was using for my gladiator before I bought the skill expansion cash item for a 2nd skill build that I can use. That skill build is […]

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Hello everyone, I managed to have a little chat with Kyame for her to share your PVP Skill Build with everyone. Before proceeding on to find out what skill build she is using, remember that for many pure PVP Skill builds, it is made for the playstyle of that particular player. For this guide, it […]

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Word from AikawaKazu Hello everyone, I apologize for the previous edition of the guide. It was solely my mistake for not reviewing the guide before posting it beforehand. I could have advised Ebrella accordingly should I have reviewed the guide beforehand (Sorry Ebrella). Then again Ebrella didn’t back down after the barrage of attacks from critics and […]

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Table of Content: <Item Build> 1.1   Introduction 1.2   PVE Based Support Saint Item Build 1.3   PVP Based Support Saint Item Build 1.4   PVE Based Support-DPS Saint Item Build 1.5   PVP Based Support-DPS Saint Item Build 1.6   Closing < 1.1 Introduction > Hello Guys. It’s me again back again to […]

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Table of Contents 1.1 Introduction 1.2 PvE Support Elestra Skill build 1.3 PvE Sub-DPS Elestra Skill Build 1.4 1v1 PvP Elestra Skill Build 1.5 Group PvP Elestra Skill Build 1.6 Hybrid PvP/PvE Elestra Skill Build —————————————————— 2.1 Which build do I choose?! 2.2 How Do I gear up my Elestra? 2.3 Ice Stacking Basics —————————————————— […]

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I’ve been wanting do produce a combo music video (CMV) for a long time, one that is of certain quality and standard. Inspired from watching videos done by Yang Yang (All 3 parts of his swordmaster, Gladiator & Moonlord) CMVs as well as from Navi I finally managed to make one myself! This one is […]

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First of all, I want you guys know that this is only a guide and not the best guide ever made. The purpose is to guide you while you making your Saint Skill build. There are many guides out there you guys can search for and this is only one of that guides. Table of […]